1. Margate73

    How do I find out the value of Laser Discs (to sell them)?

    My father passed away earlier this year, and I have the task of disposing/selling his rather extensive collection of Audio/Video/Home Cinema collection. I never understood why he kept everything - and i mean everything - pretty much every piece of home electronics from the 70s all the way...
  2. S

    Bargain My friend has offers to sell me his Sony 55” KD-55XH9505 as he is upgrading.

    What would be a fare price ? Also is this TV any good? Would be used for gaming and streaming.
  3. EugeneBlack

    Difficult choice

    Hi all. I am at a crossroads, as I want to choose a phone, but do not know what kind. Perhaps you can help me choose. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy J5. Should I stop at samsungs or try another brand?
  4. lmccauley

    Where to sell SFX magazine collection?

    Where to sell SFX magazine collection? I have every SFX magazine going back to around 1996, and they are now just taking up room. I'm never going to reread them so want to get rid. It seems a shame to just recycle them all, so I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that might take them. I...
  5. jakewalsh

    Sell sonos beam for true 5.1 or add ikea

    Hi, So i have the sonos beam, which is quite good vut i want to add rears, now im tempted by the ikea ones but they need a power cord, these are £200 with brackets. One side is fine theres a plug, the other corner is about 5m away from power. Do i just add the rears? Or sell the beam for...
  6. R

    Advice please - Best place to sell my Audio-GD separates…

    Hello all. It pains me to do this but I’ve made a compromise (better more suitable house for a family to grow up) resulting in no listening room for me. I’m at peace with this but it means that my Audio-GD NOS-11 and Audio-GD Master 3 are now “redundant” Can anyone here offer me advice on how...
  7. P

    Arcam. FM J 950 audio file preprocessor... how much could I sell it for?

    Arcam. FM J 950 audio file preprocessor... how much could I sell it for?
  8. H

    Used Paradigm Speakers & SVS PB-2000 Sub - How Much to Sell For?

    Hello, I purchased some speakers back in August of 2020. That said, the pricing below is listed in Canadian Funds. (Two) SVS PB-2000 Pro 12-Inch Ported Box Sub Woofers (Paid $1,422.67 each taxes in) (One) Paradigm Premier 600C Centre Channel Speaker (Paid $1,411.37 taxes in) (Pair) of...
  9. H

    Used Denon AVR X6700H - How Much To Sell For?

    Hello, I purchased a Denon AVR-X6700H 11.2ch 8k Receiver back in August of 2020. As a side note, this receiver has the proper capacitors that Denon uses, not the replacement ones that they were using for some time during the shortage. Long story short, I'm an idiot and looking to sell my...
  10. A

    Trying to Avert Disaster, Onkyo Signs Preliminary Deal to Sell to Voxx/Sharp

    Changes a foot with Onkyo ... No idea if this is the right place to post?
  11. G

    Best place to sell a used TV

    I’m trying to sell my 65” LG CX. Wondering what’s the best way to go about this?
  12. Neojaga

    Where to sell my AV rack in the classifieds.

    As above. I'm not sure as to where or what section this needs to be sold under. Any help is much appreciated.
  13. R

    anyone used 'motorway' to sell their car?

    Looking at either swapping my car or at least getting rid of mine temporarily (we have another in the house I can use). perhaps with hindsight should have done this a year ago, but I think I'm unlikely to use it for at least a few more months. I'm on finance (PCP) and if I sold privately...
  14. P

    About to sell Arcam P7 multichannel power amp, then I broke it! Help.

    Hi, looking for help please. After 15 years of great service, I’m selling my arcam system. Foolishly, I managed to short two speaker leads when dismantling. Of the 7 LED’s six are red with led 4 flashing green. Any advice please, do I trace a fuse or hide in a corner?
  15. Paul49er

    Lots of Audio/Visual to sell from family estate.

    Hello, I am new here. In the coming weeks it is my intention to sell some items of varying Audio/visual equipment that has come into the possession of my wife's family within the last year or so following the death of her father. No condolences needed, he had a great innings and was long...
  16. M

    Question Advice please - sell my Dynaudio Xeo 6?

    Hi - all advice most welcome I have a dynaudio xeo6 system (active wireless floorstanding speakers with all the amps etc built in) see - Quality is amazing and I linked it to Sonos via Sonos connect so can play anything I want...
  17. NaTT

    Sell UnRaid NAS as a system or as parts?

    This isn't an add, this is seeking advice on how to sell my NAS when I do. I've a full tower NAS with 15 bays and various SATA controller cards to drive everything. I'm downsizing. Would it be best to sell it as a system, 18TB protected, with parity and Cache, or to break it down and sell it as...
  18. Glenn Uk

    Composer HE

    Hi all Does anyone know C4 Pro who will sell me a license for Composer HE please? My existing C4 Pro has put me off numerous times. Thanks
  19. sykotik

    Which one to upgrade , which to sell ?

    Two systems , one isn't been using at all = Ryzen build - in no rush just trying to find out which way you would go with :) will try a pick up 3080/ti in the new year ( depending if the Ti version is realest) or 6800 XT ? 1: ryzen 3100 ( did have a 3600 - but sold it to a mate for his...
  20. B

    Question *NOW RESOLVED* Sell or lend YPAO ZC875700 calibration mic for RX-A1080

    EDIT - the shop have found the microphone now so panic over. Will try to figure out how to delete this post... Hello everyone, I was very close to buying an open box RX-A1080 to complete my recent major home cinema overhaul but frustratingly discovered the calibration mic is missing and they...
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