1. MI55ION

    New Shed Build - any ideas?

    Having finished a full DIY garden renovation project that turned this (it was actually a lot worse as the photo was take late): To this: There remains some unfinished business. Namely an eyesore of a garage/shed that's well past its time: It 6.5×3m, houses a couple of refrigerators...
  2. The Dreamer

    The Shed

    I thought I'd document our shed build - though I'm starting at a strange spot, most definitely not the beginning, but a little side project that has turned out quite well, so I thought I'd share that first, and later posts will document other stuff. We put a wood burning stove in the shed, and...
  3. Dollydoodah

    Question Help!!! My head's a shed!!! LG CX vs Sammie Q95/90

    After some advice... Replacement coming for my LG E6V. I have narrowed it down to... LG CX and the Samsung Q95 or Q90 I loved my OLED - but am scared of Screen Burn, and have chosen the Samsung as my second choice. Do I go with my heart and pray that the Screen Burn prevention fairies look...
  4. A

    Shed base for workshop/workbench

    I'm building a shed which will have half of the space allocated for fitness (weights, cycle, etc.). Planning a concrete base with 2x4 timbers for the flooring with 18mm plywood or OSB over. Just wondering what to do in the corner with the 'gymnasium' in terms of strengthening the floor to...
  5. A

    Question Gaming room (cubicle) in a shed

    Don't really have space indoors to keep a driving simulator and flight rig set up meaning it gets used less than it would otherwise. I have a 10'x12' shed and wondering if I can 'convert' a quarter of the floor space (i.e. 5'x6') to an enclosed cubicle for gaming. Basically I'd put up a...
  6. phillyd1981

    Shed roof winter mold help.

    Redone the kids summer house roof with edpm last year and the shed suffers with mold on the roof over the winter months. I did give the new boards a couple of coats of barrettine wood proective treatment last year. Does any one have any advice how i can prevent the mold this winte.
  7. T

    Seeking DIY advice for shed

    Hi i admit it. im hopeless at DIY... I have a small sort of summer house/Garden shed (wooden slatted) some of the slats are warped and there is a gap of up to 1/2” i was wondering how to fix this. if I get more wood, should I fix it to the outside or inside? also, I wondered if it would be...
  8. HeavenlyWarrior

    Home Cinema in a shed?

    We have a shed at the end of the garden. We're talking 50 feet away from the house. I've bought a projector and have been told that it's not suitable for the house due to lack of space so I'm left with the shed. We have no attic, garage or basement. I'm OK with this because I want to make it...
  9. JamesLFC2018

    Question Can anyone shed some light and help me :)

    Hi all, hopefully someone who's had the same experience can help cos customer service at Vodafone or in the store don't seem to know exactly lol I have 4 different numbers on 1 Vodafone account, for me, my other half and children. I pay about £150 a month for all four contracts, the two kids...
  10. F

    Ideas for a 15x10ft garden shed

    Hello all At long last, I am getting a largeish garden shed, 23x10ft split between a garden tool storage (8x10) and a main shed (15x10). The main shed will be multi-purpose for my wife and her reflexology business and me with my home cinema. Being built next friday, so starting a shopping list...
  11. KyleS1

    Shed stain/sealant

    I built a shed a couple of years ago and I love the natural colour of it. It’s now come the time to protect the wood. Can anybody recommend a good quality clear oil/stain to protect it? @Wahreo did you keep yours natural looking? What did you use?
  12. M

    Advice needed on best shed/ log cabin for home cinema

    hi guys, I've been into AV & home cinema for years and I'm in the process of finally being able to have my own cinema in the garden. Just asking for advice on other members experience of buying a shed or log cabin with the purpose of using it as a home cinema. I like the look of a log cabin by...
  13. T

    Base for a small shed

    Hi folks, hoping to do the above and get out of sitting through the wedding on Saturday but not sure on the process after reading a few different guides, hoping someone can confirm I've understood or make sense of what I've cobbled together. It's for what was originally a bin cupboard (approx...
  14. Wahreo

    Shed made from old Pallets.

    I’ve got a couple of days off work so am thinking about building an economy shed out of old pallets. Has anyone done this before? I have lots of industrial estates near me so I’m hoping to get the pallets FOC. The plan was to avoid the timber being too close to the floor level by laying some...
  15. MrFraggle

    So your buying your first garden shed.

    Every man should have owned at least one garden shed in his life time anand at the age of 64 I am taking the plunge and I must admit to feeling a childish excitement in anticipation. Now I know that there is more to just going down to your local shed supplier, selecting the shed of your choice...
  16. S

    Advice Needed for Projector setup in Wooden Shed

    Hello, I have a wooden shed at the back of the garden, currently being used as an office and I want to put a projector, screen, 5.1 sound and a network streaming device in there. I have not had any experience with projectors or screens so I was wondering if you could help. The shed is...
  17. G

    Metal or Plastic Shed?

    Looking to replace a wooden shed that is past its best. What would be better, a metal or plastic shed? Looking to store garden machinery in it so it has to be robust.
  18. P

    Speakers for a 4.8m X 3.6m home theater shed in garden ?

    HI guys . I recently decided and managed to convince the wife we need a home theater / home cinema in the garden . After doing a little homework it seems that this space would be considered small ? I am planning to have a 100" screen (on the 3.6m wide wall) and projector . And fitting in 2...
  19. S

    Almost revamped the shed, projetor question

    After building my shed cinema in 2005, my sharpvision xv201e, served me well, but because of the low roof, it kept getting knocked out of position and turned the shed into an oven, I went with a Samsung 60 inch plasma, but it didn't give the movie feel. so this year I have decided to go back...
  20. D

    shed music

    HI all brand new to forum with absolutely zero understanding of hi fi. wanting to put decent sound into my garden shed, wife calls it summerhouse . why you ask, whats wrong with the bose mini speaker. 1) bit of nostalgia 2) bit different 3) hopefully a bit better got a nice pair of castle...
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