1. T

    Heather Nova new single !!

  2. iamkroll

    System configuration: Single pre-amp out to power amp but what about the sub?

    Hi this may have been asked before, but I've not managed to find an equivalent thread anywhere. This question should help me in my future growth in hifi. I would like to add more wattage to my system to help drive my speakers. What I currently own: Audiolab 6000a Play (50/75w into 8/4ohm)...
  3. Tyler Durden

    Considering a single stereo in ceiling speaker for atmos duties in a 5.1.2 system

    Will it be enough to give me a decent effect or should I be looking at a pair of speakers, or even 4?
  4. jason1wood

    From old M&K single sub to newer dual SVS 1000 or higher end single sub?

    In the next month I'm going to be looking to get new sub/s and upgrading my M&K Sound VX-1250sfx My issue is that I live in an old converted Chapel apartment with open plan 3 floors, live on my own so volume isn't an issue, but can't get pressurisation at all so fitted a couple of transducers...
  5. Marika

    And not a single panda anywhere...

    We went to Ness Botanical Gardens yesterday. They have a bamboo grove! I loved it so much. I wanted to enter this as I don't think I will get anything better that I will like more :) Fabulous plants! Sliders in Lightroom to add contrast, bring out some green and light/shadow variation. Bamboo...
  6. AVRAG

    Single company that books flights and hotel for Budapest? Stag do.

    Been tasked with booking a stag do for Budapest. Not enjoying the responsibility of handling everyone's money. Is there a company that will handle flights and hotels for me? thanks in advance.
  7. RedCarp

    What to do with single bookshelf speaker

    Hi all Through a series of events I find myself in posession of three bookshelf speakers, two right and one left. What can I do with the extra right speaker, can I use it as a 'mono' output somehow? Or should I either sell it or buy another left speaker to complete the set? I am currently...
  8. S

    What is the dual well equivalent to the single well cassette deck Denon DRM-555?

    I'm really looking for the dual version of the DRM-555 by Denon. Does anyone know if it exists or what the model number would be?
  9. F

    Wiring for Fibaro Single Switch 2 not working

    Hi, can anyone with experience of wiring Fibaro modules advise why the wiring in the photos isn't working? This is a Single Switch 2 module wired to a standard toggle on/off switch controlling 4 LED outdoor lights... TIA!
  10. D

    Question Benefit to using a single company for AVR, TV, and Blu-Ray?

    I’m ready to upgrade to a 4K system and a less than comprehensive search leads me to threads/webpages addressing problems with componentnot playing happily together. I was fairly set on an LG B9 or C9 and in searching for a receiver kept reading about nightmares with Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, etc...
  11. E

    Question Sound proofing a single wall, suggestions.

    Hey, im in the process of removing a chimney breast from a party wall in my living room. This means that a good chunk of that wall will need to be re-plaster boarded and skimmed. Im thinking that while im at it i may as well take the plaster board of the rest of this same wall and put in some...
  12. xxGBHxx

    Google, Apple, Zigbee and Amazon Agree to Develop Single IOT Connectivity Standard

    Some fairly huge news announced in the last few days To quote "Project Connected Home over IP is a new Working Group that plans to develop and promote the adoption of a new, royalty-free connectivity standard to increase compatibility among smart home...
  13. N

    Single 360 degree smart speaker suggestions

    I have removed my separates system from my 23x12 living room. Apart from the TV, all that's left is a single Echo that I'm using for radio and background music. But I am missing my Hi Fi when I sit in the room when my wife is out. I don't wish to add back wires and boxes but I'm wondering about...
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