1. S

    Using a satellite dish for Wi-Fi signal

    Hi. Thanks in advance for any replies. I have a trailer in a seasonal RV park. The trailer is permanent in that we don’t take it on the road. There’s a Wi-Fi hotspot provided by the park but the signal is weak at my site. I have line-of-sight to the hotspot. I also have an Archer C9 router...
  2. mrvillicus

    Satellite dish no signal issue

    Hello all, we moved into a rental recently and I'm having an issue with the aerial. The property has a sky dish installed and the landlord has told me he previously had Sky. We purchased a Freesat box and although it'll find 108 channels, once we click on a channel all we see is "no signal"...
  3. belgarion

    LG Freesat tuning using existing satellite cables - programmes but no picture?

    Hi. Just bought a Lg 55 Nano866PA. The previous owners of the house had Sky. I connected one of the cables into the input port and scanned for channels. It found all of the freesat channels (Edit: tried both cables - same thing 150 channels). I can see them in the guide. But when I try to...
  4. S

    Sony X85J satellite channel issue

    I'm having an issue with my Sony X85J. I generally watch live TV through the satellite connection, and on three occasions during the last week it won't view any channels. It sees them in my TV guide but just won't view any - all I get is the spinning icon forever. Turning the TV off doesn't do...
  5. P

    No satellite signal from LG tv..

    No Satellite signal from my LG tv. My LG tv LH530V has worked fine with free to air satellite channels. Sometimes i had to adjust the dish. But the last time i did not got any signal response from tv adjusting the dish. So I bought a satellite finder. Got a good signal from the satellite i was...
  6. Drmarkwright

    Satellite on jz1500?

    Hi. Does anyone know how to use satellite inputs on JZ1500 and what it works with please? Was hoping it would do Freesat but no. There doesn't seem to be any satellite options in the inputs menu as if it's not implemented? Thanks for any pointers. Best Mark
  7. pixlrik

    Multiple LNB's on Sky Dish?

    Is it possible to mount an additional LNB on a Sky dish so I can have 19.2E and 28.2E on the same dish? Currently it has an LNB for Sky Q (the dish was only installed around 18 months ago) so I know I will have to change that over, but I hope it will be suitable enough for 2 satellites without...
  8. C

    Toshiba Satellite C50-A-19T laptop

    Bear with, this could be a bit long winded. My Toshiba laptop battery died, but obviously still works on the power lead. So, I bought a new battery that although not from Toshiba should be compatible. I fitted and charged it up fully, but now when I start my laptop all I get is a black screen...
  9. W

    Tuning FTA UK channels & Saorview channels via satellite tuner

    My parents currently have Sky TV but they are getting older now and they are struggling with switching the TV on, and trying to access the Sky channels as they sometimes press random buttons and inadvertently switch the Sky box off, or the TV and then don't know what to do. Sometimes the Sky box...
  10. G

    0% Signal Strength, but 80% Signal Quality!

    Hi All, I'm helping my dad connect his Freesat enabled TV to an old Skydish which hasn't been used by him previously but which we think was used by the previous house owners ~3 years ago. After connecting up and doing an auto tune the TV finds 145 satellite channels but all of them show Zero...
  11. B

    Sky satellite dishes being used for FreeSat

    Have just upgrade from Sky + to Sky Q A new dish was fitted for the upgrade, and the old dish left in situ with all cabling to the house. A replacement LNB was fitted by Sky about 5 years ago Can this be dish used to also receive FreeSat ? If yes what else do I need to do and what equipment
  12. I

    Philips 7900; easy way to switch between antenna and satellite?

    Hello, I'm based in Ireland so I've an antenna connected to the TV for local TV and also have satellite connected for the UK channels. Is there an easy / seamless way to switch between the two? At the moment I'm having to press menu then across to settings then to channel then to channel...
  13. chalk40

    Cables on VM V6 - How much difference does Quality of cable make?

    Evening all, Have a VM V6 box connected directly to the VM feed then out to TV via a fibre HDMI. Works nicely. But I need run a feed from that position to another room so that we can use the same VM V6 box there. Essentially extending the VM installed cables to another room. Sounds odd but we...
  14. J

    Sky Q Satellite Wall Plate

    I'm moving my Sky Q box to a different part of the living room which requires moving the twin satellite cable I like using wall plates and have used them throughout my surround sound install. Would something like the image attached be suitable to bring the sat cable into the house. Or am I...
  15. john9159

    Satellite dish and LNB for Freesat box

    I bought a Gt media V7S Freesat receiver two years ago in error thinking it was a Freeview box. I kept it all the same but never bought a dish for and would like to try it now. It's a lot more flimsy than I expected but I have to try and put it to good use. I need advice as I am overwhelmed with...
  16. webstergm

    Zone 2 Satellite Dish install with Humax 1000S

    Hi there, Happy New Year to all. I'm trying to setup a Humax 1000s with a 60cm Zone 2 satellite dish pointing to Astra 2G. The dish is new, the Humax I did use previously without any issues before moving here to southern Scotland. I've got a cheap basic Labgear Satellite finder which I have...
  17. B

    Satellite meter Recommendation

    Hi all, I need to upgrade my satellite meter but not really sure what to go for, there's a lot of choice out there and I'd really like to get something decent so I'd appreciate any assistance. I'm only into sat tv as a hobby, I'm not a commercial installer but I don't mind paying for a good...
  18. T

    Satellite for surround sound positioning (Q800a)

    Bought a brand new Q800a for £450 (yippee at that price). Thinking satellite speakers but think they’d have to be positioned right next to the sofa. Big room but 65inch is plenty big enough. Soundbar will have to be on the floor as the LG tv screen starts 4cm from table so can’t fit soundbar on...
  19. P

    5.1 Side Surround Placement.... Smaller 'satellite' speakers at 90 degrees or 'better' ones slightly in-front of MLP?

    Hi Guys, If you had a rectangular room.. sofa about 6" away from the rear, large screen at the far end of the room length-ways, 5.1.4 setup which option would you choose for your 'side surrounds' ? Option 1) Q-Acoustics 7000LR type speaker at 90 degrees to MLP (maybe just a tad behind). (I...
  20. caldirun

    Satellite signal amplifiers

    Do these work? I have a 1.8mt dish aligned very well but I can not get BBC1HD in the mornings, it works perfectly at night, I was thinking of trying a signal amp, or do you have any suggestions?
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