1. S

    For Sale HP ML110 G9 Tower Server & HP Microserver G8 Xeon

    for sale, a nice little server in a desktop tower case. HP ML110 G9 Tower Server Intel Xeon E5-1603 v3 2.8GHz, 64bit, 4 core 24GB DDR4 ECC RAM (8 RAM slots, 4 in use) Redundant PSUs iLO card for remote management HP Smart Array P440 8x SFF Hotswap 2.5” SAS bays, with 1x 600GB HDD Fully working...
  2. R

    Newbie to NAS: help required to set up a N54L as a media server

    I've inherited an HP N54L which has been used for film back ups. I believe it has been configured as RAID1 with 4 x 3TB drives. I'd like to convert this into a media server on my network to stream music to my analogue hi-fi via a suitable streamer/DAC. I've read the FAQ's section on here but it...
  3. D

    Question Panasonic 49FX750 TV shows a 'Fail' when trying to Register with PC DLNA server

    I have 49FX750 TV. I can play videos & pictures from my PC DLNA player to the TV but I can't connect properly from the TV back to the PC folders. The PC mac address shows as connected and DLNA is 'On'. When I go to Register the PC on the TV via Menu, Network Links it always fails. The PC has...
  4. JabbaNut

    FIRMWARE: Beelink GT-King PRO version 922H, adds SAMBA server (910P0)

    ". Changelog 1 Add samba function 2 Update the manual apk (change screenshots related to OTA upgrade, add dynamic model adaptation) 3 Turn off the CEC master switch by default 4 Settings–>Display–>Add the “Status Bar Status” switch to solve the problem that the top status bar is displayed when...
  5. Bigfingers

    Transfer 25tb to new unraid server

    What have you found the fastest way to transfer large amounts of data to a new unraid server from a Windows 10 machine? Torn between 10gbe network cards or something like krusader and hooking the drives up directly with USB or sata? Advice welcome as thinking of dipping my toe into a new project.
  6. Y

    Connect to Samsung server

    I am getting message "unable to connect to Samsung server check network settings or try later" How can I connect, my TV is online. any help appreciated
  7. GMac92

    PS4 Online Server Disconnections

    Hello all! Looking for some advice, recently (just this last week) I have had this issue where when playing online I am constantly disconnecting from online servers about 4 or 5 minutes into a game. It has been happening mostly on Call of Duty Warzone but I also tested Star Wars Battlefront as...
  8. E

    Question Claritas 260M Compact Digital Media Server

    I've changed the above enclosure (after many years of good service) to a SilverStone GD09 case. I went for the newer case for the improved cooling and to be fair, it's not half bad. I'm wondering if it's worth my while trying to sell the Claritas. I've had it on e-Bay for the last few weeks -...
  9. wolfie138

    Freeview Player "Can't Connect To Server. Please Try Later"

    i'm using a Hisense U7A, don't go to FP much but was checking it out a couple days ago and got the message above, and since then that's all i get. Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc are all fine, is there any reason FP isn't playing ball, and anything i can try to rectify it? TIA
  10. JabbaNut

    TUTORIAL: SAMBA server on Android, options and configuration

    Thought I would share
  11. saguk1234

    Question Putting the 5g router and server in the loft

    I have an orbi rbk50, huawei cpe pro 5g router and a unraid server all in the bedroom office. I want to put the huawei in the loft to improve the mobile signal and I may put my server up there too. I am thinking of plugging the huawei and server into a network switch and then into a single...
  12. antighsiothail

    Denying acces to internet on pc used as media server.

    Hi I've just setup an old Windows 7 pc as a media server on my home network. Everything works just fine but given that 7 won't get anymore security updates is it possible to stop that pc from having internet access while still being able to share files across my home network. It's wired directly...
  13. gaknor

    Windows server 2008 dns problem

    Hi, i've tried to create a dns directory in virtual machine with WS 2008, but when i choose dns server in the Active directory assistant said "A delegation cannot be created for this DNS server because the authorized primary zone is not found". What's de primary zone and how can be solucionated...
  14. mjn

    Sonos and Windows Server 2019

    Anybody host their Sonos music library on a Windows 2019 Server? Long shot i know :laugh: Just having trouble getting the Sonos to connect. According to the error message and Sonos KB articles, it is a windows firewall problem. I've opened the required ports, but still doesn't work. Even...
  15. andymet87

    Question Server for small office (Papercut & GIS)

    Hi all, I currently run a one man business and am coming up to the end of my financial year so I'm looking to buy some new kit whilst it is tax efficient to do so in anticipation for taking skneone on as soon as COVID-19 passes.... I use Office365 primarily on one desktop PC. This desktop also...
  16. grantsteve

    Question Networked Media Server

    I suspect this question could have been put in a number of different places, but since my gear is all Apple I thought I'd start here. I have a number of TVs around the house, all of which have ATV3s connected and I use these to stream video via iTunes from a Macbook. My problem is that my...
  17. blakecastro

    Question Verbatim NAS access outside of my network help

    Verbatim NAS Hard Drive Enclosure Network Attached Storage/Print Server 1TB Hello I bought this simple NAS server for home use, for video streaming and photo backup, I manage to configure everything to work fine in my local network even configurate my android smartphone to use NAS has backup...
  18. Puntoboy

    4k Plex Server

    I have a Synology NAS (DS1515+) that not only acts as storage, but also run my Plex server. It's been fine for a number of years but in the last 6-12 months as I upgrade my library to 4K it's started to struggle, understandably. I want to replace it with a small dedicated server that can...
  19. B

    My LG cant find my NAS server after router change

    Hi so i got a problem after i changed my router/ISP, i am thinking its the router that it causing the problem. Even tho after a call my ISP tells me it must be my router/tv configs. I believe my old router prolly worked (with the new isp) with Synology, so its only after change of router...
  20. A

    Blu-ray backup+NAS - Personal media server??

    Any Mods...please move if necessary..unsure if posting on correct section.. I’m looking to backup/rip all the Blu-rays I own (around 250) to a dedicated home server and be able to stream around the house ‘locally’ via software like plex...and also be able to access my server while I’m away on...
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