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  1. C

    Samsung 32TU5300 - Replacement Stand

    I need to replace the left leg on the above TV as it got mislaid in transit (not in delivery, it's a long story). Does anyone know how / where I can get hold of one?
  2. J

    Vignette problem on Samsung QE82Q800T

    I recently (mid December) bought a new Samsung QE82Q800T from Currys. It's been great so far but for the last week or so I've noticed a fairly strong vignette around the edges of the screen, especially when on a solid light background. Not sure why I didn't notice it at first but now I can't...
  3. Allan123

    Question Samsung UE43TU7020KXXU is it 4k 120hz?

    hiya been looking around the internet trying to find out if this screen capable of gameing at 4k/120hz on my ps5. as hard as i look i cant seem to get a answer to my question. one site i found mentioned it being 120hz but everywhere else i look does not mention it being 120hz so im abit...
  4. M

    HGIG mode Samsung series 7

    Hi, I have a Samsung series 7 tv and have the Xbox series X. I was told game mode on these TVs isn’t very good. However when game mode is active,HGIG mode becomes active. I made sure I turned all this on when changing tv brightness etc and then calibrating HDR on the series x. I found this...
  5. M

    Samsung Q90R subwoofer not Connecting

    The Q90R subwoofer will not connect. It stays in pairing mode even after power loss for 20h. Flashing blue light rapidly. One would expect it to go in to standby after a while but stays in this mode. Rears connect instantaneous without the need for manual pairing. I’ve only owned it for a short...
  6. J

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1"

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" GTP5110 WiFi 16GB Storage with Micro SD Card slot for additional storage for storing Movies etc on. Original Box, Cable, Charger and Leather Case included. Tablet has been in the Case since Day 1 and therefore the screen is in mint condition, no scratches. Battery...
  7. C

    Sony xh9005 or Samsung Q80T BOTH 55INCH

    Hi folks, which TV would you recommend? Is one better than the other?
  8. P

    Overheat causing double imaging???

    Double Imaging occurs after about 1 hour of use. Both as Cable or Over-Air Channels. Picture is fine for about 1 hour, then the TV start flickering putting up a second fainter image which is displaced by roughly one half a line width when showing text on screen, basically causing a blurred...
  9. xxx_ibzy_xxx

    Question Samsung Tab S7 VS Samsung Galaxy S21

    Hi All I have a s21 on the way which i plan to use as desktop ( will also need it portable hence needing a tablet or phone). My question is around what has better specs - specifically processor and ability to run a few apps simultaneously. Other question is which has a better resale value...
  10. ghrh

    For Sale Samsung Series 5 slim laptop

    Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook. Model NP530U3C Used a while ago and then gave it to son who has now a new laptop. Intel i5 3317U, 6GB, 120GB SSD so decent specs for daily tasks. Charger is not the original one. £150 incl
  11. F

    Samsung Hw-Q950t

    Hi all, having a few issues with the above sound bar does anyone know how to do a factory reset??
  12. R

    Wanted Samsung tab S5e

    Samsung tab S5e wanted in excellent / new condition.
  13. W

    SAMSUNG - QE75Q75TATXXU QLED TV Picture Settings

    Hi. I am after some help with the picture settings for my SAMSUNG - QE75Q75TATXXU QLED tv. I am currently running it in the normal mode setting after reading some other online forums and when playing dvds and Disney plus the picture quality is fantastic. When I watch normal digital tv the...
  14. Lokay

    Samsung Q900T or Sony Z9f ? (Please help)

    Greetings! I have a problem choosing between Sony Z9f ( 566€) and Samsung Q900T (619€) ? The rears cost for Sony ( Sony SA-Z9R) 256€ and for Samsung (Samsung SWA-9000S) 129€. I had Klipsch Cinema 600, but it died on me in 3 days of use. I have room of 25m2 ( 269 sq ft). I have a Sony...
  15. ScottW75

    For Sale Samsung QE55Q80T

    Bought to use as a monitor on a gaming rig in November 2020 from argos but it's just too big. Item is in excellent condition and includes the power cable and the two remotes. I don't have the box so it's collection only.
  16. Delta38

    Samsung Drop the Ball ?

    Have been a Loyal Samsung owner for a few years now , More than happy with my TV and Tablet. Don't get me Wrong but it seems that Samsung Keep making Bad Choices ? The Latest is with the New Phones Galaxy S21 , the Specs look nice but No SD Card , It is the one thing that people Need. I for one...
  17. splinters69

    Question Samsung S10 and Gear VR, do I need to keep an active account

    I recently upgraded to a Note 20 Ultra and reset my S10 to sell but I remembered I had a backup and when I restored I had all the VR apps and function. Had great fun revisiting it last night but...I have too many gadgets. My friend wants the set up for his son who wants to play around with VR...
  18. O

    Samsung M4500 app issues; TV playing up please help

    Hi everyone, i recently bought an M4500 and for some reason I just can’t get any apps working. I can’t even search for apps. I have no idea what’s wrong with the TV, I bought it brand new. It comes with one pre loaded app, which looks like some knock off that wants to charge me for a phone app...
  19. S

    Question samsung q90r soundbar ARC connection issue.

    Hi guys i could so with some help please if i explain my tv setup first. i have a samsung Q9 tv with the one connect box. this paired with samsung Q90R soundbar, i have them connected via hdmi cables. the hdmi cable connects the ARC on my soundbar top the ARC on my TVs one connect box. i...
  20. C

    Q9FN screen issue?

    Hi all, Just wondered if this is normal on my Q9FN? 55" First noticed when opening iPlayer, and now on films being streamed The screen is like a border round the edge that's how it should be and a big panel in the middle that's off. Is this a fault?
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