Setting may refer to:
A location (geography) where something is set
Set construction in theatrical scenery
Setting (narrative), the place and time in a work of narrative, especially fiction
Setting up to fail a manipulative technique to engineer failure
Stonesetting, in jewelry, when a diamond or gem is set into a frame or bed
Campaign setting in role playing games
In computers and electronics, the Computer configuration or options of the software or device
Set and setting, the context for psychedelic drug experiences
Setting (knot), the tightening of a knot
Musical setting, the composition of music for an existing text, usually in choral music.

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  1. A

    Philips 43PUS8807 - no brightness settings?

    Hello, In my new Philips 43PUS8807 there is no picture brightness settings. I can find all sorts of settings for color, gamma, contrast, dark levels.... but is picture menu there is no brightness settings? The only thing which works simmilar to brightness is "backlight contrast" value...
  2. MaryJAllDay

    LG 55UR8000AUA Picture settings - can’t turn off motion smoothing

    My old LG has a setting called TruMotion. I turn it on for sports and off for everything else. I just got the 55UR80, which seems always to have TruMotion on, which is so annoying. It has a setting under Advanced Picture Settings called Clarity, and under that is something called Smooth...
  3. S

    Favourite sound settings? LG 55C3

    Hi All, Just got myself a C3. Happy Days! And working and playing through the settings. I've watched the video for the picture settings, which is great in that I am learning a lot. Just wondering what out-of-the-box sound settings you all prefer. At the moment I don't have a soundbar (need to...
  4. L

    Hisense U9G 2021 best settings for gaminfg

    Hi all I’m currently running a Ps5 on a Hisense U9G (2021) has a gaming mode but can anyone recommend any good gaming picture settings to get the best picture for this tv ? Thank you in advance
  5. snerkler

    Samsung QN90/Tizen settings query?

    I've just received my QN90B TV and there's a couple of things that are bugging me and I hope to be able to solve them. The first one, which is a real nuisance, is that when I've been in the TV's settings menu and press "EXIT" on the remote, instead of returning back to the current source (eg...
  6. T

    Question 65pus8807 Picture issues

    Hi can anyone help me, on dark scenes on my new TV(65pus8807) I have very poor picture quality, like it's very low compression pixelated, I believe this TV is ips panel? I had an older version ambilight TV which didn't have this issue. has anyone got any settings they use what could help this...
  7. killer10971

    Yamaha RXA3070 Amp settings

    I have always had my onboard amp setup to "basic" as advised and speaker test tones have always come through all my speakers (5.1.4) the atmos effect has always been there but not really blowing my socks off as others report. whilst going through the menu i thought i would try one of the other...
  8. Noir

    Q Acoustics 7000LRi crossover settings

    Hi All, I am using the Q Acoustics 7000LRi for rears in my system and I wanted to know what crossover I should be using with a Yamaha A8A? I currently am using 100hz but just wanted to check to see if anyone else had a different setting.
  9. K

    Question Pioneer BDP-LX58 No Network

    My Pioneer BDP-LX58 suddenly refused to connect to the network, on checking in settings message says no network. I connected the ethernet cable from my Panasonic unit which is recognising the network, and still no network, so its definitely a problem with the Pioneer itself, have tried reset...
  10. B

    How to change aspect ratio of Panasonic 65jz1500

    I cannot see how to change aspect ratio of Panasonic 65jz1500 In menu/picture/screen settings there is only Pixel orbiter Logo Luminance Control Panel Maintenace Panel Maintenance Message
  11. Phil Hinton

    VIDEO: Panasonic MZ980 Best Picture Settings - Discussion Thread

    We present our best settings out of the box for the Panasonic MZ980 OLED TV. Read the news.
  12. P

    UHD picture settings for TX-55HZ1000B

    I have the picture settings I like for normal and HD programmes, but I have recently swapped to Sky Stream and the UHD set-up isn’t quite right. Can anybody recommend a set-up?
  13. T

    Need a specific tv with these settings

    Hey all, I've posted in LG as I thought I had found the solution. I need to purchase a new TV. Needs to be easy to access. So when tv us turned on, all you have to do is press channel number and you can watch tv (for elderly person) So I hoping for a TV with the following settings: 1. Program...
  14. SLKing

    Question Philips 65OLED857 Ambilight deranged

    Hello, i have an Philips 65OLED857. My daughter was watching a colorul Anime , the scene was mostly red and blue and i recognized that the Ambilight does not match the color which i dont recognized in normal mixed tv. For example the Irish Flag ( Green,White,Orange) is way off from how it...
  15. F

    Lg qu91 86 inch tv settings

    Best settings advice for this tv 4k video is great but 1080p looks a bit blurry
  16. S

    sony xw6000 settings

    Audio advise shows sony xw6000 has two types of settings one for HDR and one for SDR. To set different settings for each, does it depending on playing 1080p vs 4k or 1080/4k non hdr vs 4k hdr?Basically playing 1080 or 4k without hdr is to set sdr settings vs 4k hdr only hdr settings. I would...
  17. R

    Hdr settings on Panasonic Oled TX-42LZ980E

    Since a few months I've had this Panasonic and have been extremely satisfied with the sound and picture, watching everything i Filmmaker mode! This has been perfect for DVD:s and Blu Rays, but now as I've come to 4K HDR it's a different kettle of fish. I would like to keep everything as it is in...
  18. W

    talking about sony's adv contrast and sdr settings

    in my a80j the adv. contrast has different function in hdr and sdr mode for sdr it will crush the shadow details,so turning it off is the best setting but for hdr it will raise the shadow details,if you are hard to see the shadow details you can set it to normal or high. from what i tested the...
  19. Franco50

    LG SJ800V - always asks for region settings at power on

    Every time I switch on my LG SJ800V 49-inch TV I am prompted to enter the region. This only started happening recently and is understandably very frustrating. Can anyone suggest a fix please? Is it a software issue?
  20. P

    Sky Stream picture settings

    I have recently started using Sky Stream and am fairly happy with it. However I have noticed some annoying motion judder when using the apps and a few films seem not to be HD quality let alone UHD quality. I have tried tinkering with the picture settings on the puck and even upgraded the HDMI...
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