1. Mr-Lex

    For Sale BNIB x2 - iPhone 12 Pro Max Physical Dual SIM 256GB Pacific Blue Unlocked A2412 Hong Kong version

    Hi all, I have two brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max (5G) 256GB Pacific Blue Dual SIM (physical two nano-SIM) - Model A2412 Hong Kong version. Apple factory sealed. Unlocked to all networks. 12 months Apple warranty starts from date of activation. This gives you two phone numbers that you can use...
  2. Taz69

    Question Sim only PAC advice please

    Hi all, Currently on Vodafone out of contract, looking to transfer out then back again. I already have my pac code, if I use GiffGaff etc how long after my number ports do I have to wait before I can request my pac to go back to Vodafone? Thanks
  3. DucatiRossi46

    For Sale 8020 Sim Racing Cockpit + Seat

    Selling a Sim racing cockpit made of 8020/8040 Aluminium, complete with seat and mounts for steering wheels, pedals, gear levers. Comes with additional extras which cost more: This is a SimX pro X80 with the below add-ons •Additional Side Mount for handbrake •keyboard tray •drinks holder...
  4. M

    Wanted nVidia GPU for MS Flight Sim 2060ti or better

    I gave my brother the new Microsoft Flight Sim for Christmas and it turns out he's got a Geforce 680 in there... so I promised I'd help find him something better with at least 8GB of RAM for all those wonderful cockpits. A 2060ti is fine apparently so ideally I'm looking for one of those or...
  5. JayCee

    BT Mobile and 5G Sim only query.

    I've been with BT Mobile on a pay monthly Sim only contract for the last 4 years and I've just in the last few days re-contracted for a further 12 months via an email link they sent me. I was on unlimited mins/texts and 6GB Data at £10 per month but as I am also a BT Broadband customer they...
  6. D

    For Sale Huawei Mate 20 Pro in black, 128 GB, dual SIM & Pixel 3 XL in black, 64 GB. Both unlocked.

    For sale here is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro in black, 128 GB, dual SIM and also a Pixel 3 XL in black, 64 GB. Both phones are unlocked. Huawei Mate 20 Pro, black, 128 GB, dual SIM This phone is in almost new condition - there is a tiny rub mark on the right side of the chassis of the phone, I can't...
  7. neuty

    iPhone dual sim usability

    Hi All, Is anyone using an iPhone with dual sim? eSim and physical sim. How are you getting on with things like contacts, messages, Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook etc etc etc? I have an iPhone XS and currently use an eSim. I have an iPhone SE as a work phone and am considering using my XS as...
  8. P

    Transferring SIM

    Is it possible to transfer the SIM Data on a Samsung J3(6) to a Nokia 6500 phone please? This is my second phone which has a pay as you go contract & I only use it for calls & messages, I do not need it for data, but when I switch on the Samsung I get the message to the effect 'we see you are...
  9. M

    For Sale iPhone XS Max 512GB SIM Free Space Grey - Immaculate

    iPhone XS Max 512GB Space Grey SIM Free (bought from Apple in Sep 18) Running iOS 14.2 Immaculate condition - no marks, scratches or blemishes Includes charger, brand new Lightning cable, and brand new earbuds. £495 inc RMSD Bank transfer or cash on collection (Northwood / Watford)
  10. D

    Is it possible to fly a drone remotely / via a sim card or internet?

    Hi, I'm asking for a friend... He has a farm and is wondering, is it possible to fly a drone around his farm when he's 100 miles away. The farm has Wifi and while he's away he has wifi if that helps? Or maybe a drone with a 4g sim card or something and somehow control via an app? Any...
  11. smithersmk

    Sim Racing Chat

    A place to discuss all things Sim Racing, rigs, wheels and whats the best Sim Racing game.....
  12. cassas23

    EE - 30% monthly contracts and 20% SIM only plus Amazon voucher

    Hi all, Been given these codes to share, to be used on FandFX2BS36QFM FandFV8FTCRD2R FandFSTQJVL4VL Cheers!
  13. Markee

    iPhone 12 Dual Sim / 5G issue

    Just a heads up for anyone (like me) who’s getting an iPhone 12 for 5G but uses the dual SIM function. This article states that an internal Apple document highlights that 5G won’t work on either plan if you’re using dual SIM functionality...
  14. Piscauk

    Question Dual sim phones for work/home

    Anyone use a dual sim with a work setup? I am sure I could get a work phone, but I'd rather not carry two phones, plus as a public sector worker I'd rather save a wee bit of taxpayer money. Does dual sim allow you to have two separate networks? Do you have to nominate a number to make outbound...
  15. Voy06

    Question Moving from iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 - Sim Card Query

    Hi, I currently have the Iphone 6 and have done since that launched. I will ordering the Iphone 12 soon and I was just wondering if the sim card I have in the Iphone 6 will fit in the Iphone 12 or would I need a new sim card? Thanks
  16. J

    Question Second SIM on Virgin Ultimate Oomph?

    I guess the obvious question is ask Virgin but from reading it sounds like adding another Virgin mobile number to your bundle will save you £2 per month of the normal bill for the second sim? Anyone done this here? Does the second number keep its own bill? (Wife has a Virgin number but separate...
  17. B

    sim only deals 5-10gb a month

    hi all looking to haggle a good deal on sim only as my vodafone sim only deal runs out in Nov. i looked on the usual comparison sites and is that the best deal people can get Voxi - 12gb for £10 a month Smartey - 6gb for £7 a month Vodafone 8gb for £8 a month (how would this work, as when i...
  18. M

    Hp Reverb - Sim Racing - image foggy ???

    hi, with my Hp reverb 2k resolution per eye the quality is so high, so cool, i play at maximum details and is perfect, i just want to ask if some of u feel like after 1-2 minutes the quality of image begin to decrease, i mean like the eye maybe need air or something like need and so need to move...
  19. Schumi 01

    Question Sim Racing Wheel

    Afternoon all, I am thinking of diving into a bit of sim racing, nothing extravagant like some folks have on here, just a plain set up for now, just need a recommendation on a wheel , price range is around the £250 mark, I really dont want to spend a great amount, So i have been looking at the...
  20. D

    MS Flight Sim and HP Reverb G2

    I am interested in using the G2 with the new MS Flight Simulator. Question: With the VR version, do you generally get access to the full Flight Sim app or is the VR version limited (i.e. a smaller version of the Flight Sim app)? Just wondering as I've never used VR. Thanks
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