1. D

    Communal satellite dish?

    I live in one of five flats in a converted Victorian house, somewhat disfigured by five TV aerials, a couple of which may need replacing. None of us has any interest in Sky, though that is increasingly likely to be an issue when a flat is sold. Would it make sense for us to get a single...
  2. J

    Sony KD49XH8505 - does the satellite tuner work?

    I recently bought the KD49XH8505BU. I have a satellite dish, LNB and cable. I know they work as I also have a separate satellite rx which receives many channels on different satellites. I'd like to use the tuner built into the new Sony TV (more modern and should be able to use a single remote)...
  3. R

    'Bookshelf' or 'Satellite' Style Speakers as Rears?

    Hi, I'm looking to source speakers for a Monitor Audio Monitor 5.1 setup. Very rough layout below (room is 3.1m x 5.3m) - just wondering what rear speakers I should go for? I'm planning on: Subwoofer TBD Monitor Audio Monitor 200 x 2 Monitor Audio Monitor C150 x 1 Monitor Audio Monitor 100 x...
  4. B

    Satellite tuning issues

    Satellite Tuning Issues help required please I have a LG 55SM8600PLA I have only ever used with online apps (Netflix etc) I have a sky dish which the tv is showing as Astra 28.2E, LNB Frequency 9750/10600, transponder 10714,H,22000, 22kHz tone off, LNB power on, DiSEqC off, unicable off, motor...
  5. Mystery Man

    Extending satellite cable

    I have moved my living room around and the sky cable from the dish needs extended. What’s the best way of doing this? Is it good to do it myself or best get sky out?
  6. T

    Setting up a satellite dish for a Sky PVR

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place... I just want some advice on setting up a satellite dish but with some... 'restrictions'? I recently got a old Sky+ (non HD) PVR off of someone who was throwing it out but at my house we've never had Sky...
  7. A

    Problem watching TV via satellite dish

    Hope someone can help me please. Moved into a property 18 months ago. There was no TV aerial at the property, just a satellite dish. There was a twin cable from the satellite dish into the house and we connected one of the twin cables into the aerial socket on the TV using an adapter. The TV...
  8. E

    For Sale Netgear Orbi RBK50 Router + Satellite

    I'm selling my mesh wifi kit. I bought them from amazon 18months ago. I'm only selling because i upgraded to the RBK853.
  9. MindfulSat

    Best 1M satellite for reception of the various non-UK channels

    What satélite is recommended or maybe you have a 1meter satélite and even better live in midlands and can recommend one. I hear there are aluminium ones, is there a certain thing to look for that will be beneficial?
  10. Mighty Chipster

    Denon 2106 AV receiver and B&W as2 and 5.1 M1 mk1 satellite speakers

    Hi A bit of a long shot but you never know....... I renovated my front room a few years back and during the works the rear left surround speaker wire got damaged and no sound was coming through, but I was lazy and left it alone as the wires were all going through wall cavities etc. Recently...
  11. T

    Need help with mounting satellite speakers

    Hey. So I have the Vizio SB36512-F6 Dolby Atmos sound bar. Currently I have my satellite speakers on stands next to my couch, so being so close it doesn’t exactly give you the best surround sound experience. My house has 2 wire connectors built into it, with them going up on the wall behind me...
  12. L

    No satellite signal

    Recent LG TV purchase with Freesat tuner, all set up but not signal. I have a Sky Q box in the living room and replaced an old Sky HD box and a very old LG TV in the kitchen with a "new" LG TV with built in Freesat tuner. Had the LNB changed for a hybrid a few years ago so that I could use a...
  13. J

    43PUS8555/12 supports Terrestrial and Satellite but can I connect both?

    This TV has both Antenna and Satellite connections. The Home screen shows ‘Freeview Play’ and ‘TV Guide’ apps. Both apps support ‘Antenna’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Cable’ but there is no Cable in our area. I have both Terrestrial and Satellite cable feeds available. I live in an area where Terrestrial...
  14. J

    43PUS8555/12 TV Guide does not support Satellite channels?

    This TV has both Antenna and Satellite connections. The Home screen shows ‘Freeview Play’ and ‘TV Guide’ apps. Both apps support ‘Antenna’ and ‘Cable’ but not ‘Satellite’. My TV is connected via satellite so I don't expect the 'Freeview Play' app to work but I thought the 'TV Guide' might. The...
  15. RobTi

    Dropping freeview box and keeping satellite box

    Hi atm I have a techno mate twin oe which was only used for switching to 19.2e for the f1 and then switched off again. And day to day recording was on the humax freeview box although this is cut down now as I only record on the main hd channels. All other viewing is now done on the tv only. So...
  16. E

    best satellite speakers

    Hi all, Opinions please. I’m looking for a pair of satellite speakers under $1,000 to go with a GoldenEar Forcefield 4 sub. The only caveat is they need to be small, and fit horizontally into a small cabinet, so I’m leaning away from back ported bookshelves. Wondering what people think of...
  17. Billybuoy

    Connect a Samsung UE50TU8500 and Humax box to aerial to record 2 programs at once in box

    I have a new Samsung UE50TU8500 Tv and would like to know how best to connect this to a Humax Freesat box I have to be able to use the box to record two programs at once facility. I presume the two Satellite aerial connections go to the TV first and then TV connected to Humax with HDMI cable but...
  18. H

    Hisense TVs and satellite

    Can a Hisense TV owner please clarify this for me please. I notice that the current Hisense range have a built-in satellite tuner but not Freesat. Can I just plug in my single cable ex-Sky dish and receive the FTA channels. Would this give me the same channels as Freesat or FreeSky? Thanks...
  19. bobbymax

    Small satellite speaker wall brackets?

    Sorry if this has been discussed b/4. I have the Logitech Z533 speaker system and would like to mount the satellite speakers on my wall Unfortunately the are only 10 cm wide and do not have any holes/fixing points on the back of them So wondered if you learned guys knew of any brackets that will...
  20. flyingnimbus

    Motorized satellite installer north west

    Hi I’m looking for a Motorized satellite installer for the north west ; primarily for getting feeds in 10e and 7e
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