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  1. F

    New 4K TV old Sky Box how to get best viewing quality?

    Good Evening, I bought a new 4K SMART SAMSUNG TV recently. I have free to view Sky Channels (I used to be a Sky customer but stopped in 2011) so I have the older Sky Box from 10 years ago. What I noticed is that viewing quality on TV with Old Sky Box is not that good compared to watching...
  2. F

    Old Sky Box new 4k TV how to get best quality?

    Hi guys, I have an old sky box DV3 one which is probably around 10 years old. It is AV standard not HD. So when I watch TV I am not getting the best quality when I watch things on apps such as: Youtube, BBC Iplayer, Netflix on my Smart 4k Samsung TV. Same with my console the quality looks good...
  3. B

    Not getting UHD from my Sky box on my projector?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to this so forgive me if this is a silly question... I've just bought a Sony VPL - VW270ES and I tried to play Sky through it which caused me enough issues but once I finally got it to show the picture, it now says it doesn't support UHD when I try to change the...
  4. Han

    Question Bought a second Sky box has premium channels on it?

    Bought a second hand sky box just for freeview channels as mum couldn’t get used to navigation / guides on the integrated freesat on our LG. Bought at Carboot sale last week. anyhow seem to be getting all discovery / documentary channel, sky one and those type channels etc no sports or movies...
  5. ianfreeman

    Q60T - switching to 4:3 when using Sky box

    I've just installed my new Q60T. My previous Samsung had a button on the remote called 'Tools' and amongst the options was one to change the screen ratio. Some of the old shows I watch through my Sky box need to be switched to 4:3 but I can't see a way to do this on the TV (or on the Sky box for...
  6. N

    Accessing old Sky box for recordings

    Hi everyone We are having a bit of a clear out shortly, and I have an old Sky+ box which has been disconnected for roughly 9 years. There's no viewing card in it, but I know there are old recordings on there (most from "free" channels like BBC). We currently have a Sky HD subscription with 2...
  7. Glenbrook

    HDMI signal from Sky Box to TV's

    First I hope I am asking the correct Forum,I am a novice seeking advice in trying to provide a HDMI signal to four TV's, TV A QLED at 25 metre distance, TV B HD at 25 Metre, TV C OLED at 16 Metre distance and TV D HD at 12 metre distance from the Splitter, we find the splitter is losing signal...
  8. K

    Freesat Foxsat HDR 500 Output how do i connect sky box?

    Hello, i'm new to this forum. I ditched the Sky TV as wasn't gonna pay £15 a month to just pause and record. So i've decided to buy the good old Foxsat . I believe i can connect the sky box to this through the output on the foxsat? what do i need to connect these together? i was told i cannot...
  9. Voucher

    Question Why does my sky q 2tb box restart at any time

    It started only doing it at about 3am now it just did it while watching the news, at 07.50. It is set for Active power plan. Updates? At this time of the morning?
  10. richfinch

    Question Using Amazon Echo Studio as a soundbar

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help. I recently purchased an Echo Studio to replace a very old Panasonic surround sound system. I was hoping to use the echo studio as a soundbar, however I’m having a little issue with sound from my SKY+ HD box. here’s how I have it setup: I have a fire Tv...
  11. T

    will I still be able to receive freeview through my sky box

    Hi after 20 years I have decided to cancel sky it's costing me to much money, they want the sky Q box returned so is it possible for me to buy a sky+hd box and plug in the satellite cable and receive Freeview. many Thanks Terry
  12. K

    Question Sky in another room

    Hi there, Currently we have a Sky HD box in the lounge along with our TV. We’ve now got an LG OLED TV in the kitchen (mounted on the wall) & we would like to watch sky in there, in order to watch sports. What is the best way to watch Sky in the kitchen from our previous box? I’ve heard of...
  13. sharper

    controlling Sky HD box with LG remote, is it doable?

    Looking at LG OLED55E8P 55" Thanks in advance.
  14. goonergaz

    Question Sky Box Set recording - when does it expire?

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I wanted to download a few shows and wondererd when they expired? If I download them do they remain until watched/deleted? Do you get any warnings they will be expiring? Example; I want to watch Band of Brothers and The Pacific, but don't want to...
  15. D

    Freeview breaking up through RF2 sky box output.

    Hi folks, I will try to keep this as simple as possible, I have four tv's with three being fed by the RF2 of an old type sky box. There are 2 amplifiers/distributos boxes in loft one with aerial cable plugged in, (but at the same time I do seem to have a direct cable run from rooftop aerial to...
  16. JabbaNut

    Channel 5 content joins Sky Box Sets & NOW TV

    " Sky and Viacom-owned Channel 5 have announced a new content partnership to bring a range of entertainment and factual box-sets to Sky Box Sets and the NOW TV Entertainment Pass. Customers will be able to binge on 300 hours of Channel 5 shows. "...
  17. GazNofx

    No sound on Netflix app unless Sky box turned on

    Hi, I have a Panasonic TX-65FZ802B which is connected via HDMI to a Sonos Beam sound bar and a Sky Q box. I had a sound issue recently where I couldn’t get any sound through the Sonos or TV at all. I fixed it but not really sure how. Now, the sound on the Netflix app on the TV only plays if...
  18. D

    Bt sport on old sky box - do sky deactivate cards?

    My partners father is a an ex sky subscriber (Last subscribed roughly 3 years ago). His box had been malfunctioning therefore we got a second hand one so that he could watch the free channels and bt sports. However, when it come to pairing the card to the replacement box (we used the "my sky"...
  19. S

    Question Sky UHD into a different room from main Sky box

    I was looking for some advice - I have a room on the ground floor of my house that houses my sky q 2TB box and feeds a projector the 4K signal. In the middle floor I have a mini box which obviously doesn't output a 4k signal just HD. My question is - Is there any way of sending the 4K signal...
  20. S

    Humax hdr for freesat over the sky box

    Hi. I have two sky boxes at home, neither of them are on contract so they are essentially used as freesat boxes. I would like the ability to record shows, but dont want to pay £10 a month for the privelage. I recently learnt you can pretty much add all sky free channels knto freesat box by...
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