1. BorkenArrow

    The social security system in Switzerland sounds inhumane.

    Read through this twitter thread, it just sounds astounding ( in a bad way).
  2. F

    Wifi device security - what can they actually steal?

    I have a large number of home automation devices that don't connect directly to my home network (Z-Wave & Zigbee), but I also have one or two on wifi. People post opinions about how apps for these devices such as Smart Life are from Chinese companies who could potentially steal data, but what...
  3. SamEyres21

    Helvar Default Security Password in Helvar Designer

    Good Evening, I currently have a full Helvar digidim system running off of a 910 Router and would like to change some of the scenes for my client, As my previous computer with the software on, died recently, I have just installed the software on my new computer, I tried going into editor mode...
  4. Heathens

    UN Security Council

    Ok, so no surprise that the UN Security Council is completely toothless due to Russia being a member and being able to veto anything that is proposed. But, are there any mechanisms that could be used to kick them off? I know that China would then be a blocker too and the whole role of the...
  5. P

    Humax Aura Android Security Patch

    Picked this up again as my wife wanted Discovery+ and Chromecast with Freeview. So can anyone let me know what's the latest Security Patch for the Android system? My box has the latest Firmware installed and using Ethernet but is on the Android April 2021 Security Patch and won't update from...
  6. G

    Security cameras - restrict/set reduced field of view

    Currently I don’t own any cameras but want to buy a couple - one front, one back. I’ve been lucky enough to borrow an old Arlo camera from a neighbour, so have some idea about FOV in the real world, how the cameras record, positioning, etc. I am nowhere near making a decision as to which...
  7. InvisibleDuncan

    Suggestions for solar-powered security camera?

    Having finally taken the plunge and bought a robot mower which will live outside, I'm thinking about getting a security camera for the back garden. Ideally I'd like one that: Is solar-powered Is fully waterproof Is motion-activated Has night vision Will allow me to view on my phone Can connect...
  8. simbatippe

    What Windows/Mac Security Do You Use?

    What System Security Do You Use? I use for my Windows 10 Home Laptop: Bitdefender Total Security+Voodoo-Shield & Simple Windows Hardening+AdGuard Desktop. What do you use to secure your system?:)
  9. Kapkirk

    Kaspersky, Now a Security Risk Y/N?

    Weird thing happened last night, I have been using Kaspersky Labs Internet Security on my desktop for years with no issues, but seeing as it had only 20 days remaining on the Licence and with it being Russian owned I decided to remove it and use something else. I really can't trust it anymore...
  10. N

    Security lights

    We’ve had 3 of these installed on the garage Whilst very...
  11. P


    HIVE SECURITY HOME ALARM SYSTEM We live in a large, 2 storey, detached house that is approached via a 130 ft (40 metre) private drive. The property has 5 bedrooms, two reception rooms and a large kitchen. The overall square footage of the house is 3,000 sq ft (280 sq metres). There are 6...
  12. rulocal

    HMV security tags

    Odd question but I have just bought something on EBay and it still has “security protected” sticker/tags on it. Has it been nicked or do they just scan the tags rather then remove them when the item is bought? Cheers
  13. A

    Compact security internet enabled camera

    Unfortunately I am having an issue with a neighbour causing vandalism to my property. Due to the position and other constraints a standard security camera will not do. The police are not interested until I can prove it to them. For size, the D-Link DCS-8000LH/B Mini Indoor IP Security Camera...
  14. D

    IP POE Home Security Camera Suggestions

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any recommendations for good IP POE Security Cams, as my experience with these to date has been rather grim, and i will explain further; Prior to a loft conversion 10 years ago i was able to completely wire my house in cat 6 and now have sockets in all rooms in my...
  15. S

    Which Hikvision camera would you choose?

    The school director asked me to look for a poe camera that perform good at night and price is no more than 120$. We already have an expensive Hikvision camera, but it does not fit into the budget. I'm really satisfied with the brand. I found 3 option: -Hikvision DS-2CD1023G0E-I (2.8mm)...
  16. RRT

    XVIM Home Security System: Backup issue

    I have the XVIM Home Security System and its supposed to be able to Backup the video files to an FTP server. I have setup the FTP server however when I try to manually do the backup I get the error message "You have not selected a device". However under 'Main menu' >> 'Network' > 'Net Service'...
  17. U

    IVMS 4500 adding thumbnail picture to phones gallery

    Good Evening, I'm new to the forum so hopefully I've added this to the correct area, if not I apologize in advance. We are having a bit of an issue and it's stumped us so hoping that someone here might have come across this before or know a fix. We use IVMS 4500 to view both the office and...
  18. T

    Need urgent assistance/recommendations for home camera system

    I need some assistance/recommendations for a camera system. Background: I'm a LEO, so security is naturally important to me. I just can't ever seem to get around to doing enough research on the topic due to work and young kids. Now, there's a peeping tom lurking around my neighborhood, and...
  19. Paranormalist

    Security Camera Behind Glass

    Hi, I'm considering getting an indoor security camera that sits at a window and is pointed out towards the backyard. I've read that night vision doesn't work behind double glazing because of the IR lights causing reflection and glare. Is there any way around this or is there a camera suitable...
  20. MikeyHt

    Security camera software

    Hi Does anyone know of the least power hungry (on the CPU) desktop PC application for monitoring 3 WiFi security cameras? I don't need/want remote access - just to monitor the cameras and record on motion detection. I am trying out Netcam Studio but it grinds my (oldish) PC into the ground! This...
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