1. I

    Unknown telephone number and code that I can’t find any information. Probably a scam!

    I’ve received an unknown telephone number and code. I didn’t answer my phone. The unknown telephone number was: 004740606868. I’ve checked various codes plus mobile numbered codes. Has anyone any idea about this phone number and code as I’ve got no idea.
  2. joner7777

    Phone scam from bank?

    Just bought a item off ebay, paid with PayPal and then the sign came up for bank verification. I logged into my bank passed it,back to PayPal and paid. Straight away the phone rang ,said 0800 scam call but I answered because I'm curious. Robotic voice knew my name and gave me a choice of...
  3. M

    Voltex power saving scam

    Anyone who uses the internet cannot fail to come across a pop-up advert for a device from a firm called VOLTEX who are marketing a device which they claim will spectacularly reduce your electricity bill. This product is a simple plug-in device that you connect to a power socket, a green light...
  4. M

    Game scam?

    I ordered and cancelled a PS5 with Game in the last 24 hours and now I’ve received this email, is there a scam going round as I did order COD
  5. S

    Scam web site warning

    I bought a hover lamp from this site about 2 months ago Hover Lamp after seeing an advertisement on a popular social media site, not Facebook. I didn't check reviews which wasn't like me, needles to say I haven't received anything after 2 months . Just waiting on revoult issuing a charge back.
  6. krish

    The "broken wing mirror scam"

    Just got this OWL email ... (although pertaining to my Neighbourhood Watch area in the London Borough of Hillingdon, could be going on anywhere really) I then checked out the earlier OWL message of 29th September ...
  7. stigdu

    Scam involving 'fake' Dartford Crossing website

    My missus asked me to pay the Dartford Crossing charge a short while ago, so I Googled it and clicked on the first link which is this website: DO NOT use this website, as I paid £12 for a 2-way crossing in a car and there is an official website (which I...
  8. ScottishWoody

    Have you ever fallen for a scam?

    I'm normally quite wise to scams and have helped a few friends who nearly fell for them, but this week I unfortunately fell for one myself! I've been in my new job for two months now, and this week is a big week for the company with head office moving to a new building, so lots going on. On...
  9. Lucy Van Pelt

    Has anyone else received this phone scam on their EE network?

    An hour ago I got a pop up on my phone It looked very genuine with the EE logo on it saying as a long term loyal customer my IP address had been selected to win a Galaxy smartphone worth a grand It then asked me to answer a few very basic questions and it asked me to press to spin a wheel and...
  10. eob

    Gumtree/paypal scam

    I've used Gumtree many many times and never had any issues but it usually always local buyers. I'm selling a violin just now and I have had two non-local buyers contact me wanting to use "courier gumtree". I've never heard of this before and Google doesn't throw up any hits. This was the chat...
  11. C

    Scam email address

    Folks needs some advice or help, I had an item for sale on Gumtree , and i got a text message asking if it was still available but they said please reply to this via email and stupidly I did , not sure what to do now as my surname is in my email address. I now know it was a scam email address ...
  12. David Alexander

    Question Mail bouncing back, any ideas?

    This has just started happening to my wifes business email/website. All email's to my wifes website are getting bounced back to the sender with this message. "Mail Delivery System <[email protected]> Tue 26/01/2021 19:05 This message was created automatically by mail delivery...
  13. W

    Flooded With International Scam Calls!

    Hi All, I have a friend who is on 3 network. He has been bombarded with International calls at all hours which keeps him awake while he has to work long and unregular hours. On top of this he has an elderly family member who lives abroad and is very ill, so he cannot block international calls...
  14. InvisibleDuncan

    Realistic Sky phishing scam

    Just a quick heads-up for everyone. I received an email the other day from what looked like an official Sky account, saying "Great! You’ve taken the Ultimate TV Add On, now you just need to set up Netflix. " The thing is, I haven't done that. The email looks genuine - no typos, odd-looking...
  15. V

    Ebay & Paypal Payment - Whats the scam?

    I'm fairly savvy when it comes to this kind of thing, and I'm equally intrigued... but a friend just bought a MacBook on Ebay for just shy of a grand. Only when he looked into it, did it start to appear fishy. - Listed as local to him, yet no talk of collection - Language was very broken...
  16. Markee

    PS5 Amazon Problems

    So we’ve all heard about PS5 inflated prices... But a scam appears to be being reported regarding Amazon ordered PS5s being exchanged for other items, people have reported receiving the correct box, correct reference, at the expected time, but other things from air fryers to bags of rice, in...
  17. D

    Question Did anyone else fall victim to the Game/Royal Mail possible scam?

    My Xbox went missing in the Royal Mail network instead of being delivered last week I’ve found out that this appears to be quite widespread, and wondered if anyone here was affected? The main problem now appears to be getting my money back. Game have been totally unresponsive so far.
  18. sykotik

    New car charging scam ?

    Just received an email saying i owe a Penalty charge from last monday the 5th i am guessing this is bollocks , as i don't think i even left the house on that date i have cover a few details just in case ... but what are you thoughts ? No details of what car was been driven at the time !!!
  19. htliam

    Too good to be true (scam warning)

    Saw the Benq W2700 on Amazon for £715, then the red flags started. Can't order the normal way through Amazon, email the seller for Amazon Payments transaction (!!!) Only 10 feedback left all from 2016-2017 Looked up the guy and they were using the name of some professor who died last year...
  20. Waynester

    Question Hyperfi?? What they like? Anyone bought AV stuff from them?

    Morning😂 any of you used Hyperfi online retailer? They seem to sell a lot of B Stock stuff whatever that is, prices seem very good but only a years warranty what they like to deal with and if you have warranty issues before I shell out dosh on a new Denon AVR would prefer to use Richer Sounds...
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