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Sky UK Limited (formerly British Sky Broadcasting and BSkyB) is a telecommunications company which serves the United Kingdom. Sky provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. It is the UK's largest pay-TV broadcaster with 11 million customers as of 2015. It was the UK's most popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by Freeview in April 2007. Its corporate headquarters are based in Isleworth.
Formed in November 1990 by the equal merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, BSkyB became the UK's largest digital subscription television company. Following BSkyB's 2014 acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority 90.04% interest in Sky Deutschland in November 2014, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc. The United Kingdom operations also changed the company name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited, still trading as Sky.
Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky plc, with its current company directors being Andrew Griffith and Christopher Taylor. Griffith acts as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Managing Director for the commercial businesses division.

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  1. M

    Two Sky Q Boxes on same Network

    The issue I think is that two Sky Q Main boxes do not work on same Network. I have helped my new neighbours out who have just moved in but their internet is not due for installation until Jan 2024. I’ve extended my WiFi through a cable and an access point. All good and working for them...
  2. W

    SKY Q and Amazon Echo

    Hi I have sky q, Amazon fire cube and 2 echo studio speakers which all work fine when using the Amazon apps but what options do I have to make my sky q use my echo speakers? Can I do this using optical cable or ?? Any suggestions greatly appreciated ! Thanks
  3. IL Cattivo

    SKYQ Home Screen via Sony Remote

    Hi Folks, Trying desperately to reduce the remote control footprint in our household to make things more kids/wife-friendly. ;) I've got two Sony smart TV's Sony Bravia XR65A90J Sony Bravia XR50X90S I can control all aspects of my SKYQ UHD box via the Sony remote from the XR65A90J...
  4. BrynTeg

    Question Sky Q and Mini Bix driving me mad...

    I have a recent issue which is driving me mental, I have a SkyQ 2tb box in my living room, works a treat connected via ethernet no problems. In my bedroom a Sky mini box which we watch at night over wi-fi and no pproblem. in the kitchen another mini which is where we watch quite a bit of tv...
  5. M

    Headphones and sky q

    I need to get a set for my dad for Xmas as he’s driving my mum mad as his hearing gets worse the tv gets louder 😂 anyone have any recommendations for over the ear headphones that will work please
  6. welsht0m

    Sky Stream - Buy now or wait for Black Friday?

    I appreciate this is a bit like asking people to predict the future but does anyone recall what Sky Stream offers there were last Black Friday? I'm trying to get a feel for what might be on offer this year and whether it is worth waiting or if I should just sign-up now. I'm getting increasingly...
  7. D

    Change Chanel from another room

    We have Sky Q and a number of mini boxes. The main box is in an upstairs bedroom. We want a projector in the living room directly below that bedroom, and to save running HDMI cabling, I’ll pick it up from the sky box above. The only issue is not being able to change the channels. I’ve got an...
  8. madgeman

    Question Sky Stream Qs from a Virgin Media user

    Hi all - ive been locked into Virgin for fibre broadband forever and i've finally got a new option. This means i can negotiate with them, great, but i'm interested in Sky (as it could work out cheaper) but WAF means no dish. I understand the issues with the apps (i've got Nvidia Shields), delay...
  9. Ste7en

    Cancelled Sky Movies Today

    As header. 19 quid a month and we rarely watch anything on it. However, I received this interesting email shortly after: I presume 2023 is a typo and they actually mean 2024. Nice, free Paramount+ for five months :) They must block subscriptions for a year at a time.
  10. P

    Poor connection from Sky Q to minibox

    I have a Sky Q, sky broadband (FTTP) and two mini boxes. One works fine but is closer to the main box The second one is further away. Because there are two walls and a kitchen between the Q and the minibox I have a signal booster in between But the minibox constantly pixilates. Or worse...
  11. B

    Sky Q sat 1 and sat 2 connections

    I’m moving my Sky cable from one side of the house to the other later, I unplugged the Sky box yesterday and noticed the cable has two connections, Sat 1 and Sat 2. Given the length of the cable and how much I’ll be shortening it I’m not confident the markings on the cable will last. Simple...
  12. B

    Sky Cinema constant channel renaming is ridiculous

    Sky Cinema constant channel renaming is ridiculous Does anyone else have this as a bit of a pet hate? They stick to the same old 11 channels (12 if you count Sky Cinema Premiere+1 which reappeared in SD!) but keep shuffling around often quite ridiculous themed selections of movies for what...
  13. terencejames

    Sky puck CEC control

    I’ve got a sky puck connected to my Samsung TV. If the puck is not on, I get a message (see below) asking if I want to turn it on. It never works but wondered if it was possible?
  14. D4nM1les

    Sky Q remote Bluetooth stopped working?

    Have had a Sky Q mini box in a wardrobe in our bedroom for yonks and the batteries in the controller died today. Have replaced them and have had to repair the controller. All ok when it can see the box, but it now won’t work via Bluetooth? Any ideas? I read online about pressing 4 and 6 at the...
  15. lpoolm

    Can I add my own sky mini box?

    So my sky hd box is on its last legs so going to get sky q. My main issue is losing the rf to use in the bedroom so looking at alternatives rather than pay for multiroom. So the question is can I buy a sky mini box off ebay and simply install myself, I don't know how it works so could I watch...
  16. expectingtofly

    Sky Stream switches to 1080p60 after standby

    I'm experiencing, what seems to me, to be an obvious bug with Sky Stream, but nobody else seems to be complaining. Can someone else with Sky Stream please confirm the bug. To recreate (here I have my stream set to 1080, but the same happens at 2160 : 1. Power down the sky stream and cold...
  17. TrebleGoo

    Question Any idea why I can’t view BBC One North West on my Sky Q?

    Hi all i can’t view BBC One North west HD on my sky Q and mini boxes. The other regional channels are all visible and work fine (channel 955/960 etc) but I have an issue with 101 that says satellite signal fault. any ideas? I’m lost.
  18. H

    Sky Q Mini boxes - UHD Query

    Just wanted to ask, due to the rise in 4k television sets and changes in to habits. Will sky update their mini boxes to uhd?
  19. P

    Sky can't install dish for Q

    Bit of background we've been with sky for 24 years and currently have Sky HD with multiroom (so 2 boxes) and were paying an extortionate amount per month due to just letting the package run out of contract for years and years. I cancelled and let the service go off for a week and then rang the...
  20. MahaRaja

    Best Sky Sports & TNT Sports package without broadband on Stream for new customer?

    Hi all, Been considering getting all the Football packages in one platform and what's the best deal on Stream, as the son is a keen Man U fan and watches the games on his mobile phone. I just spoke to Sky rep today and the best he could offer me is £71 for Sky Sports and TNT sports (in UHD)...
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