1. D

    Cannot get Dolby Atmos on Denon AVRX4500H. Are my settings correct?

    Hey everyone Sorry for the long thread, wanted to get as much info in as possible with screenshots of various settings of my TV, AV, and software (Kodi). If I have missed out on anything, please let me know. Anyway, I have a 5.1.4 setup, with a Denon AVRX4500H, a Monitor Audio IWA-250...
  2. poisonborz

    A cool method to launch your video player with different settings

    I often needed my video player to launch with some custom settings for some different video files (eg. I don't want madvr to be set in MPC for a very high bitrate 8k60fps video). I know that there are profile groups (in madvr) or automatic settings based on resolution (in some players) etc but...
  3. DLxP

    G502 Lightspeed with XSX

    A longshot, but is anyone using one of these with the XSX by any chance? I'm wondering whether anyone's found a combination of settings that gets it to play smoothly in CoD Cold War. It works fairly well for me, but still stutters very slightly.
  4. shaunrow

    Question OledBX55 settings guide

    Sorry guys probably said 100s of times but cant for the life of me find a newish guide . just got it on tuesday for 979 richer sounds and look for help with sdr ,hdr and dolby vison setting please any help would be appreciate
  5. dougan

    Google Pixel 4a 5g camera HDR settings?

    I have just got this phone to replace my Pixel 3a. I cannot seem to find any HDR settings when I open the camera. Tried the settings cog, then advanced, but no mention of HDR anywhere. The 3a showed the HDR settings by just pressing the the down arrow in the camera app. Any ideas?
  6. phillipwj

    Best settings for viewing Apple TV 3 and/or Apple TV 4K on NEC PlasmaSync 50MX3G via HDFury 3

    Hi all Apologies in advance from a total newbie to this site for asking questions that may have been answered a hundred times somewhere else, but... ...For years I've been trying to find a solid quality solution to bringing my beloved NEC PlasmaSync 50MX3G Monitor into the 21st Century, with...
  7. A

    Sony KD49XG8396 Are my settings the best settings?

    Hi all, i have the Sony KD49XG8396 and watched a video on Youtube from a video collaborator that sold collab settings based on TV type, this was only a few quid so i went ahead and brought it to see if they are any good. Im basically after an expert opinion to see if these look any good or if...
  8. J

    Settings for phono box s2 ultra

    Can anyone help with setting the dip switches for use with Audio Technica at30e please.I am getting a lot of distortion with it. Thanks
  9. C

    49UN71096LB picture settings and Freeview/Freesat channels missing.

    So I got the LG mentioned above as a replacement for my Philips 50PUS7505 on which the Freeview apps stopped working. I received 171 Freeview channels plus over well over 500 Freesat channels on the Philips. On the LG I'm getting approx 130 channels for both Freeview and Freesat (130 for...
  10. lovey

    LG bx 65” Picture settings

    I am in need of some help, I have looked and there is so many threads I am getting lost, I have a LG bx 65” and I am looking for the best setting for sdr for normal television and what’s best for my Xbox series x I have been on YouTube but all I am finding are setting for the LG cx any help...
  11. O

    Hisense 65AE7400FTUK picture settings help

    Hi All, I'm an absolute novice when it comes to tv and the picture settings. Would anyone out there be willing to help me out with a good picture setup for 65AE7400FTUK i have recently purchased. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  12. buddy777

    Is it possible to reset a macbook air to original out the box settings?

    I have tried factory reset but this is not like out of the box new,it just recovers what you already had in.I made a mess of original set up and would like to start new out the box settings.Is this possible?
  13. J

    Hisense u7qft settings for a noob.

    Hi Everyone, Having this delivered tomorrow, would anyone have decent settings as I'm totally a noob at setting up a TV.... infact at 43 years young I've always just left them at factory settings. Tv mainly used for xbox one x and movies via Disney and Netflix. Any help greatly appreciated.
  14. G

    Hisense Roku 7120 Picture Settings

    Hey all, I recently bought the Hisense 43” 7120 4k for the low price of £220. It’s my first 4k tv and I mainly purchased as despite being a low end tv it was still a huge upgrade from what I had, and I also was lucky enough to get my hands on a PS5 in December. Overall I’m very happy but I am...
  15. S

    Panasonic Settings

    Hi would appreciate some help on the following issues I have an XBOX and when i check the display settings it says not supported for most settings ? I have an AV which is 4K compatable and all leads are 4K UHDR from Richer Sounds When I try to go into picture settings the "advanced settings "...
  16. C

    LG UN71006LB best picture settings

    As it says on the title. Thanks.
  17. P

    Question Hisense A7300F picture settings

    Hi all, Please help. I'm crap at navigating these forums but I think I can't see any other chats discussing this particular Hisense A7300F model. I'm struggling to determine the best picture settings for this model. Can anyone give me a definitive layout of what settings I should use to get...
  18. P

    Share settings Philips 43PUS6754 - 4K TV

    Hello all, Let us share experiences with the Philips PUS6754 - 4K TV series. Mine is the 43". Being frustrated with the image quality of the Philips 43PUS6754 - 4K TV, I read a lot in this forum. I also played around a lot with my TV, not to real satisfaction. I use the TV mainly for Netflix...
  19. K

    Philips the one 58pus7304/12 asks for help

    I'll try again. Does anyone here have better picture settings for me. I've asked before but never got a real answer You would help me a lot with it. Give me a picture with settings or some text this TV gives such a blurry picture, just want a sharp picture, please help me. Greetz Krimsie
  20. marcaaron22

    Best/optimal iPhone 12 Pro settings

    Hi, can anyone recommend any optimal settings to have the iPhone 12 Pro set to, to 1. Get the best optimal performance out of the phone. 2. Without compromising/degrading battery life. Also, anything I should have on or off to protect privacy and security? and best camera settings for photos...
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