1. Tyler Durden

    Are there any TVs with Atmos speakers built in, that can be used alongside an existing 5.1 setup?

    I am hoping to add Atmos sound to my existing 5.1 system (Denon X3300W) and wondered if I can get the TV to take that on. Is it possible?
  2. M

    Question What is the best path of upgrade for my setup?

    Hi, I am looking for some advice as to what is going to yield the best improvement to my system. I have a Marantz SR6012 powering a pair of Artcoustic DF 75-55 X2 as left and right, Artcoustic DFC150-36 as center, B&W M1 as surrounds, and 4 yamaha ceiling speakers for Atmos. I also have a...
  3. Rokko ru7400

    This correct setup?

    Samsung ru7400 "55" , 4k (sdr) correct gamma and color? Idem 4k (hdr)
  4. L

    Question 5.1 or 5.1.4 Atmos setup - How to layout this room

    Hi, I'm needing advice on setting up 5.1 or preferably Atmos/DTS:X setup on this living room. Room layout is totally open at this time except for the dining table somewhere where it is drawn now. I also drew axial room modes (from here: amcoustics.com/tools/amroc/myroom) with red lines on the...
  5. Aziz Ismail

    Considering Projector Setup (Current Setup Photos)

    I'm considering getting a projector setup installed and need some ideas please. I am not the greatest when it comes to DIY but looking at getting a manual drop down screen over the TV. Can anyone confirm if Manual pull down projector screens are lighter than electric ones? The reason I'm wanting...
  6. D

    Sony TV setup

    I bought a brand new Sony 65x900f tv, a Sony UBP-700x 4k and a brand new Samsung HW-N850 soundbar. 1. If I plug the BluRay player directly in to the soundbar, run the arc back to the tv, the soundbar will display whatever audio content is being used (atmos, dtx etc etc) and it will not allow me...
  7. Flecky81

    Question Which TV would you have in your main setup and why?

    A Samsung 65Q950R 8K QLED TV or the LG 65C9 4k OLED TV? Thanks.
  8. S

    What DAC for my setup?

    As per the title, I'm looking for a DAC for my bedroom setup. I can spend up to £1200 but that is my top. It needs to have ideally a USB and optical in as I will be using it with a PC/TV. I've auditioned Chord Quetest a few months ago and I was impressed but can't swallow how much it costs for a...
  9. H

    Mancave multi tv setup

    If I have a smart tv, is there a verizon fios app or could I log into there website thru tv browser with my credentials and now I can watch fios programming on that tv? Also on a separate tv, if i purchased apple tv would I be able to access The ESPN app on there for free? My goal is to have...
  10. robfosters

    What shall I buy to test my new setup?

    Got a Q85R, HW80 soundbar and Sony X700 player coming. What’s a good disc to spin to see and hear the best my setup can do?
  11. N

    New setup recommendation

    Hi I've recently purchased my parents a Samsung Q90 65" tv and also got the Q90R soundbar which was later returned for a full refund due to the audio sync issues etc that most have faced with the product through the arc connection so am now in a position where i need to come up with an...
  12. X

    Ceiling speaker Atmos setup

    I have attached an image from Dolby website with how my room looks. My question that I keep having an issue with is I noticed the ceiling speakers are in line with the from speakers but how far away from the front speakers should they go into the ceiling as well as the rear if I place 4...
  13. J

    New Setup Advice

    Hi all, As per title I am trying to come up with the best configuration for the following requirements and any help will be greatly appreciated! The room has a Panasonic CX802B TV, Xbox One X, Desktop PC. It would be good to connect all of these as they are all within close proximity. I would...
  14. J

    Question Advice on Laptop + TV setup in living room

    Hello Roughly 18 months ago I decided to purchase a razer blade pro. Works great for traveling but now I want to find a good solution for at home. When home I have it hooked up to my TV for single player games but the only problem is the laptop is so loud once I launch a game. It can be kind...
  15. S

    Feedback requested on Home Cinema setup quote

    I have been provided with the following quote to help complete my new home cinema setup: To confirm, I already have my OLED TV wall mounted in the lounge and am seeking to have my 5.1 speaker setup wall mounted with the cabling chased into the walls. The same company wall mounted the TV and...
  16. kevin1982

    Replace 5.1 setup with soundbar

    Morning folks we are starting to plan decorating our small living room and I’m almost decided on selling my Harmon Kardon/Wharfedale 5.1 setup and replacing it with a soundbar (no sub) im ordering a 50” tv this week (once I’ve decided which) but I want a punchy soundbar. I’m starting the task...
  17. ml337

    5.1.2 setup

    I was looking at converting my 5.1 into a 5.1.2 with ceiling speakers. I'm struggling with how far away to put the ceiling speakers from the listening position. At about 80 degrees they look just a bit in front of directly overhead. I could put them further in front but it would be difficult in...
  18. R

    Question 2.2 Setup Questions | Beocreate amp | Klipsch RP-600M mains | dual SVS SB12-NSD subs

    Hello all, This is my first post on AVForums but I've been lurking for a few months now. I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm working on a budget 2.2 setup for movies & music in my living room and wanted to get some feedback. I've had a Beocreate amp, Raspberry Pi 4 and ELAC Debut 6.2...
  19. henrik-t

    So been out the loop for a few years i still have Xtz 99.36/26 center setup, if the Kef LS50 better??

    So been out the loop for a few years i still have Xtz 99.36/26 center setup, if the Kef LS50 better??
  20. S

    Question Awkward sofa setup for first 5.1 system

    Hi guys, I recently made the move and purchased my first 5.1 sound system. However my living room is a bit awkward with no seating directly in front of the TV - as we need access the dining area which can't be blocked by a Sofa. Please have a look at the my living area and if you can suggest...
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