In the context of spaceflight, a satellite is an artificial object which has been intentionally placed into orbit. Such objects are sometimes called artificial satellites to distinguish them from natural satellites such as Earth's Moon.
The world's first artificial satellite, the Sputnik 1, was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. Since then, thousands of satellites have been launched into orbit around the Earth. Some satellites, notably space stations, have been launched in parts and assembled in orbit. Artificial satellites originate from more than 40 countries and have used the satellite launching capabilities of ten nations. About a thousand satellites are currently operational, whereas thousands of unused satellites and satellite fragments orbit the Earth as space debris. A few space probes have been placed into orbit around other bodies and become artificial satellites to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Vesta, Eros, Ceres, and the Sun.
Satellites are used for a large number of purposes. Common types include military and civilian Earth observation satellites, communications satellites, navigation satellites, weather satellites, and research satellites. Space stations and human spacecraft in orbit are also satellites. Satellite orbits vary greatly, depending on the purpose of the satellite, and are classified in a number of ways. Well-known (overlapping) classes include low Earth orbit, polar orbit, and geostationary orbit.
About 6,600 satellites have been launched. The latest estimates are that 3,600 remain in orbit. Of those, about 1,000 are operational; the rest have lived out their useful lives and are part of the space debris. Approximately 500 operational satellites are in low-Earth orbit, 50 are in medium-Earth orbit (at 20,000 km), and the rest are in geostationary orbit (at 36,000 km).
Satellites are propelled by rockets to their orbits. Usually the launch vehicle itself is a rocket lifting off from a launch pad on land. In a minority of cases satellites are launched at sea (from a submarine or a mobile maritime platform) or aboard a plane (see air launch to orbit).
Satellites are usually semi-independent computer-controlled systems. Satellite subsystems attend many tasks, such as power generation, thermal control, telemetry, attitude control and orbit control.

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  1. B

    Cable to connect satellite dish to Sony TV (UK)

    Hi, This might sound laughably basic! I've moved into a new house which has a satellite dish installed. My TV is a Sony KDL-42W829B which says it has built in DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-S2 tuners. Do I need a Freeview or Freesat box or can I connect straight from the wall into the TV? And, if I...
  2. T

    Anyone Here From Los Angeles? EPG Help Needed.

    I have a few HDMI modulators through which I pump various satellite delivered channels from Europe to each room, each having their own place in the EPG. I have an LG telly that, so long as I name the channel correctly, gives me the EPG details for the channel. Not only is there a benefit to...
  3. P

    Using inbuilt freesat on tv

    Anyone with a twin tuner sony tv with hard drive connected using the freesat function and recording? What's your views on it over splashing out on a freesat box or paying sky for basic channels? Does is series link ?
  4. C

    Freesat - is this normal?

    I am currently at my mother in laws new house. She moved in today and I have just come to plug in her tv etc. She used freesat at her old house but left the dish (doh!) however there are two satellite wires labeled signal in 1 and 2 coming through the wall of the new house, so I thought result…...
  5. M

    Using sky dish for freesat

    Hi there, I have a sky dish with a hybrid lnb on it, it is an EL010. Will this work with the manhattan sx box? It was used for sky q so do I need to swap the plugs the cables are plugged into to get it to work? Also there are two cables in my living room, does it matter which one I plug into the...
  6. finnfather

    Sound interruption

    Hi all, For the past several months we have experienced a momentary interruption to sound level while watching TV. It's just enough to cut out a word or even just a phoneme or two, but it means that, without subtitles, you can easily miss an important point. As you'll see from my sig, my...
  7. AngryBadger

    For Sale Netgear Orbi RBK50 + extra satellites

    I’ve recently upgraded to a WiFi 7 mesh router so my old system is going spare. It’s a Netgear Orbi system which comprises of: Orbi RBR50 Router Orbi RBS50 Satellite x2 Orbi RBS50v2 Satellite x1 The pack was originally the router and 2 satellites but I needed an extra one due to thick walls...
  8. SteveLNB

    Question Samsung TV with aerial connector - but need a satellite connection

    hello all - i have a Samsung TV with an aerial connection but i only have a dish and a coax cable. i want to watch live terrestrial TV via Freeview or Freesat. (Samsung UE43CU7100 (2023) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with TVPlus) can i buy an adapter to use between TV aerial connector and coax...
  9. P

    German TV in the UK - Will any satellite receiver do the job

    Dear all, My wife and I watch German TV channels (the regular free ones you get in Germany). We had an AMIKO satellite received which now seems to have given up the ghost. The sat dish is aligned to Astra 19.2. My question is, would any old receiver pick up the channels, or would we need a...
  10. C

    Replacing sub on old Polk satellite system

    Hoping to get some advice. By no means am I an expert here. Over 20 years ago I bought the Polk Audio RM3000 satellite 2.1 system from Circuit City. lol. I added a Polk center and surrounds. I am running them through a Yamaha RX-V375 receiver. Nothing fancy. Seems like either my youngest...
  11. T

    What Freesat Box

    ok so I have sky q and it will be offski in 2 weeks, Im using apple tv box for some stuff but would like a freesat box that can record and also 4k and also one that can use the sky q lnb, any thoughts, I know everyone hates the arris box so I guess thats out the window.
  12. Flashy

    Help me understand TV/sat wiring/distribution in new house

    Sorry, this will be a bit long… I’ve just moved to a property with a TV aerial and satellite dish. There are seven faceplates like the below (four in living room, two in dining room, one in main bedroom) and aerial sockets in the other three bedrooms. I can’t test the satellite connection...
  13. CharlieF

    Snooper S6900 GPS

    Hello! Does anyone here own a Snooper S6900 GPS? My dad purchased one from eBay without the SD Card. I moved the card from the old device to the new one and it said there was a serial number mismatch. I've managed to sort that out using a hex editor so that the software now sees the new device...
  14. P

    Satellite box - no sound

    Hi there, I have a satellite box connected to my TV via HDMI cable. The pic is always fine, but, after running fine for a few days, the sound often goes off/stays off for no apparent reason. No changes made, nothing muted etc etc, just seems to do it on its own. No other devices connected...
  15. C

    Any satellite boxes available that will automatically pair with a red Sky card without needing to contact Sky?

    Hello all, I move around a lot between a few different places of residence within the for work, I would like to take my sky card with me but dont want to have to ring sky every time I go to a different place to pair the card, almost all of the places I go have utterly useless internet (some...
  16. M

    Question Interference From CH Boiler

    I have an old (16 years) Panasonic plasma TV connected to a Humax HB-1100S Freesat box via HDMI. For a while, although I couldn't say how long exactly, I've been losing signal on some channels temporarily - it'll go off for a second or two (normally a snowy picture like an untuned analogue TV)...
  17. S

    Satellite K is no more.

    A camera at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii has captured an object as it burned up on re-entering Earth's atmosphere on 8 February. The Subaru-Asahi Star Camera, owned by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, recorded a time-lapse of the fireball blazing across the night sky...
  18. C

    Monitor Audio RS6 to Satellite fronts. Recommendations please!!

    Guys, I'm looking to change my setup from the rs6's to a smaller more room friendly satellite pair. The reason is that my projector screen is above my livingroom window and the floorstanders get in the way when the screen is down. So, I'd like to replace the floorstanders with small satellites...
  19. A

    Issues with satellite dish and aerial antenna. Help!

    Hello everyone. I just moved to a house with a satellite dish and an aerial antenna but I have problems receiving Freesat channels. Trying to tune Freesat channels, I finally got them in the living room by connecting the TV to the aerial antenna wall connector and using a TV booster (Wolsey...
  20. V

    Importance of satellite speakers matching with FCR?

    I have the Radius 270 + Radius 200 in my living room. I thought about buying the Radius 90 as my rears, but may also consider the Apex A10 x2 as my rears (since they seem to be a better quality speaker overall). I'm wondering how much of a mismatch would it be to have different speakers for...
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