1. T

    Yamaha TSR 5810 Sub Out no signal

    Hi, I have a Yamaha TSR 5810 Receiver. The amp on my power sub failed so I purchased a Dayton stand alone amp. I get a loud thump when I turn it on so I think it is working. I get no sound from my subwoofer. I have the setting in configuration for the sub as "Use" Crossover 80hz, Subwoofer Phase...
  2. B

    Duplicate Virgin signal to second TV

    Hey everyone. As title really. I need the holy grail of the cheapest, yet "bestest" way to send a Vigin signal to a back room. We've got a second box upstairs which is great, but this is just a little bonus for the back room. 1) It doesn't need a remote control (although if the system...
  3. S

    LG 49NANO866NA no BBC or ITV HD on Freesat

    Hi Guys, Just brought this TV, mainly use it as a monitor for my PC, but decided to plug the satelite dish in to watch the footy tonight. Long story short, when I tune into BBC 1 or ITV HD it says no signal. I can get channel 5 HD and a couple of others, and I can get all the normal channels...
  4. S

    U8Q no signal from external inputs

    Hi all, Had few issues until recently and now, every few days, when I turn the TV on I get no picture from any of the HDMI inputs. Just shows no signal on them. Built in stuff is fine. Turning on and off doesn't fix it, but pulling the power cord does. Anyone else had this? I think turning off...
  5. pdoherty76

    Humax Aura Signal Problems

    I have recently purchased the all-singing all-dancing 2TB version of the Humax Aura box, for a wallet busting £279. They aren't cheap but they are a great bit of kit. Everything works well and I am very pleased. It really is like an all in one solution for all your home entertainment. But...
  6. P

    Sky Q replaced Sky HD - no signal to non-Sky Q TVs

    We have had Sky Q installed replacing Sky HD. There is a Triax (part 370419) one in two out box which used to connect into the SkyHD box, but this isn’t available on the SkyQ box. The two TVs we have that we don’t have a mini-box on now get no RF signal. Is it a case of buying a power supply...
  7. B

    Wi-Fi - Second Hub

    Hi all. Forgive me if I’m posting this thread in the wrong place. Im still getting to grips with how this site works. I’m far from being gifted with technical knowledge, so this may be a very simple issue to some. A relative has bought a house not long back and are considering converting the...
  8. jonniewotsit

    Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Cable for TV/Sat Signal

    Hi, has anyone out there got any experience with repairing a damaged fibre optic cable (on a communal tv/sat distribution system) using a fusion splicer machine. If so, just got a few questions please. is it ok to do the weld (fusion) with the fibre cable still connected to the active optical...
  9. Mat-Moo

    HDMI signal loss, X-Box one X Scorpio I'm having an issues with signal drop outs on a recent xbox-one x swap (To be able to play uhd blue ray), see above link - any clues?
  10. Mat-Moo

    Signal drop out

    Hoping for some advise. My setup is quite basic as follows:- Sony STR-dn 1080 - main hub that everything switches through, 4k with dual hdmi out (2nd hand form here) Sony KD65XH9005BU (1 month) Epson EH-TW650 (16 months, 2nd hand form here) X-Box One X scorpio (1 month, 2nd hand form here)...
  11. D

    Humax Fox HDR Freeview signal issue

    I have a Humax Fox hdr Freeview box, it has never given us any real issues, but recently it’s started causing an issue with the tv Ariel signal. When the box is switched on, some of the tv channels on the TV show a no signal message, turn the Humax off and it’s ok. Nothing has changed with the...
  12. RobTi

    Lost video signal for a couple of seconds

    Hi just got a epson tw9300 projector last week and been casually watching stuff on it, so switched on tonight @5 and in the last hour lost video twice for 2-3 seconds each time watching 4K from Apple TV through denon 4500 connected by a 7.5m hdmi and 1m hdmi. So anyway to test the cables ? Thanks
  13. L

    No satellite signal

    Recent LG TV purchase with Freesat tuner, all set up but not signal. I have a Sky Q box in the living room and replaced an old Sky HD box and a very old LG TV in the kitchen with a "new" LG TV with built in Freesat tuner. Had the LNB changed for a hybrid a few years ago so that I could use a...
  14. Z

    no signal from laptop via hdmi *help needed

    hello, I am new here this is my first post and i would really appreciate some help. I have a Optoma UHD35 projector 2021 model and a hp spectre laptop on windows 10 (4k resolution, about 5 years old) and when i connect them via HDMI all i see is a no signal message on projector screen. When i...
  15. Silver Pen

    convert my Toslink "in" signal to a Toslink "out” signal

    Looking for a device that will convert my Toslink "in" signal to a Toslink "out” signal. My LG TV is sending a Toslink "in" signal to my LG SN6Y soundbar. I need a converter to convert that "in" signal to an "out" Toslink signal for my hearing aid device coming off the soundbar. Will this...
  16. Hixs

    How to change resolution - 1080p laptop to 4k monitor

    Afternoon, The laptop has a dedicated gfx card (Nvidia 1050gtx) so I would think it's easily capable. No gaming involved, just web browsing and whatever. 1080p on the 28" 4k looks dreadful. Nevermind I worked it out. Had to force the laptop to use the 1050 and not the inbuilt crap.
  17. C

    Is there a need for 5.1 signal (LPCM, DD, DTS) for 2.1 Soundbar?

    Hi all, I am seeking an answer to one dilemma: I have a Yamaha YAS 207 soundbar, it is a 2.1 soundbar configuration. As a source I use Apple TV 4k with Infuse, Netflix, Prime Video etc., Apple TV outputs 5.1 LPCM. The soundbar does not support Dolby Vision pass-through, so I had to hook up...
  18. P

    TV Signal Amplification

    We have a bathroom tv which until yesterday was working well using a USB powered tv amplifier sited under the bath. I share an aerial with the flat downstairs and they were complaining about their signal so they got an aerial guy up on the roof and discovered that the aerial pole had corroded...
  19. Punisa

    How to get "enhanced 4K" and "input signal plus" to work together?

    I use my home theatre almost exclusively for movie watching, but since I got a new TV (Samsung Q65T - long version name: qe55q65tauxxh) I'm having a difficult time setting it all up, especially if I want to get the best picture possible. My simplified setup is as follows: HTPC (Nvidia GTX 1050...
  20. MilesKG21

    Question (XBR75Z9D)anybody else not getting DD+ signal using Amazon Prime ??

    i've been using Netflix and Disney+ all week and getting DD+ signal just fine but only getting PCM stereo with Amazon Prime. If i go into my other bedroom and fire up my LG i get the DD+ signal just fine. Could not find any updates for the app. if anybody can help please let me know :) thank you
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