1. T

    For Sale 6TB HGST Enterprise SATA drives

    I have 10 x HGST 6TB enterprise SATA HDs HGST Ultrastar SATA 6GB 7200rpm Avg on-time is 25000 hours, 70 power-on cycles. These have seen practically zero read/write usage, put into a SAN and never used. CrystalDisk SMART reports attached for the first 6 disks as representative samples, I can...
  2. Mr Footlong

    For Sale Samsung PCI-E 6.4TB Enterprise SSD, Multiple Samsung SAS SSD, 8x WD RED WD100EFAX SATA HDD, 2x Xeon E5-2698 V4 CPU

    Hi guys. Following on from some more home server(s) shuffling and consolidation, I have more kit sitting on my desks in the office now that I have no need for. Below are what I have available - 1. Samsung PM1725b 6.4TB PCI-E AIC (Add-In Card) SSD (Model - MZ-PLL6T4B , part number -...
  3. B

    3.5inch SATA hard drive - how do i connect it using USB?

    hi all, i got a PC HDD that i took out from a tower PC. I now want to connect to it on my laptop to see what i have left on there. is there a USB to SATA adaptor? i can't see any on ebay that the right one.
  4. V

    SATA SSD in a PCIe/NVMe laptop?

    Hallo, I've bought a Dell Inspiron 7306. This supports M.2 2280 PCIe/NVMe SSD. I already have an M.2 2280 SSD but it's SATA not NVMe. Can I use it in my Inspiron? Crucial say no and Dell say yes. Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  5. P

    SSD Apacer Panther eventually stopped working properly, seen as "SATAFIRM S11" in BIOS.

    So the story is the following. I have 3 SSD's by Apacer Panther, 128 x2 and one on 240 gb, which is currently not working. It had my old Windows 10 and while I was vibing on YouTube the PC just froze and didn't really want to start after I turned it off. After "Crap around and find out" session...
  6. Peter Lanky

    SATA Power for a Dell XPS 8940

    I am awaiting delivery of the above PC but am making some plans in the meantime. The PDC only comes with a M.2 solid state drive so I will need to add a HDD which I have purchased. However I can't get anyone at Dell to tell me the model of the motherboard to ensure I get the correct connector...
  7. MoFoHo

    External (SATA) SSD as extra storage?

    Hi all! I managed to bag an Xbox Series X this week, as I'm isolating till Xmas Day with C19. Our last Xbox One X died it's 2nd death a few months ago, despite having SSD hard drive heart surgery. So I've pulled that old thing apart, and retrieved the Samsung 850 Evo 1Tb drive and reformatted...
  8. zantarous

    Seagate EXOS 16TB 3.5" SATA Enterprise Class HDD

    Just looking at potentially replacing some drives that might be faulty and I see that the Seagate Exos 16TB 3.5" SATA Enterprise Class drives seem to be incredibly cheap on both Amazon and scan at the moment £287.99. This seems too good to be true so wondered if anyone knew anything about them...
  9. P

    SATA drive Power cable type identification

    I have a SATA 2 disk drive which I need to connect to the motherboard of an Inspire BlueV2 4 channel DVR, and can't identify which SATA power cable I need. The power connector has 4 pins 1.5cm wide, and has a plastic bend-back catch on the front, pictured bottom-left corner beloe the pots...
  10. Scott Wright

    Bargain SATA 1TB Internal SSD Reduced From £110.99 to £82.99. Expires 3rd April

    WD Blue 3D NAND Internal SSD 2.5 Inch SATA - 1 TB, Blue - High Performance No code required for deal. Expires 03/04, 22:59.
  11. T0rNaDo

    need more sata ports - recommendations?

    so im needing another two sata ports. available ports are.. 1 x pci-e 4x slot 2x pci-e 1x slot 2 x pci slots. anyone use any expansion cards for extra sata's ports and have any recommendations.. ideally it would be nice for them to run at the 6gb/s speed. cheers.
  12. H

    No Sata to USB Cable

    Hi all, I am trying to change the hard drive in my Xbox one x and, of course you know, I need to format the new flash drive. I do not have a sata to usb cable currently and want to know if I can put the hard drive in the Xbox and then connect the USB port on the Xbox to the USB port on my...
  13. M

    Question Anyone used a Startech PEXSAT34RH PCI-e Sata Controller?

    I have been considering moving away from using Windows 10 RAID 1 and going for a hardware RAID 1 solution. Looking at the reviews the Startech PEXSAT34RH PCI-e Sata Controller comes up quite often in the best buy lists but then the reviews are often quite mixed. So I am hoping that someone...
  14. D

    ODROID-HC4 low-cost dual NAS comes with 4GB RAM, supports 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA drives
  15. Autopilot

    New larger PCIe M.2 or add SSD Sata?

    Hi. We were on a budget when we built my sons gaming PC with just a single 512gb PCIe m.2 drive, albeit a reasonably good/fast one. Predictably, he now needs more storage due to the utterly insane size of some modern games. Would it be better to just upgrade the drive to a larger one (only one...
  16. 6

    2TB 3.5 sata in external case only shows 6.99mb

    Why does the 2TB hard drive only show 6.99mb. I have this WD 2TB purple hard drive that came from my cctv set. Rather than waste it I bought a external case, connected to my PC and it only showed this low number.
  17. D

    King S22 a complete Box with Amlogic S922X SoC and internal 2.5″ SATA bay

    " New box that arrives in stores that mounts inside the powerful Hexa Core Amlogic S922X SoC with the name of King S22, a chip with which we will have no problems playing or reproducing video of any quality. As usual in the boxes of this range the King S22 includes a box made of metal with a...
  18. koesherbacon

    Question Which desktop of any size (tower, mini-tower, small form-factor, etc) have M.2 slots built in?

    Hello there, I'm hoping some of you can help me out here. My laptop has finally 'given up the ghost' so to speak. For a very long time now, this laptop has functioned exactly as a desktop would: Connected to a much larger monitor Lid closed and screen turned off External mouse and keyboard...
  19. S

    External 5.25" Sata DVD options...

    Are there any options to house a sata 5.25" dvd drive externally? The only one I can find is this; Icybox External Enclosure for 5.25 inch SATA Blu-Ray/CD/DVD Drives and 3.5 inch HDDs: Computers & Accessories I had an Icybox branded HDD enclosure years ago and it was pants, so...
  20. mr gothic

    Question Asus Maximus Hero VIII Motherboard Pcie And Sata Questions For A Build

    hi I have some questions on a build around the skylake asus maximus viii hero motherboard[i5 6600k cpu] and its storage conections and I want to do. i have a fractal design xl r2 case with a five bay hot swop harddrive enclosure and 8 bay cage[building a server] i want to add the nvme ssd in the...
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