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  1. T

    Question HDMI out issues

    Recently purchased a Sony str-dn1080 AVR, I can't seem to get a signal from the HDMI out B to my projector only audio. I have a Sony 4k TV and an optoma 1080p projector so thinking it could be some sort of conflict between the two. I have tried various settings in the zone control section but...
  2. S

    Question Aerial problem ( I think ! )

    Hello I have a rooftop TV aerial, and a splitter which enables an aerial socket in the lounge and a bedroom. In the lounge the TV has suddenly stopped working, with a message on screen saying ' no signal ', but if I take the TV up to the bedroom it is still working there OK. I don't have any...
  3. D

    Why only HDR signal and not Dolby Vision

    Dear All, I have Zidoo Z9X PRO connected to Yamaha RX-V6A and then on Philips 65oled908/12. All three support Dolby Vision. Why do I only get HDR signal to TV when playing Dolby Vision movie on Zidoo Z9X PRO. I have everything on default on all devices. I also have ultra speed HDMI cables 2.1...
  4. M

    Question SkyQ to Freesat no signal. No dish was needed for sky q prevously

    Help needed please. sky Q was working perfectly now trying to switch to freesat. please note we dont have a sat dish. Its a new build house 2019 so some kind of magic/voodoo/ wizardary I guess. Here is the TV media distribution box how Sky set it up I have set up freesat box in the same...
  5. LIK

    Signal to DAC from PC / Android

    Hi. When you connect a DAC to hardware via USB, does the hardware send the music data unadulterated to the DAC? I just got an external DAC to connect my PC or Android phone to my amp and speakers. Using Tidal I can set the PC to send the signal to the DAC and with the phone I just plug into...
  6. HZA


    Hello every one, My configuration is Pc with rtx3060TI connected to AVR 4700H through HDMI Was able to play movies with MPC, and the AVR would show me all supported format automatically, DD/DD+/ATMOS/DTS never had to touch ot change ant settings and all worked fine now 3 dyas ago all the...
  7. I

    Question LG TV to Sony PVR digital signal

    I'm trying to connect a LG TV with a Sony HXD890 PVR ... Previously the PVR was successfully connected to a Sony TV. I have the aerial connected to the PVR digital in terminal, and another coax from the PVR digital out to the TV digital in. I also have an HDMI connecting the two. The TV...
  8. C


    Hi, new user hoping for some insight into a problem with PS5. So, I think I first noticed this issue as I started playing the recent Cyberpunk re-issue - so may be 6 months ago? The machine must be 2-3 years old and has been fine until this. The screen and audio drop out momentarily, the game...
  9. martimu

    5g Router question

    Having moved house the broadband wifi is pretty poor but we seem to get a fairly decent 5g (02) signal. I've not used a 5g router before so don't want to make any schoolboy errors. O2 are offering the netgear nighthawk M6 but i don't need a portable machine so thinking that Huawei 5G Pro 2...
  10. F

    ITV1 needs retuning almost every day

    Since the recent TV update, my main ITV1 channel needs retuning almost every day. On the odd occasion it's OK for one day, maybe even two, but never longer than that before I have to retune. All other ITV channels are OK, it's just ITV1. I'm in the Chesterfield area of Derbyshire if that helps...
  11. G

    Panasonic TX-P42GT50B No channel pickup

    My Panasonic TX_P42GT50B, will not pickup any channels, all connections and signal sources are ok. I have rebooted - no difference. TV seems to be working ok but will not pickup any signal source. I have tried wired and wireless settings with connection via a freeview stick, a wifi booster and...
  12. I

    2 internet providers

    Hello all and greetings. I just moved to a house where I am renting a room. The house has already internet from a provider called Quantum Fiber, the thing is this is a 2-story house with 5 bedrooms, and I tell you internet sucks on wifi. So I thought to myself, maybe I can get another internet...
  13. Ian Collen

    NEWS: KEF announces KC92 and four new Kube subwoofers & comments

    All five models feature the company’s Digital Signal Processing algorithm and Music Integrity Engine, ready to work in harmony with your home cinema, gaming, or Hi-Fi systems. Read the news.
  14. M

    Question Interference From CH Boiler

    I have an old (16 years) Panasonic plasma TV connected to a Humax HB-1100S Freesat box via HDMI. For a while, although I couldn't say how long exactly, I've been losing signal on some channels temporarily - it'll go off for a second or two (normally a snowy picture like an untuned analogue TV)...
  15. RobTi

    extending wifi

    looking to extend my wireless form my virgin hub 5, at the edge of the signal and my smart plugs come and go, so i have a switch at the far edge of the signal so hoping to plug into that and as only for smart plugs something cheap. Any recommendations ? Thanks
  16. R

    BBC on Freesat

    Has anything happened to BBC HD on freesat recently? Seem to have lost signal on BBC1HD, and all the regional variants.
  17. M

    How to Distinguish Between a Signal Issue or a TV issue for LG C3 OLED?

    Hello, My 48" LG C3 is fairly new and recently mounted. I am trying to determine what settings are optimal for the TV for live sporting events. We have been experiencing issues with live sports broadcasts only. At times the picture is choppy, delayed, or blurred. I don't know if...
  18. TonyHotspur

    Transponder in Spain

    - can you receive signal from transponder "12363v27500" on 2.4 metre satellite dish in Spain
  19. SteveLNB

    FreeSat NO SIGNAL on some channels only, was working OK for a year

    hello all new home had SKY dish LNB and cables to indoors. no channels worked on TV so bought new SLx LNB Quad Output KU Band Universal ref 27913PI/14. this worked great all channels. now 1 year on Jan 24 only get some channels, the rest all say NO SIGNAL esp BBC channels. have checked LNB and...
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