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Sky UK TV service
Sky UK Limited (formerly British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB) is a British telecommunications company which serves the United Kingdom.
Sky provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom.
It is the UK's largest pay-TV broadcaster with 11 million customers as of 2015.
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  1. O

    Cant find 19 degrees east

    Just got a new motor for my techomate system (and reciever as well( TM-5402 M4) but lost my bit of paper with the different satellite positions(telegraph poles etc) I get a great signal on Astra 2 28.2 east but i cant seem to find the only other one im bothered about (astra 19.2 east) Tried...
  2. Willis1995

    UKTV Drama Channel Quality Issues (Freeview)

    Hi, Does anyone here from the UK watch Classic EastEnders on Drama channel? I am a huge fan of the show but have for a long time now been irritated by how poor the picture quality is. Since the channel reached he point where the show switched to widescreen digital (1999), the quality has...
  3. S

    Sky tv question

    Hi, I was wondering if i could get some help: I have one of the earliest sky tv boxes with a viewing card but in the property i live in, there is a newish maybe 2/3 years old sky dish put on. Is there a way i could set up my old sky tv box with this dish to watch the free channels? Many thanks
  4. Paul97

    Onyko LS-7200 Sound Drop Outs

    I sold my old Onkyo Soundbar to my Sister-In-Law over a year ago, and she has recently told me of sound drop outs after about 10 minutes of use. I haven't had chance to visit her to try and help sort the problem out, but wondered if anyone could offer any advice please. She has replaced the...
  5. C

    Sky Q - After Cancellation...

    I've just cancelled Sky Q as I'm sick of their creeping prices (we barely use it anyway, so don't need much). I know I'm expected to return the kit. Firstly, what's the penalty for not returning the box? If I return their box, but obtain myself a Sky Q box, what will I be able to watch on it...
  6. D

    Aerial new build

    My daughter moved into a new build home, there’s no outside aerial, so no free view, there’s 6 co axials in the loft, beside a 13amp socket. Can anyone advise on which aerial, & 6 way amplifier to use .
  7. dowzer

    No 4k,no HDR, no gaming..... pointless getting an OLED?

    My mother is 70 in September and I want to get her a new tv - she has a 42inch Panasonic plasma at present - about 10 years old nothing special - she only watches SKY tv and as the thread title says none of the above will ever be watched. The reason I was thinking of an oled is I have a 65 inch...
  8. D

    Bravia KDL-50W929B - Picture Settings not reflected on Sky TV

    Hi, Any solutions suggested greatly appreciated... I have the TV above and a Sky Q box via HDMI which have worked fine for 5 years. However, I recently inadvertently reset the TV, when it completed setup, the picture was over vivid. I adjusted colour to zero to test if the settings made were...
  9. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Sky TV adds Discovery+ as a free upgrade in the UK and Ireland & comments

    Sky Q, Glass, and Stream customers can sign up now to add the Discovery+ line-up of TV shows and live sports coverage to their watchlist at no extra cost. Read the news.
  10. OneSon

    Question about Sky TV Essentials

    If I downgrade to TV Essentials, will I be able to add Sky Sports Action and Arena during the NFL season? Or would this require an upgrade to Sky Signature during the season as well?
  11. P

    Sky tv remote

    I have an LG OLED55 TV I have managed to set up the sky remote to control the TV bar works fine but if I try to turn off the tv I press the Sky remote off button but within 2-3 seconds the LG screen saver comes back on, I therefore have to use the LG tv remote to turn off the tv. I have used set...
  12. SRT

    Google tv app appears to cause poor picture but the Sky tv app does not!

    I have been experiencing frequent issues with the Sony Google tv app on my KD-55A1 oled. I’ve posted elsewhere about frequent dimming picture quality issues but there seemed to be no response. So after exhaustive trials it appears to be connected to the Google app on the tv. Watching a Netflix...
  13. gba93

    Sky TV Connected to Virgin Broadband

    Hi, I'm looking at the possibility of moving my TV provider to Sky (Q?) whilst keeping my Virgin broadband (SHub3). The SHub is currently in an upstairs bedroom whereas (I assume) the Sky TV box needs to be near the TV in the lounge. What are my options for connecting the SHub to the Sky TV box...
  14. Ellers

    Sky TV Stream Pucks

    Do you think sky will Release the stream Pucks without having to buy Sky Glass?
  15. J3OEF

    Sky TV - Firestick alternative options?

    Hi All, I have a full UK sky package and multiroom in one room. I have since put a TV in the kitchen and bought a firestick thinking i could download the sky go app but it seems this is not possible. You can sideload it which I have done but the app doesn't start and throws up an error. Can...
  16. P

    Upscaling Sky TV to save ££ ?

    Hi everyone. This is probably a stupid question but will my Denon X4400h upscale Sky standard definition or Sky HD to 4k? I'm asking because i'm getting fed up of paying extortionate prices for Sky and want to reduce my bill if i can. Does it work that way?? I was thinking i just get the...
  17. happy_2008

    Sky TV ?

    Wasnt sure where to post this but i joined in Dec 20 onto sky tv for package etc and just received the price increase on 1st April email for sports package at £2.00 but then it says the following: *Your Sky sports price wont change until the end of your contract when your Sports price will...
  18. mjwatkins

    Sony XH9505 not compatible with Sky TV

    I have bought a Sony XH9505 55" from John Lewis, the picture is horrific, sport is almost unwatchable. Any movement in the picture and it will ghost, blur and pixilate. Watching the football there is a blurred oval shape around any player that moves. My parents have bought the exact same TV...
  19. Gareth W

    Question Sky TV package/upgrade prompt query?

    Last week I started to rewatch an old TV series (“Auf Wierdersen Pet”) on the Drama channel by downloading each episode of the first season via on demand. So then started watching the second season and it downloaded the first 2 episodes fine but when I got to the 3rd it wouldn’t download at all...
  20. K

    Sky TV Sync issue update

    For those who have sky tv sync issues when trying to use Dolby or Dolby plus with the Philips TV through HDMI - they have just added the amazon Prime app, and this is fully in sync! if you flick back to a sky channel it’s out of sync again and you have to change the sound back to Normal...
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