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  1. Gordon B

    For Sale Samsung Odyssey G7 LS28AG700NUXXU

    Switching to an Ultrawide monitor and selling my Series X so this monitor is up for sale. Its this one Not to be confused with the cheaper G7 from last year. Highlights are 2 x HDMI 2.1 (proper...
  2. Unintended Consequences

    Dune HD Real Vision Media Player Programming Samsung Universal Remote?

    I’m trying to set up the universal remote to work with my Dune media player/AVR/Samsung Neo QLED TV. However, when I select “OTT box“ the Dune brand is not listed. With this in mind, does anyone know if it will work if I select another brand?
  3. gchq

    Samsung UBD-K8500 and issues with Prime Video

    Hi there I have a UBK-K8500 HD player that sends audio to a DSP-A1 and video to an Optima projector. When Prime Video changed the format to copy the NetFlix type of menu changing to a different movie, or sometimes pausing an ongoing one, would cause it to freeze and the only solution is to...
  4. M

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Dual Sim 256GB (black) .. plus cases - as new

    Purchased at launch with the bundled Care+, cover started 20-Aug-2021. Just back from Samsung, they replaced the screen/frame/hinge and batteries - essentially a new phone with the protective plastic still in place (and of course the factory fit screen protector) Also included: Brand new...
  5. C

    Old LCD Samsung Screen Issue.

    Good morning and new member here. I'm wondering if anyone ran across this before? My screen looks like this when I first turn on the TV and it takes maybe 30 minutes or more for the screen return to normal. It only does this if the TV has been off for a while. Its a 52" Samsung LCD I bought...
  6. Mistah Kurtz

    For Sale Samsung UE40EH5000K - 1080p LED TV (No 3D, No Smart Features)

    40" Samsung EH5000 series Review can be found here: 40" EH5000 Series 5 Full HD 1080 LED TV | Product overview | What Hi-Fi? 2x HDMI input 1x USB Clear Motion Rate: 100 Excellent condition. No scratches and picture quality looks excellent/vivid/vibrant - example photos provided. Colours...
  7. T

    Replacement for Samsung UE49kS9000?

    Hello all, well after 4.5 years of ownership and 1 year in storage my Samsung UE49kS9000 curved tv has ended up with a black line top to bottom. At first I thought I was fortunate to have the JL 5 year cover but looks as though they can’t source a new screen and they are talking about...
  8. S

    Wanted Official Samsung note 4 s-view flip case

    Old phone but looking for the official s- view or non s- view Samsung note 4 flip case like in the photos can’t find one anywhere . If anyone can help on this
  9. I

    For Sale Samsung QE75Q9FN 75 inch 4K Ultra HD Premium HDR 2000 Smart QLED TV

    For sale my TV in excellent condition cost over £3500 selling due to upgrade as wanting a 85inch...(may consider a swap for 85inch) Top of range tv see 5* what hifi reviews online. TV has no faults whatsoever in perfect condition and picture. Has warranty till August 2024 which is with Currys...
  10. yba_us


    Hi. I'm after a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, in perfect condition. My budget is £500. It would be a present to my daughter. Cheers.
  11. Willy14

    For Sale Samsung galaxy S9 64GB black

    Selling Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black, Unlocked. The phone has normal battery wear and tear. Has always had screen protector and in case. few paint chips on top as seen in pic.
  12. @phillip11793980

    Cant reset Samsung UE40JU6400 Pin No....

    Hi, I have a Samsung UE40JU6400 but slowly over the last year or so it's been playing up. Still works ok as a TV but it wont recognise USB/HD content on devices that are plugged in. If I turn it off at the mains then turn it back on it will then recognise the content and play films etc but...
  13. russraff

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Ultra 21 Silver 256GB and Tech21 cover

    As the advert states, I am selling this Sammy Ultra 21. I have a broken boiler to replace and I will have to go back to the works iPhone (yuck!) and see if I can get funds from selling the ultra on. Great condition, been in that Tech21 cover (lovely grippy cover) since I got the phone from the...
  14. R

    Qled- pc on tv icon

    Hey everyone, I recently started using the pc on tv function, it’s been working decently the only issue I have it when watching certain things, the icon is in the worst spot. I looked through the easy connection app to see if there was an option to remove/move and could not find anything. Does...
  15. D

    QE65Q80A Timeshift rewinding

    Hi, just got a QE65Q80A and so far quite pleased with it ( apart from the dubious hit & miss recording functionality on Freesat tuner) My question is about the timeshift rewinding feature When I turn the TV and watch freesat, I can’t rewind live TV (says “Not Available”) But once I press pause...
  16. C

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 - Graphite

    Hello, I’m selling a brand new and sealed set of Galaxy Buds 2 in graphite. Selling for £62 inc. Royal Mail Tracked 48. Any questions please let me know!
  17. D

    Wanted Samsung MicroUSB charger plug and cable

    Found an A3 2016 model in my drawer which I want to trade in but cannot find a charger. Spares seem to be available on eBay but difficult to tell which is official or not. If you have a spare one lying around that is compatible let me know. Thanks
  18. G

    QN65 HDMI brightness issue

    I have a 1 year old QN65 Samsung TV. Recently, I have been investigating cutting the cord with Verizon Fios, and am looking at various options. Currently I have a Fire TV 4K Max and a Apple TV 4K as well as a HD Homerun 4K Flex unit with DVR service. My issue simply is this: anything other than...
  19. D

    Samsung 65" Frame or LG 65" OLED65A16LA

    Hi I am about to buy a new TV, I went today with the intention of buying the 65" Samsung Frame TV, but the shop assistant said I was making a mistake and advised to buy the LG OLED A1, I left the store with neither. I am intending to go back tomorrow once I have decided which one to go...
  20. Ataripower

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - Brand New

    The wife got this free with her new phone but will never use it so has asked me to sell it for her. It's brand new, never been switched on or worn. Comes with the Extreme Sport strap. These are £250 brand new from Samsung so hopefully a deal for someone. Can include documentation for warranty...
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