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  1. Z

    For Sale Xbox Controller with Windows 10 Wireless Adapter + Play and Charge Kit (USB-C Series X)

    I have for sale the following: Xbox Controller with Windows 10 Wireless Adapter used once - £45 Official Play and Charge Kit with USB-C Cable x2 (both used once) - £18 each Xbox PDP Talon Media Remote Control - £15 Can be dispatched immediately.
  2. M

    For Sale Xbox Series X Console £440

    For sale is my 'as new' Xbox Series X Console. Only purchased from Very on 20th July and received on 22nd so only been in receipt for 11 days. Really only purchased to try out Flight Simulator and I've done enough sightseeing! As so, the console comes boxed in practically new condition. The...
  3. Dubious

    Wanted XBOX SERIES X

    As title
  4. MikeFTD

    For Sale Xbox Series X Controller - Carbon Black

    Bought an elite controller so up for grabs. Purchased from Amazon in Nov last year. Great condition, No box £37 inc Will be able to post probably the weekend at earliest
  5. LeeDicko

    Wanted Wheel for Xbox Series X (don't need the pedals)

    Looking for the Logitech G923 or 920 (although open to other wheels). Don't need the pedals so hoping it will be a bit cheaper. Payment waiting via BT or PPG
  6. S

    Memory Usage XBOX Series X

    Bought XBOX Series X strictly for MS Flight Simulator 2020. Is it possible to delete all game ads and thus maximize memory availability for MSFS 2020?
  7. G

    Series X with old receiver

    Hi, I have a Yamaha V373 receiver with 1.4 hdmi output. i have a Sony XE9005 TV which is 4K and has hdmi 2.0 i believe. Ig i was to get a xbox series X what would be the best way of connecting this as my receiver is not 4k. I believe my TV has 2 Hdmi ports that support 4k HDR. Would i connect...
  8. Skeleratis

    F1 2021 - Crashing Xbox Series X

    Hello. My Xbox Series X is crashing because of F1 2021. It is a newly launched game. If anyone else has these problems please let me know! Its so strange that F1 2020 wasnt crashing any systems but F1 2021 can and does.
  9. cheshire_carper

    For Sale Immortals Fenyx Rising for Xbox and Series X

    For sale, £18 posted :)
  10. Jigahertz

    For Sale Xbox series X and extras

    Had this series X for nearly 2 months, bought from Smyths online. comes with original box, series X controller and a white Xbox one controller, battery charger and Xbox specific 3000mah battery packs. Also will throw in a disc version of GTAV. not a scratch, perfect condition and hardly used...
  11. J

    New TV for Freesat HD and Xbox Series X

    Hi, looking for advice and so this is the place to come. Having read different threads i am probably more confused! I am looking for a new tv after our 10 year old Samsung has got kapupt. It would be used for Freesat HD and Sky, so would like the tv to have that option built in and i am also...
  12. C

    For Sale Xbox Series X with games and play and charge kit.

    Xbox series x. Excellent condition hasn't been moved or used much. Purchased November 2020. Also comes with play and charge kit, and games sunset overdrive, tomb raider, and rare replay, and a couple of 360 games that are BC. Looking for pick up or meet locally.
  13. Waynej

    Xbox Series X hardware issues??

    I’m curious to know if anyone else here has encountered these issues. I’ve had external HDD issues, and just recently SX controller sync problems. From the console‘s launch I noticed within the first few weeks that sometimes when powering on from Energy saving mode that my 4TB External HDD...
  14. Pooon

    Audio Sync issue on Series X

    I have my sX connected with the supplied HDMI cable to a Lg CX which is then connected via HDMI to a Yamaha Adventage Rxa1060 and from all sources, be it games, YouTube, sky go and downloads on external USB (played with VLC) there is a horrific and unplayable/watchable audio sync issue. I...
  15. theiceman007

    For Sale Xbox series X with 2 controllers and dock

    Xbox one series x Fantastic condition 2 controllers And charge dock and packs Selling as want ps5
  16. J

    Audio Lag - New to the Xbox Series X

    I'm really hoping someone can help me with an audio lag issue I'm having with me new Xbox One Series X when using Dolby Atmos. My set up: LG C1 with LG SN9YG sounder connected to eARC port, then I have the Xbox connected to HDMI directly into the TV so I can ensure im getting all of the...
  17. Keith88

    Samsung Frame (2021) unable to run xbox series x at 4k 120hz

    I'm playing Xbox on my new 55 Frame at 60hz no problems at all but if I change my Xbox to 120hz the TV crashes. Anyone else had this issue?
  18. S

    Xbox series x 4K blu ray blackout

    So, recently I purchased the xbox series x and last night decided to watch my first 4K movie the Matrix. I watch on my LG CX oled 55”. It was fine for about 20 minutes then the screen went black and the sound worked and menu still worked. I of course restarted the xbox and the app which would...
  19. StylishGum

    Xbox Series X - will DTS X transcode to Dolby Atmos

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, but I'll give it a shot. I have an LG CX that does not pass DTS, and I need to connect the XSX directly to the TV to use VRR and ALLM. If I want to use the XSX as a 4k Blu-ray player and enjoy DTS X sound from discs, will the XSX transcode...
  20. T

    Xbox series x and elgato hd60

    Hi, I recently was given an elgato hd60 to try out with my xbox. Looking for some advice. Normally I play on a monitor displaying at 1440p 120hz but as the capture card only allows a passthrough of 1080p 60hz it forces my series x to display at those settings. Would it be possible use a hdmi...
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