1. R

    How to replace HDD on a DRX895W Sky+ HD Box?

    Hi, I apologise if this has already been covered somewhere but I have been searching for days to find answers to my questions but much of the info I've found online is rather old and lacks the most current and up-to-date info. I've got a DRX895W SKY+ HD Box and the HDD is on its way out, its...
  2. C

    XF9005 sky+ HD remote code

    If anyone needs it, i found the code 038 worked to get the sky remote to control the volume on the tv.
  3. T

    Sky+ to Sky Q

    Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times, but i couldn't find the answer... For my house setup, i currently have an aerial coming out of the RF Out 2 feed going up into a loftbox which then goes into the aerial-in in several TVs around the house. All of these extra channels are tuned...
  4. L

    Connecting Sky HD to pub speakers - help needed

    Hi Everyone, Any urgent help would be greatly appreciated as hoping to sort this in time for the 6 nations this weekend (we're really busy!) I have 2 50" HDTVs and a prjector running off 2 Sky HD boxes. We have an audio system for the music (played off a tablet which goes through a 3 zone...
  5. WeegyAVLover

    Sky+ HD - weird sound problem

    Hi, Background: looking for some advice please. My FIL had a Sky+ HD box that was not working properly e.g. when scrolling through channels it is very slow & takes about 4-5 seconds to go to next channel, menus also very slow and when trying to show what is coming up next just got message saying...
  6. S

    Question Sky+ remote code for Samsung Q80R?

    Hi, just bought a 55Q80R and can't get my Sky+ remote to work with the tv. Tried lots of codes but none work, can anyone help? Ta.
  7. S

    Question Gettting error "no planner entry" when using Extract+ to extract recordings from a Sky+ HDD

    Wondering if there is any experts on this here that can advise further. I am having trouble extracting any data from my Sky+ hard disk. I get no recordings showing up and, "no planner entry" in the error log, but near the end it says " Valid recordings found: 10". Here’s the full log, what does...
  8. nicka099

    Question Q85R and Sky+ record command

    I have just purchased a Q85R and would appreciate some assistance... Set up yesterday and all is working fine except one small issue. I have a SKy+ hd box connected via hdmi on the 'one connect' box. I can control the sky box from the tv remote for all functions (play, pause, guide, channels...
  9. D

    Question Are "new" Sky+ HD boxes still available?

    Hi, I understand that Sky is keen for new customers to move from HD to Q, but we are unlikely to get Q as there is a huge copse of trees outside out house, and the sky engineer who came round today says an option is to stick with HD. However, we are not "new" customers. We have been with Sky...
  10. steocullen91

    SKY+ HD Box For FTA

    Hi. I have a SKY+ HD box which I've been using for FTA. I took the 500GB HDD out of it a while back, because I assumed since recording is disabled without a subscription, it serves no purpose. Ever since I done so, the box performs really sluggish. I attempted to use a 40GB 2.5" HDD thinking...
  11. D

    Random loud whine from Denon 2805 when changing Sky+ sources

    Hi All, I'm after some help here with my Denon 2805 AVR that's been very good to me. I'm getting a random occurrence when changing between TV channels and recorded programs on my Sky+ box. The receiver emits what I can only describe a loud whine from the attached speakers, Kef 5005's with the...
  12. DM1967

    Question Can I use Sky+ HD Box instead of Sky Q?

    Hi, I've recently had Sky Q (new install) but I have a fault with the sound on HD channels - engineer booked for next weekend! However I have a Sky+ HD box that I thought I'd use in the meantime but when I connect it I get no signal on either input - Is it not possible to use this box? Thanks
  13. L

    Watching Sky+ after Sky Q installation

    I'm getting Sky Q on Monday. We have loads on our sky + box. Is there anyway to plug in the box and watch our old recordings after we have got the Sky Q? They have sent me a new card for the Sky Q. We also have purchased films on our sky + box downloaded from sky. How do I transfer these to my...
  14. Ste7en

    Sky+ Box looks like it is RIP

    We have been having problems with signal dropouts for around two weeks. I rang Sky a while back and they said to keep an eye on it and monitor the situation. This morning it became completely unwatchable. I rang them back and a guy on the phone went through a Sky+ Rebuild. Now it is worse than...
  15. DrPhil

    Save my sanity - Sky+ network fail

    Started downloading a film today on Sky Cinema, noticed it was moving horribly slowly. I was only downloading the SD version so it shouldn't have taken long, even on my miserable 5mbps connection. Xbox was showing a healthy (for me) 4.1 download speed so I turned the sky box off and on, now I...
  16. C

    Does anybody buy sky+ he boxes

    I have an Amstrad drx180 sky+ box. Which was out my grandparents house who have passed away. I was told by a friend that they bring quite a few pounds,unfortunately all the wires and the box got skipped(along with half the contents of the house)due to my moronic brother. If anyone could shed any...
  17. E

    Problems with sky+ recording

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this problems. Recently when I have set up the box to record programmes, some of the times when I have come to play them back all I have got is an error message saying that I need to contact sky to upgrade my package and subscribe to these channels, but I...
  18. stevielamb

    Replacement for Sky+ Box

    Hi all, I've had enough of paying over £44 a month for a Sky TV service which doesn't offer me that much more than freeview (I don't even subscribe to the sport or movies channels). I'd be quite happy to do without Sky altogether and just adopt Freeview going forward. However, the family are...
  19. Caris

    Question Which 49-55inch 4K TV will handle Sky+ HD 1080i content properly?

    I want to buy a 50-55inch UHD TV on Black Friday and need advice which one would be best for my needs. 80% of my usage will be watching Sky+ HD broadcast 1080i ( not Q - unless I get a great deal from Sky, I have no intention of upgrading anytime soon ) 20% will be watching 4K Netflix, Amazon...
  20. soundsgooodtome

    Answered hdmi use with benq w1070 & sky+ hd box

    need some guidance please as i have just bought a toshiba smart 4k tv and the only way to connect it to the tv is by scart ! as my sky box has only 1 hdmi and that goes into my benq w1070(wireless receiver) i would like to use the hdmi as it has 4 one with arc. system wdp01 w1070 lg bp 620 blu...
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