1. C

    For Sale Steam Deck 64gb (Upgraded to 1TB) with Dock and 512gb SD Card

    Purchased this to use solely as a docked machine due to the fault, but realised it was an impulse purchase and wouldn't get any use. Steam Deck works fine whilst on charge, however fails to hold it's charge when disconnected. Drains very quickly. Console is in good overall condition with a...
  2. G

    Best place to get a 128gb micro SD card

    Hi all, Not sure if this post is in the correct place so please move it needed. I need a sandisk 128gb micro SD card for a eufy 2k home security camera but was wondering where the best place is to get one Kind regards Mark
  3. S

    Question Astell&Kern SR35 SD cards the good & bad ?

    Astell&Kern SR35 any recommendation on SD cards to get,the best any to avoid ? Thanks
  4. G

    SD card reader recommendations

    Hi all, My wife is asking for recommendations for an SD card reader that she can use with her android phone so that she can reduce the amount of photos music etc stored on her phone Kind regards Mark
  5. M

    Which kind of tv , 4k or 1080p for sd content ?

    Hi, i would like to buy a tv that can play 480p , so do i get a basic 1080p tv or a 4k tv ? Thank you for any advice Mart
  6. ssbib

    Question How to Clone SD Card with Multiple Partitions.

    I’m not very tech savvy these days but I’ve recently got an SD card that I need to clone to a better brand. It has 4 partitions (I didn’t even know what a partition was until today) that all need copying. I hear that there are applications that can crest “image” files of an SD card, which...

    Recover camera photos after SD card crash?

    Hello, I have encountered an unpleasant event. My 64gb sd stick from my camera has failed and all my photos are gone. The card is no longer readable on the camera. When I connect the card to the PC it shows up as empty and asks for formatting. After a bit of googling, I realised that you need...
  8. M

    SD Unwatchable on new Samsung QLED 65 inch TV

    Good morning, I have just upgraded from 55 inch Panasonic curved 55 inch 4k TV to Samsung 8K QLED 65 inch The picture quality of SD FTA and SD DVD's programs are so bad they are unwatchable Even the BBC news channel Is this normal? Can I make some adjustments to improve this?
  9. rkeesecker

    Astell & Kern SR35 not reading SD card

    Just received the Astell & Kern SR35, formatted and loaded 5k+ files on SD card. In the Folders tab, I see the Internal Storage and SanDisk SD card. The card has 229gb of music files on it, which is what I just loaded. However, the tabs (Artist, Album, etc) don't show anything at all. I find...
  10. G

    Question Why does our Samsung UE40NU7120KXXU not display SD Channels ie. 'no source' via Freeview (coax from Aerial), the HD channels ok ?

    We are trying to get rid of Sky, so are reverting to using Freeview. We have two Samsung TV's UE40NU7120KXXU and LE32C530F1WXXU. The coax from the aerial is split between the two. The LE32C530F1WXXU set up shows all the channels on the TV List and all channels display fine. The UE40NU7120KXXU...
  11. J

    Playing videos via SD Card/Flash drive or over network

    Have bought the new Fire Cube and Nvidia (tubular) to test for TrueHD Atmos. Both these devices can have storage added and both will be have a wired connection. I also have a NAS which is also on the Gigabit network. I've read threads where some people are getting either stuttering sound/video...
  12. I

    What SD card for Panasonic HC-VXF1?

    Hi, I amateur in the subject and I have questions about the Panasonic HC-VXF1 4K video camera. When filming/taking photos with it in 4k, which SD card do you guys, think I should buy? To film and take pictures in 4k, I have understood that I must have SanDisk Extreme. I intend to film and...
  13. Willis1995

    LED vs LCD for SD Broadcasts

    Hi, Does anyone here know whether LED displays are better than LCD’s at masking the imperfections of a poor quality SD broadcast via Freeview?
  14. P

    SD videos won't play properly after upgrading to latest version of Libreelec

    I upgraded Libreelect from 9 to 11.0.3 and I can no longer play video in 720x480i properly. Which includes almost every DVD rip that I've ever made. Rips form blu ray are OK, and the interface is OK, subtitles are OK, but the video look like this. I've tired changing all of the hardware...
  15. Clem_Dye

    Whilst here in the UK we are stuck with SD …

    … not so in Spain. RTVE to launch UHD channel One thing is for sure: we won’t see this type of service in the UK. :rolleyes:
  16. Mensy

    Question Micro SD not found cannot format

    So i upgraded my steams deck firmware which gave me the 400mhz bug so i couldn't play any games, i managed to fix that by going into developer mode and using a beta firmware to upgrade the firmware and then to drop back down to 3.4 firmware which fixed my 400mhz bug but whilst i had fixed that...
  17. RudiSt

    SD content on 83” or 85” TVs?

    I have had many 77” TVs and I’m thinking of going up a size to 83” - probably once the LG G3 83 gets MLA technology, or when the S95C or its successor gets bright enough at 83”. But I am assuming all sub-full HD content is a no-go at 83”? It’s borderline on my 77” S95C and probably a step too...
  18. OldGeek

    Freeview Recorders able to store unencrypted files ?

    My first post on here, so please be gentle if this is posted in the wrong forum or if it's a bit of an old chestnut... 🙂 I did try searching, but couldn't find anything. I've owned several Freeview PVRs over the years and each one has had some form of encryption on its recordings, so they can...
  19. G

    Nextbase dash cam SD card help

    Hi all, We have just bought a car that already had a nextbase 380gw dash cam in it. In the course of a phone call to their customer service I asked them about the SD card and they said the capacity limit is 128gb and they would advise to only use the nextbase SD cards. Has anyone used one of...
  20. tuscan72

    Phone with SD card recommendations

    Hello, I need to replace my samsung s7 with a new phone. I need a SD card as I have 400gb of photos saved on the s7 and Im using the phone only for calls and taking photos, what is the best phone with expandable memory? ( a refurb is ok with me too, it doesn't need to be a brand new model)
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