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  1. Richyp147

    Sky Soundbox

    Hi, does anyone know if the sky soundbox can be used in conjunction with a 5.1 setup?
  2. N

    sky mini box

    Anyone else had their mini box go down , mine isn't working at all now , it was interment at first but now not working at all, I have no booster as I only live in a flat. I paused sky sports last night hope that isn't the reason ! Also with the strain on the infrastructure at the moment is it...
  3. C

    Sky Q Ethernet/Wi-Fi Questions and Problems

    Hi, I have a 2tb Sky Q setup with a booster and 3 mini boxes. The system is basically the main box in the lounge at the front of the house, a room we don’t really use much, a booster provided by Sky in the hall with the signal going through to a kitchen with a mini box. The signal then goes...
  4. R

    Sky Q can only use WPS?

    I was having problems connecting the sky mini box to my network, so checking my main box I noticed that the ssid was a different name to the one which is normal, i.e. Say my router is Sky123 the main skyq box reported it as sky456 no ideas where this came from. My main box is connected via...
  5. R

    How to replace HDD on a DRX895W Sky+ HD Box?

    Hi, I apologise if this has already been covered somewhere but I have been searching for days to find answers to my questions but much of the info I've found online is rather old and lacks the most current and up-to-date info. I've got a DRX895W SKY+ HD Box and the HDD is on its way out, its...
  6. Topmetom 2

    Q box slow downloads...

    Tried to watch a download of save me last night, watched 2 ok got 20 mins into the 3rd and it just stopped downloading. Took me 45mins to get it to download it was infuriating at the time. I had to give up on the uhd version. Anyone else had this? Im in discussions with zen my broadband...
  7. L

    What happens when you terminate SKY Q

    I've got Sky Q (main box and multi-room box) and after the latest £5 per month increase I'm on the verge of saying goodbye sky. We do however make good use of the Sky box and the multiroom box. We are no longer in contract so what happens to the boxes, will Sky demand I send both of them back? I...
  8. Mark1979

    Question Can you use a Sky Q basic remote with an old Sky digibox

    Can you setup a Sky Q remote to work with a basic old Sky digibox?
  9. derekhansen

    Sky Q Miniboxes - A few questions.

    Really struggled to find answers on the Sky website. Hoping for more luck here. 1. How much will it cost for a second mini box?. (I have one already. Installed with the main Sky Q box) 2. How much per month will the extra box cost? 3. Will I need to have an Engineer visit to pair with the main...
  10. R

    New contract last week - just been advised of new price rises

    So following on from the April price rise, I rang sky to renegotiate my contract. Did so last Friday and was told what my bills would be for the next three months plus the comment of no price rises until April 2021. Just received an email and have just checked my future bills and am being hit...
  11. D

    Some tv channels come and go through the magic eye

    Hi there folks, Posting yet again with another little tv channel problem have, Setup is 4 tv's with three receiving channel feed through the magic eyes and an old basic sky box (have tried a few but same results) I live near the border in N Ireland (with the Republic) and get the benefit of...
  12. Olly Gark

    Sky+HD box - Freesat and record

    Can you cancel Sky sub, watch Freesat channels only, BUT still record. If so, any idea how much it will cost? Thanks Olly
  13. Bert Coules

    Advice sought about cancelling Sky for a period and then resubscribing

    Just wondering if anyone here has cancelled Sky, for whatever reason, and then rejoined after a period of some time. Are there advantages to be had as a (sort of) new subscriber? Are any accrued benefits from the original membership saved and re-applied? That sort of thing. Many thanks.
  14. B

    Digital Packages

    Presently I am on the following - Full Sky Package - Sky Internet - BT Sport I am paying way over the odds. I was thinking of getting rid of Sky and getting the internet with BT which would allow me access to BT sport at a reduced rate. I would welcome any suggestions of how I could reduce my...
  15. tom 2000

    Question Can Sports package be cancelled mid contract?

    Not going to be much to watch for the next few months.
  16. C

    Question Sky - Wiring up a new property?

    Hi, It's been over 5 years since we left Sky for VM once we moved to London. We are now in the process of buying a house and one of the 'todo' list items is to rewire the house and modernise it. It is a bungalow that was built in the 1950s. The current owners have been there since 1968 and...
  17. ODB_69

    Question Sky Q UHD error

    Kind of stumped by this so looking for someone more knowledgeable. I can't use UHD settings on Sky Q as it says I don't have a 4K tv. But I do. I have zero issues watching UHD movies on disk. Any ideas why?
  18. E

    Sky Q multiroom

    Hi All, we are looking to upgrade to sky q, however at present we have normal sky at home and we have a multi room box in our holiday home. Would we be able to set up the same with sky q? I understand we may need a new dish/LMB. But if it won’t work I will stick with what we already have...
  19. Z

    SKY Q HDMI over CAT 5E IR issue

    Can anyone help I have just had Sky Q installed and I transmit this to two other rooms using HDMI to cat 5e Splitter, which has IR function control plugged in via 3.5mm jack. This system worked fine with Sky hd but now the ir will not work in the other rooms, so I am unable to change channel...
  20. R

    Multiroom and UHD charge potentially being split. HD fee may also change

    Unconfirmed but sounds like there will be a package option to split UHD and multiroom. So for people like me who don't use multiroom but have the package to get UHD, it would be good. There might also be something happening on HD as I was complaining about having to pay an HD and UHD sub and...
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