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  1. S

    £25 for Sky signature and Netflix

    with no set up fees for new customers. Its available through the website Discount for Teachers (you don’t have to be one)£10 extra gets you UHD and the 4 user account on Netflix
  2. G

    New to Sky Q HDCP error

    Had it a week now. Fair to say it’s terrible, huge step backwards in so many ways but my main gripe is I get the HDCP issue every time the tv is switched on meaning I have to mess around turning the tv and box off on and for 5 minutes until they sort themselves out. Spoke to sky about and they...
  3. dawson001

    Sky Q poor picture quality - HELP

    Recently "upgraded" to Sky Q after my old HD box stopped working however the picture quality has been nowhere near as good as the old HD box....its really soft and slightly pixilated. I've tried numerous things such as changing Sky Q box settings from 1080i, 1080p and 2160p both 8 bit and 10...
  4. A

    Optoma UHD40 not decoding Sky HDR

    Hi, wondering if someone could help me. Tried doing a bit of googeling and can’t find out what I would like to know. I have the above projector which decodes HDR just fine with 4k Blurays and any 4k HDR content on Amazon prime/ Netflix through the app on said player. Sky have now started showing...
  5. IsraelBankole

    Question Sky Q Installation during Lockdown

    Anyway, I'm due for a new Sky Q installation in the next week or so and I just wanted to ask for people's experience on how their installations have been so I know what to expect., in terms of engineer visits. I've already read the update on engineer visits on how they don't come into the house...
  6. inkinoo

    Sky Q being installed on Monday; any things I need to know?

    Getting Sky Q on Monday. One main, 3 miniboxes. All over Ethernet with no WiFi mesh. Anything I need to know or is it straightforward?
  7. V1CAR

    Mini box UHD?

    Hi, am I right in saying you can't get UHD via a mini box? Will this be available soon, Virgin offer this with their 360 setup I think?
  8. R

    Getting someone else to install Sky dish?

    Hi We're hopefully to move house and take Sky with us. House is a two storey house in London. When had Sky installed at our current house we had an utter disaster. No matter how many times I asked for the "Special Heights" team, whenever the Sky Installer arrived they said they couldn't do it...
  9. scrowe

    Cancelled Sky

    Cancelled Sky TV today after 22 years. Did not decide liightly and I don’t have an overall big axe to grind, but overall TV market has changed. I’ve always considered Sky overall a good package and a high standard of content. I’ve nearly always taken the full package, and justified as £1 a day...
  10. MrBungle2005

    Question SKY Q - can't pause live TV consistently

    Only had Q installed for about 3 weeks now and getting used to its positives, but also its many drawbacks compared to my old HD box. One thing annoying me is pausing live TV. I initially thought that maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to whether I had hit the pause button when leaving the...
  11. K

    Sky uhd flicker solution

    I was getting flicker on uhd football on my v2 box. Got a new v3 box and no more flicker. Really good engineer turned up Sunday. She knew about the issue and solution of v3 box. Cross fingers on audio drop outs. Ok so far.
  12. K

    Is sheffield Newcastle uhd tonight

    I'm only getting hd
  13. S

    Sky over WiFi?

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before... I have a Sky HD+ 1tb box in GF living room, connected via HDMI to Sony TV. Is there a way of watching and/or controlling (I guess controlling is not possible) Sky in the bedroom, directly above? In our previous house, I had a coax amp & splitter...
  14. E

    Sky Q - only Dolby digital

    For some reason my new Sky Q box is only playing in Dolby Digital through my Yamaha 2060. I have Dolby digital plus selected in the Sky Q menu and everything else connected to the Yamaha works with Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, UHD player etc but not the Sky Q box. I have tried watching some of...
  15. K

    Q v3 box noise

    Just installed v3 box to hopefully overcome uhd flicker. Box is quite noisy currently. Does it bed in and get quieter?
  16. davec1510


    Hi, My Kit I have a 2TB Sky Q box, 2 miniboxes. My Broadband is through Sky with an ER115 Router. My wifi is typically 25 to 32 MBPS anywhere in the house. The Problem When I pause a live program, or watch a recorded program on TV's connected to the miniboxes (and it does it on both boxes)...
  17. D

    Sky Magic Eye Help

    Hello, I have a sky+HD box downstairs and I use a magic eye to get sky in my bedroom. I recently switched from the 2TB HDD sky box back to a 500GB box as my hard drive broke. When I was using the 2TB box with I/O box sky would work perfectly in the bedroom. However since switching the box I get...
  18. K

    Sky q ethernet question

    I have sky broadband and sky q connected via ethernet. Minis too. Will this work with a bt broadband router?
  19. J

    Extending Bluetooth remote signal.

    I currently have the main box down in the cellar which then distributes through an RF modulator. The remote is set to IR so it can handle all the TVs but I wondered if it was possible to extend the Bluetooth signal? I miss the voice feature.
  20. S

    Sky plus

    Hi, I have on old sky plus box. A while back, it stopped being able to record a channel, whilst watching another. I've tried resetting, powering off, but that didn't work. I spoke to customer service. Didn't get a resolution, however they have offered to upgrade to a q box. But it has to wait...
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