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  1. barney007

    For Sale Xbox series x

    Hi All Selling my xbox series x (used once from new for 25minutes) Complete with box and a controller. Everything in like new condition. I'm a ps5 guy only reason for sale. £350 collected £350 plus postage @ cost rmsd
  2. B

    Anyone ordered a Series X from Shopto lately?

    Just curious to know if anyone has ordered a Series X from Shopto within the last week or so? Now I've been using Shopto for a number of years (15 or so) and never had any problems. I have even ordered a few Switch games in the last few weeks and they have turned up fine. Anyway, I ordered the...
  3. U

    Xbox Series X Physical Games Offline

    Hi, I would like to buy an Xbox Series X, but I would like to know if it’s possible to play physical games without ever having an internet connection? I know I need a connection for my first Xbox Series X launch and physical games who work on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. However, I would like...
  4. F

    Series X hdr calibration

    I have a Samsung qn90a tv and was doing hdr calibration for my series x and was wondering for Min tml Max tml Maxfftml (You can find the numbers by pushing all four shoulder buttons at once on the hdr screen) What should they be set to? I noticed it can go up to 10000 for tml
  5. S

    Edge on Series X

    I use Edge on my Series X for Facebook however for the past few days it has kept changing to some sort of retro Facebook where what you do is very limited. It usually changes back after a reset console. There is also a little red arrow at the 3 dots on edge urging an update but i can't get it to...
  6. frosty1979

    For Sale Xbox Series X Brand New & Sealed

    Brand new and sealed Xbox Series X for sale. Received as a prize but I already have one, so looking to sell on. £400 Inc the cheapest, insured delivery that I can find.
  7. popesweetjesus

    For Sale Xbox series X boxed with one controller £300

    Xbox series X boxed with one controller great condition £300 including delivery Pictures can be posted if wanted. I have received a brand new one as a gift so this needs to go.
  8. peppadapig69

    For Sale Xbox Series X and 20th Anniversary controller

    Xbox Series X Console with the a 20th Anniversary limited edition controller for sale. Series X was purchased from Argos about 3 months ago and comes boxed. Both are in excellent condition and hardly used as I just don't have enough time to game. I have the Xbox box up in the loft. £360...
  9. J

    Bose Soundbar 900 - Is Lossless PCM The Same as Dolby Atmos?

    I've recently got a BOSE Soundbar 900 after replacing a SONOS Arc, However I'm having issues getting the Xbox Series X and the Bar/App to play back ATMOS. I've read elsewhere that when the BOSE App is showing the Bar is playing LPCM 5.1.2 - that this is in fact Lossless Dolby ATMOS, only that...
  10. bigjimmi

    Budget TV for Xbox series X - Hisense or LG nano?

    Hi all! First post here but hoping someone can help me. I've just got an Xbox series X and am looking for a budget 4k TV to go with it (playing on a very old PC monitor at present). I don't have a huge budget and don't have the room for anything over 50". I've been looking at either the HISENSE...
  11. X

    Xbox series x,disk

    Good morning guys. Im interested in buying new console from xbox,and as you know there are two kinds of it. Because I want to get console with supporting 4k tv i will buy xbox series x and I have a question about disks. 1. If I will buy a disk, first I have to download the game from it right...
  12. Montefor

    For Sale Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition.

    Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition new. I purchased this around November 2021 directly from Microsoft but unfortunately the console was dead straight from the box so Microsoft replaced a brand new console, it was only switched on to check it was working okay, The Halo Infinite game is...
  13. Dexy

    Xbox series X and ElGato

    Does anyone use an ELGATO with the xbox seriesx? Ive had an HD60 for years now and have started recording some footage, was looking at recording party chat or just my chat, does anyone know how this is set up?
  14. BarryMcKelvey

    Call of Duty, PS5 or Xbox Series X....??

    Hi As the thread title suggests, I'm looking at pre ordering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I've always played Call of Duty on the PlayStation, now I have have both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X, I was wondering which console Call of Duty plays better on? In case anyone hasn't seen the...
  15. Richyg123

    eARC, Xbox series X and TV Apps

    Hi all, just seeing if someone can confirm my theory on this. I have a Oled C2, Denon 6500 avr and soon to get an Xbox series x. Currently using the eARC for returning the TV apps from Youtube etc to AVR. I expect I then have a choice when Xbox lands. Either use the eARC so I can get 4k 120...
  16. Ernest the Bird

    Xbox One and series X and S controller

    Hello everyone! I just got an Xbox One & Series X/S wireless controller (Carbon Black) and it's working very well but I have a question: The left and right stick are very sensitive, they offer no resistance when pushed into the different directions, up, down, left and right. You need zero...
  17. Kentinada

    Series X direct to TV/sound passed through to AV receiver?

    I just got an LG 77” OLED TV which supports 4k at 120hz. I probed this by plugging the Xbox directly into HDMI1 and checked video setup on Xbox. I have ultra high speed HDMI cables but unfortunately my Onkyo TX-NR686 only supports 4K @ 60hz. Without buying a new receiver, is there a way to...
  18. Dazza Cole

    Dolby Access app not working on Series X?

    Tried opening the app today as I noticed the TV wasn’t receiving an atmos signal, but the app doesn’t open - just stays on the intro page with the 3 spinning dots. Anyone else having an issue?
  19. S

    Series X headset format

    Hi, i have my series x plugged into my tv and use earc to my denon avr with 5.1 speakers, iv not used the avr for a few months but today i noticed that while having my cheap headphones that came with my phone plugged into the control so i can use the mic on multiplayer games i only get audio...
  20. N

    AffordableAV receiver compatible with Xbox series X and G1 OLED

    I am interested in buying a Dolby atmos system for my new LG 77 inch G1 and Xbox series X. Seems that av receiver + 5.2 speaker will result in better experience than soundbar system like Sonos ARC/sub/play1s. I don’t really need an AV receiver for anything else. I use the apps on the TV itself...
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