1. purenergy

    New Marantz NR1200 need help connecting an old school equalizer

    I am 58 and just want to hook up an older Yamaha Equalizer to my new Marantz NR1200 receiver. Call it what you want, I just always enjoyed fiddling with my equalizer. It's part of the fun - for me. The Equalizer has RCA ins and outs and the Marantz receiver has a pre-out and some other "ins"...
  2. E

    Old school Sony VPL-W400

    Hello all! Just dug this out of storage and wanted to get it working again but am having some issues. I used to use it with my PS3 with a HDMI to YPbPr cable without issue, tried doing the same with the PS4 but no joy, bought a new cable, no joy, got a HDMI to YPbPr converter with USB power...
  3. phillyd1981

    Thoughts on sending kids back to school in June.

    If the schools do reopen in june would you be happy sending your children back (if they are in the qualifying year) For me i don't think i will be letting my year one lad back it's to soon in my opinion.
  4. Sheldon19

    Question Ideas about the best way to integrate VR into Architecture school?

    Hello, I am a student from Norwich University Architecture Program tasked with looking into how to implement Virtual reality into our school program. I was wondering if there was anyone here who had recommendations for what systems to use and ways of integrating them into CAD programs like...
  5. D

    Catholic School for Non Catholic Child

    Just wondered if any forum members have their children in a Catholic school despite not being Catholic themselves? If so how have you found it? Thanks
  6. groovalicious


    WHAT TO USE TO CONNECT CAMBRIDGE CXN TO OLD SCHOOL HK395i RECEIVER? I can't get to my manual or my box that my Cambridge CXN came in right now. I bought it a long time ago, but never set it up. I have spent the afternoon staring at it, working my way through a few preliminaries with...
  7. english_bob

    Old school analogue hi-fi system - add additional wireless speakers + Bluetooth?

    Hi, I am sure this gets asked a lot... In ROOM A of my house I have a resolutely old and magical hifi system without absolutely no digital inputs of any description. I have two things I am trying to achieve, and for this it doesn't really need to be state of the art or cost the earth... 1) ROOM...
  8. D

    You Can Watch 99 Hours of Free Online Photography Classes from the School of Visual Arts

    You Can Watch 99 Hours of Free Online Photography Classes from the School of Visual Arts Came across this online so sharing here, hope it helps. You Can Watch 99 Hours of Free Online Photography Classes from the School of Visual Arts (SVA)
  9. raigraphixs

    Night School (28 September 2018)

  10. rding

    Question Laptop for use in school.

    After a recent parents evening at school my son is following in mine and his older brothers footsteps with having the most atrocious handwriting. He is due to start his GCSE's later this year and his English teacher has said it would benefit him to use a laptop for any written work and instead...
  11. bunyboy

    Question Primary School projector - best set up

    Hi All, I'm helping run a movie night at my daughters primary school. They have a Hitachi CCP-X8170 projector and a bunch of speakers around the hall. The sound is fine, just stereo but nice and loud. I'm more worried about getting the best out of the picture, and having done a test today -...
  12. P

    School Video

    Check out this quick video I put together for Delaware Academy, the High School I graduated at. The place is so beautiful.
  13. ConorIsDaBest

    This is for school so yeah

    Hey so I have to ask whoever's reading a question associated with your "gaming habits". My question is: Which games console do you prefer to play on and why? Thanks in advance.
  14. J

    Question Projector for School wall

    Looking for a projector to project on a wall from approx 10m. Wall is around 25 x 15. It will be projecting images from a powerpoint presentation. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. J

    Question A school project: Any issues using the Samsung Tizen Smart TV OS? (on 2015 models and later)

    Hi there! Not sure if this is an okay place to post this, so apologies if not. I'm a college student and doing a usability project on the Tizen OS (on Samsung smart TVs 2015 and later) where I need to survey people as to issues that they've encountered while using it. I made a short Survey...
  16. When In Rome

    Mobile phones banned all year at Surrey boarding school

    BBC Surrey - Breakfast on BBC Surrey, 06/09/2017, Mobile phones banned all year at Surrey boarding school I did search for similar threads but nothing was forthcoming. And when I saw the headline I thought, wonder if it's my old school. It isn't but while I guess this school may not be the...
  17. Solomon Grundy

    Back To School - Anything Missing Yet?

    2 days in and doing okay so far. This time last year my kids had already lost a brand new jumper...everyone else unscathed so far? There are usually a few items of uniform go missing at our school where poorer parents will take new items from other kids, cut name tags etc and hey presto, new...
  18. M

    What do you wish you were taught at school?

    What do you wish you were taught at school? Thus, what do you think they should be teaching children at school? Primary or Secondary or both. For me, it could be little DIY things such as putter a mirror/picture up on the wall, what fixings I need depending on what the wall is made out of of...
  19. True Romance

    Any teachers on here (primary school)?

    So our daughter is set on becoming a primary school teacher when she finishes school/collage/uni which we both thought would be a good job choice. Is she currently on a school work experience placement at out local primary school and we're a little dismayed about all the negativity she has...
  20. N

    Question School Hall Projector

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I have come here for some advice. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. I am doing some work for a school and they would like to replace their hall projector. The school hall has a fair bit of natural light as it has plenty of glass doors leading...
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