1. P

    Intempo RDI limited DAB channels after a scan

    I have just bought a second hand "Intempo" RDI iPod dock and DAB Radio. I cant find a user manual on line but need some help with finding the national DAB services The main problem I have is that when I ask it to scan DAB for channels it only finds the 19 commercial channels on Multiplex 11A -...
  2. wiz

    Cant scan to email

    Anyone go their HP printer scanner to scan to email since Google switched off their Less Secure apps doohickey?
  3. D

    Lg c1 just scan greyed out help

    Have just reset my lg c1 but can’t select just scan now can someone please suggest a solution and also in edit inputs hdmi 2 which I had set to pc for Xbox series x has moved to home dashboard and is stating Xbox instead of pc I just can’t figure it out.
  4. tvstaff

    PLEX Server won't find a FOLDER

    Hi, I have PLEX Server on my iMAC and it won't recognize a folder. The folder is writable, as I can add or subtract, or rename. And I can play the music on my iMAC from that folder but even after scanning multiple times PLEX Server will not show it. Other sub folders work fine. In the...
  5. G

    SOLVED 55PUS7906 - Analogue channel scan?

    Hello I have a 55Pus7906 and a requirement to scan for analogue channels When scanning for antenna channels there is no option to change to analogue and it forces digital channels, so the channel for the device I have connected to the aerial port is not picked up. Is there a way round this...
  6. C

    Manhattan Freesat Channel Scan failure

    Hi - been using a manhattan freesat box for a while with no issues ( also running Sky q in other rooms) so LNB etc have all been compatible. Lost ITV 1 at the weekend - tried to rescan but failed at when at 10% - 100% Sat quality and 65% strength. I can get non freesat channels ( ITV's, Channel...
  7. E

    Does Scan still offer free shipping for AVF users?

    Scan used to offer AVF forum users fress shipping, is this still the case? If so, how do you link accounts?
  8. G

    How do I scan at max optical resolution with my Canoscan LiDE 110?

    The specifications for the Canoscan LiDE 110 say it has an optical resolution of 2400 x 4800 (more with interpolation). But the scanner software it came with offers only a max of 1200 x 1200. How do I scan at 2400 x 4800? Or at least 2400 x 2400?
  9. wiz

    HP print and scan Google Less Secure Apps Access

    Hi wonder if anyone has seen this I have an old HP 8600pro printer scanner. Every so often it will stop scanning to email / computer folder. The fix is to go into my google setting and turn off 'Less Secure Apps Access' setting. Is there a way to make my HP more secure so I do not have to...
  10. KekoTheFox

    Slanted screen and stuck on Don’t power off Scan

    Hi there, I got a small tv off eBay to hopefully repair and use as a test tv instead of unplugging my other small screen it’s a tesco/technika LCD 19-229 however when power is applied it’s got a slanted screen that is stuck in a scan loop as seen below I saw a YouTube video of the same issue...
  11. Schumi 01

    Pre-Built from Scan

    Morning all, tempted to get a pre-built form Scan in the next month, hopefully this will last me at least 5 good years. Quick question well a couple really, the GPU is a EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB XC3 ULTRA GAMING Ampere Graphics Card, just wondering what your thoughts are on it. Also...
  12. 2

    Freeview box scan failed

    Hi everyone. I have bought a cheap set top box (manhattan T1) as all I need is channel 4 HD to watch the England cricket. I have a coax cable running from the satellite dish which is live and works as when plug it directly into my LG OLED tv the free view channels work after scanning (no...
  13. B

    Bargain 3090 at scan be quick its a fe at £1400
  14. GreyMutton

    Bargain 3060ti & 3070 FE in stock at Scan

    As the title says. I just nabbed a 3070. Be quick!
  15. J

    Question 42lg700h, can´t scan channels

    i just receved an 42LG700h from a friend, i think my friend purchased a lot from a hotel. the tv dont have the option to scan channels. this tv had an MPI card LMT7Z7 . the tv it is configured with cable channels, i was trying to disable the hotel mode ( i think it is on hotel mode) but i can´t...
  16. N

    Showing antenna scan everytime turn on

    In my sharp tv always showing antenna scan i tried everything but still showing while turn on. Mine is sharp 4k 50inch Can anyone help me please
  17. S

    Just Scan or 16:9

    Hello, Which is a better aspect ratio for LG TV's 16:9 or Just Scan, I tested amazon fire TV stick, their guide recommends Just Scan, same with Xbox one. But what do you guys suggest? I heard that with 16:9 you loose some of the picture.
  18. T

    Speed of Avast Full Virus Scan

    Hi All, whilst hunting for something online I downloaded an "exe" file that AVAST Premium, the paid for version (I have always reckoned you get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing don't expect too much) which AVAST has reported as malicious. Their recommendation was to run the "Full Virus...
  19. szita2000

    Question Samsung Smart TV when turned on starts scan for terrestrial channels

    Hi guys. We have an older 32 inch Samsung Smart TV (Model code: LT32E390S) When the TV is off for a while and we turn it on, it automatically starts the search for terrestrial channels. Since we only have cable TV connected via one of the HDMI port it is very annoying to have to cancel this...
  20. I

    BBC channels missing with new smart TV & Now TV

    Hi all. My first post here as a new member so I hope I'm not duplicating discussions elsewhere (I had a look and couldn't find this issue). I've bought a smart TV (Samsung 43NU7020) and though I've set it up in the same arrangement as my old (non smart) TV, I'm suddenly unable to get any of...
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