1. addyb

    For Sale Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with case + psu & 32Gb micro sd card

    As title. All in good condition.
  2. Gunbuster

    For Sale Switch games, some imports inc Darius Cozmic & SD Gundam Cross Rays

    I really want an Egret 2 Mini for my games room, so some Switch games have to go! All in really nice condition, and complete. UK editions unless noted. Prices do not include postage. Darius Cozmic Collection (JP import) - £38 FIFA 18 - £5 FIFA 19 - SOLD FIFA 20 - SOLD Moonlighter - £13 Payday...
  3. F

    Plasma to OLED with SD content

    Hello, I currently have a Panasonic 50 inch VT30 plasma. We watch a varied mix of TV including a lot of dated SD content. The plasma handles it well and I have no issues with picture quality. I have loved this TV. I have been browsing 4K OLED 55 inch TVs in my local Waitrose (mostly LG) and...
  4. agrc53

    Arris Freesat 4K - SD channels all have picture freezing

    I have had an Arris 4k 1Tb box for a week now,. Yesterday all the SD channels started having picture freeze when watching. i.e. the picture frezzes for a second then jumps to live again, the sound continues fine without a glitch? SD recordings are worse, they have jumps in both picture and...
  5. HullGuy2022

    What should I buy in a 65" for viewing SD & HD TV

    Hi guys, my first thread so please go easy. I am looking for a 65" TV to replace my 55" Sony 9005F from circa 2019. I was extremely happy with the Sony and any replacement needs to be as good or better. The image quality was superb and was fine with standard settings out of the box. I have...
  6. Bully9

    Which TV for SD and 1080p content?

    I'd really appreciate some help here. I've always bought sony (currently kdl50w815) and i would like to 'upgrade'. But i never use streaming services and watch very little 4k content. What 50(ish) inch TV would people recommend with decent upscaling of (especially) standard def and 1080p...
  7. R

    Recover partially written MP4 from action camera SD card

    Hi I was in a road collision earlier in the week and my camera was thrown across the road causing an abrupt power off (battery dislodged). The cam was recording files 3minute in length. I have intact MOV files on the SD card up to 2 mins before the crash - and although the one covering the...
  8. conrail

    Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam SD card not going in

    I have had my Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam for a few years, no problem until tonight when a child on a bike rode in front of me, I took the SD card out to download the video, now the SD card wont go back, it is in the right way but wont remain in, it just comes back out about a centimetre and the...
  9. A

    Freesat 4K SD looks awful on 1080p tv.

    So I have a Sony Bravia KDL43 from 2017 which is a 1080p tv and I have up until recently been watching Sky +HD on it which looks great on both HD and SD channels. I was really surprised how great SD channels looked on it when compared with freeview SD channels. I was enjoying my viewing but I...
  10. K

    Fimi A3 SD Card Not Recognized

    Hello my Fimi A3 transmitter keeps asking for me to "Insert TF Card" when there is already a card inserted. Tried multiple formatted micro SD cards. Also tried with drone powered on. Still get message.. "Insert TF Card" I try to format SD card on the transmitter and after pushing the "ok"...
  11. A

    SD card connector/adapter to facilitate data exchange

    Hi, Following my previous thread (link), I was wondering if there is a connector or adaptor which would make it easier to physically eject and insert the SD card. In my case, I would need to switch the SD card almost daily between my two computers, and I thought there might be a device to...
  12. A

    SD card to regularly exchange data

    Hi all, I am planning to buy an second computer, in addition to my main main computer at home. The second computer should stay at my boy friend's apartment. Due to this, I would like to avoid always carrying my computer to my boy friend's apartment. For all data which is not stored on a...
  13. scottishwildcat

    Upgrading old multi-room setup

    [ Hi... new member here and not sure where best to post this, so please advise if I need to move it, or maybe a mod could so if required... ] Just looking for any thoughts or advice before I think about "calling a man"... Our house was built with an RF-based video distribution system - diagram...
  14. L

    Poor picture quality - pixellation - Channel 4 and 5 SD

    Has anyone else noticed this ? Wondering if they've dropped the data rate/whatever as a result of the Red Bee incident ?
  15. MrMav11

    Simple camera with SD or free cloud 24/7 recordings.

    Anyone recommend a simple wired camera, that can record 24/7 (rather than motion only) to a local SD or free cloud. I’ve read about problems of indoor camera behind glass during night as glares off IR, so maybe need a outdoor one, with simple plug maybe that can be passed through a window for...
  16. D

    BEST tv for SD video

    Hi what is the best plasma for SD content only?
  17. O

    which SD card vor Astell&Kern KANN Alpha

    Hi, my DAP stops working with my normal SD card (cheap version ?). which SD card you you recommend to use with such DAP?
  18. Willis1995

    TV Sharpness control for SD content?

    Hello, I have a question regarding using the sharpness setting on an LCD TV for when viewing low-quality, standard definition content. When watching a video that’s in low resolution and looks quite soft, do any of you think that it is a good idea to raise the TV’s sharpness level, just to make...
  19. petrolhead

    Andriod app to allow me to move/copy photos from SD card to internal memory

    I have just bought a usb to usb c otg cable so I can copy photos from my sd card to my android tablet Is there an easy to use app that w allow me to select several images and copy to internal folder?
  20. I

    SD upscaling on XH9505

    I was under the impression this tv did a good job of upscaling SD content, but after watching “GreatTV” channel earlier on Freeview, it was very poor. Is there a setting in supposed to activate? HD channels are fine, but obviously there’s not many available on Freeview.
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