1. coalfield

    For Sale Synology DS718+ NAS Server (No disks) with 16GB Crucial Memory (useful for plex streaming)

    Excellent condition, retail box with cables unused. Includes 16GB memory (CT2K8G3S186DM) which is verified no issues. £300 delivered.
  2. E

    Sony Bravia 2020 TV running Plex as media server optical out quality

    I have a 2020 Sony KD-49XH9505 which I've installed Plex player onto via the Google Store. I then via the player, play MP3 192k audio files from my NAS box with Plex server on it. The audio is output from the TVs optical output and converted into my hi-fi amp (there's no analogue audio out on...
  3. marksovereign

    For Sale Audio Store Imp Compact Music Server 1tbHdd/60gb SSD/ 4GB Ram

    For Sale Audio Store IMP Low profile Music Server Has 1tb HDD/ 60gb SSD with 4gb Ram Quad Core with coax/spdif Bought 2018, Loaded with music and never used my wife doesn't like it or understand how to use it properly so this could be a real bargain for someone I paid £635 for it...
  4. Arfa

    For Sale Rack mountable server case, 4u,

    Large server rack-mountable computer case. 18cm high (4u), 550mm deep, standard 460mm wide, black steel. Comes with a lockable front access panel (with keys!), an internal USB mem card reader, a 3.5" to 2.5" drive bay bracket and some fans. Space for lots of drives and full size ATX motherboard...
  5. elsmandino

    Home Assistant - adding speaker to RPi3 server to announce activity

    Hi there. I am struggling by with my new Home Assistant server (running on a RPi3) and am hoping that it gets easier to be honest as the learning curve is even steeper than I had anticipated. Anyway, I am looking to add a USB spearker to my server, with the intention that it can announce when...
  6. P

    Playing 4K files from Plex Server Issues

    Playing 4K files from Plex Server Issues Hello and apologies if this question is in the wrong place or already asked, I spent some time looking on the site and couldn't find a match I'm hoping someone with the know-how or knowledge can either point me in the right direction or even help me...
  7. M

    PLEX Media Server - corrupt database - unable to see or play media

    Hello! I’ve had Plex for a long while now with very little issues. Yesterday - my PC froze and had to be turned off and on again. Since then I am unable to open PLEX Media Server and my media is not viewable on any of my devices. When I try to ‘launch’ Plex Media Server I get a box saying...
  8. D

    Playlist using Cambridge CXN and Twonky server.

    Hi, Can anyone advise me how I can create playlists for my setup. I have a Cambridge CXN v2 and stream music from a WD EX2Ultra NAS. The EX2 uses Twonky server. The setup works fine but I'd love to create playlists of favourite tracks but can't find a way to do this.
  9. J

    TV streaming device which supports DTS-HD-MA and True HD (and possibly Atmos) when watching back blu-rays ripped to a Ubuntu Plex server?

    Hi all, I've just installed Ubuntu server onto an old laptop. Onto this I installed Plex media server, and transferred a MKV rip of Nightcrawler 1080p blu-ray, and lots of m4a music files by means of STFP. All works beautifully on various Plex client devices throughout the house (iPhone, iPad...
  10. oasismark

    A Township Tale - AVF server?

    Anyone playing A Township Tale on Quest? Im wanting to join a frienldy server and work towards community goals? Its a great game but i think it will be just a bit too lonely alone. If anyones interested, let see how we do it? I can try set up a server tonight? And ill add friends and invite...
  11. luckysim0n

    Using as a media server?

    Has anyone set there PS5 up as a media server my box and wire count is surpassing the allowed limits of the wife So was thinking of using PS5 as a replacement for my Shield plus It will be an external hard drive plugged in to PS5 and using Plex well that's my plan unless some one has a better...
  12. nwgarratt

    Gmail POP and SMTP servers not working

    Since around 10PM last night, my Thunderbird program stopped downloading and sending Gmail emails. Has anyone got the same? I can still see my messages on the Gmail website.
  13. vancreef

    Media Server issue on LG V30+

    Hi. This error first appeared on my phone screen approx a year ago and has gotten more frequent. It used to be once a month, then once a week and now daily. After this happens the phone will not play any media, video or audio. All alarms cease to sound, no ringtone or notifications, even the...
  14. Trajet

    Toshiba Smart TV, Twonky Server Issue.

    I have a Toshiba 24WK3A63DB Smart TV. I also use Twonky Server built into a WDMyCloud NAS. I am having a problem streaming from the NAS with this TV only. I think the problem is that the TV will only go five folders in before it can't go any deeper. This isn't an issue with any of the other...
  15. $

    Cisco server experts here?

    Hi all, I am hoping we have IT professionals here as I have a question outside of normal home use equipment. I am configuring raid on a Cisco UCS server. The HDDs are JBOD at the moment and I need to change them to 'Unconfigured good'. I am using CIMC and the problem is I can only change one...
  16. P

    Home network music / audio server solutions

    Hi all - I've posted this on the hi-fi forum but thought it might be sensible to cast the net a little wider and post here too. I am looking into solutions for setting up a server for local music files; but here's the thing: I don't want to consider a NAS drive. Why? Well I have some experience...
  17. P

    Home network music / audio server solutions

    Hi all I am looking into solutions for setting up a server for local music files; but here's the thing: I don't want to consider a NAS drive. Why? Well I have some experience with NASs and I feel that they are essentially very underpowered units which take up space and have very limited...
  18. zantarous

    Media Server OS

    So looking for some advice on what OS folks recommend to run a media server on. For the last few years I have been running a NAS that has run Plex, and a bunch of other apps in docker. Last month the NAS died and hopefully I will get a new one shortly. However it seemed to me like I had a single...
  19. T

    Minim server version 2

    i am using Qnap NAS with music on it scanned by Minim server. I have noticed that Minim server have some new version 2 ( mine is 0.8), and from now on there are free part of Minim server and paid one. I am planning to use it anyway in the future, but i can't really understand what are the...
  20. AVBeginner

    Weapons Grade Media Serving

    My current home ‘media serving’ system is old and at the budget end of the spectrum. I want to overhaul it and avoid buffering issues I have today. Current Setup Synology DS214 Play with Plex Server Cat-6 wired Ethernet and WIFI-6 APs Roku StreamingStick+ (WiFi) with Plex app Amazon Fire Stick...
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