1. R

    For Sale Musical Fidelity M6S Pre amplifier silver

    Musical Fidelity M6s PRE Pre Amplifier Excellent Condition. HT bypass options RcA and XLR. Used in AV setup and hifi. Excellent precise sound with good bass and defined leading edges. USB dac for PC or streamer with usb output like IFI Zen Stream. Many options to connect your audio gear...
  2. password1

    MA Silver 100 7g limited edition 'A piece of history' These are a £100 premium over the standard Silver 100. If I buy a pair, would they hold value or even go up in a few years time?
  3. raigraphixs

    The Devil in Silver (AMC) TBC

    Being billed as a psychological horror story, and it’s “envisioned as the first installment in a potential anthology franchise.” Victor LaValle is the creator/executive producer of “The Devil in Silver,” based on his own novel. Christopher Cantwell(“Halt and Catch Fire”) is serving as...
  4. N

    For Sale 4 x Genuine VW Polo 15" silver wheels

    I have 4 genuine used VW Polo 15" silver wheels with caps. There are no tyres. They have been used so expect scuff/kerbing. They will fit other VW models Looking for £150 collected from East Sussex
  5. fearce

    For Sale Marantz PM6007 Silver Amp - Amplifier

    Like new* Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifer. *Little use (~5 hours) with QA3020i speakers (selling separately) at relatively low volume only. Never stacked. Been kept covered when not in use. All original documentation and packaging included. Remote, when used, was always kept in it's...
  6. DavidT

    Wanted Monitor Audio Silver FX 6G

    Does anyone have the Silver FX 6g in black oak. Must be in excellent condition. Thanks
  7. Danoptic

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - 128gb Phantom Silver

    Selling due to getting a new iPhone. Taken off all plastic protection today, kept screen protector on and always been in a case, looks totally unmarked! Looking at £400 delivered/collected.
  8. mcr

    Monitor Audio Silver AMS - Ceiling Mounting?

    Fairly niche query I suspect; I don't have the option of in-ceiling speakers and wondered if anyone had managed to mount the Monitor Audio Silver AMS speakers to their ceiling using a bracket (for example MA's own MASM mount)? Given the location of my TV (at an angle), I'm unable to wall mount...
  9. Peroni

    For Sale HP 15.6in i5 8GB 256GB Laptop ** AS NEW**

    HP 15.6in i5 8GB 256GB Laptop - Silver - AS NEW Purchased from Argos on 29th Aug 2022, only opened to test and make sure everything is working. Laptop is an absolute pristine condition. Model number: 15s-fq2037na General features: Size H1.79, W35.85, D24.2cm. Weight 1.69kg. Up to 7 hours...
  10. I

    Silver Ticket Series 6 STD vs High Contrast

    Hello, looking for some advice between the Silver Ticket screen, STD (white or grey) models versus their High Contrast version. I have a totally dark theater room and an Epson 5050UB. Thanks in advance!
  11. A

    Onkyo 818 with MA silver rs8

    I currently have a onkyo 818 running a pair of MA rs8 speakers. Plus a small pair of shelf speakers for the rear. Until recently I had no centre speaker. Got a free Yamaha speaker to use for the centre, wasn't great , but showed what I was missing. Expect the amp started to cut out suddenly...
  12. N

    Monitor Audio Silver W12 Pulsing Problem

    Hello as the title, my sub keeps pulsating about every 15 seconds any one experienced this before and found a solution, thank you, Nobber
  13. J

    Monitor Audio Silver crackling

    Hello all, I have a MA Silver W-12 bought 2nd hand around a year ago. I think it'd had a replacement amp before I bought it. It's recently started crackling, even without any audio/12v trigger connected to it. Does anyone have an pointers of things to check before I contact MA? I can...
  14. M

    Advice - living room setup Monitor Silver 300 setup - feedback please

    Hi all, I previously had a dedicated cinema room which sadly had to go when the girlfriend moved in. I moved some of my equipment into the living room and sold the rest. The issue I have is I'm limited by space and I can't run cables across the room. So looking for the best setup within these...
  15. DavidT

    MA Silver dilemma

    I have a bit of a dilemma, I'm thinking of changing my MA Silver 6G LCR as I am not completely happy with the match between the Silver 50's and the C350. My options are to change the C350 for a C150 or change the Silver 50's for Silver 100's. I can’t decide between the two options as they both...
  16. M

    3020i vs silver fx

    I’m thinking of replacing my qa 3020i with silver fx. 3020i are on rear surround duties at present in a 7.1.4 setup. Would replacing with silver fx be an upgrade to these. Fxs would also be placed better as I can’t do that wit 3020i but besides that are the Fxs better speakers.
  17. M

    Used MA Silver 100 6g or new MA Bronze 100 7g?

    Hey all. Dipping into my first hi-fi system and I've been offered £300 to buy a set of used Monitor Audio Silver 100 6g speakers. A new set of Bronze 100 7g's are £279 locally. Can anyone advise which would be better given the Silver's are older gen? I've heard the Bronze 100's and thought they...
  18. J

    Monitor Audio Silver vs Arendal

    Deciding between two LCR setups. I strictly watch movies so music isn’t a consideration. I have two HSU 15” subs already. I have the opportunity to buy a Monitor Audio LCR setup second hand that would be MA Silver 300 towers with a Silver C350 center. The total for this is $1750 Or I’m...
  19. A

    Wanted Monitor audio Silver 500/300 6th Generation Gloss black

    Looking ideally for a pair of Monitor audio Silver 500 6th Generation Gloss Black. May be willing to settle for the Silver 300 gloss black, but I am not in any rush so willing to wait for a silver 500 gloss black pair. Not interested in other speaker colours or types. Open to delivery, or can...
  20. T

    Add MA silver 300 or upgrade all to Arendal 1723s

    I currently have a monitor audio silver 5.1.2 setup with bookshelfs and centre for LCR an Arendal sub 2 and MA radius for heights. I am in the process of sorting out a proper cinema room so will be able to go to 7.x.4. So the question is do I just buy a pair of silver 300s(and eventually a 3rd...
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