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  1. T

    Sky Black Friday Deals - 2TB Box?

    Thinking of taking out a new Sky sub and noticed they appear to have started their Black Friday Deals. The Black Friday megabundle @ £53.50 seems like a good deal - although I'd be after Sky Q Ultimate to ensure as much as possible is in HD/UHD so that pushes it up to £60pm. The only thing that...
  2. T

    Sky cinema 4k on Virgin V6

    Ive got sky cinema as part of my virgin package. Apparently sky and virgin have done a deal and there is now more 4k content including movies on Virgin Media. Ive found some 4k movies (edge of tomorrow, A star is born etc) but cant find a list of available 4k movies. On the box it just says HD...
  3. blu disc

    Sky Q picture issues Sky say its my Toshiba TV

    I have sky Q 2tb box sky broadband and x2 mini boxes. The picture is always blocking and freezing and colour pixelation. My Mrs contacted them today and they talked through updating the main Q box. But the sky representative has said my Toshiba 75 inch TV is the problem and I need to contact...
  4. Muz K

    Do you watch/listen Sky Q through your TV speakers or Home Cinema / Soundbar?

    Hi, I know this a bit of weird one, but do people listen general TV stuff through their TV speakers or Home Cinema system (AV Receiver/Speakers) / Soundbar? Currently my Receiver doesn't auto switch on after putting on TV or Sky Q. We would also have to use 2 remote controls to change the...
  5. alebleicker

    Multiple SkyQ boxes (4K only, no mini boxes) problem as Sky is not allowing me to order

    Hey guys, I want to get 3x SkyQ boxes installed so we can watch 4K across 3 different TVs at the same time using different channels. The SKyQ mini boxes can only do 1080p, so that is out of question. Sky is telling me I can't do this as I was able to with Sky+, they are saying they don;t do...
  6. B

    Need Sky TV for 9 months- General, Movies and Sports

    Hi all I hope someone can help. I currently live in the US but will be heading back to the UK for a 9 month project. While I am back in England I would really like to get Sky TV including Movies and Sport but have an issue as Sky contacts are minimum of 18 months. Wondering what's the best...
  7. S

    Question Sky UHD into a different room from main Sky box

    I was looking for some advice - I have a room on the ground floor of my house that houses my sky q 2TB box and feeds a projector the 4K signal. In the middle floor I have a mini box which obviously doesn't output a 4k signal just HD. My question is - Is there any way of sending the 4K signal...
  8. JabbaNut

    Sky back in for Champions League? The deadline for bids for the rights is today (November 11th).

    " Pay-TV broadcaster Sky is reportedly planning to take on BT and ITV for the broadcast rights to Champions League football. The rights cycle for the tournament from 2021 to 2024, along with Europa League, is said to have already attracted significant interest from ITV. The FTA commercial...
  9. Mayandi2

    Question Sky Q box to TV connection

    I am building my main Home Cinema system based around the Samsung Q90R Soundbar. One of its disadvantages is having only 2 HDMI inputs and I need 3 for my plans. One option I thought was to connect the Sky Q 2TB box directly to the TV's HDMI input instead of going via the Soundbar. That will...
  10. SmAShY

    All 4 on Sky Q

    I'm trying to watch season 1 of The End of the ***ing World on Sky Q but when I 'Select to watch' it says: 'You don't have the required subscription to download this programme' I though that All 4 was free, or do I need to register or something somewhere?
  11. S

    Humax hdr for freesat over the sky box

    Hi. I have two sky boxes at home, neither of them are on contract so they are essentially used as freesat boxes. I would like the ability to record shows, but dont want to pay £10 a month for the privelage. I recently learnt you can pretty much add all sky free channels knto freesat box by...
  12. P

    Question Sky Q via Xbox One X (Lip sync issues)

    My setup is Sky Q (hdmi) --> Xbox One X (hdmi) --> Denon X4300H --> LG B7 Always had lip sync issues when watching Sky, nothing seems to fix it. Anyone ever figured out how to sort out Sky Q lip sync? None of the adjustments on Sky / TV / Denon make any difference to the sync. Guess the only...
  13. B

    Sky Q in remote room - glitching and IR help

    Hi everyone, Hoping I can get some help or advice on my Sky Q setup. When building our house, I had everything routed to a central comms cupboard upstairs. So the Sky Q box, Sky Router, all Cat6 points come back to the cabinet. The Sky Q box is connected to a Triax MOD103T modulator complete...
  14. L

    Question Poor quality picture on Sky Atlantic

    I'm three episodes in to the new Watchmen series on Sky Atlantic. I watch through Sky Q and I'm utterly staggered with how poor the picture quality is. I presume it's not a querk of my set and others are noticing this? For saying it's their new big series why on earth has it been filmed with a...
  15. p9ul

    Help - Sky Q Mini keeps losing connection to main box

    I need some help in identifying where a fault has cropped up in my setup. It first happened about 2 months ago but is getting more and more common, and is its at its worst in the evenings. Bit of a long read but just trying to give as much info as possible. Our Sky Q mini box keeps going to a...
  16. J

    Question TV, Soundbar, Sky and UHD Blue Ray set up?

    Hi, please bear with me I am not particularly tech savvy and hope I'm posting this in right place....... I have the following set up: Sony AF8 TV Samsung HWN950 Soundbar Panasonic UB820 UHD Sky Q 2T box. I have just put it all together but I believe I have issues around ARC. The guy at...
  17. E

    Question No Sky TV signal - Help!

    During the bad weather last week half my Sky channels didn't work. I rebooted my Sky+HD box after which nothing worked. It came up with a mesage saying the box wasn't recieving a signal. I tried another known working Sky +HD box and the same thing came up. I traced the wires back to the dish and...
  18. A

    Question Cannot set-up Sky Q UHD on my new QLED TV (error UH021/031)

    Help please... Just got a lovely new QLED TV (SAMSUNG QE43Q60RATXXU 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV with Bixby). Watching Sky sports I hit the Red button to view in 4k... Said I needed to set the picture resolution to UHD. I followed the instructions selecting 2160p [UHD]. I then prompted me...
  19. pat clancy

    Question 5.1 fron sky app

    Hi experts , is it possible to get 5.1 sound from sky go app on an xbox 360 arcade console.
  20. WeegyAVLover

    Harmony Hub setup for Sky Q

    Hi, I have the Harmony hub and use my mobile phone to control the hub, I have no separate remote control. I am trying to add Sky Q which got installed today (never had sky before). Anyway now that I have it installed I am trying to add it to my harmony setup and I am having problems. on...
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