1. JonnyTester

    For Sale Nvidia Shield 2019 "Tube" with 128GB Sandisk card - £110 inc. del.

    I just bought a Shield Pro and this is now surplus to requirements. It is in excellent condition and comes boxed with remote, power, and ethernet cables. I'll also include the Sandisk 128GB SD card I was using with it. Price includes tracked postage. Offers welcome, but no insults please :D...
  2. G


    Boxed, good condition. Delivery will be Royal Mail tracked.
  3. EddyHorn

    For Sale Nvidia Shield TV with Gamepad

    I've decided to sell my Shield TV which I was previously using to stream my UHD Blu-ray's that I had stored on my NAS. It's boxed with the gamepad controller in good fully working order.
  4. The One Demon

    MadVR with Plex + Nvidia Shield?

    Is there a way to use MadVR from my PC, getting content from a NAS and playing on my Nvidia SHIELD through Plex or Plex for kodi add on? I know you can set an external player in Kodi to run MadVR, but unsure if that's only if connected to the display via HDMI, or if you can do the same on the...
  5. S

    For Sale Nvidia Shield 2017 - Ethernet Port Latch Fault

    I have for sale an Nvidia Shield from 2017 that has a fault that the ethernet cable won't click into the port. The cable will still stay in if left alone and could probably be wedged in but if moved it falls out. The actual port works and connects fine and I have been using it like this for...
  6. H

    nVidia Shield - How do I get Dolby Atmos on Netflix? Only see DD+ now

    Hello, New owner of a Shield here. From the Netflix help pages I see that the nVidia Shield should be able to stream Dolby Atmos. How to use Netflix on your Nvidia Shield TV Android streaming media player The following Nvidia Shield TV Android streaming media players support Dolby Atmos...
  7. H

    For Sale (Sold) Nvidia Shield Tube 2019

    Edit: sold elsewhere
  8. S

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K: Alternate remote with big chunky buttons

    Hi I recently bought a Nvidia Shield TV Pro Due to poor coordination I'm struggling to use the Toblerone shaped remote. Clearly Nvidia have no ideas about accessibility If I can't resolve this then I'll have to send the Shield back. Yes it's that big an issue I'm looking for Alternate remote...
  9. D

    Nvidia Shield Vs Nvidia Shield Pro

    I'm going to buy either the Shield or the Shield Pro so would be grateful if you could help me decide between the two. One difference I read about is that the Shield has 2GB of RAM. Is that enough for streaming? The Shield Pro has 3 GB of RAM. Would that improve the streaming experience? What...
  10. S

    MINIX NEO U9H VS nVidia Shield TV is the upgrade worth it?

    Hi I'm thinking of upgrading the MINIX NEO U9H to nVidia Shield TV Pro 4K or similar and hopping for some advise Background: Until recently I've been more than happy with my MINIX Neo U9H Running Kodi 19.1 matrix Installed on a SD card as I ran out of memory on the main device Streaming...
  11. A

    Plex Media Server on Nvidia Shield Pro or Dedicated NAS?

    Hi all I'm going to start using Plex and am in the process of narrowing down equipment. I've decided on a Nvidia shield Pro....but am not sure about the Plex Media install.... Can anyone please let me know what the limitations of running Plex Media Server on the NVidia would be ? ie how many...
  12. S

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro: Capabilites

    Hi I have not posted in such a looooong time... Does Nvidia Power Shield TV Pro support the following: Google Play Store TiviMate ExpressVPN (app install, not a workaround) iPlayer ITV Hub All4 Netflix Amazon Prime Disney Plus Google Movies Spotify YouTube Recordings Phew! Any other gems I...
  13. Deltaeight

    For Sale Oppo M9702v3 Media Player Dolby Vision

    In excellent condition, boxed & with all accessories. Please see detailed pictures. From a pet & smoke free home. Only selling as I’ve moved on to an Oppo M9201. £219.00 plus an additional £12. for insured delivery. Thanks for looking & I’ll do my best to answer any questions, cheers.
  14. AVDavid

    Nvidea Shield 4k TV pro Bitstream

    I got my Nvidea Shield 4K TV pro today and netflix with Dolby atmos works fine. My issue is with Kodi and my movies on an external drive I can't get it to bitstream the audio only PCM and I can't see how to change this can anyone help? Thanks David
  15. D

    For Sale Rode Videomic Go plus Rode 'dead cat' wind shield.

    As above in excellent condition - only used once. Inc 'dead cat' windshield - essential for filming outdoors. Comes from a non-smoking household. Product Key Features Polar Pattern Supercardioid Form Factor Clip-On, Handheld/Stand-Held Mount Type Hot/Cold Shoe Custom Bundle No Connectivity...
  16. tonyadamson

    Nvidia Shield Pro BT Sport Ultimate

    Evening all, I've scanned through the forum but can't find an answer to my question so here goes. Can anyone confirm either way if BT Sports Ultimate (4K HDR, Atmos etc) works on the 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro? I have the BT Sport app. I have my BT Sport monthly pass. I have BT Sport channels in...
  17. N

    Nvidia shield pro vs dedicated pc for plex

    I have just invested in a nvidia shield pro. i currently run a philips 8555 tv with a fire stick 4k and a i3 2120 dell pc running in the cupboard with windows 10 (4gb ram and a 1gb gpu) as a plex server. The dell has a couple of 1tb & 2tb external drives via usb. should i do away with the dell...
  18. damole

    Optoma UHD38 input resolution - XBox Series S - nVidia Shield TV Pro

    Hi I just bought an Optoma UHD38 projector yesterday. It's main job will be displaying games either from my XBox Series S or RTX gaming laptop. For now I just installed iPlayer on my Xbox, I have an nVidia Shield TV Pro too, but how can I tell if it is outputting 4K. I don't think the...
  19. K

    The great upscaling battle: Sony Bravia XR vs NVIDIA Shield

    In this thread I'd like us to compare the upscaling performance of the Bravia XR engine to that of the NVIDIA Shield. This is an important topic as the Shield offers lossless passthrough of various audio formats that, to my understanding, no TV on the market today does. It therefore has value...
  20. Z

    Yamaha RXA2a / Nvidia Shield / Dolby Vision issue

    Hey Guys, I've been having issues with Dolby Vision when using my Nvidia shield, if I watch Netflix or play a file through Nvidia shield that uses Dolby Vision then the screen will go black yet I can still hear sound. I can interact with my Nvidia shield but just can't see what I'm doing! Have...
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