1. W

    second subwoofer search

    hello, a while ago I joined the dual subwoofer club! the first one that came my way was the xtz 1x12 edge,but since then I have broadened my horizons this is my final wishlist: 1)svs pb 3000 with app control-many good reviews but more expensive 2)monoprice monolith 12 thx ultra(old type) good...
  2. D

    Low end second system, which supports USB hard drive

    Evening All, I am looking to buy a second system, with a budget of up to £500/£600. I require: play cd's stream internet radio external USB drive with music files (FLAC format), can plug into the system - external drive not included in budget. speakers. I would like a good sound from the...
  3. Blagmeister

    Can I add a second sub - same make as first - but smaller?

    I bought an M&K V8 for my 7.1.4 system - but felt it was too small in output so acquired a V12 instead - much better. I was going to sell the V8, but haven't been able to shift it as yet so was thinking of just adding it as a second sub. Any advice or tips on integrating this? Can it be done?
  4. Nick1881

    AVR-X2700H with dual HDMI and second TV using TV speakers

    My friend wanted an AVR with 2 x HDMI out so bought the Denon AVR-X2700H. He has his main TV in the lounge and a second TV in the kitchen, on the kitchen TV he wants to use the TV speakers for sound, so he can view he same Sky channel on both TV's with sound from the amp in the lounge and sound...
  5. W

    Xtz 1x12 edge or SVS pb1000 pro or SVS 2000pro as second subwoofer?

    Hello,after long time with one sub it is time for duals! But which one? Xtz 1x12edge or SVS pb1000pro or his bigger Brother pb 2000 pro?.my only option where to put is af the Back next to the other sub is at other side of the sofa(arendal 1.5 ) in a corner and a antimode 8033.a friends...
  6. calibos

    Second KEF E305 Subwoofer?

    Bought a White KEF E305 5.1 Speaker setup a few years ago am very happy with it and was thinking about adding a second Subwoofer recently. I'll admit its as much about my Symmetry OCD as it is about enhancing the Bass although that is of course a goal too. I believe that KEF have EOL'd the E305...
  7. Fade In

    Buying a 4/5+ year old second hand OLED tv

    I'm looking to buy a second hand OLED tv in the next week or so. There are a few in the classifieds, including one or two that are 4 or 5 years old or older. I don't know too much about OLEDs aside from the risk of screen burn, but have read a few comments recently where people have said you...
  8. Iron Tusk

    Second line or ethernet cable?

    I am moving house in a few weeks and have been spoilt with 200mb virgin fibre where I am now. Unfortunately max speed I can get in the new house is 32mb fibre and virgin not available. The current phone line goes into the second floor but i`m guessing that the wifi signal to the ground floor is...
  9. lobsterhunter

    Second Sight's release of The Hitcher or German Import?

    I'm pretty tight so I don't like the idea of paying about £24 for a single blu ray when I could get Die Hitcher, the German import for £13 from Amazon. Does anyone know much about Second Sight? is their work on restoring films in Blu-Ray any good? or do they have a reputation for screwing it up...
  10. M

    What TV would have minimal Motion jerking every 3-5 seconds (not judder or stutter). And what is this jerking?

    My Sony x950G (X950H firmware) has a jerk of the picture about every 3-5 seconds on some recorded shows; like it misses showing some frames - especially older shows on netflix etc. I have Smooth Motion on high. I used to think that was “judder” but after watching videos on youtube I see that...
  11. shodan

    Single-Season '80s Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows That Deserve A Second Shot

    "Single-Season '80s Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows That Deserve A Second Shot" Single-Season '80s Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows That Deserve A Second Shot Had a great time reading through this article. My favourites were Automan, Manimal and Highwayman. Also enjoyed the movie Misfits Of Science but wasn't...
  12. W

    Feeding second tv from virgin box

    I am currently feeding a kitchen tv from my Virgin box. Both cable and terrestrial channels via a RF modulator and powered splitter. The picture in kitchen is poor on the cable channel. Will this work? - split hdmi from cable box and send 8 metres to kitchen with new cable and use powered...
  13. L

    Connecting laptop to second screen

    Hi, Probably a very simple question sorry. I have a Dell laptop and would like to connect second monitor. I've tried an HDMI lead to my other laptop but no luck. What's the best way of doing this. I don't mind buying a second monitor but what arec the connection i need to look out for. Many thanks
  14. Smurfin

    New dedicated room - Epson 9400 or second hand JVC?

    Hi all I bought a 77" OLED last year to try and sate my desire for the big screen experience. No surprise that I've got used to the size and I miss that projected image. I've just bought a house so finally I can have a dedicated room again, which will be in a converted single garage. It will...
  15. O

    looking to upgrade my hi fi, need recommendations

    Looking to improve my current setup ( a Cambridge audio A1 and mission 707s currently on speaker stands) both charity shop finds, I've got a budget of £450 and don't mind buying second hand. Would like to get the best sound possible, only real requirements are that I can plug in a aux cable and...
  16. J

    Help with second hand speakers please

    I am after a bit of help, i currently have a denon 2309 7.1 avr which is working pretty well and i am happy with. I am currently using a budget Eltax jupiter speaker system which i have had for about 8 years. (2x tower, 1x center, 2x small bookshelf). Teamed up with a B&W AS2 subwoofer I want...
  17. T

    Screen flashes black for a second after logging in

    So I recently updated both Windows and my GPU software and have no idea which is the culprit - but there has been a further GPU update so I'm leaning towards Windows. When I log into my user, the screen flashes black once or twice for a second. Weird thing is it only seems to do it on my user -...
  18. T

    Pricing second hand projector

    Hi all. Is there an accepted way of pricing second hand projectors? Since I've upgraded I've got a Sony VW260ES with around 1300 hours on the bulb that I might as well sell. But I've got no idea how to price it, it's still a great projector but I'm guessing there's not a lot of demand for second...
  19. G

    Second hand Sharp LC-60LE636E - worth buying in 2021?

    Hi All, I am interested in getting a fairly large TV (not less than 49") without spending too much (not more than 250 euro) and I found a second hand Sharp sharp LC-60LE636E for sale at that price (probably I could get it for a bit less...). I am not an expert at all, and since it is quite an...
  20. ristac

    Second TV Dining Room Between £600-£800

    We have a 55” LG C8 OLED in the living room. We are looking for a second TV for the dining room. It won’t be the main TV and the dining room is light but no direct sunlight until late in the day but there won’t be any evening viewing on it. Viewing angle won’t be an issue, We’ll be directly in...
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