1. P

    Sanyo Vision 8 VM-D3P Eject function

    Hi, I have an old video 8 camera all other functions work perfectly however the eject function only half comes up then stops and goes back in, there is no tape stuck etc.. The ac power adapter is attached and has been checked with a multimeter any ideas the motor spins and the top section...
  2. Olly1202

    Question NP-55 Battery for Sanyo Camcorder

    So I’ve finally got round to getting my Sanyo camcorder to work, sound a cheap Sanyo NP-55 battery online. While searching a noticed that there was a few Sony NP-55 batteries as well. My question would a Sony NP-55 battery work on a Sanyo Camcorder? They are the exact same specs, I’m just...
  3. mads10000

    Budget projectors with Hori/Vert Lens shift.

    I have an old Sanyo Z5 that has great lens shift options that makes it easy for me to get a good image in any of my rooms on the tripod next to me. The horizontal lens shift is really useful. I always have the horizontal lens shift set to full left to have the projector in the side of the room...
  4. J

    Answered Which Converter Needed? Old Sanyo to Stream Roku

    Hello. I have a Sanyo from 2005, model # DP42545. I am looking to use a converter box to run a Roku via HDMI cable to watch Netflix. I was wondering which one would work, as the one I bought does not? My old Sanyo has no HDMI port, but has an S-video wire and those red, white, green and...
  5. P

    Controlling a Sanyo PJ with a raspberry pi

    Hello All, This is to do with my project intermitent video - what to do in the black parts. I have a Raspberry Pi (RPI) providing my video and an input to the RPI switches from one video to another. I'm thinking it should also be possible to control the PJ (Sanyo PLC-FX45) via the RPI. I'm...
  6. M

    Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System

    Hello Guys, First of all, I am happy to be here with you guys.. and I am looking for help here, I am being offered a Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System Sealed never been open up from the BOX and everything in great condition for 200$ American. Is that a fair price for this device? I got the...
  7. T

    Sanyo DP42740

    I have an older plasma Sanyo DP42740 Yes I know it would be better to replace and upgrade but if all it needs is a new main board why ? Assuming j can get the information I need. The board I need is labeled 1LG4B10Y06900 J4HG I found one but it was also busted. I found another labeled...
  8. S

    Question How to unlock Sanyo FWBP505F-Q player

    Hi can someone please help me? I've spent hours looking for the code to unlock this blu Ray/DVD player. I am in Canada and really want to be able to watch a DVD series I received from Australia.
  9. S

    Sanyo PLV-Z2000 1080p

    For sale - Sanyo PLV-Z2000 1080p Full HD projector in white, complete with Vogel's PPC130 universal ceiling mount. Currently 1,462 hours on the first lamp, all in eco mode. Has vertical and horizontal lens shift (manual), 2 HDMI inputs. Comes complete with remote control, power cable, manual...
  10. ELV

    Question Sanyo Z4 upgrade?

    Hello all. It's my first post in a long time and I'm back into the Home Cinema thing. I have a dedicated room which I can blackout. The picture is 120" diagonal at approx 4.8m. I want to spend around £1300 tops. Can anyone recommend a projector. What are the new one like as I don't have many...
  11. B

    Sanyo projector shutting down

    I have recently acquired a PLC-XM100 from my church that they said was acting funny so I could have it. I really don't know anything about projectors, but thought it would be a good chance to mess with one, as it was free. The problem I am having is that it is shutting down after about 3 to 5...
  12. R

    Sanyo PLV Z4 Wanted

    Hi I am looking for a Sanyo PLV Z4 to buy either working or spares and repairs. Anybody got one they want to sell? Cheers Richard
  13. R

    Sanyo PLV4 Help with HDMI

    I have tried to connect a laptop direct to my Sanyo PLV 4 projector which was a disaster and I have now lost my HDMI feed from my sky box and when I run sky through component 1 the picture rolls. Any idea what I have done and how to undone my idiocy! I am nursing this machine until 4K projectors...
  14. J


    I recently purchased a Sanyo FWZV475F DVD Recorder/VCR Line-In Recorder for the purpose of making DVD's of my VHS tapes. The dubbing process seems to be working well and after the recording is completed I finalize the dvd (per the instructions) however the dvd will not play on any other dvd...
  15. C

    Sanyo plv-z1

    Hello, I bought yesterday a sanyo plv-z1 projector in a secondhand store. Now I see that the colors are out of position. What I mean by this is that it looks like all the red is moved up by a pixel or two as well as gree but moved down by two. picture: Imgur: The most awesome images on the...
  16. EpicDave

    Question Sanyp 42" DP42410 LCD HDTV Overscan Help?

    I've had this tv for a few years and it works great. Just like the first day I got it. How ever there is a big problem when playing PS4 and other systems. It has overscan on it. With the systems like the Wii U how ever where you can manually adjust for it in the settings for that console most...
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