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  1. HeadBanger

    What is best SIM only for travelling to EU and USA?

    Our household has a number of 3 SIM only which we primarily got because the cost was reasonable and because of the free roaming when travelling. We are off to the US later this year and 3 are scrapping the free roaming when our current contacts end meaning a £2 a day EU roaming charge and £5 a...
  2. S

    Sim only with no subscription please?

    I'd like to get a seperate mobile phone with a Sim that doesn't require any payment other than the price paid for the Sim. For clarity; that means no bank, credit card or bank card details are required; in fact not even an email address. For further clarity; I'd like to top up this Sim when I...
  3. A

    Best sim only deal for broadband backup

    Where I live i have rubbish phone reception (for EE) which means I rely on a signal booster via my WiFi. Therefore if I lose broadband I can't tether as a backup. My o2 reception is fine so I'd like to get a backup sim that I can use via a usb dongle (which hopefully will work in my Asus xt8)...
  4. N

    SIM only

    On behalf of my 92 year old Dad, he used to have an EE SIM which he had credit on that lasted ages, however they have now said that it expires at the end of each month, is there any deals where the traditional top up still applies? He has an old Sony Ericsson which he attaches to his belt for...
  5. Dave M

    Best sim only deal?

    I am currently paying £34 a month to Vodafone for unlimited calls, texts and data, 5G included and also Spotify. Now, I don't need Spotify as have Apple One. Ideally I'm looking for a -£20 deal. Although I'm working from home now I'd still like to keep a good data allowance. Any advice re deals...
  6. F

    Changing to sim only deal with same network (Vodafone)

    Hi there i am with vodafone and my contract is up in a couple of weeks it was phone and sim for £26 pm but to save money and not being that impressed with any of the latest phones i now want sim only. i want to stick with vodafone as their coverage has been good where i am but the deals on their...
  7. Taz69

    Question Sim only PAC advice please

    Hi all, Currently on Vodafone out of contract, looking to transfer out then back again. I already have my pac code, if I use GiffGaff etc how long after my number ports do I have to wait before I can request my pac to go back to Vodafone? Thanks
  8. JayCee

    BT Mobile and 5G Sim only query.

    I've been with BT Mobile on a pay monthly Sim only contract for the last 4 years and I've just in the last few days re-contracted for a further 12 months via an email link they sent me. I was on unlimited mins/texts and 6GB Data at £10 per month but as I am also a BT Broadband customer they...
  9. kah22

    Question Lebara - is it any good

    I’m looking at buying a new iPhone 11 from Apple £20.79 month with a Sim Only deal. my thoughts were Vodafone 3GB data plus unlimited calls and texts £6.00 mt. Then I noticed Lebara offering 10gb data plus unlimited calls and texts for £4.47 6 months and then £8.95. To good to be true I thought...
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