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  1. waveydavey13

    Discovery+ Issue

    We signed up for the Discovery+ service back when it first launched in 2020 and then received the email last year saying the offer had been extended for another 12 months. The mrs went to use it over the weekend but found that when she opened the app on the sky Q box it just came up with a...
  2. miggyboys

    SkyQ problem / not pausing / playing recordings / showing programme info

    Hi all! Setup: Quattro LNB dish ---> EMP Centauri multiswitch ---> Triax TMDS 42C dSCR multiswitch ---> quadplex wall plate ---> Sky Q box (dSCR mode). I had an electrical circuit trip in the consumer unit (fuse box) and when I turned it back my SkyQ wasn't working. There was no satellite feed...
  3. WattsX99

    Random Question about Sky+ Recording with No Contract

    I've just hooked up my old Sky+ HD Box as I was curious to see if it had retained the Sky+ recording facility since I left Sky a few months ago. I've read a few posts online from some people who claimed they were still able to do that. Got everything booted up, went in to the program guide and...
  4. K

    Upgrading to sky Q from old hd box

    Hi just upgrading my box to Sky q box no uhd subscription, will the box given to me be able to show 4k content if i choose to upgrade or will it just be a 1080p box with the sky Q thanks
  5. gba93

    Sky TV Connected to Virgin Broadband

    Hi, I'm looking at the possibility of moving my TV provider to Sky (Q?) whilst keeping my Virgin broadband (SHub3). The SHub is currently in an upstairs bedroom whereas (I assume) the Sky TV box needs to be near the TV in the lounge. What are my options for connecting the SHub to the Sky TV box...
  6. J

    Moving to Sky Q but can you still watch stuff of the old box?

    I am currently in the process of moving and am 99% sure I am going to move from HD to SkyQ in the process. Problem is, my HD box is at 37% and I have about 40 hours of stuff to watch.... Whilst preparing for the move, I am watching less and less, so managing the HD is becoming a problem. Once...
  7. jbmouse101

    Sky Q box, no HLG to Panasonic HX940, only UHD

    I have a sky q box that is uhd compatible, and panasonic hx940 TV, but I don't get hdr (hlg) from the sky box, just uhd. Is the tv compatible with hlg, or is there another problem stopping the hlg showing. I have 8k hdmi 2.1 cables, and hdr works from all my other sources, Inc dolby vision, hdr...
  8. Waynej

    SkyQ new customer - tips? HDR and refresh rate issues…

    Left Sky in 2004, so it’s been a while. Not sure if we’ll stick with this past the contract period, but thrown it on as we’re not getting out as much, and the Freeview box was acting up. We have the Entertainment (Signature?), Cinema, Ultra HD and Ultimate TV Netlflix and multiroom package. I...
  9. R

    UHD HDR Movie Release Delays

    I noticed that, although A Quiet Place 2 premiered on Sky on Friday, the UHD HDR version only became available today. I'm quite new to Sky Q and wanted to know if this is Sky's normal practice. It's annoying because I just watched the movie yesterday in HD thinking Sky weren't going to show it...
  10. BAW9DV

    Moving content from SKY+HD box to PC

    Hi, Not posted in a while but having just had my SKY+HD box replaced with a new SKY-Q box, I now find that my downloaded/saved content does not "transfer" to the new box - something they did not tell me ..... Ok, so I have looked at a few threads about moving content - and it seems that saved...
  11. A

    Possible Sky Q Sonos beam issue?

    I have posted a thread in the sound bar section, but have a feeling it may be more of a Sky Q issue, so I hope it's ok to put a link here. Can you please have a look at this thread and post there if you have anything to add...
  12. aerodynamic18

    Sky q and hardwiring

    Hi guys I have sky q with 2 mini boxes and finally yesterday got a 4K ultra hd tv. All connected up and showing amazing picture but I have noticed since I have done this the two mini boxes are struggling with signal. I plan to run network leads to the attic from the 3 boxes and 1 from the router...
  13. P

    Sky Q using single feed

    I would like to install Sky Q but only have a single feed from my current dish to my living room. Its not practical to install more feeds to I am stuck with just the one. I have heard Sky Q can run on single feed mode but would require dSCR technology. Can anyone tell me what I would need to...
  14. M

    EPG on sky Q

    The other night my wife asked me to record something on the tv,when I went into the epg I noticed that there are a lot of blank spaces with programmes missing. I updated my software but it was just the same. Today when I was at my friends he's got the first generation of the Q box and all his...
  15. D

    What setting for Bose Sound bar with SKY?

    In sound settings on SKY which setting should you use with a Bose sound bar and sub connected? Is that seen as a 5.1 to sky? Thanks
  16. mfp2gosling1

    Sky Q to TV and Projector

    Hi, I have Sky Q connected directly to my tv but when I want to watch it on my projector I have to unplug the hdmi cable from the tv and connect it into the back of my processor. My processor (Emotiva EMC2) has 2 hdmi outputs so I guess that I could use eArc but when not in use my processor is...
  17. J

    Sky Q Satellite Wall Plate

    I'm moving my Sky Q box to a different part of the living room which requires moving the twin satellite cable I like using wall plates and have used them throughout my surround sound install. Would something like the image attached be suitable to bring the sat cable into the house. Or am I...
  18. simonjenkins

    sky hd

    my sky hd plus box went down on christmas eve and it wont work anymore, so im looking at getting one of these sky boxes from amazon for about £35, now what i want to know is will it work with my sky card which i used with my old box which wont work, can i take it out of my old box and insert it...
  19. R

    Sky Q YouTube App Stuttering Picture

    I recently bought a Sony A80J TV and upgraded from Sky HD Plus to Sky Q UHD. I've noticed when using the YouTube app on the Sky Q box that the picture has a slight stutter on some videos but not others. Has anybody else experienced this?
  20. hss001

    Sky HDMI to another TV (best method?)

    Hi, My mother has had Sky for a number of years, and I'd connected TV Link (using coax from the box to the 2nd TV), and it worked great. A few months ago her Sky box packed in and was replaced by Sky. The new box has no coax output, just HDMI (I'm going from memory as I live 2 hours from...
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