1. dusf

    Question Please help me choose a second 1440p 27" monitor

    I currently have an Acer Predator G-Sync XB270HU which I use with my GTX 970 - for gaming when I can. Next year after I can save some money, there is hopefully more supply, and the dust settles on price and best bang for buck, I would like to pick up either a RTX 3080 or 6800 XT but this may not...
  2. D

    Onkyo TX-NR616 - Sound only after second Power On...

    Hi all, I know it's an old AVR, but I still like it, especially for the white light around the volume knob.... :). I had an additional TX-NR616 bought new taken in by Onkyo a few years ago that had completely failed and they gave credit towards a new AV amp. I think I bought this one in 2014...
  3. shahedz

    How to import iphoto library into Photo?

    I have a desktop iMac and am planning on buying the Air for when I am not working from my study. What would be the best way to set them up. I use drop box for work. I have iCloud 2TB When I purchase it do i set it up as a new user then log in with iCloud and dropbox? Will that allow me to...
  4. coolcalimba

    Smart second home strategy

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I currently live in my three bed house in England but moving to Japan next year, and I'll be letting it out via Air BnB full time. Looking to automate as much as possible, while not violating the privacy of my guests. Already in place is: - Amazon Echo (gen 3) in...
  5. B

    Connecting a second tv to freesat box

    I read somewhere in the forum that you can connect a second tv to a freesat box using a wireless transmitter/receiver. As there is only 1 hdmi socket in the box which goes to the lounge tv, how can I make the connection for the second tv in a different room please?
  6. ipswich78

    A second sub or a single better one?

    I’m currently setting up a 5.1.4 environment using Q Acoustics 3000 series speakers with the 3070 subwoofer. I’m considering adding a second subwoofer (same model) but now wondering if I’m better off selling the existing one and using the funds to buy a single, more advanced sub after reading...
  7. Evovski

    Question Second hand imac as a solution for a dementia sufferer?

    Hi all, hoping you can help me out with a touch of advice as I'm looking for options. I have an Uncle that has early onset dementia - he has a fairly restricted routine these days, but one thing he does enjoy doing, is playing age of empires 2 - I have considered, to that end that reducing the...
  8. SaintDoglet

    Second hand subwoofer to go with Monitor Audio Radius surround sound setup

    Hi there I am planning to get 5 x Monitor Audio Radius 225 as part of a 5.1.2 setup, and given the cost of that am looking to get the sub second hand. Can anyone recommend a good sub that I would be able to get, around the £500 mark? Cheers
  9. D

    Second REL T3 Connection

    Hi. I have a REL T3 connected via Neutrik to front speakers. If I buy another T3, would I need to connect it also via Neutrik to the front as speakers, to balance the sound? What would the effect be if I bought a wireless sub which had the high level input too? Would the wireless transmitter...
  10. L

    Question Second hand Epson TW9000 in 2020. Is this a good deal? Need help fast.

    There is used Epson TW9000 for sale locally. Bought in 2015, 2000 hours on the lamp and does not come with 3D glasses. Asking price is 320€. Most likely on second lamp so total hours ~6k. I don't care about 3D so no glasses is fine. Image is clean so it has been kept well. Is this a good deal...
  11. N

    Question Marantz 8805 second zone/arc thingy help please

    I've run an hdmi from one room to the other. One end to my Marantz AVR8805 in my main room (projector, no TV) and the other end to my TV (LG 77C8) in the family room next door. I want to be able to get picture/sound from the sources in my main room (Oppo/PS4) to the LG. Projector is connected...
  12. J

    Question Second SIM on Virgin Ultimate Oomph?

    I guess the obvious question is ask Virgin but from reading it sounds like adding another Virgin mobile number to your bundle will save you £2 per month of the normal bill for the second sim? Anyone done this here? Does the second number keep its own bill? (Wife has a Virgin number but separate...
  13. S

    BT 4k Box - Loses sound when playing the second programme on iPlayer/Amazon Prime

    Hi All, Have an annoying issue...when I playback a programme on the iplayer or Amazon Prime via the BT 4k box, the first programme works fine, but when it goes to say the following episode of a series or even if I pick a second different programme, the picture works fine but there is no sound...
  14. B

    Second Month into owning LGCX and already a stuck pixel...WTF?

    I spent a lot of money on this tv. I have a 65inch LGCX. And second month into owning this TV, I ALREADY have a dead pixel. What can I do about this? It's a pixel that's dark-dark blue on the bottom, middle of my screen. It remains dark dark blue even when the TV is turned off! I followed all...
  15. S

    Second device Google home problem

    Hi I'm new to the forum, so would initially like to say hello. I have a Google home hub, which I have used without any problem for a year or so. I have just bought a Home mini, and am having problems playing music through it. They are both recognised on my phone, but when I ask the mini to...
  16. S

    Second hand pc

    Hi, misses has been offered a pc Dell Optiplex 9010 and i know these are from 2012 but was wondering if it'd be worth taking and swapping our even older pc. The pc is only really used these days to surf the web and watch a bit of tv via streams etc. The pc i have now has the following (please...
  17. W

    Buying a second hand amp? Have I picked decent ones for the money?

    Hi folks,I'm looking to replace my little Denon M40DAB as it's skipping cds,I have used one of those cleaning discs but it hasn't helped.I'm annoyed as it was only used for an hour each night(for about 3 years) to help my mum get to sleep as she's in a hospital bed in the lounge with dementia...
  18. W

    Second tv from Virgin V6

    Virgin want to replace my old ,failing Tivo box. I an currently feeding signals to a kitchen TV via an rf modulator and co-ax ,which carries both terrestrial and analogue Tivo channels ,utilising the scart output on the Tivo. However it seems the scart on the V6 box is not enabled. So; I realise...
  19. K

    Looking to get good second hand bike

    Guys i have never used a bike well years ago i am looking to get a good second hand road bike any tips budget is £200 ..where do i look and what brand should i get Thanks
  20. Rhinonine

    Can you get a good 65inch second hand for £600

    New to tv have a 50in Panasonic plasma 10 years old, just wondering what could be in the price range.
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