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  1. kenshingintoki

    Reflecterol screen paint vs dream screen sample vs Grey steel 2

    So I am about to sleep then I get a phone call midnight from a man from Romania saying my parcel will be delivered to my house in 30 mins of my projector paint with sample included. Decided as I had to wait up and get delivery, I’d do a quick comparison between GS2 and the sample of dreamscreen...
  2. B

    Help with setting up a projection room UK, best screen paint and gain for black and white video.

    Hi everyone! I am hoping someone is generous enough to help a novice such as myself. I am coming to the end of my Masters in Fine Art, and will be showing a projected video for my final degree exhibition. I will have a fully enclosed room to show the video in. I intend on painting the walls matt...
  3. G

    Screen Paint, out of touch

    It’s been several years since we had our HT set up, a move stopped a dedicated room until now. We have an ancient but still good Epson TW6000 to use with a Yamaha Rev and a Firestick plugged in the rear. The room is unfortunately (needs must) completely white decorated, the screen size is...
  4. L

    Projector screen paint using reflective paint additive

    Ok, here goes, i'm ready to be abused, so let rip. I currently use Dulux Lumitec with some bog standard silver paint, which I think was Ronseal. The colours look amazing with zero hotspots, however the blacks are just so washed out. I use a viewsonic px-747 for info. Now, I've been watching...
  5. SHH89

    Question Projector screen paint

    Hi all, I have a garage conversion which I want to.project straight on the wall, what paint have people used so that you get a good picture, dark blacks etc? I have an Epson 650. Thanks
  6. pixel8

    Question Advice for Wall Screen Paint

    Hi there Im hoping MississippiMan is about as this questions been asked before but it seems the answer is set up specific so i hope its ok to ask for advice. I have a optoma uhd300x in an all white room and looking to paint a screen on my wall with a diagonal of 100". I presently have a white...
  7. pixel8

    Question Screen Wall Paint

    I have a Optoma UHD300x and was considering painting a screen onto the wall - What would be the best paint for this - The Ansi-Lumens? is important...The 300x has about 2200 ? Many thanks in advance ;)
  8. grahamachilles

    Custom Aspect ratio Painted Projector Screen Questions

    Hello, I've saved getting a screen until last for my mixed use media room- I have a 5.1.4 system with an Epson 5040 UB wall mounted 14 feet away from a gigantic wall (off white, textured). The projector is quite bright so it looks great except when image is too light- then you can see the...
  9. S

    Anyone got experience with this screen paint?

    The website below has some nice looking screen paints. Has anyone got any experience trying them. The new product about to come out seems a good improvement too but I'm a bit reluctant because of the price and the fact I have to buy two cans but only need one. I feel I really need a black...
  10. C

    Short throw projector screen paint

    Hey guys, I've been poked in this direction from Reddit, which seemed to be a bloodbath of polarising opinions... I've just bought a Xiaomi ultra short throw projector and it's currently being shipped. I'm fairly certain I'll be going down the route of painting the wall with some kind of grey...
  11. Y

    projector paint for wall

    hi everyone im looking for advice on paint for projecting straight onto a newly plastered wall. the room in question has been built with projecting on to the wall in mind. screen size will be around 110 inches wide with options to mount a new projector 3-3.5 meters away. i havnt yet decided...
  12. jumguf

    Black Widow screen paint - how glossy?

    Hi everyone :-) I'm about to dive into making a 100" Black Widow screen on MDF; found the Aluminum paint and the last obstacle seems to be getting the right base paint for the job, as I'm here in Denmark, Scandinavia. Neither Johnstone's or Dulux seem to be available here, so I'm trying to...
  13. Roku2

    Projector Screen Paint

    What is your opinion on projector paint for the wall? How does it compare to using regular paint or to a projector screen? They sell some on Amazon but I wonder if these paints are all hype and nothing more
  14. grancave

    Black Widow - Autoair Aluminium Base Fine - batch number confusion

    Hi, can someone please advise me what to mix into my autoair aluminium base fine to make the black widow screen paint? I don't know if it's a new batch or an old one, so don't know whether I need a Bermuda beige or a steel grey to mix in. The code on the back of my bottle is 1AA-C15.05(01)...
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