1. P

    TSOP34436 IR sensor

    I've tried without success to source a Panasonic part (IR7501). Is the TSOP 34436 a suitable substitute?
  2. D

    Homemade proximity sensor for using the quest 2 outside - looking for ideas

    Hi everyone! I have recently discovered how much fun using the quest 2 outside with the guardian boundary turned off is. Running and jumping around with a katana in the walking dead with no real limits is truly what VR was designed for. Of course there is a problem, running into trees... I...
  3. J

    Denon AVC-3700H External Remote Sensor

    Hello my old Onkyo 807 recently died and was replaced with a new Denon 3700h. After a couple of resolved teething issues pairing it with my Yamaha As1200 and REL T3 I now have everything working just the way I want. The only minor issue I have is with the Nvidia Shield's remote. We're still...
  4. MiniEmma

    Recommendation please? Wifi Calling, flip case to switch off screen, 3.5mm jack

    Hi all, I'd love your assistance please, I am looking to buy a new mobile for my husband in the next few months and I am totally lost. He currently has a Nokia 8 and it has always been plagued with issues. He had a Note 4 before that and LOVED it. We have no mobile signal at home so would...
  5. J

    Question TEAC remote control sensor

    hi all, I'm hoping someone here will be able to help! I have a TEAC T-H300DAB tuner that doesn't respond to the remote control. Usually I'd not worry too much about that, but with this tuner it's much easier to switch between stations via the remote than the on-unit buttons and knobs, so I'd...
  6. G

    Question Help required re outdoor PIR sensor

    Can anybody recommend a decent sensor to control my outdoor LED security lights? We actually use them to view wildlife in the garden but can't find one sensitive enough to detect foxes etc!!
  7. N

    IR-LOCK Sensor with 2 Beacons?

    Hello! I am looking to use IR sensors to get an accurate location for a hovering quadcopter. I have been looking into the IR-lock sensor and it seems like a viable option. However, in order to increase the level of precision, I was hoping to use 2 beacons rather than one. Does anyone have...
  8. T

    Question Star Wars Episode 1 to 3: Which scenes to censor for kid friendly viewing?

    My 9 year old son is extremely keen on Star Wars, he's been reading many books, played many of the Lego Star Wars games and played with countless toys. After much pressure from him, I finally gave in to letting him watch the movies Episodes 4 to 6. He really enjoyed them and is now asking to...
  9. howardlamby

    MAF sensor

    Has anyone cleaned theirs? Has it made any difference to mpg?
  10. W

    Question Visonic Powermaster - which detector for patio doors?

    I want to protect the patio doors at the back of my integral garage, but am not sure what Visonic Powermaster detector to use. You can get from the garage into the house through an internal door, and the patio doors have vertical blinds, which I want to keep. A standard door contact is not a...
  11. skhan786

    Question Need a motion sensor cctv

    Can anyone recommend me a good motion sensor cctv with push notifications so as soon as it detects motion I get a notification on my phone
  12. Northgarden85

    Question Sony IR sensor not working.

    I’ve had my Sony KD65ZF9 with the matching sound bar for about 4 months now and loving it. However the remote just stopped working and the only function that works is the voice command. Has anyone else had a issue like this and if so how did you fix it? I’ve performed a hard reset thinking that...
  13. B

    does anyone know of any smart motion sensors or driveway sensor?

    I'd like to have a beam break sensor at the end of my driveway so that I a small "ding" sound & don't have to rush when anyone rings the doorbell. There would also be a number of other uses for this. Is there any smart motion sensor, external smart sensor, or similar? I can't seem to find...
  14. S

    Question IFTTT Compatible Temperature Sensor

    Hi guys, I currently run a Hive thermostat linked into a hive hub plus a couple of hive active bulbs. I run the central heating for the whole house off the one hive thermostat. This works fine and I'm actually quite impressed with it's performance. I also have a conservatory who's temperature...
  15. M

    vizio vf550m ir remote sensor

    does anyone know where this is located on this tv.need to replace
  16. InvisibleDuncan

    Underfloor heating temperature sensor wire - can I fix it?

    Okay, this is a long shot because it's a very specific question and this isn't a DIY forum, but I've seen that there are quite a few people on here who really know their onions, so I thought I'd give it a try. While trying to put on a new control panel for the electric underfloor heating in my...
  17. V

    Sensor which can trigger DMX signal

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a sensor which can works for a metal surface and can trigger DMX signal. The distance from the sensor to the object which should move is not more than 1 meter. Please advise. Many thanks.
  18. B

    Question Simplest possible sensor beam -connect to a bell

    Our back door is in an extension and out of sight from the kitchen. We couldn't train our dog to bark when he needed to go outside so we installed an alarm mat connected to an ordinary electric bell. Problem solved.Both the dog and the mat are long gone, but having just acquired another...
  19. MrFraggle

    Question Sensor placement.

    New to the Rift so many noobie questions. I am going to get another sensor and will probably wall mount at least two of them. Does placement matter, I am trying, given the shape of my room for a triangular placement or should I bee looking at another configuration? If wall mounted high high...
  20. M

    Sony NT5 remote control sensor coverage

    Hello, I recently bought a Sony NT5 soundbar. Almost everything seems well with the pass through connections and sound quality (even with the lack of bass but I like the crisp sound). However I have one show stopper. The remote only works from a maximum of two feet away whether I have the...
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