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  1. M

    service menu code philips 24pha4100/98

    Hi guys im hoping one of you guys can help me please. I have got 5 philips 24pha4100/98 given to me by a friend but they are set to the wrong region is there a service menu code for this tv to change this? do all philips tvs have a service menu or do some not have them?
  2. M

    32lx80 how to hide input name (hdmi1) if turned on by viera link?

    Using old (may be 2007 or 2008 year model LCD TV) 32lx80 with mibox s. If viera link is turned on tv turns on and off when I press on/off button on mibox remote BUT it constantly shows green label HDMI1 on the screen after that, it can be removed only if I press 'input av' button or 'info'...
  3. L

    LG55SK8100 - switch off bluetooth

    Hello, I have Smart TV LG55SK8100 with magic remote. I want to buy and use classic remote control. (without bluetooth). I would like to switch off bluetooth transmission on TV. But that choice is not in user settings. I bought application at googleplay store to get to service menu TV but I did...
  4. B

    Q90T - How to stop the dimming in games? Video example provided.

    I've been continuously messing with the Q90T settings to get the best picture/performance in HDR games. Destiny 2 has been a real pain. Without getting into everything else I did, this is what I'm experiencing: It drives me crazy. Whenever there's a bright sky or anything else, darker...
  5. chrisZa

    Question Samsung QLED Service menu (using One Remote)?

    HI, I would like to change my country on my QLED to be able to download US or UE apps (Disney+ to be precise). I am unable to access the service menu because I only have the ONE Remote (not the Smart Remote) I have the VPN set up but I am unable to get to hold of apps outside of my region on...
  6. esko

    Samsung Q80R service menu

    Hi everybody, i really need your help. can someone please send me his default settings service menu for the picture 2d please? i think i might changed something. it should be reaaally appreciated.
  7. ataoski

    Samsung UE46ES6340 SMART LED TV - Where can I find service menu default settings?

    I'm having samsung 46" SMART LED TV (Model UE46ES6340SXTK) I accidentally changed my TV's SVC settings and I cannot restore them. Can you tell me how? I have to enter the original SVC settings, but in the SVC part the screen fits together. When I activate Movie or 3D modes of the TV, the screen...
  8. H

    Question Source for Samsung TV Service Manuals

    Anyone know where one could download a copy of a Samsung TV service manual. Maybe for the NU8000 or RU8000. Although I have a feeling any of the NU and RU series will be similar. Looking for details on the service menu. Thanks, Harry
  9. E

    Panasonic OLED ASBL

    Hello fellow Panasonic users, I'd like to know if any one of you knows how to disable ASBL (not ABL) in the service menu of a GZ 2000 ? In games like FIFA or NBA 2K with a HUD, the overall brightness gets dimmed down after 1 ou 2 minutes which ruin the gaming experience... Thank you in advance...
  10. C

    Question can UK Q80R owners check how many dimming zones they have by checking the service menu?

    as above. trying to check if one users experience checking a set in Currys is a one off, maybe a currys exclusive version, or if all UK Q80R sets only have 48 zones. the 55".
  11. O

    Service Menu Q70R

    Hi o got myself a Q70R TV from samsung and made some mistakes in the video settings. Everything was just blurry i found out how to reset the device from the service menu, and to have really everything reseted i decided to use that i used the reset at SVC/RESET/Factory Reset unfortunately now all...
  12. L

    Question how to access service mode on 50LA6230 3D tv

    Hello guys hope is everyone is fine. i just done changing the back light LED strips of my Tv, and i need to reset the blinking red light which is still blink two time when i turn the TV ON. i have try some method in from the internet but non of them work. would be very appreciate for your...
  13. Rafo

    Question PLANO CW-29M66W - Switch to AV in Service Menu

    Hi everyone. I have a Samsung Plano CRT TV, model number CW29M66VSGXXEC, type HR29M5. I need to adjust some geometry stuff. I can access the service menu with the Info-Menu-Mute-Power combination easily, BUT from this menu I can't switch to AV mode so I can't get any picture to work with as...
  14. hoppery

    UH770v Service Menu help

    Hi I have just moved region and need to be able to set the TV to my correct region and country (previously it was UAE, now Europe - Spain) I am trying to find the short cut to the service menu. Bear in mind the magic remote is RF only so none of the anymote type applications will work. Has...
  15. B

    TCL TV CEC Issue

    Hi All, Have a fleet of TCL L42E9ADF TV's that are operating with Amino STB's. The CEC is working fine for on/off function but periodically fails. Shop mode seems to resolve, but drops the default volume to 30 which is too low. Any idea's? I can't find codes to access advanced menu's. If I...
  16. M

    Question So many issues with Nu7100

    Hi new to this thread but looking for help with my tv, nu7100 model Its a 43”, i like to tinker until everythings perfect, so when the global dimming wasnt turning off i was upset with my purchase. I fixed that with the service menu but i think now i mightve touched another wrong setting trying...
  17. R

    Question How do I disable internal speakers on Panasonic FX550B

    I have a SONOS soundbar connected to my Panasonic FX550B tv with an optical cable (the only option with SONOS) but I dont seem to be able to find an option to disable the internal speakers. Selecting "Amplifier" on the sound menu does not seem to do it. Is there another way? On my previous...
  18. C

    Question LG 32LD450 Software upgrade and service menu

    Hello all I have a LG 32LD450-ZA, Software 03.00.23 (buyed it 2010 and never upgraded it) I want to get access to the service menu to flip the screen 180° for a multi monitor setup. I read that this is possible by service menu, but I can't get access to it. I tried holding menu on tv and remote...
  19. A

    Samsung UA50F5500 type not editable in service menu | image flipped

    Dear forum, After a lightning strike the input ports of my Samsung TV (UE46F5370) turned dead. I found the same mainboard for a very cheap price so I thought I give it a try to replace it. The change worked so far, however the image is upside down. The mainboard is from a UA50F5500 which is now...
  20. Dogmai

    Question LG OLED Service Menu: Tool Option 6: Adaptive Dimming

    Hi there, I own an LG OLED55C7. In the Service Menu, under Tool Option6, is an option to adjust Adaptive Dimming, with various options available e.g. Weak1, Weak2, Weak3, Medium1.... etc etc. Default is Weak3. Does anyone have knowledge or experience of this setting and what it does? Is it...
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