Sharp or SHARP may refer to:
Sharp (science)
Sharp (surname)
Sharp (flour), a flour made from hard wheat
Sharp (magazine), Canadian magazine
Sharp Daily, a free newspaper published in Taiwan and Hong Kong
SHARP (helmet ratings), a British motorcycle helmet safety rating scheme
Sharp (set theory)
Sharp (crater), a lunar impact crater
Sharp (automobile)
Sharp, a type of sewing needle
Sharp Scale, measure of paper opacity
Sharp (also spelled shark, sharper or sharker), a swindler at games of chance and skill, e.g. card sharp, pool shark

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  1. P

    Question BBC subtitles not working Sharp Aquos

    As above, old Sharp TV belonging a relative. Could be 7+ years old. Have used subtitles on this TV for years on all channels but recently the BBC ones don't work. All other Freeview channels are fine. Simple Freeview setup. Antenna split to 3 TVS the house. BBC subtitles work on other TVs...
  2. R

    Sharp Aquos TV issue

    Hello all, I'm being driven crazy by 'Audio Description' on my Sharp Aquos TV turning itself on and staying on..! The model is: LC-32CFG6022E and I'm accessing TV by a Firestick 4G I can find the 'AD' in the 'Sounds' settings, it appears to be off but it's greyed out and when I scroll down to...
  3. Spen69

    For Sale 1988 Sharp QT90ES portable twin cassette deck

    Top of the range Sharp QT90 ES model twin cassette deck and AM/FM radio in dark grey I bought this unit in 1988 and it has had very little use over the last 30yrs since I left university. Sadly it has a fair amount of cosmetic scuffs and marks from the years it spent in student living, but it...
  4. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Sharp announces new flagship 4K MiniLED and QLED TVs & comments

    Sharp has announced the expansion of its TV portfolio with three new MiniLED series, including a new flagship model, plus a fresh QLED range set to launch in the coming months. Read the news.
  5. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Sharp announces new low-price Roku TV range for the UK 7 comments

    With sizes from 24 to 65 inches and a peak price point of £450, there could be some very tempting arrivals for those looking for a more affordable viewing solution. Read the news.
  6. N

    75" Sharp 75EQ3EA vs Samsung Q60B

    I'm looking for a 75" TV, which will be used in the living room by the rest of the family, and i have a budget of around £1100. Critical viewing is done in the "Cinema Room", that has a velvet "tent" where i have a calibrated JVC X7900. As such, the requirements aren't the same as it would be...
  7. R

    Advice pleas re: Sharp Digital Webcam - Mini DV - Model VL-SD20H

    Hi all my very first post so be gentle with this Old Codger please. I have finally found time to try and transfer a number of DVC tapes to my macOS Monterey. Version 12.4 Looking on Google there is a company called LifeFlix, Mac desktop software for importing all your old MiniDVs tapes + On...
  8. B

    Darkened top screen?

    This happened before and went away on its own. Now it’s back… The top half (well, 3/5ths) of my screen is darker than the lower. I swapped out the hdmi cables and it happens on all inputs. I left the tv off and unplugged for hours. Checked for all updates on the tv and all other devices. I...
  9. E

    Sharp (Hisense) LC-55Q7530U Bluetooth?

    I can’t find any Bluetooth settings on this set, but every time I attempt to pair my Bluetooth speaker to anything else, I get a message on this set to input the pin to pair. How do I stop getting this message?
  10. rumburak

    Sharp new TVs: BL1, BL2, BL3, BL5 etc

    There are a few discounted Sharp TVs in the supermarket, showing up next to the vegetables. I found one in Tesco Hatfield, 65BL2KA for £469, but a guy just posted deal on HUKD from Lidl Southampton, it was a 65BL1KA for just £299. Looking on Sharp's website, these TVs all have the same specs...
  11. C

    Old Sharp SG-F112 hi fi speaker connection not working

    Hi. Speakers definitely work but no sound coming from right hand one. Tried two different speakers that work and nothing. Any suggestions please? Diolch-Cheers , Daf
  12. K

    Yamaha YAS-209 vs Sharp HT-SBW800

    Hi, I'm replacing my old 5.1 Sony hometheatre and I'm interested in these two models. I have a very basic use for a new soundbar ( Netflix, music and some movies, ) but i'm not sure which one is best. Any recommendations?
  13. G

    Soundbar with Sharp Aquos ARC won’t work properly

    I have a Sharp Aquos LC-60LE925UN with a Vizio 2.1 Soundbar connected on HDMI4 ARC port. I activated the Aquos Link and then tuned back to an input channel ( I have tried this with the AppleTV4 and the Xbox One ) and it works fine. No other devices or receivers are used. If I power cycle the...
  14. Miketage

    Sharp XG-P20XU stuck in 3d

    Just picked up a Sharp XG-P20XU Conference Series projector from Goodwill, only problem I find is that no matter what set the progressive mode to it stays in 3d. Everything is two layers red-tinted and green-tinted. I've downloaded the operating and service manuals combing over everything. I...
  15. C

    Looking for pin sharp text from a projector

    I'm looking for a projector that will take the place of a computer monitor. I don't need a particulary massive image size - 30 inches or even less would be fine. Most important is that text is sharp, hopefully as sharp as on a decent monitor - is that a realistic hope?! A short throw is probably...
  16. Haaf57

    Evenly spaced Horizontal bars over entire screen

    I have a strange problem that appeared suddenly on my 8 year old SHARP LC-60LE740E 60”LCD television. It has 22 evenly spaced horizontal grey stripes over the entire area of the screen. The stripes only effect dim areas of an image. Blacks are still purely black, and anything brighter than 40%...
  17. C

    Hisense/Sharp Model motherboard?

    Hello all, newbie here, I have a Hisense/ Sharp model LC-50Q7030U that started randomly not coming on, or getting stuck on HDMI 1, or USB, this happened after a power outage and surge of coming back on. I replaced the motherboard after talking to 3 different techs, who all suggested that the...
  18. G

    Question Sharp Android tv 50BL2KA random switch on

    Hi all. Wondering if anyone has the Sharp Android TV 50BL2KA and experienced random switch on at night? Currently connected to Virgin TiVo box. I’ve had this since June purchased from Lidl. it has been switching itself on at night over the last month. Decent tv for price so don’t really want a...
  19. Asored

    Question Yamaha Yas 209 or Sharp SBW800?

    Hello, I would like to get a new soundbar today. My budget is about 400€. I am torn between the Yamaha Yas 209 and the Sharp SBW800. Would you recommend one of them? If so, why? Thanks in advance for your feedback! Best regards
  20. S

    Sharp Aquos: How to turn off click sound?

    Hi All, I recently bought a Sharp Aquos 55 inch model: 55BL2EA. In general I'm impressed with the value for money I got, but there is one thing that really annoys me: Whenever you press a button on the remote the TV makes a loud "booong" sound. I've searched through the user guide and all the...
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