1. T

    Naim Muso 2 vs Separate speaker or other alternatives

    First of all, i have to say that im relatively new to hi-fi audio, so i will really appreciate any kind of help, After getting my hands on a Jbl Charge 5 last month i completely fell in love with how easy it was to send music from my phone or computer without really needing anything other than...
  2. J

    Smart Soundbar or 2 Separate Devices?

    I'm looking for some advise smart soundbars. I have tried 3 so far and the Echo Studio, all of them have had problems that meant they had to be returned. So I've come here to see if anybody can recommend a smart soundbar that actually works. Ideally just a stand alone soundbar (no space for a...

    Yamaha RX-V467 - Adjusting Separate Channel EQ

    Hi Gang I'm an older Yamaha person - just picked up a mint condition RX-V467. Please bear with me as I scroll through the extensive manual. Wondering how/if I can separately adjust the EQ on the mains; (the 2 front channels), and the center channel independently of the other channels? I'm a...
  4. razer90

    Combo Unit DSL VS Separate Router/Modem

    Hi guys, I'm not a tech head and need a bit of advice. I'm currently debating getting a ASUS DSL-AC88U or RT-AX88U Now from research I've seen that the DSL is a combo unit whereas the RT requires a separate modem. My questions are: What's the benefit of having a separate modem/router...
  5. D

    MP3 Player Separate

    Hello I've been out of touch with the HI-FI separates etc for a few years now. I was wondering if there are MP3/USB/SD Player separates avalible now or Mini MP3/USB/SD systems? If so, can anyone please recommend me some makes? Many Thanks Dan
  6. Bert Coules

    Webcam (and also separate microphone) audio problem

    Can anyone please suggest why my new (and excellent on the video side) Logitech C920 webcam should give me horribly boxy and bass-heavy sound, and why the separate (admittedly budget) Eivotor microphone I obtained to try to get round the problem should sound exactly the same, but my old...
  7. C

    lg oled cx no separate bluetooth volume?

    i'm hard of hearing and use wireless headphones to listen to the tv while my wife listens to the normal speakers. the problem is i can't find a separate setting for the bluetooth volume. if we use the normal volume control the bluetooth volume is too low. if i get the bluetooth volume right the...
  8. D

    Pioneer sclx71 as power amp

    Hi guys , upgraded to denon 3600 running 5.1.4 from pioneer sclx71(10/12 years old ) Is this worth using as power amp or Will I have issues with volume match etc ! Thank you 🙏
  9. Steve Burling

    Separate Amplifier is it worth it ?

    Hi all, As the title asks “Is a separate Amplifier worth it” I have the following AV equipment Marantz SR7011 AV Receiver Oppo 203 4k Blu-ray player Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Atmos speaker package Focal Chorus SW800 V sub woofer (not using the Cub in the speaker package Sky Q box Lounge approx...
  10. C

    Question Connecting two separate LFE outputs to SB-1000.

    I’ve got separate music and av set-ups in my living room. Currently the AV receiver is connected to a SVS SB-1000 via its marked LFE input. If I wanted to add the sub to my music amplifier would I be able to connect it to another line input on the sub and the sub would recognise its LFE...
  11. Digidee

    Movies on Yamaha RX-V685 - Separate voice / dialog from background sound and music

    Hello, I'm new to home theater systems and am wondering if there is a way to separate voice / dialog from background sound and music? When i watch movies, i have to turn the volume up in order to hear the dialog but this makes the background sound and music too loud. I have a Yamaha RX-V685...
  12. S

    Music through AVR or get separate streamer or integrated amp?

    I have an NAD T758 v3i that I use for my AVR and also for streaming HiFi Tidal music with the BluOS dongle. Would there be any audio quality benefit to getting a streamer (like the Cambridge CXN V2) or an integrated amp + streamer (like the NAD C 368 BluOS-2i) for listening to music? I know this...
  13. C

    Question Request for advice please on a separate phono stage

    Good evening As the title says, I am hoping for some advice please on phono stages. My current system is a TEAC turntable directly into a CA CXA-61 into a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze floorstanders. Not a high end system by any stretch but I enjoy the sound for my ears and am broadly satisfied...
  14. P

    Question CD separate with usb port

    Hi. An older family member who's still a fan of using a cd player is in need of a new one at work. Their old one is connected to two speakers with standard, exposed copper cables but it's crapped out. Can someone recommend a unit that can take CDs and usb? Thanks
  15. almightygoodgod

    Question Is it plausible play a game whilst switching between consoles?

    I have decided to keep my Xbox One X rather than selling it on after receiving my Series X, just currently waiting for a new, smaller TV for the bedroom. A main reason for doing this is there are certain games I do not want to play in the lounge when my kids are about due to the levels of...
  16. F

    New stereo system

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a stereo system. I'm not an audiophile and I'm looking for something of good quality price. musical genres: rap, pop, r & b and a bit of blues. I would also like to use them to watch some movies on a Sony 49" 4k TV (it has optical and headphones output) I now have a...
  17. C

    Are 5.1 Systems (With five separate speakers) and Passive Soundbars On The Way Out?

    Last week, I was in a PC World. I noticed that they didn't sell any 5.1 systems with five separate speakers. I asked why this was the case, and the customer service advisor said that they just didn't have any demand for systems with separate speakers. Apparently, most customers want a soundbar...
  18. F

    Need an AV receiver to play TV + 2 speakers, and 3 separate rooms

    I am looking for a receiver that meets the following needs. 1) I have a TV in the living room with 2 speakers in the wall. I want a receiver to play the tv audio through these 2 speakers. 2) at the same location as where the tv is, there are 6 speaker wires that run to 3 separate rooms in...
  19. G

    Denim AVR 1910 keep separate subwoofer volume setting between sources

    Hey all, So I’m happy with sound settings once I set up the amp for DTS/Audessy for video source. My other primary use is as 2.1 for audio that I serve via a DAC and another via phono stage. I have these inputs set to Direct and L/R set to small and sub set to LFE+Main. I have each source added...
  20. TheReloaded

    Question Using HDD with SSD as Cache or using just SSD and HDD as separate drives?

    Hello fellow tech enthusiasts! I have a 1TB SSD and a 2TB HDD on my desktop. I also have a laptop that is in need of an SSD. I have 2 options that I could do but I’m struggling on which one to choose from. Option 1) Buy a relatively small SSD (128 or 256GB SSD) and use that as a cache (using...
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