1. D

    Freeview Interference HD v SD

    I'm getting occasional pixelation on Freeview HD channels. Most of the time the signal is fine - these are just brief moments of breakup. The signal strength is good (I live 4 miles from the transmitter). Freeview SD is rock solid - no problems at all. Some questions for the experts here: 1...
  2. Krooner

    Wanted 2GB Micro SD cards

    Anyone got any 2GB mSD cards to kicking around? Looking for at least 5 so would prefer to get them all at once.
  3. S

    Wanted 500gb 2.5 inch HDD and 128gb micro SD card

    Looking for a working 50pgb hard drive for my PS3 and a 128gb micro SD card. Let me know what you have.
  4. Paul MC007

    **New 55" TV/Good for SD Content

    Hi all I feel the time has come to change my current TV - a Sony W905 55" set. This was a flagship set, back in 2013 when it first came out. It gives a decent picture and has served me well. Thing is, the uniformity isn't that brilliant if I'm honest (dirty screen effect? on grey backgrounds or...
  5. G

    LG 49uj670v using SD card reader

    Good morning, I have a standard usb2.0 card reader that I use to watch shows off my micro sd card. I was considering upgrading to a 3.0 reader but unsure whether that will make any difference in watching the shows if they are uhd quality. The card is a HC I Samsung. It seems these factors are...
  6. Panonut

    What adapter to use for Sony Pro Duo Memory Stick

    Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post--let me know. I have a new HP Laptop17t 300 Envy Notebook Product #8YK40AV. It comes with what HP calls an "SD memory reader." I regularly use a Sony Handy Cam that uses the Memory Stick Pro Duo. The HP's slot is too large. My question is: what...
  7. T

    Which not too expensive Phone has NFC, SD Card support and LDAC Bluetooth?

    A few days ago I bought a brand new cheap Poco M3 as backup smartphone. To my surprise it does not support NFC paying (I only learned this in a supermarket). Now I need another one: Besides NFC it must accept my music on a 512 GB SD card and should be able to send it via Bluetooth to my LDAC...
  8. Saxo Appeal

    2021 Model TV's - Which software would improve SD Channels?

    Hi guys, I've been looking at some of the 2021 Model TV's which are being released, and one which has just caught my eye is the Sony with their XR upscaling. Along with 4K and HD Sky Channels, we all on the odd occasion watch the Music Channels, and when viewing these channels with the HZ1000...
  9. H

    Channel4 SD & Sky Arts Pixelation

    Hi. hopefully someone can advise me on this issue. I am using an old Panasonic Skybox (SCART connections only) for Free Sky. Dish is mounted on chimney and has no obvious obstructions. I am situated in London area. All the channels are fine except Channel 4 and Sky Arts which sporadically...
  10. C


    New guy here, old guy everywhere else. I am at my wits end (short trip), trying to find these missing cables, hope you can help. I have "re-stacked" my Technics SD-S100, 200, 300, 400, 500, (or complete system) which I purchased new many years ago. Of course there are a few"missing" parts...
  11. E

    Fast micro sd cards

    Hi I have purchased a Crosstour CT 9900 for some occasional vlog work and would like to video on one of the higher resolution settings . Could anyone please tell me exactly what card model they have had experience with and they actually work at speed . I don’t really want to go down the...
  12. S

    Sd card on nvida shiled

    Hi I have a nvidia shield tv. The round tube one. I've put asd card into the shiled. It sees it fine settings but can't see how to access it. I would of thought it show on the main screen but doesn't?
  13. Venomx999

    SD Card not working

    Got a Galazy A21s and 64GB of micro SD It's worked fine up until now. Now all of a sudden all the pictures and music off the SD card have vanished. Any idea ? Tried a different SD card and it works fine. Must be a bad card then
  14. S

    Question Best 65" for free to air TV, upscaling SD content

    I've been looking at the Sony X series models for a while and noticed they have changed from G to H. My local Costco stocks the X8000H ($1,649.99 AUD) and X9000H ($2,279.99 AUD) models. The reason I'm looking at Sony is for upscaling standard def live TV and other SD content, I'm led to...
  15. TVEye

    Upscaling from SD sources

    I was led to believe this was one of the features of models such as the Q90T, but there is no evidence of any upscaling whatsoever on mine, either from Freeview SD, or old recordings made either on DVDs or my Humax recorder. Is there something buried in the settings menu that's supposed to...
  16. C

    What SD card for 522GW...and other things

    My darling daughter and husband bought me a 522GW for Christmas! Couple of questions if I may... Looking at getting a 128gb card for the dashcam..can anyone recommend a good one? Secondly, I want a rear camera for the car...what's best, the one that sticks on the rear screen, or the one that...
  17. S

    Any know if a wired mains plug in speaker with sd card slot exists

    Hi so I have a speaker problem, I live with lots of noisy neighbours so get to sleep playing howling wind on a 8 hour mp3 files (prefer it over whitenoise but same kind of thing to distract me from the noises around) I've been using a neocore WAVE A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and have the mp3...
  18. Boostrail

    Incorrect information about SD formats.

    I have just cross checked my knowledge of HD Ready TV resolution before posting in another thread. Google brought up several links including one from Panasonic (eu) and one from Euronics (UK) -scroll down to SD. Both say SD is 480x640 which for the UK /Europe for broadcast TV and DVD is...
  19. littlesheepy

    Problem with Switch and SD cards

    I’d been happily using a 64gb sandisk SD card with my original switch but it seems to have stopped detecting it. I’ve since tried a new 200gb Sandisk SD card and I’ve discovered it won’t read or format this either. I’ve tried formatting them on a Mac and a PC first and copying to contents of the...
  20. P

    SD card for cctv

    What SD card is the best choice for cctv constantly recording? I was thinking an Endurance variety would be essential, but note many have lower read/write speeds. I would be using it for a 4MP ColoVu cam, likely to be 15fps. SanDisk High endurance seem cheapest and fastest, but my research leads...
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