1. N

    Image settings for dummies – LG TV

    Hi all! I already have a thread on audio settings for my soundbar (via the TV). This thread is on display/image settings only. First of all, I’m a total newbie, so bear with me 😊 …and bear with my less-than-optimal English. So, the questions are about image/display settings on my new LG TV. I...
  2. N

    Audio settings questions – LG TV and LG soundbar

    Hi all! First of all, I’m a total newbie, so bear with me 😊 …and bear with my less-than-optimal English. I’ve done quite a bit of searching, but haven’t found the solution for my exact question. So, the question is about settings on my new LG TV and LG soundbar. SETUP: · LG 4K 75” NanoCell...
  3. S

    Advice needed on correct chroma settings for hdr movies.

    Hello, New around here and a little bit of a noob with HDR, looking for some tech advice from someone who knows their stuff. My issue is I have a 4k hdr blu ray player set up to my 4k TV. Iv been reading up a bit about chroma formats 4:4:4, 4:4:2, 4:4:2. Im looking to find out which one will...
  4. J

    Philips OLED motion settings details

    Happy (mostly!) 48OLED806 owner here, but trying to adjust to 24p stutter. Most content is excellent, but certain pans do suffer, giving a distracting effect where, to me, it feels like you can almost see the consecutive frames together. It's actually some pixar stuff where this stands out most...
  5. broona

    Best Samsung UE55AU7100 picture settings?

    I'm getting one delivered on Friday, and just wondered if anyone would mind sharing their settings to give me a headstart getting mine set up? Many thanks in advance. 👍
  6. sykotik

    New boiler fitted and smart thermostat ( cant figure out the programme settings)

    Just got the navien boiler and smart plus wireless thermostat fitted and having difficulty working out the program settings On the website page 23 it says I have "upto" 6 programs ( settings for the day )...
  7. Willis1995

    Panasonic Recorder Sharpness Settings

    I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT850 Recorder and I watch a lot of old TV shows, such as Classic EastEnders, on Drama channel. I find that the picture looks quite compressed and soft and so wondered whether I can correct this by adjusting the sharpness settings on the recorder? In the Sharpness...
  8. E

    LG C9 / PS5 WARZONE Settings

    Hello everybody. Maybe somebody plays warzone on lg c9 and has best settings for visibility? Not for accurate
  9. Ste7en

    LG 50UP81006 Settings?

    My brother picked one of these up and I was wondering if anyone had some good settings to start from? I did find these on Rtings: LG UP8000 Calibration Settings which I thought may be a good starting point.
  10. B

    Samsung QN94A Game Mode Settings for Warzone and PS5?

    So I’ve just bought a QN94a and struggling to get the TV set up properly for game mode. Current adjustments are; Contrast enhancer, power save brightness optimisation and reduction - Off Game mode, hdr and input signal plus - On On warzone whenever I go to adjust the HDR settings the 2nd...
  11. C

    Yamaha RX-A1080 Dolby Atmos settings

    Good day; you friendly bunch. I have a fire stick 2022 version that supports 4K Dolby Atmos and I have the above mentioned Yamaha. When I play a Blu-ray the Atmos is activated however when I stream from my fire stick a movie from Disney+ for example that has the Atmos logo above the movie title...
  12. W

    Speaker and Sub Settings ... Denon AVR 2311

    I've always bought just above mid range AV / Audio equipment assuming they'd be a reasonable quality but not really understood best ways to set them up but I'm suddenly erring owards becoming a minor audiophile and am starting to understand a bit more including what cross over levels for a sub...
  13. bery_451

    Help with New Series X Console Settings for the Best Optimisation for LG CX OLED TV

    Hi, I have a LG CX OLED TV that has built in Dolby Atmos. Like to take full advantage of this tv only. - Does HDMI-CEC setting mean whenever I turn on my xbox, my tv will turn on automatically too and switch to the right hdmi input automatically? I enabled this setting but not working. -...
  14. thestorm

    LG C1 and Mac-mini M1: Display settings

    All, I have a Mac mini connected to my LG C1. Please can you advise what are the ideal settings to get the best out of this screen? Below is a screen shot of the display settings. I have had this mac connected from a HDMI connection & USB C Thunderbolt too. I can't really see much of a...
  15. shodan

    Google TV, Disney+ Options and Settings

    Hey folks, Firstly Mods please move this to the most appropriate place, I couldn't decide... So, I have the Google TV which I think is great and I've been loving using it. I recently went to use Disney+ to watch a Marvel Movie with Imax Enhanced (my AVR has Imax Enhanced) and I went down a...
  16. B

    Subwoofer crossover settings

    Evening All, in the past kind forum members have advised on the optimum settings on my sub to compliment the amp and speakers. I've had a play around and generally bounce between non-existent bass and and wife annoying boom! Any help on Frequency and Phase settings appreciated. The sub is a...
  17. skirpydoink

    Roku TV Antenna settings?

    Hi there, just bought a hisense roku tv for the bedroom, I've got everything working fine apart from the live TV, the antenna and cable worked fine on my old TV but this TV doesn't pick up any channels on Freeview HD. I had a hisense TV before that never picked up my antenna but changed the...
  18. P

    how to prevent my son to create a second xbox account?

    Hi all, My son has a Xbox series S. Despite a parental control he was able to create a second account on its Xbox directly. how can I stop him from doing this? In the parental control settings? I haven't found where? Thanks in advance for your help :)
  19. F

    TV Philips 50PUS8535/12 does not keep the screen saver settings

    Hello to everyone from Milan, Italy. I have a problem with a TV Philips 50PUS8535/12 I started using the screensaver options and settings and it works but only while TV is working or in stand-by. Once I unplug the TV it completely forgets that I have set it to start the screensaver after 5...
  20. Phil Hinton

    LG G2 best out of the box picture settings for SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision (IQ).

    Here are my recommended out of the box settings for the LG G2 OLED Evo TV. These are also the same suggestions for G1, C1 and C2.
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