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  1. timmers

    Wanted Low end - Short throw - 1920 res projector

    As the title says. Looking for a Low end projector. Short throw like 1.5m to get 4m wide screen. Needs to be 1920 res or better....I'm in Wiltshire... cheers
  2. D

    ALR screen fixed for Ultra Short Throw ?

    Is this about the best option? Or anybody have any better shouts?
  3. D

    Hisense L5 100L5FTUK-B12 Ultra Short Throw with 100" Screen Included - Why No Chatter?

    So I'm looking for a 100" solution, and came across this:# Seems a really nice "out of the box" solution but can't find any discussion on it at all on here in USTP's. Anybody had any experience with it>? Seems like a really simple way to get into...
  4. J

    Question Looking for projector screen suggestions for a VAVA Ultra Short throw that fell into my lap.

    I am going to preface this by saying I know very little about projectors. Recently an opportunity arose to buy a new VAVA Ultra Short throw projector for $1200 and I took it thinking I could just have it throw the image onto my wall. I knew using a projector screen would look better but I...
  5. DanH23

    Cheap Second Hand Short Throw Projector?

    Hi all, I am needing a short throw projector for a budget golf simulator I am building in my garage. I have been scouring ebay for second hand projectors and cross checking their specs on Projector Central, but am struggling to come up with a match. I am needing a projector with c.2,500...
  6. M

    looking for a short throw projector

    having spent a few weeks looking for a projector, in november i opted for an optoma hd29hst. it lasted 3 weeks before it developed a fault where it was showing a overheating message, after switching it on. then it powered down and the worked for a full film before it overheated again.. its back...
  7. E

    Short Throw Laser to replace my Optoma UHD550X DLP?

    Not particularly unhappy with it, however it’s placed awkwardly in the middle of a low ceiling in my man cave and visitors (prior to cv19) have an unfortunate habit of hitting their heads off it 😂
  8. R

    Question Short throw shelf mounted projector?

    Hi, I want to purchase a projector but after extensive research I cannot find one which suits my requirements and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? My requirements; - Vertical shift - Needs to be shelf mounted. I don't want to have the projector on a table in front of the sofa and...
  9. D

    Question Ultra short throw / ambient light screens?

    Just bought an uktra short throw and it seems pq radically improved in ambient light with an expensive high tech screen. i need it to be retractable - anybody have any experience in this field? Needs to be 100” or close to it.
  10. M

    Question short throw projector

    im kind of new to projectors. i do have a 2nd hand optima hd 70 that i bought while ago. ive never really used it, but my new house has a big white wall that is ideal, however the hd70 has a fault bulb light on it....i don't fancy getting a new bulb incase its inot just the bulb. so ive...
  11. M

    CLR/ALR or CLR screen for short throw projectors?

    hello everyone Anyone has experience with short throw projector screens? (i'm going to get optoma cinemax p2 and need correct screen) They have 2 versions one is CLR/ALR diamond shaped texture for UST CLR straight lines texture For UST Which is better? here is layout of my cinema room.
  12. fomojo66

    Lack of 4k short throw for optomoa 1080 replacement?

    Hi, looking for some PJ upgrade advice! I have an aging Optomoa 1080 HD short throw projector and a set up in a pitch black windowless room with a 120 inch screen size. It has intermittent problems so I'm looking to upgrade rather than wait for it to give up the ghost. However I have a very...
  13. P

    Ultra Short Throw Projectors and suitable screens

    Hi all, I've seen the youtube videos that demonstrate what a terrible idea it is to use a UST projector with a conventional pull-down or tripod mounted screen, or even a bare wall. Any ripples, creases or bends in the screen's surface are hugely magnified by the shallow angle that the projector...
  14. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: BenQ launches V6050 and V6000 ultra short throw laser projectors

    BenQ consolidates its position as a leading innovator of display technologies with the upcoming release of two new ultra short throw (UST) laser projectors for home entertainment - the V6050 and V6000. Read the news.
  15. SaintPriva

    Noob asks Questions? $5,000 4k Short throw Projector.

    Hi everyone I am new to hometheater and want to join in! These are a few questions I have and any answers are greatly appreciated. PROJECTOR: LG HU85LA ULTRA SHORT THROW - I have full control over lighting where it will be used Do all projectors have the ability for 3D? (the LG HU85LA in...
  16. R

    Short throw Projectors

    Dear All, I have been trying to search for a good short throw projector but haven't been able to narrow down to any hence would love to hear your suggestions. As you might guess that I am looking for a short throw as I do not have a big enough room to project from a long distance. I am looking...
  17. M

    Short throw first time set up advice

    I've been watching reviews and guides and my head is spinning around.. Any tips and advice are welcome! Projected set up: constant height 50": 16:9 100" some ambient light - 2.39:1 130" dark environment on grey black out cloth distance to opposite wall: 12'8" alt. 1: shelve mount on the...
  18. K

    Question Short throw 4k advice please

    Looking at replacing my Optoma gt1080 for a 4I short throw projector, but can't seem to find one that suits my needs. The replacement MUST be capable of up to a 150 inch image and be able to be ceiling mounted. Not bothered about 3D, would like to try laser but haven't seen one that can be...
  19. L

    Short throw projector to upgrade from 6 yr old optoma GT1080

    Hi Guys, As per title I have an optoma GT1080 approx 1m from an 82 inch Optima screen. Am itching to replace it with 4k, HDR etc, what options do I have sub 2k? From a bit of googling i see ultra short throw, but apparently these will highlight ripples in the existing screen, otherwise i can...
  20. steve33shoreham

    Optoma or Sapphire Pull Up Screen (and short throw projectors)

    Hi all I have a BenQ W1080ST+ Short-throw Projector and I’m looking for a 90-100 inch pull up projector screen as I haven’t got the room for a dedicated fixed screen. I have seen 3 reasonably priced ones (although I have ruled out the Luxburg for quality issues) and wanted to see if any...
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