1. M

    Wanted G Shock style watch <£50

    After G Shock style "rough" and "ready" watch for use in sports (military based) for under £50. Anyone got anything knocking about?
  2. kevin1911

    Electric current flowing (through ME!) when I touch case of Yamaha R-N602

    Hey all! I have 2 Yahama R-N602 amps in different rooms in the house. I had noticed on one of them that if I touch the case of the amp at the same time as the CD player I'd feel a burny tingle of electricity flowing through me. Not an electric shock as such, more like a constant flow of...
  3. Soundwave

    Question Dual Shock Right Stick issue

    Hi all, My PS4 Pro Dual Shock has developed an issue with the right analogue stick wandering & no longer staying in the centre The stick itself is central but when you play FIFA it keeps switching players & I just tried GRID & when you are racing it automatically looks right & unless you hold...
  4. J

    Question Electric shock from a laptop

    Hi All, I know this is going to be a bit of a weird first post but I really need people's views on if this is possible or not. I was working on a setup as follows: Laptop with mains plugged in to a multisocket and laptop was connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. I was working away and had just...
  5. S

    Oehlbach Shock Absorbers

    Hullo Does anyone have any experience, or thoughts about using the Oehlbach Shock Absorbers as a cheap method of trying to isolate speaker stands on wooden floors? Cheers
  6. chris301up

    Question Shock from aerial cable

    Whilst in the current lockdown situation I've finally got around to mounting a new TV I purchased just before Christmas on the wall. Today I finished the power cable installation together with the coaxial cable and HDMI extension cable. I have had to cut the plasterboard around the noggins to...
  7. dosdan

    Mic shock isolation

    Examples of mic mechanical decoupling from 10 important facts about acoustics for microphone users 9. Mechanical vibrations Mechanical vibrations in building parts result in audible sound. If a microphone stand is placed on a vibration floor, it may generate sound in the microphone. Also...
  8. raigraphixs

    Shock Theater (AMC)

    AMC is also developing a horror/sci-fi anthology series titled Shock Theater, directed by Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero. Every episode will unspool a new story but pay tribute to the B movie classics. Nicotero will serve as executive producer with Matt...
  9. Nivek TT

    Dual Shock 4 (PS4) Gamepad now supported on Steam

    See here, News - Steam Client Update Released I haven't got one to test unfortunately :(
  10. swanny

    FREE GoG System Shock 2 code

    Wasn't sure where to put this so figured this forum was most relevant. I bought something off GoG and was given a free code to full version of system shock 2, which I already have. First one replying they want it can have it.
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