1. B

    For Sale Oppo Find X2 PRO 512GB / 12GB RAM Vegan Leather Orange fully boxed with all accessories one year warranty almost brand new unused £400 delivered

    As title, up for sale is this absolutely amazing phone - Oppo Find X2 PRO 512GB / 12GB RAM Vegan Leather Orange fully boxed with all accessories one year warranty almost brand new unused £400 delivered Having own a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra I can honestly say this phone beats the Samsung by far...
  2. kourosh

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Dual Sim 256GB

    Unwanted upgrade the Mrs has had a change of heart and stayed with her iphone So no longer needed brand new sealed Black version and dual sim the watch offer has been claimed(on its way) it will be for sale as well £650 delivered
  3. N

    SIM only

    On behalf of my 92 year old Dad, he used to have an EE SIM which he had credit on that lasted ages, however they have now said that it expires at the end of each month, is there any deals where the traditional top up still applies? He has an old Sony Ericsson which he attaches to his belt for...
  4. B

    For Sale P30 pro -128gb dual sim breathing crystal. Unlocked.

    P30 pro. Breathing crystal. 128gb. Dual sim. Unlocked. Just swapped back to iPhone so no longer required. Overall very nice condition, there are marks on the back hard to picture, but they are like loads and loads of little dots. The screen have one or two small marks. Belive it or not...
  5. Code Geass

    For Sale Honor 20 Pro - 8GB RAM + 256GB - Phantom Black - Unlocked - DUAL SIM

    Hi, For sale is my back up phone, a Honor 20 Pro - 8GB + 256GB in Phantom Black / Dark Purple. The phone is UNLOCKED and has DUAL SIM capability. I've owned the phone since NEW. It comes with the fast charger, silicone case & original box. Headphones NOT included due to hygiene Condition is...
  6. Dave M

    Best sim only deal?

    I am currently paying £34 a month to Vodafone for unlimited calls, texts and data, 5G included and also Spotify. Now, I don't need Spotify as have Apple One. Ideally I'm looking for a -£20 deal. Although I'm working from home now I'd still like to keep a good data allowance. Any advice re deals...
  7. AMc

    WiFi Calling on 30 day SIM? iPhone 7

    I'm happy with my iPhone 7 so I switched my out of contract Vodafone SIM (£25pm) for a £6pm Plusnet SIM. My number has just ported - the iPhone has a "WiFi calling" setting to enable for EE but it doesn't work 😠 - apparently Plusnet are too cheap to let you use it :facepalm: EE coverage...
  8. Mr Miaowgi

    Sim racing online for series x

    Hi all I’ve long been a fan of more realistic racing games like forza motorsport etc. I like horizon but I am really missing going round a track against other people and competitive racing. Im a bit gutted there’s no sign of forza motorsport for ages and wondering what the next best sim is...
  9. I

    E sim/dual sim help please

    Hi I'm looking to buy a Samsung S21 plus which comes with e sim and dual sim ability. Does that mean I can have sims from two different providers with two different numbers? ie one could be 02 pay monthly and the other a vodafone pay as you go? Thank you
  10. Bemused One

    Nokia C2-01 SIM Card Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping some of you more knowledgeable peeps can help me out with an issue I'm having with an old, old, pay as you go phone, a Nokia C2-01. I'm trying to move the phone over to Asda Mobile from Three, but when I put in the Asda SIM the phone powers up, displays a white...
  11. mikeysthoughts

    Should I be worried? SIM cards and then Debt collection letter received (in someone elses name).

    This one is a bit of an odd one and despite my best Googling efforts I can't seem to find a rational explanation or clear way forward. About three months ago we received a SIM card in the post to our home address and another one a couple of weeks later - two SIM cards in total, both with...
  12. F

    Changing to sim only deal with same network (Vodafone)

    Hi there i am with vodafone and my contract is up in a couple of weeks it was phone and sim for £26 pm but to save money and not being that impressed with any of the latest phones i now want sim only. i want to stick with vodafone as their coverage has been good where i am but the deals on their...
  13. marvi0

    Vodafone £4 a month 40gb blackvue data sim.

    Recently bought a new blackvue dash cam and it comes with a £4 a month 40gb sim card. This has got to be the most affordable sim only deal right?. I was looking at maybe getting a different sim, as I never really use Vodafone but at £4 a month, this must be an absolute steal. Anyone knows...
  14. S

    Looking for an unlimited data SIM - must be paid up front

    I run a project part of which involves providing broadband for refugee families. Until recently we've been buying a 3 month unlimited data SIM from Three for £90 for a wifi hub, which a number of families share. However, Three have stopped the deal and we can't find anything else like this...
  15. marvi0

    Iphone sim unlocking?, iPhone xr worth it?

    Haven't used an iPhone for a while and my son wants one, so have a few question's. Is the iPhone xr still a good phone in 2021? How's the battery life and how does it hold up with the latest ios as in the past, I am aware there have been issues with older phone models and apple new updates...
  16. T1berious

    SIM based 4G / 5G broadband router advice

    Hi there, Hoping someone here could help advise me? So I'm on Virgin, its been rock solid until yesterday. Now I (like a lot of folks these days) work from home and I was looking for a backup broadband solution. 4G should work fine but faster is better right? Just because of the nature of what...
  17. dmpoole

    Is there a PAYG Sim that can last forever (or close) on one payment?

    I have a good deal on EE but I want a spare sim in my dual sim phone just in case. This sim may never get used but I don't want a monthly contract and I want to pay the minimum possible for something I might not use. In the old days PAYG sims lasted forever if you didn't use them, is there...
  18. Harkon321

    REW Sim - Do these look the best places for two subs? I can't get decent response from a single sub by the looks

    Been playing with REW sim as I'm starting to look for subs. I've put in the accurate measurements and placed seating 1m from back wall. Sub locations can be: Anywhere on front wall. Front right hand wall before seating. Back right corner. Back left corner is the av cab. Access of via door...
  19. Taz69

    Question Sim only PAC advice please

    Hi all, Currently on Vodafone out of contract, looking to transfer out then back again. I already have my pac code, if I use GiffGaff etc how long after my number ports do I have to wait before I can request my pac to go back to Vodafone? Thanks
  20. JayCee

    BT Mobile and 5G Sim only query.

    I've been with BT Mobile on a pay monthly Sim only contract for the last 4 years and I've just in the last few days re-contracted for a further 12 months via an email link they sent me. I was on unlimited mins/texts and 6GB Data at £10 per month but as I am also a BT Broadband customer they...
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