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  1. S

    For Sale BenQ W1070+ 1080P Full HD Short-Throw Video Projector

    Selling my W1070+ projector in excellent condition. Comes with the backlit remote and Original Box. Only 861 lamp hours since new. looking for £300 collected. PS:- I also have a Vogel's EPW 6565 ceiling/wall mount if interested.
  2. markyboy14

    For Sale benq 2150st short throw projector

    hi i have a benq 2150st short throw projector wow great bargain fantastic picture up to 300 inches
  3. markyboy14

    For Sale benq 2150st short throw projector q1

    hi i have a benq 2150st short throw projector fantastic picturecquality wow great bargain make picture up to 300 inches
  4. SaintPriva

    Noob asks Questions? $5,000 4k Short throw Projector.

    Hi everyone I am new to hometheater and want to join in! These are a few questions I have and any answers are greatly appreciated. PROJECTOR: LG HU85LA ULTRA SHORT THROW - I have full control over lighting where it will be used Do all projectors have the ability for 3D? (the LG HU85LA in...
  5. R

    Short throw Projectors

    Dear All, I have been trying to search for a good short throw projector but haven't been able to narrow down to any hence would love to hear your suggestions. As you might guess that I am looking for a short throw as I do not have a big enough room to project from a long distance. I am looking...
  6. M

    Short throw first time set up advice

    I've been watching reviews and guides and my head is spinning around.. Any tips and advice are welcome! Projected set up: constant height 50": 16:9 100" some ambient light - 2.39:1 130" dark environment on grey black out cloth distance to opposite wall: 12'8" alt. 1: shelve mount on the...
  7. K

    Question Short throw 4k advice please

    Looking at replacing my Optoma gt1080 for a 4I short throw projector, but can't seem to find one that suits my needs. The replacement MUST be capable of up to a 150 inch image and be able to be ceiling mounted. Not bothered about 3D, would like to try laser but haven't seen one that can be...
  8. L

    Short throw projector to upgrade from 6 yr old optoma GT1080

    Hi Guys, As per title I have an optoma GT1080 approx 1m from an 82 inch Optima screen. Am itching to replace it with 4k, HDR etc, what options do I have sub 2k? From a bit of googling i see ultra short throw, but apparently these will highlight ripples in the existing screen, otherwise i can...
  9. steve33shoreham

    Optoma or Sapphire Pull Up Screen (and short throw projectors)

    Hi all I have a BenQ W1080ST+ Short-throw Projector and I’m looking for a 90-100 inch pull up projector screen as I haven’t got the room for a dedicated fixed screen. I have seen 3 reasonably priced ones (although I have ruled out the Luxburg for quality issues) and wanted to see if any...
  10. S

    Question Short throw projector or long throw laser projector? Advice needed.

    I am slowly going to turn a toy room into more of a cinema style room, since the kids are getting a bit older. It will be used for movies (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+) and some TV usage. I was convinced I was going to buy this...
  11. J

    Ultra Short Throw - 1080p or 4k if budget of 2k

    Hi, Looking to treat myself to a projector. Prefer the UST as it will just work tidier at my place. There are the cheaper Chinese models out there is it worth going for a laser one in 4k or put all the budget on earlier tech but higher spec? Will just be used infrequently in a dark room for...
  12. Roku2

    VAVA VA-LT002 DLP 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Owner's Thread

    Decided to pull the trigger on this somewhat promising UST laser pj. 2500 ANSI, native 4K, it accapts HDR signal, and the icing on the cake, it is now 3D ready! I upgraded from my 2017 Xiaomi Mi pj which was the best buy in projectors I have ever made. Selling it was not an easy choice but I...
  13. G

    Can ultra short throw replace a tv

    I'm considering getting rid of my current setup and buying a vava or fengmi 4k UST. My main concern other than what's already been covered in threads, is it's placement will be a very bright living room. Ideally I would like to project straight onto a white wall so I can alter screen size...
  14. F

    ViewSonic X10 4K - is there a better short throw projector for the money (£1299)

    ViewSonic X10 4K - is there a better short throw projector for the money (£1299) I plan to purchase a 120 inch PET Crystal Ambient Light UST Projector Screen, and the seating position will be approximatedly 250CM away. I want 4K (yes I know it is not Native 4K) and 3D as I have a vast...
  15. Trevicus

    Portable Ultra Short Throw solutions?

    Hey guys, I am a gigging solo musician and recently my backdrop has started to get a bit worn. I started thinking about using a projector screen as a backdrop instead. I already have the screen but the projector I use at home really isn't suitable for the job. I need something portable...
  16. Kshakeel

    Sim2 C3X Lumis Host

    Hi All, I own a c3x Lumis Host. Have had it for quite some time. I have recently completed a major returb of the house and had a motorised drop down projector lift installed. However, I made monumental mistake.....I have the T2 Lens and got the distance wrong and the lift is installed in the...
  17. deleder

    Ultra Short Throw projector with 50/60 hz support

    Hi. I have been looking at different UST projectors. I am baffled by the technology, but there is one issue. I live in Europe and I watch a lot of soccer. TV is aired in 50 FPS here. Looks like most USTs use the Texas Instrument chip. Xiaomi and many others are locked at 60 Hz. Is there any...
  18. johncook007

    4k Short throw laser projector advice / recommendations please

    Hi guys, thinking about getting a short throw laser projector. I've seen the vava one reviewed on youtube which looks decent. any recommendations? anyone running any short throw projector and have any tips / feedback? thanks JC
  19. S

    Ultra short throw projector screen - looking for recommendation or reviews

    Hi everyone.. quite new to laser UST projectors which i just bought few days ago (Xiaomi Mijia 4k laser projector) but not too sure about which projector screen would beideal for laser projection. I came across with Vividstorm screens but don't know whether its worth spending £1000+ just for the...
  20. J

    Question Is a short throw projector absolutely need for ALR screens

    I have a walk out basement and there will be a little ambient light. I am just getting into projectors so my knowledge is lacking. If I use a ALR screen will I need to look at short throw projectors? Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
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