1. J

    Shopping during lockdown?

    I have a quick question, I do not drive and there are no shops within walking distance of my house. I need to get groceries, is my boyfriend who lives with me okay to drive me to the supermarket as long as we both do not go in? I need to get a few things for family members who are self isolating...
  2. DHarrison1221

    Network Distribution's Online Store

    Hi All, As you may be aware, Network On Air / Network Distribution has an online store which offers very good prices on the whole along with free UK shipping. I'm yet to order with them and wanted to see if anyone else has done so before and if there were any problems I highly doubt that there...
  3. T

    Amazon Prime Day 2019

    Amazon Prime starts within a few hours. Some early birds deals are available. What do you guys think? Will you join the "shopping madness" or you gladly skip it? Amazon Products Amazon Fire TV (you save $100) Amazon Echo 2nd gen. (you save $30) Amazon Kindle Oasis (you save $50) Apple...
  4. M

    Here is a story about shopping for the best, and...

    This is a story about someone who had more than enough money for a new TV system, and let the sales guy show him the best of the best. Yes it was a Sony TV, but bleeding edge technology. He got a bluetooth sound bar and speakers, and it was all very expensive. Why my bother did not talk to me...
  5. Tempest

    Google Home or Amazon Alexa - Print / Transfer a shopping list?

    Now, this, SHOULD be the most simple things imaginable, but I find myself failing on both platforms. I've verbally created a shopping list on both my Google Home and my Amazon Alexa, just as a test. Now, for practicality reasons I'd wish to print the list out. (don't wish to keep staring at my...
  6. Basquelle

    Question Going shopping: amp for Monitor Gold 200

    Moving over to this forum, from this thread: Question - AVR or amp for Monitor Gold 200, time to shop! I'm looking for advice in choosing an integrated amplifier (and a DAC, plus streamer for Deezer) to go with my MA Gold 200 speakers. I'm currently using an an AVR, Marantz SR6009, but suspect...
  7. T

    Question TV Shopping

    Every year around this time I think about a new TV due to black Friday, and usually something else comes ahead of it, as it is working fine. This year we moved though, and the lounge is now longer and a bit narrower, rather than wide and short as before. That obviously means the TV is further...
  8. I

    Advice on shopping list for change from dvb-t2 to dvb-s2 setup please

    My media box will be without a terrestrial signal in a month. It has worked very well with a dreaded BGT3650 quad dvb-t2 card since early 2012 not withstanding two failed and returned cards weeks after purchase. Box is an Asus based intel that is over specified for home theatre use. It...
  9. TVGuyOnInternet

    Woman Out TV Shopping With Husband Bored S**tless

    Found this satire in my Twitter feed: Woman Out TV Shopping With Husband Bored S**tless A drained, bored woman doesn’t want to be in John Lewis anymore looking at massive, unaffordable televisions with her husband. Mum of two Julie Clives, 34, stupidly agreed to accompany her husband to the...
  10. DerekStevenson

    Online shopping + Delivery

    Howdy! Due to black Friday(as well as digital Monday) I hoped to order some nice stuff for me and gifts for Christmas and what have I found. There is NO delivery from Amazon to Russia, where I am currently studying. And saying it means absolute 0 options if you don`t have American or Canadian...
  11. DerekStevenson


    Hello there! Black Friday is about to commence, and some of us rush to the store to buy new hardware, new PC or even Mac. But my question is not about ridiculous waste of money, it is about the way you get your package safely delivered to your house. What if you are from distant Australia or...
  12. P

    Summer project about online shopping

    Thanks for your help! P
  13. R

    Expedite Electronics contact info

    Hi Everyone, I bought a phone from Expedite Electronics just under a year ago (sept 15 2015). The phone arrived fine with no issues. It was an Lg G4 and it has gone into the bootloop bug, a known hardware bug: LG finally acknowledges G4 boot loop problem – and it's offering a fix | TechRadar...
  14. rousetafarian

    Munich - Multiple Shootings reported in Shopping Centre

    ......breaking news :( 'Shots fired' in Munich shopping centre, German police deployed - BBC News
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