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  1. Lighty

    Question Sky Go - NUC or Mac Mini?

    Anyone running Sky Go on older kit? I’m going to buy a small format piece of kit and thought I’d ask here. Mac Mini 2012 upgraded or a 2014 looks adequate Or NUC 6 or 7 I’m looking at no more than £250 really. My ATV is used for NAS access so that’s not crucial. My daughter my stream...
  2. scrowe

    Cancelled Sky

    Cancelled Sky TV today after 22 years. Did not decide liightly and I don’t have an overall big axe to grind, but overall TV market has changed. I’ve always considered Sky overall a good package and a high standard of content. I’ve nearly always taken the full package, and justified as £1 a day...
  3. F

    Samsung K950 soundbar best way to connect to sky and X box?

    I'm struggling with getting the best from my K950 soundbar. I can get Dolby Atmos from my sky box but nothing else other than stereo from my X box series x. Any help please?
  4. gg13533

    SKY Q to Freesat

    Hi - thinking of moving away from Sky to Freesat, will I need to change anything on my dish or will the existing lnb work?
  5. Towner

    Question Panasonic TX-65FZ802B and Sky Q UHD

    I have recently sold my 58GX800 and been lucky enough to secure a used 65 FZ802b. Whilst watching Hotel Mumbai on Sky in UHD, I was underwhelmed by the picture quality, in fact when the film stopped and went to channel 5 HD, I was more impressed with that picture! If a source such as Sky outputs...
  6. P

    Bad blooming on KD-75XE9405 from HLG Sky Q

    Hi all, Continuing my litany of complaints about my Sony KD-75XE9405, can anyone explain the following picture from Sky Q HLG hdr "Bad Boys For Life"? I have asked Sony about this on many occasions and they just say the blooming is an "artistic" effect that the director intended. Really?! My...
  7. MrBungle2005

    Question SKY Q - can't pause live TV consistently

    Only had Q installed for about 3 weeks now and getting used to its positives, but also its many drawbacks compared to my old HD box. One thing annoying me is pausing live TV. I initially thought that maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to whether I had hit the pause button when leaving the...
  8. G

    Question New sky router, Netflix issue

    Hi. Apologies if this isn’t in the correct forum but wasn’t sure where best to put it. I’ve just recently changed to a new sky broadband package as my old one was very old and costly. They’ve given me a new hub and it’s all set up. I use a nvidea shield tv for most of my tv viewing but since...
  9. ++ Jase ++

    Sky+ to Freesat Cable swap?

    I currently pay £104 a month for Sky+ (Multiroom 2 rooms) and to be honest I never watch any of it so I plan to cancel and just move to freesat this week. My question is at the moment I have 2 cables going to each of my Sky+ boxes, is it just a case of using the same cables and just plugging...
  10. K

    Sky uhd flicker solution

    I was getting flicker on uhd football on my v2 box. Got a new v3 box and no more flicker. Really good engineer turned up Sunday. She knew about the issue and solution of v3 box. Cross fingers on audio drop outs. Ok so far.
  11. 152bobby

    Sky Dish relocation ?

    Has anyone had Sky relocate their existing dish ? Mine has always been in its original location for about 20 years. It's on the side of the house, were the side drive is up to my garage and the rear garden. I've had numerous near misses when I've had the odd van up the side. Did have a van...
  12. woolz

    PQ Sports UHD - Amazon Vs BT Vs SKY

    Hi guys/girls For those who watch a lot of sports i wondered what your feedback was on the above channels simply on PQ. I have all of these channels running through my Sony Oled and this is my personal feedback: BT Sport UHD - In my opinion - head & shoulders above all sports channels currently...
  13. T

    Recommendations for mesh SKY Q network?

    Hi, is anyone able to recommend a good mesh wi-fi setup that works with Sky Q? I am able to get good download speeds 90mb+ but wi-fi keeps dropping out. We don't have a huge number of devices connected (possibly 25 or so). Not sure if the dropouts are interference or just poor performance from...
  14. mmurdoch

    Poor Sky wifi in bedrooms do I need powerline adaptors

    Morning all, looking for some advice and assistance We have Sky fibre superfast but the wifi is really poor in the kids bedrooms for Xbox One online gaming and they moan a one legged donkey is quicker and more stable. The Sky Q router is in the lounge feeding the Sky Q box and my Amazon tv box...
  15. BlueMacer

    Question Sky Q and Networking

    So I’ve invested in an 27U AV rack and having ideas on how to fill it. At the top I’d like to have a switch to forward the internet via Ethernet cable to items like ... Av receiver , blu ray player , tv, hue, Arlo etc etc ... Now I know nothing about networking, switches , and so on but I have...
  16. E

    Sky Q - only Dolby digital

    For some reason my new Sky Q box is only playing in Dolby Digital through my Yamaha 2060. I have Dolby digital plus selected in the Sky Q menu and everything else connected to the Yamaha works with Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, UHD player etc but not the Sky Q box. I have tried watching some of...
  17. H

    Sky Q lip sync issue

    I have just purchased a HISENSE 65U8QFTUK and also a Sonos Arc soundbar. I have the Arc connected to the HDMI1 arc port on the TV but I having real issues with lip sync being out when using my SkyQ and can't figure out a solution. I read elsewhere someone suggesting an Arcana HDfury convertor...
  18. S

    Sky over WiFi?

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before... I have a Sky HD+ 1tb box in GF living room, connected via HDMI to Sony TV. Is there a way of watching and/or controlling (I guess controlling is not possible) Sky in the bedroom, directly above? In our previous house, I had a coax amp & splitter...
  19. D

    Sky Magic Eye Help

    Hello, I have a sky+HD box downstairs and I use a magic eye to get sky in my bedroom. I recently switched from the 2TB HDD sky box back to a 500GB box as my hard drive broke. When I was using the 2TB box with I/O box sky would work perfectly in the bedroom. However since switching the box I get...
  20. K

    Sky q ethernet question

    I have sky broadband and sky q connected via ethernet. Minis too. Will this work with a bt broadband router?
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