1. C

    Home Cinema Issues - Home Visit In Scotland / Edinburgh

    I'm having various issues with my home cinema set up. I've spent a huge amount of time and effort to try and fix the issues, and many of you here have been kind enough to offer possible solutions. However, I can't seem to get to the root of any issue, or find a suitable solution, so I'm trying...
  2. icemanonline

    Home town surroundings... East coast Scotland

    This shot was taken today using my phone. My actual hometown will always be Edinburgh but I actually reside on the east coast of Scotland and this shot was taken on the east coast near Longniddry..... Close to my hometown. On the beach while the sky was blue but bitterly cold. Shot in next...
  3. WeegyAVLover

    Scotland first country to provide free period products

    I do not post here very often but this news made me proud to be Scottish: Period poverty: Scotland first in world to make period products free Period poverty: Scotland first in world to make period products free The only issue is it has taken so long for this to be a thing since condoms have...
  4. RobTi

    Question Yamaha repair in central Scotland

    Hi need to get my RXA-3050 HDMI checked over and just found out no service in Scotland at all, so looking for recommendations on where to send it I'm in Hamilton just south of Glasgow, if anyone can help ? Thanks
  5. icemanonline

    Dull grumpy atmospheric Scotland

    Taken with phone while out today... Sky and sea were pretty explosive for a while..... So you this shot trying not to get soaked.... Ice
  6. Rasczak

    A New Boris Bridge - Scotland to Northern Ireland

    Despite his mixed record on bridges, Johnson has instructed officials to scope a new bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland: Have to give that a...
  7. PrahDV

    Scotland national team

    Scotland are a joke when it comes to players withdrawing over injuries/fitness Last two squads Tierney has been excluded on club interference but coincidentally starts the nxt club game after the squad is announced. Now Robertson, Frasier and Mctominey have pulled out. Robertson only ever...
  8. T

    Edinburgh (Scotland): drone footage and timelapses

    Edinburgh, Scotland: Drone footage and timelapses with Nikon D850 shot in July.
  9. Rasczak

    Scotland Bans Smacking

    Amongst the Brexit mess, it is pleasing to see some parts of the UK continue to progress a liberal agenda. Its long overdue but Scotland has become the first part of the UK to ban smacking of children: :thumbsup:
  10. Alps

    Skiing in Scotland

    Hi guys, I'm planning a bit of a road trip from London to Scotland in late March to early April - most probably leaving on the 29th of March through to 6th of April. As I'm going to be in Scotland, I thought it would be rude not to try and catch some skiing. I was looking at Glencoe or the...
  11. C

    Question Looking for HD video footage of Scotland

    Greetings I am looking for drone video footage (also posted in Drone forum) of Scotland and also other video footage to the theme of ‘Scotland’ for a project. Must be HD quality. Does anyone have any footage up on You Tube ? Many thanks and regards
  12. C

    Question Looking for HD video footage of Scotland

    Greetings, I am looking for drone video footage of Scotland and also other video footage to the theme of ‘Scotland’ for a project. Must be HD quality. Does anyone have any footage up on You Tube ? Many thanks and regards
  13. balidey

    Relocating to Scotland - any comments

    As part of my looking for a new job, there are several I have seen that are in Scotland. Previously my wife would not have even entertained that thought, but she has suddenly hit me with the bombshell that she would love to move up there too. We live in the east midlands. We have had holidays in...
  14. shotokan101

    Flower Of Scotland....

    Flower of Scotland.... Ran out of time this month - had a few alternative things I tried but nothing worked :blush: So went with the shot below and liked it with some Funky Negative Processing... hope it works for some of you too :) Flower Of Scotland.... by Jim, on Flickr Panasonic...
  15. mikee66

    Question Any DJI experts in central Scotland?

    Hi, I recently received a DJI Mavic pro for my 40th birthday and I was hoping that I could perhaps meet up with someone who could help me with the basics? I've not even had it in the air yet as I'm so worried about it crashing and flying away. I've spent hours watching video tutorials etc...
  16. icemanonline

    What I love is..."Beautiful Reflections and a Sunset in Scotland.

    As title.... This shot was taken last night (before I go into hospital today for "the news or options.. Or lack of actually!") With the Olympus OM-D EM10 ii and Panasonic 17mm prime. I thought I would at least get a shot in and as it so cold but still.... The only place to be at sunset was the...
  17. Faust

    New BBC channel for Scotland

    In a time when the BBC are making large cuts to their budgets we have an announcement they will be launching an new BBC channel for Scotland. The budget for this channel will be the same as for BBC Four i.e. £40 million pounds a year. In an era of cuts and when the BBC still can't provide HD...
  18. brian s

    BBC Scotland

    A new TV channel for the BBC in Scotland will begin broadcasting in autumn 2018, director general Tony Hall has announced. New TV channel for BBC in Scotland - BBC News The channel will have a budget of £30m, equivalent to the amount spent on BBC4. The plans for the channel include a Scottish...
  19. DaveBhoy

    IT jobs with Police Scotland

    Hope this is ok - did check with a mod first, but if it needs pulled then fair enough. Given the audience on this forum, I thought that there might be some interest in a number of IT jobs that were advertised today on Facebook, within ICT at Police Scotland. Full details available at Current...
  20. raigraphixs

    Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald (ITV)

    Trevor McDonald returns with a brand new documentary series, Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald, where he gains unprecedented access into the Metropolitan Police's headquarters.
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