sky sports

  1. S

    Sky sports news

    Any thoughts about watching sky sports news on oled. Any worries about burn in I thought it would be ok as adverts every 10 / 15mins
  2. markb1980

    Sky Sports UHD low volume

    Can anyone else confirm if when you go to UHD on sky sports footy the volume level is lower than the HD version? Only noticed this over the past week?
  3. Slugsy01

    Is BFI really useful for Sky Sports viewing?

    Hi all I want a 77” set and to be quite honest, I want a Sony or Panasonic as I prefer their motion processing. That being said, Panasonic don’t do 77” sets so it’s back to a Sony. I can get the AG9 at a really good price but it’s a 2019 set and there is something irrational inside me about...
  4. W

    Any way to remotely access/view sky sports?

    My cousin have a house is UK where he had been living for several years but recently he returned to the country he was originally from. (Pakistan). Back in UK he have Sky Q installed at his house. Few family members are still living at his house in UK. When he was in UK he usually watch sports...
  5. john10001

    Sky Sports on YouView?

    If you can get BT Sport through Sky platform will Sky Sports be available through BT's YouView box at some point?
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