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Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul.
It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean business conglomerate.
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  1. Ayub

    Wanted Dual sim Samsung phone

    Has anyone got a S21-23 etc dual physical sim phone unlocked Also a s23 single sim unlocked
  2. buzz_lips

    For Sale Samsung galaxy buds pro 2

    BNIB and unopened. These came with my wife’s phone and she already has earphones she’s happy with. Thanks Paul
  3. T

    Q70R fw 1406.4 update screwed ARC.

    After the 1406 fw update, ARC stopped working. Tried the full power off trick, no luck. It seems to recognize the soundbar (port4) but complain it's on the wrong hdmi port for ARC (port4). Did they change the ARC port without updating the error message!? Nothing has changed physically, ARC...
  4. S

    Samsung smart broke only two years old

    Bought a new Samsung u7000,smarttv is died with in two years was a great TV good user friendly TV guide, Connect my surface go wirelessly very easy and simply,shame on Samsung building crapy tv's Going out to buy a real reliable TV SONY!!!!!!!!! Make sure give customers 3 year warrenty
  5. dpullen87

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G - 128 GB, Olive BNIB

    I'm selling a brand new unopened Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G as it was an unwanted upgrade. The phone is unlocked. Postage by RMSD
  6. B

    Samsung tv black screen

    Hi there, Got a 60” Samsung tv UN60J6200AFXZA that is located on my covered patio. I installed it 10 months ago. It worked fine then but do not use it very often. I’ve decided to use it just now 6months later & getting a black screen. The only thing a can do is to plug in & plug out but...
  7. J

    Samsung QN95B Anti Glare Screen

    Looking at picking up the 75" version of this TV but reading quite a few horror stories around the anti glare screen. Not so concerned about the potential rainbow effect but the stories of the screen being impossible to clean and being permanently damaged through being simply touched by fingers...
  8. S

    Power question Samsung QN75Q7FAM

    TV, overnight, stops being able to be powered on. No red light no power whatsoever. All plug connections checked. When I switch the one connect power cord with the tv power cord, tv powers on. When I switch back, the tv powers on as well. A few days later, the tv went dead again but the power...
  9. captainbeavus

    For Sale Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G / Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

    Hi everyone, Posting a new thread to make my advert a bit more clearer. I have two phones for sale. Both were backup phones for me and are in poor condition. Both were bought by me from Samsung/Amazon. Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G - 256GB - £160 Originally bought from Samsung. I dropped the phone...
  10. Muska

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

    Hi, for sale is my Z Fold 3 5G in the dark green colour. I've owned it since new, and as of today my carrier contract has expired. Both inner and outer screen protectors have been removed & it's unlocked to any network. It's fully boxed, includes the early purchase bonus Official Samsung case...
  11. D

    I don't think my TV has Bluetooth

    I have a 43" Samsung model UN43N5300 TV and I looked in the manual and it says nothing about Bluetooth. I was thinking it would be great if I could buy a set of Bluetooth headphones and connect them to the TV and listen and only I would hear the TV. The TV's speakers would be muted. But if it...
  12. D

    Advice on choosing a Samsung 43” TV

    Looking for a new tv for the kids bedroom to use for a sky mini box and a ps4 Cant decide which model thou must be a 43” Costco do a Q65 for £498 and a CU8510 for £398 or Argos etc do a CU7100 for £350 cheers for any advice
  13. E

    For Sale Samsung galaxy buds pro 2

    Opened and tried once but as I’m back on an iPhone, I have bought AirPods Basically as new but reduced price to reflect they’re now open
  14. P

    Question Samsung OLED S95 Different Model numbers

    Good day all! I'm looking to get my hands on the 55 inch Samsung OLED S95B. However, from my Google search, there seem to be 2 model numbers for the OLED S95B. On Samsung's website, it says the model no is QA55S95BAKXXS. From Amazon, the model no shown is QN55S95BAFXZA. Would anyone know...
  15. snerkler

    Multiple issues with Samsung QN90C

    I started a thread earlier about some issues I’m having with my QN90C that arrived today (see here) but I’ve since experienced several other issues. The first issue is when watching Sky Q every now and then the picture will go funny. I’m not sure quite how to describe it, it’s kind of juddery...
  16. W

    Samsung q60t service menu

    Does anyone have the default wbovie settings in the service menu for their samsung q60t?
  17. snerkler

    Is there something wrong with my QN90C?

    I've just exchanged my 65" QN90B that I recevied last week for a 65" QN90C due to rainbow smearing reflections on the QN90B and I'm not 100% happy with the motion of either. In action scenes or when the camera pans around etc the image seems a bit blurry and it's making my eyes go a bit funny...
  18. Rob_Meister

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

    BNIB. Received with my wife's Galaxy phone but already own a pair of buds. Comes with 12 month warranty and in the unlikely event this is needed I would be available to support as needed (proof of purchase etc).w
  19. Imagewerx

    UE55MU6470U colour problems.

    The above set owned by me for about six years.About four months ago suddenly the standby light wouldn't show and there was a dim vertical white band flashing up on the screen at a rate of about 1 second and it wouldn't switch on.It got sent away for repair and when it came back there was a very...
  20. Amiga Dude

    For Trade Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go For Apple watch 45mm series 7>

    Samsung galaxy chromebook go 64gb New, received 22.09.2023 Unwanted gift Only powered on to make sure it worked. Accessories unused Looking to trade against a mint boxed Apple watch 45mm series 7>
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