1. kBm

    What powersaw for general DIY (jigsaws, circular saw, mini circular saw)

    I was looking at a jigsaw for general DIY use (as i always borrow the FILs), then my attention was drawn to the various other power saw you can get - and now im confused. I have a Fatmax hand saw which is fine if not time consuming. So i would like a toy, i mean, a more sophisticated tool to...
  2. OctBrz

    Help Finding this Asian song

    Hi i need help finding this song with the little but solid info i have. there was a music video i saw in 2015 so i know it cant be newer then that. Also the Video started out with a piano like sound very slow and was song by a girl who was in a building area outside with some water dripping...
  3. G

    looking for a movie i saw

    i saw a movie a while ago and i cant remember its name there was a white prison inmate who had been convicted of a mass murder but was considered insane. a black psychiatrist was brought in to help. i cannot remember the names of any of the actors either. anyone know this film or any ideas where...
  4. Y

    Do Lionsgate discs normally have trailers before the root menu?

    I’m trying to decide whether to buy all of the Saw films on Blu-Ray or iTunes. If Blu-Ray, I can either buy individually or in the Legacy box set. One thing I tire of with traditional Blu-Ray discs though, is the unskippable trailers that studios insist on putting on before you even get to the...
  5. Y

    Best way to buy Saw films in HD (upgrade from DVD)

    I’ve finally come to the point where I want to re-buy most of my horrors in HD, but as much as I love Saw, it seems the most frustrating franchise ever for transfers & versions! I currently own the first 7 on UK DVD in the best version possible (director’s cut where applicable, otherwise extreme...
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