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  1. R

    Wanted iPhone 14 Pro Max Dual Physical Sim

    Hi All, Any one got the above they are looking to sell? Has to be mint or as close to condition wise. With warranty or AppleCare bonus. All colours considered.
  2. Cook My Sock

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Dual SIM 512GB Ceramic White - Unlocked - £250

    As above, have a used Samsung S10+ with 512gb storage in ceramic White. Phone is dual sim, unlocked & reset to factory settings. Purchased new from here a few years back. Phone is in great condition with only a few scratches/blemishes to the underside near the charging port (as seen in the...
  3. WarHog

    Any good city building SIM games about?

    Many years ago I used to enjoy playing SIM games where you built a city and had to mange things like roads, hospitals, emergency services, wages etc to attract folk to move into your city, and the locals would either be happy and pay their taxes or would strike and riot if not. Are there any...
  4. frankie carbone

    Question RWG Mobile delayed bank notifications

    hi i have recently bought sim with rwg mobile 5gb unlimited calls and texts every month for one off £40.00 for the year iam more than happy with it but iam having issues with receiving notifcations from my banking app iam not getting notified until 3or 4 hours after money goes in or out anybody...
  5. N

    Handset only or contract?

    People I know swear by buying a handset outright and getting a SIM only deal, whenever I have done research though I've always found it's cheaper to get a contract, thoughts please?
  6. dtobin

    Question Best Sim Only Deal For Apple Watch

    Hi, I currently have a Series 7 Cellular Apple Watch and am thinking of activating the cellular functionality. My current sim-only provider (ID Mobile) don't support eSim and I therefore can't add my Apple Watch to my existing package. I'm looking for recommendations for the best network for a...
  7. lynx

    5G router help.

    Could be doing with some help. Ive just picked up a second hand Huawei H122-373. Taken sim from my phone, inserted into device and off I go. Tried to speedtest and find I cant access Google..." Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.We can’t connect to the server at". Now...
  8. S

    3g Switch off

    I've heard about the 3G switch off, but I'm not sure what that means, does it mean that if you have a phone with a 3G SIM in it you won't be able to make phone calls? Will you be able to send and receive text messages? I'm asking as some of my friends have basic Doro phones with a 3G SIM, if I...
  9. R

    Second Phone for Bank Apps?

    I have an existing mobile with many apps, after reading about risk to bank apps on phones and problems if phone stolen I am thinking of getting a PAYG Sim and using in my last old phone to keep at home just for bank apps which you now need everytime logging on etc. I wouldn't normally need...
  10. D


    Disabled chap seeking recommendations for smartwatch pls. Essentials. Standalone, not tethered to phone. My Sim, not eSim. Voice command.
  11. T

    Any Flight Sim folks on here ???

    I'm planning to build or have built a new PC pretty much dedicated to flight sims (MSFS and X-Plane12). Might do a little sim racing but I'm a RW pilot and have actually gotten some value from the sims. I'm now looking to enter the VR world. Have read where I should plan on spending $$$ (4090...
  12. P

    Pay as you go SIM confusion

    Hi. New here. I am looking at pay as you go sims. O2 specifically. I went to the O2 website and navigated to Shop -> sim cards-> pay as you go. What I found was 2 tabs one saying phones and the other iPads and tablets. I picket phones. Scrolling down I get 7GB Unlimited minutes and Unlimited...
  13. TellyTel

    Any advantage to switching from a SIM card to Esim

    Hi I was thinking of switching from SIM card to Esim with my current provider. I only use one number, so is there much advantage to me, I was thinking done the line more than anything, for example US latest iPhones don't even have a SIM card slot. I guess its a lot easier to manage once you...
  14. vickster

    Dual sim iPhones?

    Are all dual sim iPhones overseas models or is there a dual SIM U.K. version? Looking for a 13 pro refurb and dual sim is cheaper than single sim for same grade at one seller. I don’t think I want a non U.K. model. Thanks in advance
  15. Robbo3299

    Huawei p30 Ilte default SIM PIN

    Can someone please tell me the default SIM PIN for a Huawei P30 Lite. Thanks
  16. T

    GPRS SIM cards availability

    Does anyone know where I can find a SIM card that still supports GPRS? I have a GPS tracker for my car which needs GPRS. It used to work very well with ASDA mobile until they changed to 3/4/5G. I tried Three, O2 and Lebara. None of them seems to work.
  17. buddy777

    Another Sim card move?

    Can i move a Sim card over from a Samsung S20fe mobile over to a new Iphone 14 and will all the data on the sim just transfere over? or is in nor that simple.Thanks for any advice.
  18. B

    Three 5G sim router and Ubiquiti Access Points not working - HELP

    Hi everyone I have bought a refurbished Three 5G CPE Pro router in the hope of getting some quicker internet (quite rural, but have 5G on Three we realised after the other half switched from EE to Three for her phone and had 5G reception and gettting a good 250-300 up and about 20-30 down, a...
  19. youngsyp

    Nano SIM to eSIM number porting of same provider

    Hi, My current SIM only contract with Vodafone is about to end and I'm looking to buy another plan from them, just not direct as they don't offer value. My phone has an eSIM that's currently not used and the current number is provisioned to a nano SIM, that's in use. My question is, as the nano...
  20. D

    CCTV with sim and battery operated

    As title, looking for something for use in a stable with no access to a network or power. any recommendations? Thanks
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