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  1. K

    Question Sky in another room

    Hi there, Currently we have a Sky HD box in the lounge along with our TV. We’ve now got an LG OLED TV in the kitchen (mounted on the wall) & we would like to watch sky in there, in order to watch sports. What is the best way to watch Sky in the kitchen from our previous box? I’ve heard of...
  2. sharper

    controlling Sky HD box with LG remote, is it doable?

    Looking at LG OLED55E8P 55" Thanks in advance.
  3. goonergaz

    Question Sky Box Set recording - when does it expire?

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I wanted to download a few shows and wondererd when they expired? If I download them do they remain until watched/deleted? Do you get any warnings they will be expiring? Example; I want to watch Band of Brothers and The Pacific, but don't want to...
  4. D

    Freeview breaking up through RF2 sky box output.

    Hi folks, I will try to keep this as simple as possible, I have four tv's with three being fed by the RF2 of an old type sky box. There are 2 amplifiers/distributos boxes in loft one with aerial cable plugged in, (but at the same time I do seem to have a direct cable run from rooftop aerial to...
  5. JabbaNut

    Channel 5 content joins Sky Box Sets & NOW TV

    " Sky and Viacom-owned Channel 5 have announced a new content partnership to bring a range of entertainment and factual box-sets to Sky Box Sets and the NOW TV Entertainment Pass. Customers will be able to binge on 300 hours of Channel 5 shows. "...
  6. GazNofx

    No sound on Netflix app unless Sky box turned on

    Hi, I have a Panasonic TX-65FZ802B which is connected via HDMI to a Sonos Beam sound bar and a Sky Q box. I had a sound issue recently where I couldn’t get any sound through the Sonos or TV at all. I fixed it but not really sure how. Now, the sound on the Netflix app on the TV only plays if...
  7. D

    Bt sport on old sky box - do sky deactivate cards?

    My partners father is a an ex sky subscriber (Last subscribed roughly 3 years ago). His box had been malfunctioning therefore we got a second hand one so that he could watch the free channels and bt sports. However, when it come to pairing the card to the replacement box (we used the "my sky"...
  8. S

    Question Sky UHD into a different room from main Sky box

    I was looking for some advice - I have a room on the ground floor of my house that houses my sky q 2TB box and feeds a projector the 4K signal. In the middle floor I have a mini box which obviously doesn't output a 4k signal just HD. My question is - Is there any way of sending the 4K signal...
  9. S

    Humax hdr for freesat over the sky box

    Hi. I have two sky boxes at home, neither of them are on contract so they are essentially used as freesat boxes. I would like the ability to record shows, but dont want to pay £10 a month for the privelage. I recently learnt you can pretty much add all sky free channels knto freesat box by...
  10. B

    Sky Q UHD audio signal to 4k amp, what settings on Sky box and amp?

    How can I make sure its set to get most from the sky Q UHD audio with my Denon 2400 amp? What signal does UHD Sky Q films do, DD, DTS etc?
  11. A

    Global loftbox , wiring up without a sky box

    Got my hands on a global loft box, ( had one in old house and it worked great ) This house, have no sky box, but want to combine the TV ,DAB and FM antenas , do send around house. Do I just put the antenas into the marked F connectors, and the 8 sockets around the house will work, or do I need...
  12. D

    LG no longer tuning old analogue. Signals?

    Just purchased a new LG 32LK6100 smart led tv. Alls great except it fails to tune into the rf signal from my Sky+ box (68). This tv replaces my older smaller Samsung that worked fine with the distribution of the Sky box signal. I use the RF output from the Sky+ box to get Sky in the bedrooms...
  13. Alvie

    TCL Sky Remote Codes for DP648/608/628?

    I've tried all the codes listed on the Sky code finder site and various others but I cannot seem to find the code (if there is one? - there should be one right???, even if well hidden?) I've tried the TV & Power repeat method but that seems to have not done anything and I got tired of pressing...
  14. I

    Answered No signal from Sky box to TX tv

    Hi Just purchased a Panasonic TX 40F S500B This is a second tv in room 2 whereas my Sky box and main tv are in room 1. I have always used aerial cable to connect the output from the Sky box in room 1 to the tv in room 2 which allowed me to watch whatever had been selected on the Sky box on...
  15. A

    Question HDMI ARC sound quality

    Via a soundbar, will it make any difference to sound quality if HDMI ARC is used for Sky+HD box and PS4? Not sure if my TV down mixes audio through ARC but I assume it does. TV: Panasonic Viera TX-55CX802B Soundbar: Yamaha YSP-1600 Sub: Cambridge Audio Aero 9
  16. D

    Question Transferring recordings from standalone Sky box

    Our new house doesn't have a dish, but we are getting one installed - and Sky gave us a good offer to upgrade to a Q box. However, my old sky box has a lot of recordings on it that I want to keep but I haven't had a chance to watch yet. Even though my old Sky box is not connected to a dish...
  17. A

    Question Sky box ->scart-> Dvd recorder ->hdmi-> Tv?

    I have a dvd recorder (LG DRT389H) with scart inputs and scart/hdmi outputs, and I currently have it connected to both my Sky box (in) and tv (out) via Scart. I intend to change my tv to one without Scart inputs, so I would have to connect the recorder to the tv via Hdmi. Will the Sky picture...
  18. R

    Teletext with Sky Box

    It is my understanding that modern Sky Boxes do NOT have a teletext decoder built into them. I have a 8 year old Sky Box which CAN receive teletext fine. However, the newer upgrade Skybox CANNOT receive teletext. The 8 year box is on it's last legs, is there any solution or workaround to the...
  19. C

    Question Volume problem with anything through Sky box

    I have a Samsung TV UE40H6670 and have just added a Samsung soundBar HW-MS650. When listening to TV through the Sky box the sound is much lower and i need to up the volume to 100 to hear it properly, ( Would add I am a little hard of hearing) but switching to and streaming a film though the...
  20. Timzer

    New build cable install advice

    Hi All My electrician isstarting to wire my seld. I have a dedicated office in my house where i was thinking of running all comms. Im thinking 2x cat6 to every room. Cat 6 for sonos and WAPs. Its just the tv situation im not sure of. I will have a main tv room, tv in kitchen/living anf master...
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