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  1. S

    INVITE: Apple TV Sky Go Trial

    FYI. Friends! Customers! Apple TV lovers! Lend us your ears...and eyes, and hands, and opinions! Sky Go App is launching on Apple TV in the summer. Sky are advertising for testers for the new Sky Go app for apple TV: launching Sky Go on Apple TV on the following devices which must be on...
  2. rgsoton

    Getting Sky Go on dumb tv

    Hello I am using a relative's sign in details for "Sky Go" so I can already access it on a laptop. Does anyone know how to get Sky Go on my (dumb) TV? Thanks Rob
  3. J

    Problems with the Sky Go App on Windows 10

    I never thought of using Sky Go under Windows before, as I had a Slingbox which performed well. But when I moved house, Sky Go was the only way I could watch Sky and I was quite impressed.. I used it for a few weeks and don't remember a single problem. Whether it was the install of SkyQ or an...
  4. Timh

    Sky Go on PS5

    Hi Just wondering if anyone is using the Sky Go app on a PS5 and is the quality any good? Is it 720p or 1080p? Thanks
  5. Kweekum

    Sky Go

    Is it possible to load SkyGo on to a firestick or a Fire tv ? Ive tried connecting a tv to my laptop ( which has SkyGo) via hdmi but it just wont recognise it. Thanks in Advance
  6. Hamad138

    Sky Go and Sky ticket

    Does Panasonic OS have a Sky ticket and Sky go App ? It's very popular here in Germany and England
  7. P

    SKY Go working but Sky cancelled. Why?

    My services were switched off at the end of May, yet Sky Go still works, allowing me to view & download Cinema and box sets and live TV etc. The Sky Q box doesn't. Have they not yet issued a "kill signal" perhaps?
  8. TrigFX

    PS4 Pro/ Sky Go/ Nvidia Shield Pro issue

    I recently moved house and went from having the wonderful Sky Q and minibox set up for 3 years, to - nothing. We only discovered late in the day that the company that maintains our block does NOT allow Sky dishes on the side of the building!! And Virgin don't serve this area yet either (the...
  9. P

    Series X Sky Go sync issue (Samsung TV, Sonos soundbar)

    I know diagnosing this is going to be a nightmare, but maybe - just maybe - someone else has had a similar issue? I have a Samsung Frame TV and a Sonos Arc Soundbar, connected via HDMI-eARC and set to passthrough. There have been lots of compatibility issues, which are finally now all sorted by...
  10. J

    Sky Go on XSX - An Error Has Occured

    Does anyone else suffer from this? Now the F1 season is back I find myself with the same issue I had last year, was hoping it would be sorted now. Randomly (although it seems it get worse as the more popular shows come on) I will be watching Sky F1 live and the app will crash and say An Error...
  11. S

    NVidia Shield and Sky Go App

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me if there is a working way to load the Sky Go app on the shield? and whether the experience is the same as on other supported devices.
  12. O

    Question Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card Still Possible To Use Despite Being Years Old?

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advice on something that I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere. Basically, a number of years ago we were intending to get Sky+ Multiscreen installed where we live and something unfortunate occurred where we went through all of the necessary...
  13. P

    LG CX and Sky Go App

    So I'm currently watching Sky TV through the sky go app. Im pretty sure that it outputs in 720p so I know its far from ideal. My question is very specific though, Discovery of witches on sky was on the last day and it was INCREDIBLY dark picture. I was using isf Bright Room, but actually had to...
  14. Lighty

    Question Sky Go - NUC or Mac Mini?

    Anyone running Sky Go on older kit? I’m going to buy a small format piece of kit and thought I’d ask here. Mac Mini 2012 upgraded or a 2014 looks adequate Or NUC 6 or 7 I’m looking at no more than £250 really. My ATV is used for NAS access so that’s not crucial. My daughter my stream...
  15. AMCross

    Firestick 4k And Sky Go

    Has anyone managed to do this yet seems you can download BUT when you launch it seems to change screen rez and come up with error
  16. nitram_tpr

    Question Sky go issues on HTPC but not on Laptop!

    Howdy, I recently built myself a new htpc based on the Ryzen 3400G APU. It works really well apart from Sky Go, which did work when I initially built it back in August but now it just refuses to work. Whenever I fire it up it goes through the motions, says checking for update and then closes...
  17. Preacher

    Question Sky Go

    Hi all, I just lost the HDD on my humax Freesat so I thought I would give sky another go after 15 years. My question is - I get hooked up in a few days but can use the sky go app straight away, I opted for the cheapest sky with Netflix package, so how come I can watch, for example, Sky F1 HD on...
  18. colmmcc

    Motorola G8 with skygo Android 10

    Hi all, I thinking of getting a Motorola G with Android 10 but wanting to know if it works with Sky Go. Use Sky go all the time on older nexus but want new (cheap) phone to work with sky go. If anyone that uses Motorola G with Android 10 and Sky go if it works or not.? Sky webpage only says...
  19. Watten

    Question Screen mirroring Sky Go

    I've had a quick search but can't seem to find a recent topic. I currently have Sky Q, and want to mirror it onto the TV in the bedroom without getting a Magic Eye or another box. Now I know Apple have stopped screen mirroring with the likes of Apple TV and iPhones/iPads etc However I have...
  20. R

    Sky go extra on 2 xbox one's at once ?

    Is it possible at the moment?, I've previously run the sky go app on mine and my sons xbox at the same time but the last 2 days I can only use one at a time. I can't view live TV on both at the same time. Have Sky suddenly made it only possible in the last 2 days to view from one Xbox at a time...
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