1. S

    Issue with house alarm siren.

    hi all iv got this alarm system in the pics attached, was installed many years ago, its a wireless one where the sensors need battery power. last 2 days the siren keeps going off with error message saying: Tamper WL_SIREN. i got no manuals for this system and dont even know what brand it is. iv...
  2. I

    Ring 5 piece system-can I add another siren?

    Hi Does anybody know whether I can purchase and add an additional siren to the 5 piece set? My house is quite spread out and with the internal doors shut one siren may not be heard everywhere when asleep. Thanks
  3. Flashgordon1982

    HELP - Epson projector beeping / siren

    Hi Guys, My Epson EHTW 6100 W is beeping / making a siren / Alarm. It goes on for about 2 minutes then stops, then starts again. I think its the none original bulb. Has anyone experience this and fixed it? I am about to smash it up !!
  4. T

    Visonic PowerMaster 33 random Siren

    Hi, I bought the Visonic PowerMaster 33 Kit in July 2017 and got it fitted by a registered and authorised Visonic installer. The system has been working fine till now until recently where the siren has gone off twice (after it was armed) in the afternoonx. There were /are no messages in the...
  5. K

    Question Visonic MCS-730 Siren Enrol probs

    I have just bought a siren to add to my Powermaster 10 system. I can't enrol it. There is a test button on the pcb but where it says enrol button, it's blank. Is there any way to find the unique identification code of the siren? I've been trawling the web for ages and drawn a blank.
  6. M

    Siren (Freeform / SYFY UK) canceled after season 3, S3 October 21, 2020 (SYFY UK)

    Mermaids are Real in the New Trailer for Freeform’s Siren The one-hour drama has received a 10-episode order from the network. The trailer introduces us to a small town that has local legends of mermaids. These don’t appear to be your typical mermaids. From the trailer, they seem to have...
  7. J

    Question Visonic wireless remote siren won't sound

    I just got a wireless remote siren for my Visonic Powermax Pro alarm. It enrolled successfully, sounds when I do a walk test, and shows a strong signal when I do a diagnostic, but it doesn’t sound when a sensor is triggered. The siren on my keypad alarms but not the wireless remote siren. Do...
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