1. M

    Can i record cctv with a sky hd box

    Can I record cctv with a sky hd box and how do I do it. My cctv cam has a scart plug on it
  2. logoff

    Connect SNES to modern Samsung Smart TV

    Hi! Situation: I have acquired an original PAL Super Nintendo (European Super Famicom). It comes with a white-branded (non-original) Multi OUT - SCART cable. My modern Samsung Smart TV (UE49KU6670U) doesn't have any SCART input, so I can not use it as is. I decided to test the SNES in a...
  3. D

    HDMI to SCART lead

    I have had a Sony DVD recorder for years and recently bought a new Samsung TV. I still have a few items on the recorder hard drive but, the new TV only has HDMI ports. Would a normal HDMI plug on one end and a SCART plug the other be ok to get a picture on the tv screen. I have seen this sort of...
  4. P

    Question Wrong resolution on SCART input - Toshiba TV

    My late mother-in-law's Toshiba 24W1633DB plays digital TV just fine but SCART input from different sources gives a picture it would seem displayed at the wrong resolution. The picture shows the menu screen from our Humax PVR. The top is cut off. Displaying TV or recorded videos from the PVR are...
  5. GVA1994

    Recording HDMI > VCR (Scart) and back

    Hi all, I've browsed around on the forums but couldn't find an answer for my personal situation. I'm trying to transfer a video I've made from my laptop (only HDMI-out) to my VCR (only SCART in). I've found a converter that does that (see link below). I'm doing this so I can degrade the video...
  6. S

    Connect scart dvd to hdmi

    Hi. Just brought a new Samsung TV and want to connect my Sony dvd player to it. I know dvds are old hat but still want to play some of them. The dvd player has scarts ports and no no hdmi connectors. How can I connect to the tv which has only got hdmi ports. Also, I need to connect my Wii as...
  7. abishur

    Making Scart cable

    I was going to make my own scart cable but ran into a newbie issue. The connect I got ended up being a crimp connector. What style crimp pins do I need to use with a scart connector?
  8. J

    Question Philips VR110 and Sharp 32AC6EE LCD TV scart connection sound but no picture

    Hi, I bought a Philips VR110 VCR player for my dad. He has alots of old VHS tapes (wedding ceremonies, birthdays etc.) He wanted to watch them again. He has a SHARP 32ACEE LCD TV. It has a SCART connection. The Philips VR110 also has scart connection. I bought a scart cable from a local store...
  9. W

    Are there any reasoablyy priced HD TVs with either RCA or SCART video outputa?

    I'm looking to get a TV that ha video out capabilities as I want to be able to send to a second TV usinf a wireless transmitter and receiver. We have a DVD and a PVR attached to our currenr TV with the video sent to the second TV using cable but we have to use a switch box to go between DVD and...
  10. F

    Scart our to usb for gaming

    Hi people, is it possible to connect a Nintendo gaming platform to a windows 10 PC? Only inputs on the PC are USB. many thanks, John
  11. bobbymax

    Question Scart to hdmi?

    I have an old Thompson VHS video recorder, and we have a few tapes of our kids from way back. I was just thinking of rigging it up somehow to my oled, which only has HDMI. Is there a cable from scart to hdmi available, or a different way to connect please?
  12. pault2007

    Small LCD TV with Scart connector?

    What's the smallest sized LCD TV you can buy that has a Scart connector? Thanks.
  13. R

    AVR with HDMI to S-Video conversion, do they exist?

    As the title says, I'm looking for a receiver that I can feed HDMI video and get S-Video output. If anyone could help me out I would be much obliged. Story is, I recently got a CRT TV with an HDMI to SCART adapter. It works, but it seems like the adapter has an output limit at 60hz. I want to...
  14. C

    Connecting Daewoo DF-4700P to TV without SCART

    Hi I bought a 'DVD Recorder + VCR' model: Daewoo DF-4700P many months ago to record some special memories off VCRs and 8MM tapes. Now i have time to start looking into getting it working ive found i dont actually know what im doing! I thought it would be easy, but im facing challenges as...
  15. Kammando90

    Looking for SCART cable advice

    So I have a video player that has Composite and SCART output, my understanding is composite is the worst picture and SCART (RGB output!?) is the better signal. I don't have a TV that accepts SCART, my questions is am I better off buying a SCART->Component, SCART->HDMI, or SCART->S-video? Which...
  16. djeyewater

    Using VHS to DVD recorder as RGB scart to HDMI converter?

    Does anyone know if the old VHS to DVD recorders you can get (I've been looking at Panasonic models) with RGB Scart in and HDMI out will convert RGB Scart input to HDMI (and do it decently)? All the info I can find about them is just talking about their output of Freeview TV, DVD, and VHS over...
  17. T

    Question any new TVs have scart or adaptor

    I am looking for a tv for the spare room around about 50inch, I know new tvs don't have scart sockets but some use to have a scart adaptor lead, is there any about
  18. H

    Question HELP: Attempting to connect HDMI to AV1

    I have this old CRT TV with an AV1 port. I have a "Mini" AV2HDMI adaptor (the white ones) and a DVD player. I connect everything and put the TV on AV, and nothing, black screen. I will post photos of my setup.
  19. R

    Recording TV with my Daewoo DH-6100P

    Hi. I'm tring to record TV with my Daewoo DH-6100P recorder/player. The TV I'm using is a Polaroid P22LEDDVD12. I'm using a scart lead. The best arrangement I can manage at the moment is to connect the TV to AV2 on the recorder. Under this arrangement I cannot see the OSD output from the...
  20. Mosconebailbond

    Question Help connecting a VCR to Denon amp or TV

    Looking for advice please, I recently bought a JVC HR-J795 and cleaned the head and a inside, I connected it to a Denon AVR-X2200W via a eSynic scart to HDMI coverter which is connected via HDMI to a LG-UH850V. I get a picture via the AUX 2 Setting but the picture is terrible, much worse than...
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