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  1. K

    Upgrading to sky Q from old hd box

    Hi just upgrading my box to Sky q box no uhd subscription, will the box given to me be able to show 4k content if i choose to upgrade or will it just be a 1080p box with the sky Q thanks
  2. J

    Moving to Sky Q but can you still watch stuff of the old box?

    I am currently in the process of moving and am 99% sure I am going to move from HD to SkyQ in the process. Problem is, my HD box is at 37% and I have about 40 hours of stuff to watch.... Whilst preparing for the move, I am watching less and less, so managing the HD is becoming a problem. Once...
  3. jbmouse101

    Sky Q box, no HLG to Panasonic HX940, only UHD

    I have a sky q box that is uhd compatible, and panasonic hx940 TV, but I don't get hdr (hlg) from the sky box, just uhd. Is the tv compatible with hlg, or is there another problem stopping the hlg showing. I have 8k hdmi 2.1 cables, and hdr works from all my other sources, Inc dolby vision, hdr...
  4. A

    Possible Sky Q Sonos beam issue?

    I have posted a thread in the sound bar section, but have a feeling it may be more of a Sky Q issue, so I hope it's ok to put a link here. Can you please have a look at this thread and post there if you have anything to add...
  5. O

    Sky Q & Sony Bravia Sync Device List (HELP)

    Hi there guys, I am in of help here please! The issue im having is that when im using sky with my reciever and my sony a90j i cannot see sky on my bravia sync device list at all and i have tried every single hdmi port on the tv, what should i do???
  6. aerodynamic18

    Sky q and hardwiring

    Hi guys I have sky q with 2 mini boxes and finally yesterday got a 4K ultra hd tv. All connected up and showing amazing picture but I have noticed since I have done this the two mini boxes are struggling with signal. I plan to run network leads to the attic from the 3 boxes and 1 from the router...
  7. A

    Sonos Beam (Gen 1) to LG B7 HDMI ARC viewing Sky Q silence issue

    This happens quite frequently and is getting annoying. When watching Sky Q my sonos beam will go silent. Sometimes it can happen after pausing a program, sometimes adverts can trigger it (possibly due to change from DD5.1 to DD2.0? and back etc.) and I think it's happened when changing channel...
  8. P

    Sky Q using single feed

    I would like to install Sky Q but only have a single feed from my current dish to my living room. Its not practical to install more feeds to I am stuck with just the one. I have heard Sky Q can run on single feed mode but would require dSCR technology. Can anyone tell me what I would need to...
  9. M

    EPG on sky Q

    The other night my wife asked me to record something on the tv,when I went into the epg I noticed that there are a lot of blank spaces with programmes missing. I updated my software but it was just the same. Today when I was at my friends he's got the first generation of the Q box and all his...
  10. mfp2gosling1

    Sky Q to TV and Projector

    Hi, I have Sky Q connected directly to my tv but when I want to watch it on my projector I have to unplug the hdmi cable from the tv and connect it into the back of my processor. My processor (Emotiva EMC2) has 2 hdmi outputs so I guess that I could use eArc but when not in use my processor is...
  11. J

    Sky Q Satellite Wall Plate

    I'm moving my Sky Q box to a different part of the living room which requires moving the twin satellite cable I like using wall plates and have used them throughout my surround sound install. Would something like the image attached be suitable to bring the sat cable into the house. Or am I...
  12. J

    Sky Q

    The apps on Sky Q what do you miss out on if you use them? Also if there are functions you can’t get on Sky Q what are the other options in terms of full functionality? My TV is yet to get the Disney app so other options. Looking to use Disney+ and want the full Dolby Vision etc not sure what...
  13. B

    Moving from Sky Q to Freesat (LNB question)

    Asking on behalf of my parents. My parents are looking to get rid of Sky Q in the new year and are looking at going to Freesat. I was doing a bit of digging around for them to see how this could be achieved and came across a few things online about the Sky Q LNB's not being compatible with...
  14. C

    Broadlink RM4 and Sky Q remote

    I cannot get the Broadlink RM4 to recognise any of the commands from the Sky Q remote, has anybody managed this or is remote incompatible with RM4? TIA, Colin
  15. R

    Sky Q YouTube App Stuttering Picture

    I recently bought a Sony A80J TV and upgraded from Sky HD Plus to Sky Q UHD. I've noticed when using the YouTube app on the Sky Q box that the picture has a slight stutter on some videos but not others. Has anybody else experienced this?
  16. K

    Sky Q install in a new build with media plate

    I am moving to a new build and have booked a home move with Sky. The new build has a media plate in the lounge with cables in the loft. The media plate TV module looks something list this one: I checked with the electrician who has done the wiring at the site, and I've been told that a...
  17. dUnKle

    Sky Q, Sky Broadband and WiFi - Help / advice please

    Hi Have returned to living with parents and left my 400mb BT internet They have Sky for everything and broadband speeds hit around 60mb next to router via wifi I have an lg c1 in my room connected to wifi and a sky q mini box I’ve noticed that if I leave that on and run speed test on my...
  18. (GTV)Chris

    Sky Q burn in

    Has anyone else, who has an oled, experienced burnin from the stupid pause, fast forward bar at the bottom. Sometimes the bar is blue on live tv and bright bloody red on recorded programs (I think I’ve got that the right way round). So when forwarding the bright bar is always in the same place...
  19. fwokinfwok

    Sky Q remote volume only adjusts when pointing at sky box

    I've had Sky Q with My LG OLED TV and Denon receiver set up for years. Just recently, the volume buttons stopped working on the sky Q remote. I reset the remote and re-paired the remote as per the instructions on the tv on how to pair to a sound system. It works but when I close the door on...
  20. Alpina34

    Sky Q & BT Halo 3 500

    Morning, bit of advice please. I am upgrading my 50mb BT to BT halo 3+ 500 installed & am considering having the BT hub in the living room so that I can hard wire to Sky Q box Firstly I presume hard wiring will provide best results & secondly for my 4 minis, will I need 4 of the black bt...
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