1. T

    Satellite on UF43RU7470UXXU

    My model UF43RU7470UXXU has an input for a satellite antenna. I have connected my dish to this socket but can find no way to tune in satellite stations. There is no information that I can find in the manual that makes reference to it. Currys PC World make mention of " Freesat HD" in their...
  2. jain236

    For Sale Toshiba Satellite A 105-S4074 for spares and parts

    This laptops switch on perfectly , running with windows 10, however due to recent upgrade to windows 10, i cannot to connect to wifi, and lan port is not working and drivers need updates . All drivers need upgrade on the PC., USB ports not working as there drivers are outdated. laptop works with...
  3. T

    Cable, aerial, LAN, satellite or all 4?

    I have recently bought a Sony 65" xf9005 and love it. My question is about input signals so not really TV specific. At my house I have an old TV aerial, a sky satellite dish (no box) a youview box with recorder, an old cable tv and fm input from cable & wireless but I swear I used to use it for...
  4. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: Mecool M8S Plus S2 with satellite tuner and S905X2 SoC

  5. A

    Satellite speakers to compliment my floor speakers

    I currently have a pair of Pioneer FS-52's by Andrew Jones. For the size of my room, music and blu-rays sound great. But I'd like to get a surround-sound effect without investing in a whole new system. So I thought about adding a pair of satellite speakers to place to the rear left and right of...
  6. T

    Question Question re: alignment of satellite dish for Freesat

    Hi, I have recently moved to the property with a satellite dish installed. I bought a Freesat receiver (Manhattan Sx) and connected to the TV but I could not get any images, it shows 'no signal found' on the tv screen. I have checked the alighment of the satellite dish by using the satellite...
  7. A

    43" Screen and Satellite Input

    I’m looking to replace a 32” Sony – a Humax Freesat Recorder and a Blu-ray player – with a Single Smart TV – using Amazon Prime for Films – and the catch up apps instead of recording. The space available can only accommodate a max 43” screen – I have no possibility of a TV Aerial - and the deal...
  8. V

    Question Recommendations for small stereo speakers? Cambridge audio Min min 12, Mass satellite, or others?

    I am in the market for a pair of small stereo speakers, which I intend to drive with a HifiBerry (a small amplifier mounted on a Raspberry Pi). I have thought of the Mass satellite speakers and the Cambridge Audio Minx Min 12 . The Cambridge are smaller and cheaper but the Mass have a wider...
  9. S

    Tuning to satellite #2

    I have an LG-43UM7600plb TV. It automatically choses Astra 28.2E which has little or no signal here. I cannot find a way of tuning a second satellite. From another TV in the house, I know that Astra 19.2E gives the service I require. How can I get the TV to tune a second satellite?
  10. C

    Aerial OR Satellite dish?

    Not sure I'm in the correct forum subject but I was looking into replacing my TV aerial which was installed in 1985 and started failing. Currently relying on a Labgear Log Mast Periodic Aerial (thank you for the tip Rodders53) but decided to check the cost of a new aerial from installers found...
  11. norwichtechnophobe

    Question Caravan Satellite TV

    Hi all, I recently bought a second hand caravan and in it was a Satellite TV set up in a case. I had a search around and found that the 'Ross' FTA box that came with it is not supposed to be much good. I've had a play around and pointed the dish at the right place in the sky and managed to find...
  12. P

    Can you add Satellite channel list?

    Is it possible to add channel list so the FTA channel can be In some decent order? I know on E2 Sat boxes you can download a few lists which are all in xml format. Was hoping could use something similar for the Satellite tuner on Philips TV.
  13. S

    Question small satellite speaker help for 11.1 system - Denon 4500

    Hi All I need to go small speakers (again) due to WAF. Only for movies, no music. I already have Denon 4500 receiver Sunfire HRS 8 subwoofer LG OLED 65" TV Inuke 3000dsp + 2 x Butttkicker LFEs Single 8" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer | Sunfire I am thinking either 2 x Klipsch...
  14. M

    Help in setting up old Lidl satellite receiver to 19.2E (German TV channels).

    Thanks for reading this. Being mainly stuck at home I have been in the loft and got out an old Lidl satellite receiver and caravan based satellite dish ( about 38cms ). Years ago, in Lincolnshire, it could just about, on a good day, pick up German TV and Eurosport DE. I have got multiple...
  15. N

    New Technomate Motorised Satellite Install problem

    Hi Guys need some help, advice on NEW MOTORISED SATELLITE SETUP Have a Technomate 5402 M3 Satellite receiver and a Technomate TM2600 M3 Diceqc HH Motor Have everything setup but the first thing I notice was when I tried manual button it did not move east or west checked software and deleted...
  16. C

    Question Satellite speakers and potential options for future

    Hi, I'm looking at a number of ways I'm wanting to go with my setup. Considered soundbar but I've heard a dedicated AVR with speakers will be better but I don't want anything massively intrusive. What would be a good satellite pair for a 2.1 system and if I go 5.1 what would be a good...
  17. D

    No satellite signal on Sky news 501

    Hi folks, I got a new satellite dish about a year or more ago, just have free channels no sky sub, Initially all the channels were ok except the sky info channels on 999 which were breaking up, but I figured that as long as the rest were ok, then it was all right, and maybe no point in fixing...
  18. S

    Setting up satellite for multi Freesat system

    Hi all, the house I moved into a while ago has an old Sky dish that moves in the wind as the threads have been done up to tight in the past, so was thinking about changing it to a Triax like a couple of the neighbours have but looking on their site there's quite a few to choose from. Could...
  19. Pecker

    Satellite Speakers

    In one of my set ups I currently have Boston Acoustics Soundware 5.1 (actually 7.1) with my 65" LG OLED. https://www.whathifi.com/boston-acoustics/soundware-xs51se/review I like the sound, but it just struggles a bit at higher volumes, and for stereo music listening. In my last...
  20. martynscs

    Installation of Satellite socket

    Hi all, I sincerely apologies if this has been asked before. My dad has upgraded his TV during a redecoration of his living room. And now has the ability to have freesat. I have tuned this in and it worked. This however was a rough install, I have now come to install the wiring neatly. But I...
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