1. Dr.Rock

    Recommended seats at Odeon Leicester Square, screen 1

    Can anyone please recommend good seating position, both balcony and ground section, at Odeon Leicester Square where I can experience good Dolby Atmos sound? Which rows/columns should I avoid? I'm likely to choose balcony due to cheaper ticket price. From balcony, will the viewing angle be too...
  2. D

    Question Fire Regulation labels

    I have purchased cinema seats on recommendation from this forum after going into the showroom to view/test them out. We have received our seats and have seen that they do not have any sewn in fire reg labels as required by UK law. We had seats with nothing and 1 seat has a sticky label, not the...
  3. R

    Has anybody got Octane Flex leather seats

    I have a £400 discount for amazon. I'm looking at a 4 row and a 3 row for my cinema room. Has anybody got them. Are there other things I should look at before spending £6k? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L9HH27R/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_IHT4DbBMGX10X
  4. Cinema guru

    Bargain Home cinema seating from property redevelopment

    Hello my fellow AV enthusiasts, Long story short, i have been trying so sell a property in the South East for what seems like an eternity. Increasingly challenging market has meant i have to think outside of the box for this one! A good friend recommended a solution: A HOME CINEMA ROOM!! So i...
  5. S

    Which Odeon cinemas have which seats?

    Hi all. Sorry, I'm not sure where to put this thread, please move if this is not the appropriate place. I have a couple of "guest ticket"s that I want to make the most of. Odeon chat, Odeon Twitter and Odeon emails have been contacted but have been no help whatsoever. The terms at the back of...
  6. canada16

    Help me remove rear bench seats and side panel

    IMAGES ATTACHED Hi all. I have had this MK6 2011 golf for a year now and I think the previous owner allowed wet dogs in the boot as it grew mold into the bottom panel which I have cleaned up, but the smell still exists like a bad tempered ghost. I have bought a professional carpet cleaner and...
  7. J

    Question Sofa or Cinema Seats?

    I'm planning on rebuilding my home cinema (man cave) in my garage since moving house, its a single garage so its not massive but worked fine. Last time i had a sofa and then too small arm chairs a little in front and to the sides of it. It was mnainly used for movies, bit of gaming and chilling...
  8. nheather

    Leather Seats - Heated or Not

    Have an order for a BMW 320D M Sport. I have maxed out my budget to the extent that I have said no more to "It's just another £10 per month". What I don't have is heated seats. I have never had leather seats before so I wonder whether heated seats are more important than I imagine. My...
  9. P

    Bargain Rotherham Area - Cinema Seats - Storage Units Etc

    The Magistrates Courts in Rotherham are being demolished and contents are being sold off. I just picked up some Cinema Style Seats from there. Seller Other Ads | Gumtree You may need tools as you might need to take them apart to get them in your car. I found that a set of 4 would fit in my...
  10. Spooksta

    4 x Overhead with 2+2 Seating Config

    I'm going to use 4 x IW95 ceiling speakers and not 100% sure on placement Although there lots on the net about Atmos ceiling placement (ive not looked into it much tbh) what are peoples opinions for height speakers in my seating config. The rear seats are a foot from the rear wall. I'm...
  11. C

    Cinema Seats RISER/PLATFORM??

    Evening all. I have 4 cinema seats, like the layout below and I am looking for a platform or riser, like the one below in picture 2. Through no other choice, my TV will be mounted higher than ideal eye line viewing height and I would like the 4 cinema seats to be rasied higher on a platform for...
  12. mikeburns

    Child Seats - VAT Rate

    While collecting two new child seats from the main dealer, I notice I'd been changed 20% VAT, it should be 5%, highlighted the fact to the parts manager who gave me a refund and said it must have been a glitch in their accounts system. I wonder how much extra they've made on that bit of VAT...
  13. Lia


    Ive seen a few old threads on this but can anyone tell me if the side 3 to 4 seats in the premium area are any good. Thanks
  14. K

    Question Home Cinema Seats - DBOX

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is in the correct area or not but couldn't find a Seats section in the forum (admins feel free to move to the correct section if there is one please). Im actually after adding 2 single Cinema Seats to my home cinema and having DBOX installed. Ive had a look around...
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