1. CaptainEd

    Headphone cable repair/replacement service

    Hi, I thought I'd dig out my old Beyerdynamic DT1350 to see how they sounded with my headphone amp only to discover a rather large break/tear in the cable. I have a cat with a bad record of chewing cables, which has cost me in fortune over the years and a few of the cats lifes, when the cables...
  2. S

    How to reset the color on a Samsung UE55 F8000 ?

    Can anyone please tell me how to reset the colour settings in the service menu of a Samsung UE55 F8000. I clicked on something in there and now my TV colour is all messed up. I've tried resetting the colour in the TV menu but it didn't help much. Thank you
  3. I

    13 Minutes To The Moon: Series broadcast on the BBC World Service 2019 I listened to this 12 part series on the BBC World Service in 2019 about how the Apollo 11 mission after President Kennedy's speech and how the decade of the 1960’s and the problems, failures and successes that lead to the Apollo 11 landing in 1969 and...
  4. M

    service menu code philips 24pha4100/98

    Hi guys im hoping one of you guys can help me please. I have got 5 philips 24pha4100/98 given to me by a friend but they are set to the wrong region is there a service menu code for this tv to change this? do all philips tvs have a service menu or do some not have them?
  5. Ste7en

    Booked a service and MOT, starting with the upsell already!

    Just rang the dealer we take our car to for its service and MOT (Mazda, so you have to do it via a dealer for the online service history). Anyway, they've been bought out by another garage chain. No sooner was I on the phone than they started with the upselling "Do you want an engine flush? We...
  6. FinTGM09

    LOGIK 21.6 HD 1080p “Services Setup” Menu?

    This TV is a 10 year old LOGIK 21.6 HD Ready 1080p Digital LCD TV with Integrated DVD Player. The model number of this TV is L22DVDW10U. Shortly after Auto-Tuning the television, I was greeted with a message stating that I had to select the SERVICES SETUP menu to add new services. So I...
  7. zt1903

    Assassin’s Creed Infinity (Live Service)

    requiescat in pace
  8. K

    Seat service plan

    Anyone recently taken out a seat service plan recently? Have you got a better offer through your local dealership or is it the same price as stated online? Had my first two services done last year and my 3rd service is approaching soon.
  9. S

    Jamo and Klipsch poor customer service

    Jos olet hankkii kaiutinjärjestelmän. Vältä Jamo- ja Klipsch-tuotemerkkejä. Minulla on Jamo-kaiuttimet ja ongelmia niiden kanssa. Jamo-valmistaja ei ole kiinnostunut ongelmastani, koska he ovat saaneet rahat. Kukaan ei vastaa kysymyksiin asiakaspalvelussaan, vaikka kysymys kysyttiin lähes kaksi...
  10. silouette

    Sherbourne 1500 5 channel power amp service ?

    I have one of the above and pretty happy using it as part of 11 channel system . But It's getting on for 18 years old at least and wondered if a service might be due? Caps etc. Is there anyone out there that is able to do this or has any thoughts etc. Happy to receive a PM if I'm allowed?
  11. N

    Looking for someone to service budget amp and speakers

    Denon PMA-350SE and Tannoy E11 in need of a service as have lost definition and brightness. Epsom, Surrey. Know anyone who can help?
  12. bilbosmeggins

    Is there anywhere that provides overclocking service?

    Just wondered if anyone knew of a reputable, UK based business that offers a professional overclocking service? I know the general advice is to have a go yourself, but I rather enjoy my pc not smelling of burning. And I just don’t have the time resources to spend 2 months swotting upon the...
  13. Ugg10

    Spotify HQ service Finally, Spotify looks like they have caved in and will be launching a CD quality service later in the year, no info on 24/96 or 24/192 service though.
  14. F

    Question VR customer service

    Does anyone know who has the best customer service in the VR business? I currently have oculus and want to buy a different product because their customer service is horrible.
  15. D

    Samsung UN55LS03N keeps restarting. No service help

    Please help. I have searched everywhere. I am (was a Samsung fan). I bought 10 of these 55 inch Frame TV’s for gifts when they were on sale for family. Over year and a half I passed them out. My poor elderly mother is sheltered in with Covid restrictions and her only TV keeps turning on and off...
  16. A

    Question Registered Blind- Philips customer service a joke

    I bought a 65 inch Philips for my husband as he has a deteriorating condition and is registered blind due to partial sighted. We connected up a Sonos beam and could not get it to work. So exchanged for a Yamaha 290. Still no good. Philips just send a list of whole things to do but still no good...
  17. reevesy

    Question anyone using now tv broadband /phone service?

    hi all, in the middle of buying a new place...hopefully in end of dec/new year....anyway looking at starting again with a fast broadband provider...was with utility warehouse for everything...alreeady been looking into starting to think about tinternet etc now tv seem to have...
  18. MidnightSalad

    Samsung RCD-980 Portable CD Cassette Player, Service Suggestions?

    Hi, I have an older Samsung RCD-980 portable CD/Cassette player from the early 90s. Although everything on it functions fine, when in use there's a rank/powerful fish/salty smell coming from it, and it's also extremely hot to the touch towards the 'top-left-back' of the unit. It's not a...
  19. marcd5123

    Question Marantz SA-15S1 Player Service Greese /Belts /Service

    Hi Guys, I have owned from new my Marantz SA-15S1 CD player and still using it. By far the finest CD Player iv ever owned after my previous Arcam CD93T which iv still got as a backup boxed up. Anyhow Iv service all my equipment my self as much as I can. And twice a year I give my Marantz a...
  20. jdevil

    Amazon unveils cloud gaming service Luna
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