1. Spurs4ever

    For Sale Batman Arkham Collection (Sealed) & The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition.

    I have the following to sell... All UK PAL, all in excellent condition. Batman Arkham Collection (Sealed) - £12 delivered The Witcher 3 Game Of The Year Edition - £7 delivered £17.50 for the pair, delivered. PENDING / SOLD Control - £11.94 delivered - Sold to KeirW Borderlands 3 - £8.94...
  2. low-def.

    Sell Kids Laptops - Windows Accounts?

    Hi all, Random question, but i am looking to sell 2 x HP Stream laptops in the run up to xmas as my daughters are older and need more powerful laptops/chromebooks for school etc and i was wondering how does windows 10 work if you want to remove your account or sell the laptop on to someone...
  3. R

    Safest Way to Sell High Value Hi-Fi Component

    Hi. I have a Linn Klimax DSM/3 which currently retails for about £15,000 new. It's only a year old, so its resale value will still be quite high as it's mint condition with original packaging. I've only ever sold lower value items via eBay and Gumtree, so not sure how to go about this so that...
  4. Grangey.

    Question Split or sell as system?

    Hey all, Just wanted your view on whether it would be better to sell my gaming htpc system as parts, or as a prebuilt system. What do you think? Spec: i5 4690k ASUS ROG Maximus VII Ranger ASUS GTX970 4gb itx 2x4gb Corsair vengeance ram Corsair 850w professional modular psu Noctua NHU9B...
  5. G

    To sell my speakers for a soundbar?

    Hello, i own an 5.1 Monitor audio BX2 speakers and a Denon X1500H AVR! I am thinking to sell my system and to buy a soundbar... I have had enough of cables everywhere! Is it really worth it? Is a step down or not? Maybe i can get at least 1000 euro on my system, or maybe less, so what soundbar...
  6. DHarrison1221

    Where to Sell Digital Codes?

    Hi All, Please move my post if this is in the wrong place. I presume it should be fine here given the topic though. I have a few digital codes from my collection that I'm never going to use so wanted to know where I could sell them? eBay obviously doesn't allow it and I couldn't find anyone...
  7. lee1980

    Question Old Dvd's sell or give away

    I need to make more space in man cave as now home office, and hardly watch any of these Dvds now and mainly use streaming services or watch blurays if do use a disc. Mainly films some TV, some are American regions 1 etc. We are going to try take some to charity shop but one shop won't take all...
  8. TheGamer147

    Question PS4 to sell or not to sell

    Right I plan on getting a PS5 when released and with ps5 having BC hopefully should I sell my PS4 what everyone else doing. I have a Launch day PS4
  9. 3804

    Olympus to sell camera division

    Sad but not a great shock tbh
  10. jwhatle

    Help! Inherited sound system that I want to sell

    Hello all! I am new to this forum, so if I'm in the wrong spot or if you know of anywhere else I could post this message to get some help, please let me know! A complicated (to me) sound system was left in my apartment that I would like to sell. From what I can tell from light googling it has...
  11. F

    Optoma Themescene HD82 (looking to sell)

    HI, So I have had this from new and not used in for about a year while I have enjoyed the JVC Just after some idea on price Need to power it up to check but hours but id say around 700 How much do you think it's worth ? Richard
  12. W

    LG C9 3 week old if, i sell can i transfer currys 5y gaurantee ?

    hi purchased a c9 3 weeks ago 55 inch but iv'e decided it looks to big for my bedroom wall, my question is if i sell the tv will the curry's 5y repair guarantee transfer with it. thanks
  13. stmichael

    Zavvi to sell over 20 previously sold out steelbooks to RC Members only

    I received the email pictured below this morning from Zavvi informing me that they are soon going to be selling over 20 previously sold out steelbook titles but only for RC members. I'm sure this will divide opinion but for those that missed out on certain items it will give another chance to...
  14. B

    Looking to sell my old PC

    A long shot here, but thought I’d ask prior to posting to see what people think! I want to sell my old Gaming PC and have the following specs: Intel i5-6600k overclocked to 4.1GHz Nvidia MSI GeForce 970 GTX 4GB Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz 128GB SSD 1TB HDD And then all the other...
  15. YYDeckard

    RXV673 + Dali Zensor 5.1 System query - Sell separately or as a whole ?

    Just asking really whether I should sell my system as a whole or split it all down and sell it all separately - Any thoughts ?
  16. zelius92

    How much can I sell a USED Arcam AVR350 for?

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my setup. My dad 2 years ago gave me his Arcam AVR 350 and its awesome reciever with so much power but its time to let it go. It doesn't have its box or manuals but its fully functional and looks brand new with remote. How much can I realistically sell this for?
  17. Paul97

    Sell Blu Ray's

    Hi I have 37 Blu ray movies and the Bourne trilogy that I want to sell but have no idea which website would offer the best price, can anyone offer and advice. Thanks
  18. LexDiamond

    Are there any online places that sell pre-drilled number plates?

    I thought I may as well change over plates as I have been meaning to for a while but never got around to it. I’ve been looking online but can’t seem to find any websites that would sell plates that are pre-drilled according to car model. Would any of the members on here by any chance know of any?
  19. JabbaNut

    Coronavirus Food wholesalers offer online orders to sell stock to PUBLIC.

    " Food wholesalers are making online home deliveries in response to Covid-19 measures. As bars, restaurants and hotels shut due to government restrictions, the wholesalers that usually provide them with food and drink, have seen a huge drop in business. But with stock to shift, they are...
  20. G

    Scotrail refuse to sell tickets or check tickets

    Thoughts on this? My partner was on a train today and they refused to sell tickets even by card payment and also refused to check tickets. Surely they could glance at the ticket and also sell by card like Costa? Scotrail response was the staff don’t have access to hand gel we’ll surely they...
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