1. furryhobnob

    Wanted Vr headset for sim racing

    As the title I'm looking to get into VR sim racing so looking for a VR headset. Oculus rift HTC vive Or even the wmr ones like the dell visor I could be interested in, feel free to post whatever, worst I can say is no, thanks in advance
  2. stmichael

    For Sale Huawei P30 Pro 128GB 8GB RAM VOG-L29 Black + 128Gb Huawei NM Card + Case

    I have for sale a Huawei P30 Pro 128Gb handset. It will come boxed with the original fast charger and USB cable and manual. No headphones I'm afraid - I'm pretty sure I never used them but can't find them anywhere! The phone is unlocked to all networks and has been updated to Android 10. Phone...
  3. Z

    For Sale One Plus 6 gloss black 64gb dual sim

    For sale is my unlocked oneplus 6 in gloss black. The phone is in very good condition. Missing out on mint due to some minor marking around the sides and corners where some debris has become trapped between case and phone. Pictures are attached and the phone is boxed, the original charger...
  4. robloxian

    For Sale -Discounted- Samsung Galaxy A6 - 32GB/Dual SIM - Unlocked & Boxed

    32GB Dual SIM version - Blue - Unlocked Boxed and complete with charger and unopened earphones. In very good condition. The back has very tiny paint chips, and there is a tiny scratch above the speaker grill on the front. Other than that, the screen is perfect. Condition I would rate as 8/10...

    For Sale Huawei B525s-23 4G Router (SIM) Mobile Network Home Router - Unlocked for any network

    Huawei B525s-23 Home Router Takes 4G Sim card from Any Network Fully Unlocked Version with full firmware that allows you access to set specific Mobile Bands on the device. Comes complete and Boxed with Power Supply Leads and 2 External Antenna. Just insert a sim from you network of choice...
  6. D

    Pay as you go micro sim.

    Hi all. I have a Samsung mini GT-S 6500 that has been in a drawer for a few years which my wife could use. My wife isn't tech savvy and hardly uses her phone. She has a very old Nokia on Vodafone but doesn't hold charge for long. Her last sim card I purchased for her, I thought was a pay as you...
  7. deesta

    REW room SIM

    I don't have a mic at the moment and just started having a look at the room SIM on REW but it's all a bit alien to me as to what I'm looking for. Can any give an example of what sort of curve I should be looking for? My sub location is in the ideal, visual spot but could it be better? Here's a...
  8. Brava 210

    For Sale LG V40 128GB Blue, Twin Sim, Quad DAC

    For Sale. Immaculate Moroccan Blue V40. 128gb memory, with SD slot. Twin Sim capability. Quad DAC with Hardware capable of MQA Decoding. These are the best audiophile Phones available This is the UK Model I have the Receipt too. .
  9. 5CardMajor

    Question @ 43" TV for Sim Car Racing on a Windows PC...

    PC is custom built w/ very high specs...listed below. This TV will be strictly for PC gaming, ie, sim car racing. Want the lowest input lag possible with very good/excellent image quality. It is to be in the finished basement which is fairly dark. PC components: *Asus Hero XI MB *Intel 9900k...
  10. Adzz1

    For Sale IPhone 6S Plus 32GB Factory Unlocked, Sim Free < A year old

    Have for sale a iPhone 6s Plus 32GB model. Factory unlocked and sim free. Still has warranty till 11/05/2020. Phone is in excellent condition, But it may have the odd imperfection, as it is used. Phone is complete with the box, but does not include the earphones.
  11. G

    Sim only unlimited data options - is Lycamobile really as bad as reviews suggest?

    Our Plusnet ADSL2+ broadband cannot keep up with our family's demands. On a good day, we get up to 5Mb/s download speeds, but have been experiencing multiple dropouts and unusable speeds daily for over 6 months. After 8 engineer visits, I have given up on getting a stable line and Openreach...
  12. RayP

    Question Motorola G7 Plus SIM card question

    I’ve had a Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) phone for around five years and whilst it’s still working fine its lack of RAM and memory in general means I now need a model with more of both. I’m looking for a Sim-free phone as my package with BT fulfils my needs. The G7 Plus looks a suitable choice but...
  13. M

    Question REW room sim - listening position?

    Hi, using v5.20, beta 37, can't see how to select listening position, any clues? thanks
  14. C

    Use mobile or fixed line phone with 4g router internal sim card.

    Hope someone can help as all enquiries are the 'wrong way round' for me. I want to buy a 4G router but need to know how to access the sim to make calls. The story so far. I had a TP-Link MR600 with an normal phone card in it (60mb data unlimited texts calls) but had a problem. I could use the...
  15. brian s

    Cottage To Let Blu Ray. More Alastair Sim

    Another Alastair Sim film from Network due on 16/3/20. https://networkonair.com/coming-soon/3100-cottage-to-let-blu-ray-
  16. C

    Google photos without SIM

    Am I right in thinking that google photos will still work without a SIM card in the phone? Eg. are you able to access google photos and will it continue to back up any photos if there is no SIM card in the phone?
  17. Daddy k

    sub placement based on REW room sim help

    ive got a b&w pv1d sub, and im just not happy with it in its current position (up front in corner) in my seating position there's just no slam, but then i also get some horrible sounds from the sub perhaps audyssey trying to correct too much, wind noise on YouTube videos often causes too much...
  18. judethedude

    Question BT Sim in locked EE phone.

    Does anyone please know if a BT sim will work in a locked EE phone as BT uses the EE network ? Thank you :)
  19. techquest

    Question Sim Only Contract Deals

    Any views on who would be best service provider for Sim Only contract deals? Have been using Tesco for a while but looking to change.
  20. bardel

    Toying with Sim Racing Pc

    Hi, It’s a long time since I’ve had a windows pc. Ive been using macs for about 10 years now. I’m a software developer by trade and run Windows in VM’s on my Mac as bizarrely it’s more productive! Anyway, I’d really like to give sim Racing a go in my spare time (what’s that?). I guess this...
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