1. Noble372

    Correct sharpness setting for Panasonic oleds ?

    Hello I own a gz2000 and had it fully calibrated, I watchd a HD tv test video the other day and he said for Panasonic oleds sharpness should be set to 0, but my calibrator left the sharpness on 30 and all other reviews of my tv left it on 30 after calibration, even the m comments say to leave...
  2. AlphaCen

    Neutral sharpness setting on Panasonic LCD TVs?

    Hello, What is the neutral sharpness setting on Panasonic LCD TVs? (GX, HX, JX series). I just bought TX40-JX870b and default sharpness is 50. Coming from LG, I don’t know how to set it properly (so that no softening and no sharpening of picture is going on). Thanks in advance!
  3. Frank Smith

    Do you have your sharpness settings on your TV set to 0?

    Every "professional: calibrator, Digital Foundry etc. all state that sharpness should be set for 0. I just don't get it. Thing looks blurry for me.
  4. Willis1995

    TV Sharpness control for SD content?

    Hello, I have a question regarding using the sharpness setting on an LCD TV for when viewing low-quality, standard definition content. When watching a video that’s in low resolution and looks quite soft, do any of you think that it is a good idea to raise the TV’s sharpness level, just to make...
  5. RezaD

    Strange thing about Hisense TVs!

    Hi all About 4 years ago, I bought a Hisense K3300 TV. Since then, Hisense has produced many models, and I have bought Hisense TVs for a few relatives and friends. (Except series 8) But the strange thing for me is that none of the new Hisense TVs can compete with the K3300 in terms of sharpness...
  6. Hamad138

    What's no Edge Enhancement sharpness Setting on Panasonic?

    Is it 30 or 0? Because Robert Zohn choose 30 and Vincent 0 for Sharpness setting There's a bit of confusing going on there y so what's 0 Edge Enhancement?
  7. T

    Question Panasonic gz950 Sharpness

    Hi, Since a couple of months i own a panasonic 55 inch gz950 and close-up shots are very sharp with good detail ben when the camera shot is further away (wide-shot) the sharpness and detail is bad, is there a setting or something else i can do to make this better? I saw a lot of good reviews on...
  8. D

    Recommended picture settings for Panasonic UB820

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic UB820 and I’m trying to get the most out of the player with my blu-rays. 4K Blu-rays look stunning, however, some of my older Blu-rays and DVDs don’t look so great. I appreciate that the older discs won’t have the same impression as a 4K but I’m wondering what...
  9. G

    Question W2700 sharpness setting?ln D Cinema & HDR?

    Hi, the default sharpness setting in HDR mode is a max 15, do any of you guys use this? It doesn’t seem to degrade the image too much like say how it would on my plasma.
  10. puntloos

    Projector Throw Distance vs sharpness?

    Newbie question I suspect, but many articles on the subject, e.g. the wikifaq setup article just glosses over this important factor! My intended room size is about 9m deep, 4m wide screen, seating at 4m distance. What's the ideal spot for the projector? Probably 4m on the ceiling? And what...
  11. T

    Panasonic GZ950 sharpness

    Hello & Merry Christmas to everyone. A few days ago I became the owner of the Panasonic GZ 950.The tv is great,but I noticed that the picture was less sharp compared to the previous LG B7. How do you feel about sharpness? What image settings do you use? Cheers
  12. marcd5123

    Question Very Confusing is Sharpness 0 for 0 or 10 for 0 ??!

    Hi folks.. This is quite confusing most folks are stating that LG Sharpness control default for 0 is 10... But surly 0 is 0?? 🙄 Ahh. I use Cinema and Cinema Home modes for all my viewing. I understand that Sonys default is actually 50% and Samsung I think 🤔 All the best modes Cinema & Cinema...
  13. bookle

    Question Darblet to slightly sharpen JVC X3?

    I have a JVC-X3 which I love for its wonderfully cinematic image quality but as ever in this hobby can it be improved? One aspect I do miss from my previous DLP is a touch of image sharpness - the JVC X3 although brilliant, can look just a wee bit soft. I have been looking at newer JVC's (X5000...
  14. Slavia

    LED mini projector with Sharp image/text?

    Greetings fellow earthlings, I am looking for a recommendation for a LED projector that throws a good sharp image where text is not blurred and are ultra sharp? Using it mainly for computer usage and will not watch movies on it. Possible at all? Or do I need to purchase a large monitor?
  15. AudiophileUk

    Higher shutter speed = lower sharpness

    I shoot action photography as a hobby in extreme sports. I try to get the shutter speed >1000 while keeping the ISO low. Recently I talked to a a pretty famous photgrapher in the sport whose worked on all kinds of productions. He insists it's better at 500/th shutter, and uses a 10stop filter...
  16. T

    Sharpness uniformity or uneven wall?

    Hiho, as the title says I don't know if my wall is uneven or my projector is bad. It's BenQ W2000. On the right side, you can see that the distance from ceiling is smaller where the arrow is pointing. I think it's about 2cm difference on the right side. I noticed something that proves this...
  17. B

    LG OLED55B6P - Alternating Focus OTA Broadcast

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on avforums. I purchased the LG B6P in September of 2016. Its been a great TV so far except it has one annoying issue. When watching over the air (OTA) broadcasts, on certain channels the picture will randomly alternate between in-focus and blurry...
  18. TheGamer147

    Question LG TV sharpness setting

    When gaming on ps4 what should I put for sharpness my TV is M2780D
  19. D

    Question Whats a good way to set sharpness

    Im nearly done with my Panasonic LCD,Just got to set the colour and sharpness,Panasonic has it set at 50,Ive seen the video on the picture perfect guide but i can see anything bad happening untill it gets to 95%.
  20. redorblue89

    Answered Why does everyone love a low SHARPNESS setting?

    So in finding my latest TV (Panasonic 65" CX700b) I've done a lot of TV research. I'm so surprised that in every calibration settings for most of the TV's i looked at Sharpness was either set at 0 or about 25%. From having extensively played with the settings on my TV my sharpness setting for...
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