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  1. Danzargo

    Samsung TV to Sony STR DH500 amplifier

    I'm new to these forums and wondered if anybody could help. I have bought a Samsung Q65A 4K 43" television and wanted to know how I can route the TV audio to my Sony STR DH500 amp. I have managed to connect my BT box via HDMI (the BT box has audio phono sockets OUT to my amp.) However, if I...
  2. D

    Pixelating Samsung tv

    Hi folks I have a Samsung 43AU9000 4K TV which has an intermittent pixelation issue. Very occasionally a message will say that there's no aerial connected, of course there is. The sound also falters occasionally. I've had the aerial checked and there's plenty of signal. All Samsung have done is...
  3. G

    samsung tv ue43ru7400u dark screen problem

    samsung tv ue43ru7400u dark screen problem help
  4. S

    Issue with OLED Nintendo Switch on my Samsung TV

    I finished setting up my OLED switch to play on the TV, but the screen has these columns of black lines. I've tried using game mode as well as my regular TV settings and nothing seems to fix this. Any ideas?
  5. Elwood Blues

    Friends Samsung TV and Litheaudio Bluetooth speakers

    A friend has bought a UE50TU TV and some Litheaudio Bluetooth speakers. I have tried getting these to work using a optical to RCA converter out of his Sky Box which , although works you cannot control the volume. If I fit a bluetooth dongle to the TV or a bluetooth transmitter with optical input...
  6. S

    Trying to enable 120hz on 85QN90 Samsung TV that supports VRR. Any tips? Doing everything the manual says but just doesn't work? Video showing support

    Video showing support (but not working) I feel like I'm doing everything right but maybe someone could give me a pointer why VRR isn't turning on? I have the latest firmware for both my TV and PS5. Verified my TV supports it! For reference here is my TV specific manual...
  7. arrkaye

    Possibly short circuit on Samsung TV frame/stand

    Hi, I'm trying to get some help from the community on this issue. I happened to touch my TV the other day and received a shock, when I was standing on a grounded fireplace. I then checked with a multimeter and found a voltage when measured between a grounded radiator and the stand. Is this...
  8. dino_jr

    Samsung TV plus: Is anything ACTUALLY worth watching on it?

    Seeing as its a free set of extra channels, are any worth a visit? Any shows to seek out? It mostly looks like tosh TBH but you never know :D
  9. Z

    Can My Samsung TV use bluetooth to connect to Samsung Soundbar?

    Hi all, I am new here so hope my post has not been answered elsewhere. Our tv is a Samsung UE40C5100QWXXU, about 10 years old. We also have a Samsung Sound Bar. A few days ago, a BT engineer attended our home to check on a BTTV fault. He inadvertently stood on the cable between the Sound...
  10. E

    ARC isssues with Samsung TV and Onkyo receiver

    I have a Samsung UN 65F8000AFXZC Smart TV and an Onkyo TX-N828 receiver (both purchased in September 2014) powering Mirage Tower front and surround speakers, Mirage Nanosat back surrounds with Mirage Centre and Subwoofer speakers. The ARC connection has become unstable. I will be watching TV...
  11. S

    Samsung TV Model UE40KU6400 - wifi Module part number request

    Hi all, I have a Samsung TV Model UE40KU6400 40 inch TV. Does anyone know where I may purchase a new wifi Module part & the number i should be locking for please? Thanks in advance.
  12. O

    Hi8 and Mini DV tapes saved to drive with VLC Some wont play on my Samsung TV

    Maybe considered a bit morbid, but in my 70's i'm trying to get all the old Hi8 & DV camera tapes transferred to a hard drive while i'm able so the family can find and watch the contents on our not so smart Samsung TV which after saving all the tapes to the hard drive I find refuses to play some...
  13. Z

    Samsung TV assign ip address manually not working

    Dear folk I have Samsung TV connecting to the internet when it has its ip address assigned automatically ( and default gateway What I tried to do assign the same ip address manually to the TV and press OK TV showing red cross on the connectivity to the...
  14. Matt Hardy 1988

    Samsung TV QN900a QN800a and QN700a sound vibration bass issues

    Samsung TV QN900a QN800a and QN700a sound vibration bass issues - Good afternoon all. I purchased the Samsung 8K QN900a back in June 2021. Ever since I received this I've had sound issues. A vibration at the back of the TV when watching anything with any bass. Walking Dead for example. I didn't...
  15. P

    Samsung tv questions

    I am looking to replace my 55 with a 65 likely a NEO QLED -‘just need to know if optical Audio out, DLNA and freeview (not freesat) are supported and by which model(s)? Thanks
  16. R

    UN75MU6300 Samsung TV

    Have this TV for 2 years or so. Have vertical lines on the screen. Did picture test, switched HDMIs Few other things. No resolution. Wanted to see if anyone can direct me in the right direction. Not sure if it’s worth getting repaired. Every TV I own is a Samsung , and I have to say I’m...
  17. Y

    SAMSUNG TV Menu secret problem

    Hello. Can you help me please. Changes were made on the samsung secret menu accidentally and afterwards I noticed too much lighting that was disturbing. I made a remainder and a factory remains but the problem still persists. The model of my UA55RU7100SXMV TV. do you have a secret menu copy for...
  18. D

    New AV receiver added by Marantz to my Samsung TV DPL problem.

    TV is Samsung QE75Q80 and AV was a Denon linked with optical lead. Now AV is Marantz NR 1510 linked by HDMI ARC. No problem on HD Freeview TV with 5.1 output but on SD TV Freeview it gives Stereo on Film 4 movies and Great Movies etc. previously I got Dolby Pro-Logic. What setting have I got...
  19. BigWinston

    Bluetooth Audio for Samsung TV

    Hi All, I have a Samsung 58" UN58NU6080FXZA (2019) TV hooked up to a Sonos Beam soundbar via HDMI. My goal is to be able to connect my Bose QC35ii wireless bluetooth headphones to the TV so I can get the full audio effect without waking the kids in the rooms above. I know the TV has no...
  20. M

    Recommended USB to Ethernet adapter for Samsung TV The Frame 2019?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter that works with Samsung TV The Frame 2019? I would like to plug the adapter to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the TV's One Connect Box to increase the TV's internet download speeds. The built-in Ethernet port on the One Connect Box only...
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