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Sky+ HD is the brand name of the HDTV service launched by Sky plc on 22 May 2006 in the United Kingdom and Ireland to enable high definition channels on Sky to be viewed. For the first 2 years after launch, the service was branded Sky HD. The service requires the user to have a Sky+ HD Digibox and an HD ready TV. Customers who pre-ordered by paying a deposit before 6 April 2006 were the first to receive the service, with installations starting on 21 May 2006.
As of 21 August 2014 the number of Sky+HD boxes currently in use stands at over 10 million.

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  1. Colinmh23

    Pairing Sky HD remote to a specific Sky HD box?

    Hi all I run a bar with 4 Sky HD boxes and due to space limitations, the boxes need to be stacked on top of each other. As you can imagine, this causes issues with changing one particular box at a time as the Sky HD Remote is by default able to control any Sky HD Box. Can I pair one remote...
  2. F

    Question Panasonic TV TX43L660B

    Just bought new TV but having problems with Sky HD remote rev2. Remote works fine in all respects, ie changing channels on Sky broadcast. The only thing that doesn't work are the sound and mute controls. Have tried downloading numerous codes but so far no luck. Obviously I can change the sound...
  3. Johnny Handsome

    Question Freesat on Sky HD boxes

    I previously had Sky Q multiroom installed in my home but due to cost I have cancelled the package and would like to re-use my old Sky HD boxes for Freesat. I have changed the LNB at the dish and connected up to both Sky HD boxes and the result is that the signal is fine in one room but not...
  4. P

    Question Best TV for watching SKY HD and football

    Please can anyone recommend 43 / 50 inch tv for watching SKY HD American programmes and Premiere league football in bright room. I could draw curtains for OLED but worried about burn-in. Like Samsung S90C but hear problems with judder ?
  5. M

    Sky HD Box Range

    For some reason my Sky HD Box has started to not respond to the remote control unless I'm under 5ft away from it. Used to have terrific range. I've got it linked via a HDMI modulator feeding other rooms. The magic eyes stop responding to these too. If I turn the box off and on again...
  6. Holiday786

    Who remembers classic Sky Like , Prison Break, Lost and Champions League etc.

    Who remembers when people were asking Sky to request a certain box and also when Pace had a recall done and people were getting refurbished Thomson's. Those were the days when Sky HD actually was taking shape and Prison break, lost and 24 were the must see shows. Sky had the rights to Champions...
  7. C

    Is sky hd worse

    Hi all So I've spent about 3 months away from sky, I stuck the feed into the back of my lg c1 for freesat Inc the free to air hd channels We recently got sky back mainly for recording, But I'm sure the sky hd is worse, I know for sure using the Disney app through sky is, as using Disney...
  8. C

    SKY HD box remote line of sight

    Just building a media wall and to keep things nice and tidy the SKY HD box ( its the black one with circular control on the top, central button on the front, vents on the sides HDMI and scart connections) is now behind the TV so line of sight for the remote only works from a certain angle and...
  9. G

    Splitter for Sky Hd magic eye

    I installed a LABGEAR LDL104RR 4-WAY DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIER in my motorhome to control the sky box from the 3 tv's via a coax from the splitter to each tv ,All the tv's are fed by HDMI from a splitter near sky box so the coax is only used for the magic eyes , at first I had no problem and all...
  10. S

    SSD in Sky HD box DRX895?

    Has anyone replaced the harddrive in a Sky HD box with an SSD one, to get that total silence? I think my harddrive is on the way out so thinking of replacing with 2 Tb SSD.
  11. Crushbam3

    Samsung smart remote wont output IR after the TV turns on?

    After checking with my phone camera i can see that the remote that the remote that came with my samsung S95B tv outputs IR when the TV is turned off but once it turns on it stops, this isn't an issue when it comes to controlling the smart tv and nvidia shield but my sky+hd box only works with IR...
  12. J

    Sky HD on 4K TV

    Hi, on the verge of purchasing the Samsung 55” QN94 TV and at the minute I only have the old style Sky HD box with the HD subscription. This HD box can only output at 1080i so I’m wondering if I’m going to get the new TV and be disappointed with the picture quality on Sky HD channels compared to...
  13. crossbow

    Replace Sky HD+ box HDD with a much smaller one

    It is an Amstrad DRX890W-C, going to replace the current 500Gb with a 40/20Gb. Questions are: 1. The original HDD is not soldered in, is it? 2. Will it still work fine as a standard Freeview / Freesat box with such a small replacement drive? It is not going to be used as a recorder any longer.
  14. G

    Unreliable Mesh - Linksys Velop WHW03 - advice please

    My 400Mb internet service from FTTP provider Gigaclear is distributed around our house with a Linksys Velop WHW03 consisting of 1 parent node (Gigaclear supplied) and 4 child nodes (1 from gigaclear, 3 I bought separately from Amazon). We live in a large detached property with 3 floors and a...
  15. simonjenkins

    sky hd

    my sky hd plus box went down on christmas eve and it wont work anymore, so im looking at getting one of these sky boxes from amazon for about £35, now what i want to know is will it work with my sky card which i used with my old box which wont work, can i take it out of my old box and insert it...
  16. A

    Old Sky HD+ box for freesat?

    Hi, Looking for some advice please. I've just moved into a house that has a dish. I picked up an old Sky HD+ box hoping that I might be able to just hook it up and get Freesat. However, after connecting the box up it says "Initialising" or "...Your satellite box isn't getting a signal". I'm...
  17. Edgie70

    Audio settings sky HD to sound bar

    Hi all , I have sky HD ( not sky q ) connected to TV via HDMI then optical from TV to sound bar . HDMI output from sky box to tv is Dolby digital ( option of Dolby digital or normal ) Optical output from TV to bar is Dolby digital ( option of pcm or Dolby digital ) . I presume I have this...
  18. N

    Using extra feeds from sky hd box to tv (?)

    Just bought a new tv with sat feeds in my last did not. I have been using my Skyhd box as a free view box over the last year and therefore have only been using the one tuner. Am I correct in the thought that I could take the one feed off the sky hd box and connect to the tv and retain...
  19. J

    Moving from sky HD to sky q

    Hello all, as most people have done, I’ve moved to sky q as my sky hd box has failed me. Installation in next week. set up at the minute, sky hd box in my living room, I have a I/o coming out the RF out that goes to a amp and powers 3 other tvs in the house Via coax cable. We all have to watch...
  20. R

    Pioneer VSX-933 IR code for Sky HD punch through

    Good evening all, I have the Pioneer VSX-933, and I'm after some infrared codes to program it into my Sky HD remote to allow the Sky remote to power it on-left hand cursor button, and control the volume using the volume keys. I've already done it on two remotes a while back, but, doh, didn't...
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