1. C

    Onkyo HT-S3910 help set up

    I don’t know how to properly configure this unit, with strong explosions Surround starts to wheeze, something can be changed in the settings
  2. B

    Panasonic TX-50GX800 (2019) Picture Settings

    Hi, Just brough the 50" panasonic TX-50GX800. It had a load of rave reviews and was recommended as having a great picture quality. Basically, I have no idea how to set it up to get the best picture out of it. There are just so many settings and balances. I did find this when i searched on...
  3. K

    PHILIPS 58PUS7304 Best settings again.

    I have bought a PHILIPS 58PUS7304 the one. But its not the one yet fot me. I have try all the possible settings,but its not good. Can someone help me out ! Anyone with the best picture calibration. Help me again.
  4. D

    Sky Picture Settings

    Hi all, I have a 7yr old Sony HX850 TV which when watching the built in Freeview I have full access to the TV's picture settings and can adjust it to how I like the picture to look, however when linked to my Sky Q box all the settings are not available and I have to make do with how the Sky...
  5. M

    Hisense U8B Settings.

    Afternoon all. After many weeks of pestering people on here I decided to go towards the 65" Hisense U8B. I originally had the 55" Samsung JU6800 and this upgrade was literally night and day to me. I'm no pro calibrator or TV engineer but I do like a good TV. Anyway I tried tonnes of different...
  6. G

    Question Pioneer Kuro - Currents settings do not allow adjustment

    I am trying to turn on AV sound on My Pioneer Kuro 6080. However, HDMI control is completely locked regardless of my settings. Is there a way to enable them so i can actually use my receiver?
  7. subsonicbassist

    Subwoofer gain settings

    Hey all, noob here but I've looked around the forums quite a bit and wanted to clarify the info I've read. I've got a Yamaha Aventage RX-A680 along with a 5.1 set up of Yamaha entry-level satellites and an 100W 8" ported sub. Not the greatest, but can actually provide a nice clear sound with the...
  8. H

    Factory settings

    Is it possible to return satellite pro A100 laptop to factory settings ? does not seem to be mentioned in manual.None of the methods suggested online actually work - pressing f8,0,shift at same time as restart etc etc .... some lead to system restore .... but it does not work either
  9. C

    LG 50 UM7600PLB picture settings

    Would anyone be willing to share best picture settings for LG 50 UM76 or direct to me where I can find this information please? Many thanks!
  10. shodan

    Audyssey And Crossover Settings

    Hey Folks, had a bit of a play around with the amp settings and ended up re running the audessy setup.. So.. AVR DENON 3600 5.1 speakers made up of Dali Zensor 1's and the Dali Zensor Vokal for centre studies Subwoofer is the BK ELEC Monolith. So the frequency response of the Dali 1s is 53 -...
  11. T

    Optoma UHZ65UST Picture settings

    Dear community. After 3 months of wait, i finally got my Optoma UHZ65UST. And i must say i love this projector. Its the best so far i have had. And i have to state, i am not a professional nor had a lot of different equipment. But it blows me away. As i mentioned i am not a professional in this...
  12. D

    Stand by settings

    Hi all. I have recently purchased a Samsung TV that has Bixby, ( not a clue what this is) and we are prompted every three hours a message on screen saying the TV is going in stand by. I have looked but cannot find anything to stop this appearing or at least a longer time between it appearing...
  13. T

    Question Is 50Hz or 60Hz better for 24fps?

    Quick question and hoping for a quick answer! For a 10 year old UK 1080p LCD TV with only 50Hz or 60Hz to choose from, which of those is the best player setting for 24fps films? 50Hz and 60Hz are available but 24Hz is greyed out. I know both will involve some sort of pull down and judder -...
  14. 0

    Settings to use on my Nvidia Shield

    Not sure where was best to put this question. It's kind of Nvidia Shield and a projector question. Playing around with my new nvidia shield last night and watching 4k content. It seems things are not as simple as I would have hoped! Watching a movie in 4k via kodi fine. Then went to watch...
  15. R

    Please Help with HDMI arc settings from strn 1060 to a lg c9

    Hey guys so I just baught a lg c9 today 55 inch. I run everything from my amp strdn-1060 which sends sound to klipsh speakers. So everything is in the amplifier then it’s arc to the tv arc HDMI input. THIS New is a smart tv. So I have apps right on the tv. My problem is. Let’s say I use airplay...
  16. Lyahi

    Question Picture settings for Samsung UE39F5000

    Hello. I am looking for picture settings after tv calibration for Samsung UE39F5000AW. The picture in this model on the default settings is tragic. Any help appreciated.
  17. H

    LG 75 UM7600PLB - Settings

    Hi All Just got an LG 75 UM7600PLB (or any screen from the UM7XXX series as they are all supposedly very similar) and wondering if anybody has or has seen any suggested settings or at least a starting point.
  18. psychopomp1

    Windows 10 keeps messing up keyboard settings on 2 PCs

    Hi, On my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon laptop (5th gen) - silver model so with a US keyboard - I have set this up with a US keyboard in Windows 10 language settings and until recently this worked fine. On my desktop PC - with UK keyboard - this has always been setup with a UK keyboard in language...
  19. Davekale86

    Question Sub at - 6db on AVR settings

    So had a quick look at the settings on my Sony Strdn1080 and the sub setting is at - 6db is this normal the settings on the back of the sub are crossover max and volume at about 11 oclock thanks
  20. W

    DP-UB820 settings with Sony X950G

    Hi all, DVDs are super grainy and unpleasant to watch but I'm not willing to shell out and re-buy my whole collection. What are the recommended settings for the Panasonic DP-UB820 player for upscaling etc? I want the DVDs to be as sharp as possible, and for motion to be as normal looking as at...
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