1. Silverz1123

    Freeview TV signal through sky dish

    Hi I've just moved in to a new build house and haven't been able to get the TV or sky to work. I've spend the afternoon trying various things and finally I've got the TV to receive the freeview channels. The way I have done this is by connecting coax to the faceplate for the sky wires and then...
  2. O

    Question FreeSat and Freeview on LG B8 - need advise for sharing signal via Return to Bedroom TV

    Hello all, I need some help as really new to all this. I live in a flat with a communal dish (mainly used for SKY) and an antenna. In my lounge I have a quad TV/FM/SATx2/LAN/RETURN wall plate from Schneider. In the bedroom there is a single one with a female coaxial entry. Just purchased a...
  3. Glenbrook

    HDMI signal from Sky Box to TV's

    First I hope I am asking the correct Forum,I am a novice seeking advice in trying to provide a HDMI signal to four TV's, TV A QLED at 25 metre distance, TV B HD at 25 Metre, TV C OLED at 16 Metre distance and TV D HD at 12 metre distance from the Splitter, we find the splitter is losing signal...
  4. G

    Question Benq W2700. HDMI 1, No Signal?

    Hi My hdmi cable is Lightspeed Fibre Optic 4K Ready 18Gbps HDMI Cable and uhd player is Sony ubp-x700 any advice please 😧
  5. E

    mission qx 12 subwoofer.

    Hi guys My subwoofer has got a repeating thumping or even a crackling noise every half sec . It does this even without an input signal . I thought it might be swollen or bad capacitors , but could not identify any . If i remove the mute wire internally it stops pulsing the thumping , but then...
  6. G

    Signal Reflection

    Hi, Can somebody please explain what cable/signal reflection is, if there is a thing in true terms and what the shortest cable length should be between seperates to avoid it?
  7. T

    No Signal on Panasonic TV

    I have a WiiU connected to our TV, which works fine. That is the only HDMI connection. However, one day all other connectivity stopped - e.g., Netflix and Youtube. The Network connection is consistently fine. All input ports report "no signal" - although I am able to access the Apps screen...
  8. T

    Question Humax hdr-1100s freesat box signal issues.

    I've had a Humax hdr-1100s in the living room for a few years now without major issues, but recently it's been having issue with signal. I will get the error message pop up that the receiver signal is weak or there is no signal, and some TV channels just won't work. In the setting it shows...
  9. Pavement

    Monitor seems to drop signal when switching resolution?

    Hi, I'm having a slight problem that seems to occur when I'm playing a game at non-native resolution. I've currently got my PC hooked up to a 4K monitor over HDMI but I run most games at 1440p. Some, but not all. games will send the monitor into a no input state (like when you pull the aerial...
  10. D

    Denon 2803/983 Process for getting a signal out of Zone 2

    Zone 1 works fine. I have a 5.1 speaker configuration so decided I'd use Zone 2 to drive some outdoor speakers. Zone 2 was working on July 4. I was getting some periodic shut downs when using Zone 2 but felt it maybe had something to do with the input signal. (it worked fine with one CD but not...
  11. I

    Sky + HD loss of signal. Offered Sky Q.

    We have had Sky +HD Multiroom for some time without any problems ( adult daughter lives at home with her own bedsit room, which is why we have Multiroom which means that her set up is completely independent from the living room). Recently the main Sky box in the living room has been losing a...
  12. MDUK

    Question Box says no signal - what can I do?

    I have a single Sky cable in the little office i have at home. Had a really od box that gave me free sat and I was fine with that. It stopped working after a power cut. I bought a cheap box from Facebook marketplace, but it didn't work, it just said it wasn't receiving a signal. I assumed...
  13. M

    Question Coaxial cable problem? Losing freeview signal

    I use Freeview through an aerial. I only moved in last year so am not sure of the exact set up but there seems to be some sort of device in loft splitting (boosting?) the signal to multiple rooms (late 80's house, aerial faceplates and phone sockets everywhere!) Anyway, after a new aerial it...
  14. davidfml

    Question Pioneer VSX-932 no RGB colour format 4K output signal PS4

    Hi, I don't know if was for last update 1121-6020-0070-0011, but yesterday I was to play The Last Of Us Part 2 on my PS4 and I noticed that I can't play full 4K. This is because output colour format is YUV420 instead RGB. I have this message on my PS4: Your TV might support a higher quality...
  15. I

    Question Sending audio signal to two amplifiers, both on all the time. Should be simple, right?

    This should be simple so perhaps it is as simple as using a Y-cord. I have done tons of searching but nothing shows up. I have one source of music (a bluetooth receiver) and two amplifiers - one for inside and one for outside. I want to run both amplifiers at the same time sometimes. All the...
  16. G

    4k cctv signal

    Hi folks Im really struggling with my 4k cctv installs. Not ip so using a twisted pair to each camera. 2mp/5mp cameras work great with my usual install but every 4k 8mp system has issues. 2 4k signals down one cat5 and its a messed up picture. Cat6 is the same. Im going back to coax untill i...
  17. Sparky1970

    Question Sky Q poor Wi_Fi signal

    I’m looking for advice on what product would be best to improve Wi_Fi signal. I have a PS4 using Wi_Fi and download speed is only 6mbps. I’ve temporarily plugged in an Ethernet cable and the speed is 48mbps. Is there anything I could purchase to resolve the issue ? Regards
  18. R

    Erratic Signal Strength. HD Channels dropping. Help Required

    Hello everyone, Hopefully someone here can help: I just moved into a new property in Clapham (Crystal Palace transmitter) but I have a major issue with the Freeview. This is the setup: - WNC Wistron Quad LNB dish, which is pointing in the right direction with no obstructions. -...
  19. music

    problem with setting up sonos to get dolby digtal signal from my TV

    ...just bought a sonos beam after much deliberation. The problem I'm having is that my tv a panasonic 65VT30 (probably about 8 yerars old now - but a great picture) won't connect to the internet, so I'm using a firestick in one of it's hdmi ports to get netflix, prime and iplayer etc. However...
  20. B

    How to watch analogue signal.

    My dad has just got a new Samsung smart TV in conservatory as his old TV broke. With the old TV he used sometimes watch sky via the rf output on his sky+HD box which is in another room via the ariel cable. He could only watch what the sky box was tuned to. Is there an easy way for him to do this...
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