1. K

    Connecting RCA and Scart to PC?

    My uncle is down sizing and getting rid of his TV as he doesn’t use it anymore. However he does have a plug and play Golf game. Is there anyway he can plug this game into his laptop? I’m guessing maybe he could use one of those USB streaming devices that let you connect HDMI equipment to PC...
  2. U

    For Sale Goodmans 20" CRT TV - RGB SCART Socket

    This is my Goodmans 2065TS 20" CRT television which I am selling as it is surplus to requirements. There is no remote included but almost any 'One4All' remote will operate it and there are also controls on the front panel, below the screen. This TV is perfect for retro gaming as it has an aerial...
  3. Djbing

    Cant get SCART or HDMI to work on my Toshiba 19BV500B

    So I've had this TV for about a year-ish and I've never been able to get its HDMI to work its quite an old TV but I don't think it should be so broken that the HDMI doesn't work, recently I got a HDMI to SCART converter but that still doesn't seem to work and I cant even fin SCART in the source...
  4. Manor49

    Scart DVD player to LG tv HDMI

    Could someone suggest the best way to play a DVD using a SCART player to an LG smart tv HDMI input? Is there a recommended adaptor? Thanks.
  5. D

    Tivo to DMR-BWT720 via scart

    So after many years of non use I've dusted down a scart cable as I want to preserve some 1080P Champions League footage currently residing on an old Tivo box that I'm hoping to replace (and so lose the recordings). I want to record the footage from the tivo in the best possible analogue quality...
  6. L

    Does my dream CRT television even exist?

    Hello! I am looking for a crt tv for retro gaming. I have read an endless amount of vintage reviews and looked through countless hastily scanned pdf catalogues in multiple languages, and I feel like I know exactly what I want now. I'm just not sure if there is a television quite like my dreams...
  7. G

    Good HDMI splitter to scart that works.

    I got a hdmi splitter a while back that worked briefly but now the scart part no longer outputs anything and it gets hot. Can anyone recommend a hdmi to scart splitter that works?
  8. Bibialias007

    Mini-DIN 9 Pin SCART connections

    Hi, I have an IPV5001 decoder from Cisco which has a Mini-DIN 9-Pin SCART connection in the back. Does anyone has the PIN configuration of this connection ? I have tried a cable from Mini-Din 9 Pin Scart to SCART Euroconnector Peritel from Xoro to connect it to the AV2/L1 Input of Pioneer...
  9. Alexwells

    Pioneer PDPLX5090, sound but no video from SCART inputs

    Seasons greetings everyone, i've just joined AV Forums precisely to ask about the LX5090 that i recently came into possession of. My dad brought it home from a house he was working at, he managed to get it for 20 quid. After looking it up online i came to realise that it's got quite a cult...
  10. mark25810

    How to tell orion TV134R scart is RGB?

    Hi there i hope someone can help me, i have ordered a mega drive from ebay and need one of those rgb scart leads for it, i have a samsung syncmaster 510mp which has rgb scart but i also wanted to use my CRT its a orion tv134r. I can not tell if the scart is RGB the box states just EURO scart...
  11. Pollywoggle

    Connecting old video player to modern tv? Scart to hdmi?

    We have digitised most of our old family videos and have them on USB stick for a very occasional viewing Not all of them though and we have kept our old vhs recorder to play the rest…we kept our 2014 Samsung TV as it had scart input but it’s taking up a lot of space in the garage. My 2018...
  12. K


    Hello everybody. Here's my problem: I got a new sat-decoder from a primary Italian provider. Its HDMI output goes to a HDMI splitter, one of which output goes to the HDMI input of the principal TV, while the other goes to a HDMI to SCART adapter. This adapter is connected through SCART to a...
  13. Burakiosaurus

    Scart to HDMI Converter Advice

    Hi All, New LG 55NANO756PR arriving this Friday and I need a Scart to HDMI Converter. This is so my Mum can plug in her current old Technomate Satellite Box, until we upgrade to a newer HDMI supported one in a few months. Seen a few on Amazon, like this one Reason for this one, is so that I...
  14. P

    CRT and scart

    Hi, I've had a look over the site and can't see the best place to put this, so on the off chance someone can help, I'll post this here. My eldest has recently picked up an ONN CRT 1541 TV, it doesn't have the remote and I can't seem to get it to pick up the scart cable for the old Xbox...
  15. J

    Panasonic DMR-EX75 dvd recorder replacement? (Scart + component video out + tuner)

    After surviving from 2006 for 2019, my ex75 stopped playing Dvds and I replaced it with another one (which seemed close to new). Unfortunately the tuner on that seems to have stopped working and I am not inclined to fiddle with soldering irons to try to fix it. What would be a more recent...
  16. M

    Can i record cctv with a sky hd box

    Can I record cctv with a sky hd box and how do I do it. My cctv cam has a scart plug on it
  17. logoff

    Connect SNES to modern Samsung Smart TV

    Hi! Situation: I have acquired an original PAL Super Nintendo (European Super Famicom). It comes with a white-branded (non-original) Multi OUT - SCART cable. My modern Samsung Smart TV (UE49KU6670U) doesn't have any SCART input, so I can not use it as is. I decided to test the SNES in a...
  18. D

    HDMI to SCART lead

    I have had a Sony DVD recorder for years and recently bought a new Samsung TV. I still have a few items on the recorder hard drive but, the new TV only has HDMI ports. Would a normal HDMI plug on one end and a SCART plug the other be ok to get a picture on the tv screen. I have seen this sort of...
  19. P

    Question Wrong resolution on SCART input - Toshiba TV

    My late mother-in-law's Toshiba 24W1633DB plays digital TV just fine but SCART input from different sources gives a picture it would seem displayed at the wrong resolution. The picture shows the menu screen from our Humax PVR. The top is cut off. Displaying TV or recorded videos from the PVR are...
  20. GVA1994

    Recording HDMI > VCR (Scart) and back

    Hi all, I've browsed around on the forums but couldn't find an answer for my personal situation. I'm trying to transfer a video I've made from my laptop (only HDMI-out) to my VCR (only SCART in). I've found a converter that does that (see link below). I'm doing this so I can degrade the video...
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