1. XL5

    Wanted 110" electric screen 16:9

    Must be in excellent condition etc
  2. P

    For Sale Home Cinema Projection Bundle: Denon DA3910 / Denon AVR3805 / Optoma H57 / Oray 218cm screen

    In 2005 this was a reference-grade multi-region, multi-format cinema system worth over £4000 7.1 DTS-ES 1080p HDMI. It still packs a serious punch now. The Denon DA3910 DVD/CD/SACD player was a top of the range DVD and multi-format (CD/SACD/DVD-A) player, 7.1 DTS-ES, 1080p HDMI out...
  3. B

    Oled screen burn, currys refusing to fix

    Hello. First time poster. I bought a Panasonic Oled 55EZ952B from Currys in November 2017 with 5 year guarantee. The tv had a new panel fitted in January 2018 because of a fault. Around August 2019 I noticed the Good Morning Britain logo burnt on the screen as well as other marks all over. We...
  4. Ric_A

    Optoma HD-20 - screen flicker

    Hi I’ve got an Optoma HD-20, about 600 hours into its second bulb. Around four months ago, I started to get a flickering screen once the projector had been on for an hour or so, with some pixel bleed making video look very poor. Once the projector has been off for a while (hours, not minutes)...
  5. Aziz Ismail

    Projector Screen Over TV

    Can anyone show me their setup which has a projector that drops down over their tv please? The majority of projector setups I'm seeing have a dedicated screen on the wall without a TV. I want to have a drop down screen over the TV for movie nights etc but use the tv during the day. I can't seem...
  6. K

    Fixing stripe on screen?

    I made a DIY 115” screen yesterday with a wooden frame. I have one wooden plank in the middle and while stretching the screen it seems like the screen was rubbed between the floor and the edge of this plank, probably while I was standing with one foot on it. The screen has a 1.1 gain and it...
  7. M

    For Sale Duronic 92" Fixed Screen - Only 2 Months Old

    I picked this screen up as a tempory solution around 2 months ago. Only used a handful of times and in perfect condition. Further details can be found on the following link. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07Y3WKG38/
  8. L

    Brand new OLED 65" frozen on dashboard screen; unable to reset

    Our brand new 65" LG OLED tv has frozen on the Home Dashboard screen and nothing we have tried will reset it. If we can't get it up and running again, it's going back, no matter how much we love the picture. Advice much appreciated, thanks.
  9. A

    Turn off the screen

    I frequently wish there were an option to have sound with no vision, just like 'mute' gives vision with no sound. I have a Panasonic 37" Plasma which is great, but it's on most of the day, and much of that time I'm not interested in what's on the screen unless I hear something...
  10. K

    chip on screen

    I have a strange chip on the screen don't know how it happened but I'm extremely depressed by it. It's only visible if I shine a torch on the screen I can't really see it unless I look for it. I'm on my 4th panal after having 3 repairs by teamknow how. I'm kinda of stuck with it as it's just...
  11. whySh1n

    Wanted iPhone 6s with smashed screen

    Hi all looking for an iPhone 6s with damaged screen or digitiser. Thank you
  12. K

    For Sale Draper React Euroscreen 97" 16:9 fixed frame projector screen

    I have for sale Draper React 2.1 material 97" fixed frame screen. I have owned this from new (at an original cost over £1k) and it is in excellent condition. No marks at all on the screen surface. It is the Euroscreen model and comes with black velvet around the frame. More pictures of the...
  13. M

    rx-v385 game mode disable on screen display

    I just brought a yamaha rx-v385 receiver. I would like to disable the on screen display. I find the pop up that shows the volume change annoying; the front of the receiver already shows this information. I was looking for a game mode that disables all processing so there is no delay in video...
  14. P

    Question Best screen for money

    I'm thinking about upgrading my 37" Panasonic IPS TV from 2012 since our living room would fit a larger screen. However, I'm not sure yet about the budget I'd like to spent, ideally under 1000€ but there isn't a fixed limit yet. Here are a few details about our setup: 3m viewing distance with...
  15. W

    For Sale Sapphire 92" slow retract screen SWS200WSF-ASR2

    Just received a 106" version of the same screen from these forums so my old 92" is looking for a new home. Excellent condition, model number is SWS200WSF-ASR2.
  16. S

    Question Twisted Screen??

    Hello all, I was looking for some advice/help if possible! I’ve got a new LG TV and I recently dug out my old Nintendo 64. The nostalgia hit hard and I had to set it up. I bought a scart to hdmi adapter, but when I plug it in in seems to twist the picture around the TV? The actual picture...
  17. D

    For Sale 92” Sapphire 16:9 Fixed Frame screen £45

    Sapphire 16:9 Fixed Frame screen in good condition. Measures 92” diagonally. Comes with original fixings. Extremely easy to mount. Pick up only.
  18. G

    Question Can I fix wavy screen

    Hi all, I have a Da-Lite non tensioned screen, it’s quite old now and one side has started to go a bit wavy. Does anybody know if this can be fixed and if so how do I go about it. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  19. JabbaNut

    HyperKin’s RetroN Jr brings Game Boy to the big screen (cartridges and all)

    HyperKin’s RetroN Jr brings Game Boy to the big screen (cartridges and all) " Over the last few years we’ve seen surge in “retro consoles” designed to let you play classic games using modern hardware. There are official systems like the NES Classic, PlayStation Classic, and Genesis Mini. And...
  20. Andy_Green

    Wanted iPhone 7/6/8 case & screen protector

    Evening all, My new work mobile is an iPhone 7. Don’t trust myself without a case so thought I’d see what’s out there. Looking for something that offers protection similar to an Otterbox Symmetry without adding too much bulk. Would prefer something in good condition. Also a tempered glass...
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