1. dUnKle

    Paypal and Security Texts

    Hi Hopefully someone can help I have a "security text" system setup on my PayPal account so that when trying use it they send me a text Its worked flawlessly up until yesterday Today, I go to log in and they say they have sent text, but nothing comes through I have checked with my mobile...
  2. BT@HOME

    Old mobile as security camera

    Has anybody ever used an old mobile as a simple security camera? I have an old iPhone and a few android devices and was just wondering if anybody else had repurposed one as a security camera. Had a play with "Alfred" and whilst it seems to work, the quality of the video is pretty poor...
  3. P

    Reolink GO PT 4G Mobile Security Camera

    Hi, I have purchased this camera from Reolink and it comes with a Vodafone 'V' Sim card. I have several Reolink Go camera's that also use the 'V' sim card with no issues. I can't get this card to connect with GO PT camera. I have now been told from both Vodafone and reolink that the Vodafone 'V'...
  4. B

    Looking for a single security camera.

    Main concern is quality/night vision. I have a DVR system already with continuous recording with multiple cameras. Decent enough, but I need a single camera with better picture quality to place in a second floor window, pointed down. It could be either a camera placed on the window itself or...
  5. T

    VR Peer-to-Peer Security

    I work at a middle school and we are considering getting VR headsets for our students. Our IT dept has some concerns with peer-to-peer security, specifically, the headsets being hackable. Is there another method of having all the students connected to internet/wifi and not using a p2p style...
  6. Natosha Jacobs

    What is the best way to go on Home Security?

    I have been reading all I can as we approach our build. I know what I want...programmable, accessible anywhere on smartphone, cameras as well as motion, fire, smoke...all that. But my worries are a few. One, I'm on Centurylink for internet and the system regularly goes down and to reset the...
  7. chris301up

    Security Light Switching On & Off Help!

    Our security light as developed a bit of a strange fault and before I think about replacing it thought I'd ask a question. I fitted this at the front of my house around 18 months ago and set it up to suit my requirements. I noticed that once it activated in disk/dark conditions it switched...
  8. chris301up

    Security Light Switches Off & On Question

    Our security light as developed a bit of a strange fault and before I think about replacing it thought I'd ask a question. I fitted this at the front of my house around 18 months ago and set it up to suit my requirements. I noticed that once it activated in disk/dark conditions it switched...
  9. fizzyk

    Question Best Home Security Cameras

    I am looking for a cheap and good wired home security camera. Ideally nothing more than $200. Would appreciate any recommendations!
  10. M

    help finding best security cameras for watching wildlife

    I am looking for live stream outdoor security cameras. The primary use would be to watch wildlife in my backyard, which is 60’ wide, and the structures I could mount the cameras to have a 50’ to 60’ set back lengthwise from my backyard. Probably 2 cameras would cover watching the wildlife...
  11. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Voger Outdoor Security Camera Reduced from £39.99 to £19.99. Expires 2nd January

    Voger Security Camera Outdoor 50% off Code : 533XSBZC Reg.Price : £39.99 Final Price : £19.99 Expiration Date : 2021.01.02 Code tested and working 31st December. Please reply to let me know if link is expired before the 2nd!
  12. Memento guy

    TCL android security issues

    Hi guys, want to know your thoughts on the recent issues found with TCL android TVs possible security faults. I was tempted to get the C81 for another room but now not that sure , I use android software and would link tv to my account but thought of possible access from hackers putting me off.
  13. R

    Home Security - Wireless vs Wired?

    Hi All, Fingers crossed, we'll be moving to a new to us house in a few months. It has significant security issues in that it backs onto a quiet road, with a single storey garage at the rear: so someone could easily climb on top of the garage and get into the back garden. PLUS, very few people...
  14. M

    Swann CCTV security vuln found

    Hi all. I’ve discovered a vulnerability in Swann CCTV NVR based systems that would allow someone who had access to the network it was on, take the system offline without proper credentials. I’ve reported this to Swann and given their developers all the data but their final communique was “we...
  15. D

    Security camera

    Looking for the smallest cctv camera with sound that can be fitted in to a other item so can not be seen any help much appreciated
  16. R

    "Smart" security system

    Hi All, Firstly I know that a "smart" alarm is not going to give me the best protection for my house. I live in a quiet area with lovely neighbours either side, someone is at home most days so I'm not looking to turn my house into Fort Knox. What I'm looking for is a bit of an extra...
  17. G

    Question H.View security (dome) camera - factory reset possible without network?

    Hi, H.View UK400E1 POE dome cams. I bought a couple of these cameras a year or so ago and they are the old version with two cables protruding, one RJ45, the other 12V power. There is no reset button or hole on the camera or cables at all. The both stopped working a few months ago and I've...
  18. mstar

    Outdoor security camera with Alexa

    Hello All, i wanted to use a better outdoor camera than the RING security camara. However, i am not sure if the Eviz, reolink outdoor cameras (wired), have FULL alexa routine integration. I wanted a alexa routine to be triggered by the outdoor security camera motion, and switch on my...
  19. tpr007

    Security issue/hacker?

    For the past few days I’ve been getting these messages: I even had a two factor code come through which seems as though someone was using the right password. I’ve just changed the password again for the third time this week.
  20. LA81

    Victure Security Camera?

    Hi, we have been having someone come into our garden and go into our shed time after time and need a security camera out front and back, funds are limited right now afraid. We are looking for ideally one with pan/tilt, night vision, good motion detection. No subscription needed to record and...
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