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  1. R

    Sky Q Mesh network/Boosters and FireTV

    Hi All, I have a Sky Q router in a downstairs room with a wired connection to my Mani Sky Q box, at the top of the stairs I have a booster which then connects to two Mini boxes by WiFi all works as it should although i'm not overly impressed with the WiFi coverage in the back room as my wife's...
  2. F

    The Rookie Season 2 not available in UHD?

    Hi, Has anyone seen a UHD version of ep1 of season 2 that aired last night? Last season, and still available on On Demand, all episodes were available in UHD for download soon after the episode started airing, as usually happens with things like The Good Doctor. Now, 24 hours later, still no...
  3. nicey1958

    Question sky q lnb

    Can you use the the wideband outputs on a Hybrid LNB without problem for a sky hd box . I ask because I have installed an 80cm Dish and Hybrid LNB (in prep for sky q coming this month.) aligned it.. set skew and elevation and connected upto the hd box and it works with v good quality signal...
  4. tigermad

    Sky Q sounds like tractor

    So my sky Q box has been making a noise for about a month. It is now getting louder and now frequent. Is the hard drive on its way out?
  5. wolfytom

    No wifi to sky q box after connection to receiver?

    I have connected my sky Q box to my good old Sony STR- DG 820 receiver and it works well but now there is no wifi connection. to the Q box. I'm sure It's something stupid I've missed but I can't identify what? Can anyone help?
  6. E

    For Sale Sky Q Touch Remote with Voice Control

    I have a universal remote control that I prefer, the remote is as new condition unused as its been stored in its box since I got it. £24.99 with postage Royal Mail 1st class signed
  7. A

    Sky Q / Sky Booster

    We have Sky Q in our living room and a mini box in the conservatory/play room. Due to the distance between the rooms the sky engineer wired an Ethernet cable between the rooms. We had loads of connection issues and sky kept coming out. They eventually sorted the problem with one of their WiFi...
  8. C

    Thinking of upgrading to Sky Q but will i get connection problems with mini boxes?

    I was thinking about upgrading to sky Q but reading about people having problems with the mini boxes losing connection? I currently have 3sky HD boxes (2multiroom) and BT broadband 50mpbs - 70. Any info if it's worth the upgrade or will I just encounter problems? Thanks
  9. F

    Harmony elite and sky q

    I’m new to harmony and have setup my watch tv activity with my LG C9, Sammy Q90R soundbar amd sky q 2tb and all turns on as it should. During the activity setup it asks if I would like to set a start up channel that sky will select upon turning on, I would like Sky sports news to come on when I...
  10. V

    Sky Q remote signal

    Does anyone know if a Sky Q Bluetooth remove will still operate through a breeze block wall? I would like to wall mount the TV but was thinking of mounting the Sky Q box on the other side of the wall (which would be inside the garage). This is because I wanted all the wires/boxes out of sight...
  11. D

    Question TV for use with Sky Q, approx 50”

    Hi all Looking for advice on a new TV for use specifically with Sky Q 2TB box, which will be installed in a couple of weeks. Comfortable with paying around £400 for a 4K UHD 50” LG or Samsung but happy to pay more if necessary to get a better viewing experience. Will be sat approx 3m from...
  12. stripeyjoe

    Sky Q 4k v2 - 'No Satellite Signal' error when there is - need to power recycle to clear.

    Hi all, For about the last month my Sky Q box has started showing a blank screen with a 'no satellite' signal' error when it is switched on. I have to do a power cycle to get it to work. The signal strength and lock are fine once it has been power cycled. This used to happen with my old HD box...
  13. S

    harmony hub + Samsung TV + Sky Q

    I need someones guidance, i have just installed a Harmony hub (and Echo Dot) and am having trouble getting the hub to put my older Samsung TV into Standby mode. It switches on (Including my Sky Q and Sonos soundbar) with no problem. Also, can anyone help with what commands i can expect to work...
  14. andybailey1972

    Wifi extenders for sky q and sky fibre

    Afternoon all, I have searched for the appropriate forum but couldn’t work out where it needed to go so am putting my question here: I have sky q and sky fibre broadband and was wondering what wifi extenders i need to get that will enable a better signal to my Ring doorbell and Echo Show 8 as...
  15. V

    Question C9 with Sky Q

    When watching a recording on Sky, the LG settings side bar flashes up with 'Recording' then disappears. When watching live TV on Sky, the LG pointer appears for a few seconds. Have HDMI CEC set - should this be disabled - I control the tv entirely from the Sky remote, the LG remote is in a...
  16. mcspongy

    Question New to Sky Q: mini box connections

    Hi. Just had Sky Q installed this morning, v2 2TB box (I was told) and one mini box. Main box is in living room connected to internet via Homeplug. Mini box is in kids' room, near to my Plusnet router. The Sky installer connected the mini wirelessly, and indicated I wouldnt be able to connect...
  17. M

    Question Sony HT-XF9000 & Sky Q

    Just got the Sony HT-XF9000 and connected my Sky Q box into the HDMI in port on the sound bar and the HDMI out into the arc port on my Samsung TV. I was hoping that either turning on the Tv or Sky would automatically turn on the sound bar and be set to HDMI but it doesn’t turn on at all, has to...
  18. E

    For Sale Sky Q Touch Remote with Voice Control

    Just got this with my Sky Q box but I have a universal remote control that I prefer, the remote is mint condition as its been stored in its box since I got it. £22.99 with postage Royal Mail 1st class signed
  19. raduv1

    Sky Q , HDR , when ? If ?

    Hi all. Any news when Sky Q might implement HDR on the box ? Be that movies,docs or maybe live broadcast . Are they way behind on this as 4K on its own is much like a sandwich without the filling .
  20. B

    Just got Hisense H55B7500UK whats best settings with Sky Q & any remote volume code ?

    Just got THE Hisense H55B7500UK whats best settings with Sky Q please, also any Sky Q volume code? I've gone from a plasma to this and the picture is very new to me, it looks great but is the word more digital? Or is that the sharpness? It's very different in look and feel pic wise from my 8...
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