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  1. B

    Looking for a short throw pj - suggestions needed please

    All I have this posted on diy forum but thought of asking here as it is projector related query. i have a short throw distance for my new movie room which is being modified currently. i would like to have 110inch diagonal size but my throw distance is short. best location is 2.4m from screen...
  2. P

    Suggestions for a 3D-capable short throw projector?

    I'm looking to get a projector for the occasional movie night. Ideally I'm looking for something portable so it can be set up fairly quickly, along with a temporary screen. Idea being it's quick to set up and quick to pack away with minimal faff. Not too fussed on 4K, HDR etc. Though what I...
  3. T

    Epsom ls500 laser short throw 3d glasses

    Hi People Hope you can help as I've sent a email to Epsom and they just said they have stopped making 3d glasses and couldn't recommend any other, as they have not been tested by them...... Anyway i went and bought some very cheap Samsung rf active glasses to at least have a go. My...
  4. S

    Ultra short throw projector

    Due to the nature of the room in a house we have recently purchased, it is going to be difficult to make best use of my existing projector (Epson 9300W) - it doesn’t have many hours of use, so maybe able to sell this and get a few pounds back. Does anyone have any recommendations for an...
  5. S

    Switch to short throw projector?

    Seven years ago I was setting up my basement theater and did a bunch of projector research and ended up with a ceiling mount (BenQ). Since then, I haven't really paid much attention to the options except briefly when I upgraded to 4K (Optoma). We're going to be building a new house so whenever...
  6. A

    short throw 4k laser

    A short throw 4k laser projector doesn't seem to exist yet. Anybody any idea if they are on the horizon?
  7. M

    Optoma hd87 projector short throw lens

    Was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Just recently purchased an Optoma hd87 which came with a standard lens. Trying to find the shirt throw lens online somewhere and finding it a bit difficult to locate anywhere that's stocks this lens. On the standard lens box it...
  8. T

    Epson LS500 Short Throw

    Greetings All! Does anyone have any insight on whether the Epson LS500 project can be mounted to the ceiling? Thanks for the help!
  9. S

    Screen advice for living room setup

    I'm looking for advice before purchasing a screen. It will be mounted above a 65inch TV in my living room(White ceiling, white wall on screen side with grey wall opposite, wooden floor however large 3m×2m rug below TV) Projector: Benq W1080st(room only 3m wide so short throw is a requirement)...
  10. Freepost

    Long throw or Ultra Short Throw

    Hi, I am at the moment building a new house and have made a room to be used as a home cinema. I've never had a projector before but fancy the big screen experience. I was looking at installing a long throw projector, which one, I don’t know but it would make sense to install a 4k capable...
  11. W

    Short throw 4m X 3m screen projector

    Hi all, Need some help, Im looking for a short throw projector, ideally I didnt want to pay more than £800. Ive got a screen 4m wide and 3m high ( ratio 4:3 ).. I wondered what projector to get new or 2nd hand.... Ive got really 3m to 5m throw distance. Whats more important: resolution...
  12. S

    Short throw project for 135 inch screen.

    Hey all you AV geeks! Long time watcher, first time post and experienced AV man myself. I have 3 YAMAHA RX2040 series receivers throughout my house driving multiple rooms. I am looking for a short throw project that can support a 135 inch outdoor rear projector screen. For context this is...
  13. D

    ALR screen fixed for Ultra Short Throw ?

    Is this about the best option? Or anybody have any better shouts?
  14. D

    Hisense L5 100L5FTUK-B12 Ultra Short Throw with 100" Screen Included - Why No Chatter?

    So I'm looking for a 100" solution, and came across this:# Seems a really nice "out of the box" solution but can't find any discussion on it at all on here in USTP's. Anybody had any experience with it>? Seems like a really simple way to get into...
  15. J

    Question Looking for projector screen suggestions for a VAVA Ultra Short throw that fell into my lap.

    I am going to preface this by saying I know very little about projectors. Recently an opportunity arose to buy a new VAVA Ultra Short throw projector for $1200 and I took it thinking I could just have it throw the image onto my wall. I knew using a projector screen would look better but I...
  16. DanH23

    Cheap Second Hand Short Throw Projector?

    Hi all, I am needing a short throw projector for a budget golf simulator I am building in my garage. I have been scouring ebay for second hand projectors and cross checking their specs on Projector Central, but am struggling to come up with a match. I am needing a projector with c.2,500...
  17. M

    looking for a short throw projector

    having spent a few weeks looking for a projector, in november i opted for an optoma hd29hst. it lasted 3 weeks before it developed a fault where it was showing a overheating message, after switching it on. then it powered down and the worked for a full film before it overheated again.. its back...
  18. E

    Short Throw Laser to replace my Optoma UHD550X DLP?

    Not particularly unhappy with it, however it’s placed awkwardly in the middle of a low ceiling in my man cave and visitors (prior to cv19) have an unfortunate habit of hitting their heads off it 😂
  19. R

    Question Short throw shelf mounted projector?

    Hi, I want to purchase a projector but after extensive research I cannot find one which suits my requirements and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? My requirements; - Vertical shift - Needs to be shelf mounted. I don't want to have the projector on a table in front of the sofa and...
  20. D

    Question Ultra short throw / ambient light screens?

    Just bought an uktra short throw and it seems pq radically improved in ambient light with an expensive high tech screen. i need it to be retractable - anybody have any experience in this field? Needs to be 100” or close to it.
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