silver c350

  1. G

    MA Silver C350 with Besta stand?

    Hi everyone Quick question - can the Monitor Audio Silver C350 centre speaker fit inside the Ikea Besta 180x64 cm tv stand? Apparently the inner width of the central section is 56cm, as is the speaker! So before I order it I wonder if one kind soul could let me know if they’ve managed to fit...
  2. M

    Which Surround Speakers to go with Monitor Audio Silver 8's and Monitor Audio Silver C350.

    Hi, I'm having trouble deciding on side speakers for my 5.1 system. I have Monitor Audio Silver 8's for the front and a Monitor Audio Silver C350 for the centre, recently purchased. I currently have some Kef Eggs for the sides but want to upgrade. I'm going the Monitor Audio route and have been...
  3. Z

    Monitor Audio silver 50 paired with silver c350

    Hi Everyone..Has anyone matched monitor audio silver 50 with silver c350 center speaker? Currently have bronze 6 and bronze center setup. Havent been happy with bronze center dialogue.. Recently just bought silver 50 and intend to use silver 50 as fronts..I have space to accomodate c350 in my...
  4. M

    Monitor Audio Silver 6 or Mission Audio Silver 300 to go with Mission Audio Silver C350 centre

    I am upgrading my home cinema speakers. I have a Denon X4700 amp. My room is about 4m x 5m. I have upgraded my old centre speaker to a Mission Audio Silver C350. Next are my old floorstanding front speakers - the logical choice seems to be pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300 speakers but I've seen...
  5. DrussTheLegend

    Need to change Monitor Audio C150

    Hi All, I purchased a Monitor Audio Silver Centre (5G) to accompany my RS6 Front L/R via eBay about 9/10 months ago. Fantastic sound but one of the drivers appears to now have blown despite me personally never running it excessively loud. Looking around there is no clear direction about...
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