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  1. inkinoo

    Sky Q being installed on Monday; any things I need to know?

    Getting Sky Q on Monday. One main, 3 miniboxes. All over Ethernet with no WiFi mesh. Anything I need to know or is it straightforward?
  2. R

    B6 and Sky Q sound/Pixelation

    Hi all, Had a B6 since April 2017. Have Sky Q 2tb box and Marantz amp. Over the past couple of months, ive noticed brief audio drop-outs while watching live and recorded Sky. Also the sound goes really quiet when adverts start, then gradually increases to the previous volume. Its really...
  3. gg13533

    SKY Q to Freesat

    Hi - thinking of moving away from Sky to Freesat, will I need to change anything on my dish or will the existing lnb work?
  4. Towner

    Question Panasonic TX-65FZ802B and Sky Q UHD

    I have recently sold my 58GX800 and been lucky enough to secure a used 65 FZ802b. Whilst watching Hotel Mumbai on Sky in UHD, I was underwhelmed by the picture quality, in fact when the film stopped and went to channel 5 HD, I was more impressed with that picture! If a source such as Sky outputs...
  5. P

    Bad blooming on KD-75XE9405 from HLG Sky Q

    Hi all, Continuing my litany of complaints about my Sony KD-75XE9405, can anyone explain the following picture from Sky Q HLG hdr "Bad Boys For Life"? I have asked Sony about this on many occasions and they just say the blooming is an "artistic" effect that the director intended. Really?! My...
  6. MrBungle2005

    Question SKY Q - can't pause live TV consistently

    Only had Q installed for about 3 weeks now and getting used to its positives, but also its many drawbacks compared to my old HD box. One thing annoying me is pausing live TV. I initially thought that maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to whether I had hit the pause button when leaving the...
  7. T

    Recommendations for mesh SKY Q network?

    Hi, is anyone able to recommend a good mesh wi-fi setup that works with Sky Q? I am able to get good download speeds 90mb+ but wi-fi keeps dropping out. We don't have a huge number of devices connected (possibly 25 or so). Not sure if the dropouts are interference or just poor performance from...
  8. BlueMacer

    Question Sky Q and Networking

    So I’ve invested in an 27U AV rack and having ideas on how to fill it. At the top I’d like to have a switch to forward the internet via Ethernet cable to items like ... Av receiver , blu ray player , tv, hue, Arlo etc etc ... Now I know nothing about networking, switches , and so on but I have...
  9. E

    Sky Q - only Dolby digital

    For some reason my new Sky Q box is only playing in Dolby Digital through my Yamaha 2060. I have Dolby digital plus selected in the Sky Q menu and everything else connected to the Yamaha works with Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, UHD player etc but not the Sky Q box. I have tried watching some of...
  10. H

    Sky Q lip sync issue

    I have just purchased a HISENSE 65U8QFTUK and also a Sonos Arc soundbar. I have the Arc connected to the HDMI1 arc port on the TV but I having real issues with lip sync being out when using my SkyQ and can't figure out a solution. I read elsewhere someone suggesting an Arcana HDfury convertor...
  11. K

    Sky q ethernet question

    I have sky broadband and sky q connected via ethernet. Minis too. Will this work with a bt broadband router?
  12. D

    Sky Q upgrade install - last minute panic!

    Hi all, I am having a Sky Q upgrade done on Friday but have a last minute panic that it won't be straightforward due to my current setup. I have a Sky HD install that I did myself which has a quad LNB (but using only 2 Outs). This is run to a Labgear LDU604G and all the cables go downstairs...
  13. K

    Sky q uhd football flicker

    Is it me or is the pitch flickering on football tonight?
  14. 152bobby

    Sky Q & LG Soundbar sound issue

    I have Sky Q and a Panasonic TX-65CS620B and a LG SN7CY Soundbar connected via HDMI and everything works fine until when I'm watching a channel (any channel) and I press the home button on the Sky Q remote to go to the main menu, I lose sound to everything. The only way to get the sound back...
  15. M

    Question Sky Q router - Where can I find a longer power lead?

    I've done a search but I'm not sure!! I have a Sky Q router which I would like to place in a different position to improve my wifi signal around the house. My Sky Q router came with a small length of lead attached to the plug. In my house I do not have a mains socket at the point where I would...
  16. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Home Cinema TV Upgrade?

    My current setup is as follows: Hisense 75" 75B7510UK TV Yamaha YHT-1840 AV Receiver (with speakers, sub, 5.1 Surround) Xbox One X Sky Q I sit around 7-8ft back from the TV, straight on The main use the TV gets is: Playing Xbox (FIFA mainly, some Call of Duty) - I would look at getting...
  17. S

    Moved house, no TV aerial just an old Sky Q dish - worth installing replacements?

    Hello I'm looking to get some thoughts. We moved to a new house a couple of months ago with no TV aerial on the house and just a badly installed Sky Q dish that looks dreadful on the front of the house. We're not Sky customers so although our TV has Freesat there are no channels we want to...
  18. N

    Question Quick question about Sky Q Boxes

    Hi guys, We currently have SkyQ with a SkyQ mini in another room. To save me the pain of contacting them, does anyone know how much extra /month an additional Mini box would cost? I can see in my account i could add another for a one off cost of £50, but couldn't see what the monthlies would...
  19. Andrew1472

    Sky Q mini disconnects with BT broadband

    A puzzle rather than a problem. I recently needed to plug my Homehub 5 back in to help diagnose a broadband fault. Immediately SWMBO started suffering blue screens from her mini. The smart setup had been disable, the SSIDs split, but still they continued. The setup, as far as my knowledge goes...
  20. bingodisco

    Ditch Sky Q for Now TV...

    Having suffered innumerable issues with Sky Q since getting it a few months ago, out of curiosity tried a quick test of the Now TV app on my Amazon 4K Firestick this morning. I signed up for the free 7 day trials of Entertainment and Movies with Boost to get 1080P & 5.1 sound and flicked through...
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