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  1. Glenbrook

    HDMI signal from Sky Box to TV's

    First I hope I am asking the correct Forum,I am a novice seeking advice in trying to provide a HDMI signal to four TV's, TV A QLED at 25 metre distance, TV B HD at 25 Metre, TV C OLED at 16 Metre distance and TV D HD at 12 metre distance from the Splitter, we find the splitter is losing signal...
  2. nipbiplip

    Question Sky Q Tv Listings - Change Order?

    is it possible to change the order of channels within TV guide? I would prefer BBC1 HD to be 1st, for example
  3. pes fan

    Wanted Sky Sports day passes

    As above looking for 2 days or week pass payment via paypal.
  4. S

    Sky Q dolby sound question

    is the sound on UHD material better than dolby digital that you get on Sky+ HD box?
  5. Lks127

    Infrared Projector / Beaming?

    I have a Panasonic projector at6000 in the front of my room and a rack at the back of the room My Philips pronto broke and I want to get a universal remote to control the denon 2808 in the back and the projector in the front. What do you recommend? How do I create a strong enough IR from the...
  6. R

    Sound Bar to Sky and Xbox

    I have just purchased a Sony Bravia KD-55XG7003BU Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV and I am struggling to set it up so that my sound is played through my JBL Cinema Base sound bar. I currently have the TV connected to my Xbox and Sky Q box via HDMi cables. Then an optical lead from my Sky Q box to...
  7. S

    LG 65SM9010PLA sky remote code

    Can anyone tell me the best code for a sky hd remote for this TV please?
  8. ima poster

    Question 49XE9005 sound dropping for second or two from SKY HD+ box

    When watching live or recorded TV from Sky HD+ satellite box (not Q), the sound periodically disappears for 1-2 seconds every few minutes and less frequently the picture freezes. I have replaced the HDMI cable with a new one to no avail and so wondering if the latest S/W update (carried out a...
  9. M

    Wanted Now TV Sky Sports Day Pass

    After a day pass. Anyone got one?
  10. Roger Weir

    LG Magic Remote Missing Sky HD Record Button

    Hello Just got a LG OLED55CX model. Quite nice too. I’ve paired the Magic Remote (MR20GA) with my Sky+ HD box, all fine, but when going through the Sky EPG, I find there is no button on the remote to Record, the equivalent of the Sky R, button. Also missing is an info button. I was really...
  11. B

    Question Alternative to Sky Q with associated functionality?

    Hi, I was hoping somebody may be able to help with a query relating to an alternative to SKY Q and associated functionality. I’m cancelling Sky subscription in Autumn as its getting too expensive and I was looking to replace with a non-subscription based alternative. 1. Is there a...
  12. leeeeee123

    Please help Sky Router vs TP Link TL-WA901ND

    Hi all, I am trying to set up wifi to my garden room (Mancave but dont tell the misses). So i will set the scene. 50m CAT 6 cable running from my Sky q router to the mancave. This cable goes into a TP link TL-WA901ND. I have configured it as an access point, it connected for a minute and now...
  13. A

    Recording from Sky+ box

    Hello, newbie here in need of some help. I have a sky+ box with loads of content. Most of it is football stuff (stuff I won't be able to download again) so I thought I could use my Panasonic dvd recorder to record my stuff onto a dvd. However I am hitting some snags The main issue I have is, the...
  14. D

    Sky documentaries help please

    Hi I need some help is there any way to view all documentaries on sky q? It lists some via the on demand option but there are so many not listed so unless you know what your looking for you it’s pretty useless. Is there no A to Z option I just want to see what is available??? I’m I missing...
  15. N

    Sky q mini box issue

    My mini boxes keep freezing up and stating no connection but main box works fine. I understand they have an inbuilt mesh system? I have a Fritz Router and Repeater with a very strong WiFi signal and also the boxes are linked via Powerline ethernet cabled plug in adapter? I don't understand, is...
  16. Moffey

    Replace Sky Broadband Hub SR203

    Hi all. As per the title, I’d like to hear from anyone who has replaced the latest Sky broadband hub SR203 with something a bit more capable of online streaming / gaming. My specific requirement is as such: I need to stream Shadow PC via my Nvidia Shield 2017 (with Shadow app installed) direct...
  17. OneSon

    SKY app on PS4 vs. Multiroom?

    In the process of upgrading to SKY Q. We would like to watch Sky on two different TVs in the house. What practical benefit does multiroom offer over simply using the Sky app on a PS4?
  18. PlasmaVirgin

    For Sale Sky+ HD DRX-895C & Router - Boxed as new

    1TB Sky+ HD 3D box DRX-895C. Brand new condition in original box with remote, power lead & instruction book. Decided to install Sky Q instead last year so just kept this in a box in the cupboard but need the space now. £25 collected or can post at cost. Also have a boxed as new recent Sky Wi-Fi...
  19. J

    Question sky q connection

    I'm stumped. I have recently acquired a Sky Q box and I want to be able to record from it to DVD. The problem I have is that the DVD has only SCART connection while the Sky Q box has only HDMI. So I've connected it up through a converter, HDMI to SCART and from there to the TV. Separately, I've...
  20. The Grandfather

    Bye Bye Sky Need Freeview Recorder - Suggestions please

    As the title says I need a suggestions as to a Freeview recorder so that my wife can still satisfy her addiction to the soaps!! Our Sky contract is finished in about one months time. I should add that my wife likes her Sky HD+ Box but is more than willing to try something else. I would have just...
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