1. sykotik

    For Sale Intel I5 4690k (De-lided ) MSI z97i , Corsair 2400 ram , B-quiet shadow rock LP- Combo .

    Intel I5 4690k (De-lided - not bonded ) , Corsair 2400mhz RAM , B-quiet shadow rock LP cooler and MSI's Z97i gaming ack Combo selling due to upgrading to Ryzen i have these parts for a good 4 years now . The CPU has been overclocked to 4.4 for a good 3 years now !!( 1st year i ran at stock...
  2. NinjaMonkeyUK

    For Sale Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Hi, I have a spare copy of this awesome game for sale. It's a Steam key and I'd like £6 for it via PayPal please. It's the standard edition so it does not include the Definitive Edition extras. Thanks :)
  3. Olly116

    For Sale (Or trade) Shadow of the colossus

    Great game - looking to move this on £12 delivered. Looking to clear £10 after postage otherwise will just trade in to CEX. Was also consider trades, potentially. Advertised elsewhere.
  4. RoadieRunner

    Wanted God of War, Detroit: Become Human

    Hi all, Looking to pick these up in mint condition, for the prices of the most recent sales here including delivery: God of War - £11 Detroit: Become Human - £?? Let me know what you have :) Thanks, Roadie
  5. R

    For Sale Shadow of the Colossus - PS4

    Remastered PS2 classic. In excellent condition £13 posted.
  6. rossini

    For Sale SOLD Shadow 4K UHD + Blu-ray + Slip

    Shadow 4K UHD + Blu-ray + slip cover, in excellent condition. This is the 2019 Zhang Yimou film. £15 including first class postage. Payment by PPG only.
  7. sithmetal71

    Panasonic GX800 cloudy white shadow or bright spots

    got 2 cloudy spots bottom left and bottom right corners. Tried wiping the screen, loosening the screws nothing works. It's only obvious when the is real dark areas like in IT on 4k. A little off putting
  8. MacGyverSVK

    OLED77C8 green shadow showing

    Any idea what could be this ??? Just purchased this tv from PC Richard and this happening ? Usually you don’t see it but in some scenes and colors very much visible
  9. mario999

    Wanted Shadow

    Anyone have a used copy of Shadow for sale? Thanks.
  10. Gedj

    Question Samsung UE46F7000 Screen Problem (Red tint, shadow, dim backlight?)

    Hi all, I’m new here. Found this forum and thought it might be good idea to come and ask people who might have come up or seen or have any idea what problem I might experience with my Samsung Smart TV. It started recently for no reason. I was watching TV one day and screen start weirdly...
  11. Nayfne

    For Sale Shadow 4k Uhd+Blu Ray

    Like new and watched once, comes with cardboard slipcase which may have slight corner creases. 2nd class postage is included.
  12. maverik77

    Wanted Shadow (2019) 4k

    Wanted - Shadow 4k , preferably in good condition.
  13. rossini

    For Trade Black Hawk Down 4K UHD - for JW3 or Shadow (4K)

    Anyone wanting to trade either John Wick 3 (4K) or Shadow (4K) for Black Hawk Down 4k UHD, 3 disc version with slip. BHD is in mint condition with 4k disc only watched once. Thanks for looking.
  14. N

    Question Samsung TV - What is this grey shadow type line?

    Hello, i have this line that has appeared on my Samsung TV (UE75JU7000) over the last few weeks, does anyone know what it could be? Many thanks, Allan
  15. N

    Question Samsung TV - What is this grey shadow type line?

    Hello, i have this line that has appeared on my Samsung TV (UE75JU7000) over the last few weeks, does anyone know what it could be? Many thanks, Allan
  16. bootyman81

    For Sale Shadow (2019) dir. Zhang Yimou

    For sale Shadow (2019) UK Disc, Watched once Comes with Slipcase, 4K Disc & Blu Ray Reviewed by cas https://www.avforums.com/reviews/shadow-4k-blu-ray-review.16576 £16 delivered PPG preferred BT accepted
  17. dav-t

    For Sale Shadow

    as title UHD,BLU,SLIP £14 no offers
  18. M

    For Sale Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download Code

    Slashed to £32 (from £35). I am selling the code bundled with my Xbox One X as I would like to play the PC version when I am able to afford the RTX cards eventually :) It is perhaps the first time I sell goods here so would like to deal with a veteran member and I am happy to PM the code first...
  19. D

    For Sale Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Mint condition First class immediate post Price and currency: 38 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: PayPal Friends & Family Location: Exeter Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference...
  20. raigraphixs

    Shadow (2018) directed by Zhang Yimou

    Love Zhang Yimou's (Hero, Curse of the Golden Flower, House of Flying Daggers) past work, The Great Wall was a dip. Looks like with Shadow he may be back to his best :cool: 19 October 2018 (London Film Festival) Discretion
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