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Sky UK Limited
Sky UK Limited (formerly British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB) is a British telecommunications company which serves the United Kingdom.
Sky provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom.
It is the UK's largest pay-TV broadcaster with 11 million customers as of 2015.[1] It was the UK's most popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by Freeview in April 2007.
Its corporate headquarters are based in Isleworth.
Formed in November 1990 by the equal merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, BSkyB became the UK's largest digital subscription television company.
Rupert Murdoch had failed in a bid for the official UK satellite broadcasting licence. And – when the successful bidder, British Satellite Broadcasting, refused to let News Corp into the consortium alongside UK media giants Pearson, Reed, Granada and Virgin in 1988 – he announced that that the Sky Channel would be relaunched as a UK-based service, using the Luxembourg-based Astra satellite.
It was a smart move to lease channels on the Astra system rather than launching its own satellites (as BSB was doing) – and to get there first.
Sky TV went on the air in February 1989, while BSB was repeatedly delayed by technical problems and finally made it in April 1990. Even then, the launch was a fiasco with few set-top boxes even available for store demonstrations, while Sky had raced to 750,000 dishes – cheered on and promoted enthusiastically by News Corp’s newspapers, which also managed prominent coverage of their rival’s technological problems. But it was a near disaster both for Sky and BSB. Everybody needed a merger. Sky was losing £2m a week, but BSB’s losses were four times as much. BSB struggled to achieve even 25% of the 400,000 satellite customers it had budgeted, not helped by “squarial” design problems. Spending had gone through the roof as it splashed £400m on Hollywood film rights, and out-bid ITV for a four-year football rights deal – before demanding yet more money from its shareholders. The two companies merged in 1990 to form BSkyB. Following BSkyB's 2014 acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority 90.04% interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc.
The United Kingdom operations also changed the company name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited, still trading as Sky.
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  1. G

    Digibox replacement - the switch or the box?

    I use old Sky Digiboxes to "pipe" radio around the house but the ON/OFF switches eventually fail on these boxes after being left on permanently. I am looking for a Digibox replacement and I wonder if there are any receivers better able to put up with this treatment or if that is too much to...
  2. C

    Sky sound box off eBay ?

    Would a sky sound box off eBay work with my old Samsung tv even though I’m not a sky customer ?
  3. P

    Poor connection from Sky Q to minibox

    I have a Sky Q, sky broadband (FTTP) and two mini boxes. One works fine but is closer to the main box The second one is further away. Because there are two walls and a kitchen between the Q and the minibox I have a signal booster in between But the minibox constantly pixilates. Or worse...
  4. mamboboy

    For Sale £150 Sky Sports Store (Fanatics) Voucher (For £100)

    Won this in work but decided to sell as I know I'd buy a couple of football shirts and only end up wearing them once or twice... so better use elsewhere. PayPal gift or bank transfer Looking for £100.
  5. B

    Sky Q sat 1 and sat 2 connections

    I’m moving my Sky cable from one side of the house to the other later, I unplugged the Sky box yesterday and noticed the cable has two connections, Sat 1 and Sat 2. Given the length of the cable and how much I’ll be shortening it I’m not confident the markings on the cable will last. Simple...
  6. B

    Sky Cinema constant channel renaming is ridiculous

    Sky Cinema constant channel renaming is ridiculous Does anyone else have this as a bit of a pet hate? They stick to the same old 11 channels (12 if you count Sky Cinema Premiere+1 which reappeared in SD!) but keep shuffling around often quite ridiculous themed selections of movies for what...
  7. B

    Moving from Sky Q to Freesat on Sony Bravia - some questions

    So I've moved from Sky Q to Stream and want to use the dish for Freesat. I've replaced the Sky Q with a Visiblewave Quad LNB with Bracket (VK4L), the Sky Q LNB had a setting of three which I believe equates to 0 degrees (I'm located near Gatwick). The Sky Q had two cables which I've attached...
  8. terencejames

    Sky puck CEC control

    I’ve got a sky puck connected to my Samsung TV. If the puck is not on, I get a message (see below) asking if I want to turn it on. It never works but wondered if it was possible?
  9. P

    Internet dropped out and lost mobile phone signal at the same time

    so this has happened twice now. Not a lot over two and a half years I admit buttery odd and very frustrating. On sky. TV, Broadband (super fast FTTP) and VOIP First the whole thing crashes. nothing will work. No TV, no internet, no phone. So switch my wifi off on my iPhone to search of sky...
  10. AidenL

    Question 42" Smart TV for Sky Go Use Two Nights per week

    Hi there, I stay away in a flat for work two nights a week. Im a Sky subscriber, so I have access to Sky Go, so I was thinking of buying an Apple TV and adding the Sky Go app to it, to use on a basic TV for the nights Im away. Im not needing HDR or anything fancy, I have both LG and Sony Oleds...
  11. groove

    Sound Drop Out - Denon + Sky Stream (Adverts)

    Ive got a weird issue with sound drops outs when transitioning to and from advert breaks on my Denon x3700h and a Sky Stream puck. Its really annoying. Maybe 1/2 seconds into the first advert/sponsor on an add break the sounds will drop out completely for a fraction of a second. Its as if its...
  12. reevesy

    free 6 months apple tv with sky vip rewards saw it on ukhotdeals...just activated have to download the my sky app from the play store ...find and activate it from there ...dont think it will show up in normal web browser log in was a bit...
  13. snerkler

    Question Sky plays Disney+ content in 16:9 rather than 2.39/1.85:1?

    Out of habit I normally watch Disney+ via Sky Q but halfway through watching Avengers Infinity War today it starting playing up so I switched to watching it via my TV and noticed that my TV played the content in 2.39/1.85:1 whereas on sky it was much closer to 16:9, only having slight black...
  14. I

    Switching from sky Q to FTA satellite

    Hi all Model: 50PUS6703 I am switching from sky Q to free to air satellite. I've replaced the sky Q LNB with a quad LNB and now find channels fine. I go to satellite installation I can't find any uk lists? I'm using connection type 3 or 4 satellites Diseqc 1.0 and it is finding satellites no...
  15. D4nM1les

    Sky Q remote Bluetooth stopped working?

    Have had a Sky Q mini box in a wardrobe in our bedroom for yonks and the batteries in the controller died today. Have replaced them and have had to repair the controller. All ok when it can see the box, but it now won’t work via Bluetooth? Any ideas? I read online about pressing 4 and 6 at the...
  16. M

    Sky Bluetooth remote control that has trouble communicating with a Sky minibox

    Hi All, I have a Sky Bluetooth remote control that has trouble communicating with a Sky Minibox. The Sky Minibox is in a different room to the TV and I believe that the walls between the Sky Minibox and the TV are interfering with the Sky bluetooth remote control signal. I cannot move the...
  17. Les72


    Hi Can someone please tell me what LNB I have on my SKY Q satellite dish, it was installed July 2022 by SKY. I've had it working fine on a Freesat Arris box, but that box has too many issues. Will my LNB work on a Humax Freesat HDR-1100s ? Or will it need changing? Thanks, Les
  18. B

    Sky Q in bedrooms

    Apologies for being an idiot. Please can you give me some help and advice that an idiot like me can understand? I have Sky Q in my lounge. I would like to be able to watch the 'same thing' in 4 bedrooms. I don't want to get a second Sky Q box. I'd like whatever system to be able to work should...
  19. Conor1971

    Finally cancelled Sky. Can I use a Freeview HD box without an aerial?

    Hi all and hope someone can help me. Have finally cancelled Sky (just too expensive) and have no aerial. Obviously I’m missing my HD channels and I’ll soon be missing the standard BBC & ITV channels as the Sky Q box has to be returned. If I bought a Freeview HD box, would it work using the...
  20. Metromedia 1433

    Sophy Ridge - The Hub on Sky News

    Sophy is hosting a new politics show, The Hub, starting this Monday September 4th from 7pm to 8pm. I came to prefer her to Laura Kuenssberg on the Sunday political programme. I hope there will be the option of watching The Hub back on the Sky News website. It will not always be ideal time due...
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