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  1. J

    Question Samsung tv 49 inch led slight impact

    Greetings, I am new on this forum but i have been a forum guy since 6 years ago on other sites. I own a samsung j5250 49 inches tv, it was 1 week old. Yesterday i was moving my electric fan near the tv to test if it can placed there but i accidently hit or impacted the bottom left corner of the...
  2. A

    Old AV Amp and new Samsung TV

    Hi there I have this set up Samsung Ulta HD TV I have a Sony STRDH820 AV amp and 6 ceiling speakers connected to it. My TV is connected to it via HDMI but it is tracked through the ceiling across the room to a cupboard - 15 metres long and not powered in the middle. My sky Q box, is...
  3. R

    New Samsung TV Not recognising Sony Receiver

    Hi - I have just got a new Samung UHD 4K TV - UE55RU7400 is the model. It is having serious issues recognising my Sony STR-DN850 Receiver - At the start, it simply did not register when I hooked the HDMI cable in. After some working with it, it suddenly recognised it, but simply could not...
  4. M

    looking for new samsung tv

    i have had a Samsung UE65KS9000 65” for a few years looking to change it , I have never been happy with the black picture on screen I looking at a Samsung QE65Q60 or Samsung UE75RU7100 can someone advice me if im not going to improve my picture by either of these models , I thought 2 years...
  5. edwardjosh

    Question New Samsung TV stops dual output (HDCP error) through Marantz SR8012?

    Hi, please can anyone offer any suggestions to my problem? The problem: Everything worked fine until I swapped my TV over from a 55" LG OLED to a 75" Samsung QLED. Previously I could always watch Sky on both my TV and Projector with the Marantz SR8012 HDMI video output set to "Auto(Dual)". Ever...
  6. A

    Samsung tv - audio output

    I don’t know if I’m posting this in the correct place but I need some advice. I am trying to connect my 2009 Samsung tv to my Bluetooth headphones. I bought a Bluetooth transmitter only to realize that the tv doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack. I have tried googling different things but can’t seem...
  7. R

    Samsung TV UN60ES7500 issue

    Hello, I have owned a samsung tv UN60ES7500 since May of 2013. Over the past month, I've been having issues with the TV. The TV goes black and I get these weird multicolored lines. When this happens, the TV attempts to reboot itself by shutting off and starting on again. It does this in a...
  8. Rokko ru7400

    Space color

    Hi have Samsung Ru7400 "55" sdr /4k and hdr , space color auto or native? Gamma by.1886 or 2.2 ? Tanks
  9. chaz

    Which Samsung TV to go for?

    Firstly I wish to apologize of asking near enough the same twice but as I will be buying the new TV about October/November time I am at a lose what to go for..I have had my Samsung HD 750 since 2014 From the start it was a good TV I was lucky I did not get any cloudy patches on a dark screen 0r...
  10. Silverblack

    For Sale Immaculate samsung UE55KS8000 with free wall mount included!

    As per title i have in pristine condition a samsung 55Ks8000 displays a beautiful picture. The tv comes with the smart remote and the normal one i’m also throwing in a free wall mount alongside the table stand that it comes with. I brought this tv new from richersounds for £1500 i’m selling for...
  11. C

    Unable to enter post code on Freesat on Samsung TV

    Hi, I have a problem entering my post code when scanning for satellite channels on Freesat. This means that on Channel 101 I can only get BBC1 London instead of BBC South West and if I select this channel I get weak signal, check connections message. This problem seemed to start when I started...
  12. S

    harmony hub + Samsung TV + Sky Q

    I need someones guidance, i have just installed a Harmony hub (and Echo Dot) and am having trouble getting the hub to put my older Samsung TV into Standby mode. It switches on (Including my Sky Q and Sonos soundbar) with no problem. Also, can anyone help with what commands i can expect to work...
  13. Jazz Monkey Jr

    Best value large Samsung TV

    I currently have an LG OLED and want to get rid of my projector and get around 75” Samsung as the daughter can get 25% off. I already have great sound system so just want the best pic for the money. I assume I want a Q range for the quantum dot. Any recommendations?
  14. C

    Samsung TV size too big????

    Morning making a decision between 82 or 75. On the wall taped is the dimensions for an 82. Thoughts if looks too big for wall and if should go 75. Thanks for input.
  15. J

    ue50ru7172 samsung tv epg

    Hi as you will gather in new to this forum. I have used forums before so I've a bit of understanding but I'm not sure if this is in the right place I have a new series 7 samsung. Model as above. I use free sat. I've noticed the epg is very fragmented and not always working. I can go into the...
  16. Samsungpowercycle

    Question Samsung tv turning itself on and off

    My Samsung is power cycling I've tried: Unplugging the power supply for 10 minutes Unplugging all HDMI devices Turning off Anynet+ Turning off HDMI CEC So I covered up the red light on the bottom of the tv (which I believe is the IR receiver) and it stops power cycling. I take my hand away and...
  17. E

    Have Yamaha RX-V781 - How to play audio from Dish Network through speakers while watching Xbox One X video on Samsung TV

    Just bought the Yamaha receiver used. Currently just have older Pioneer receiver with Dish and Xbox connected via optical connections to receiver. HDMI's go directly to Samsung TV. I want to use the HDMI inputs of the RX-V781 so that I can use voice commands to change input using Alexa. So I...
  18. yrebud

    Connecting SSD to Samsung TV

    Hello, I've put a few films on my T5 SSD but when I plug it into my TV I get the folder, 'SamsungPortalSSD.app'. I click on this then get the folder, 'Contents'. I click on this then get 3 folders, MacOS, _CodeSignature, Resources. I cannot find any of the films I put on the SSD. When I plug...
  19. J

    Question RE: USB extension cable for Samsung TV

    Shopping for a new Samsung 65" TV. I have movies on an external hard drive that I want to watch. I've noticed that the USB port is located in the center back of the tv which would be nearly impossible to access after the tv is wall mounted. I'm thinking that a USB extension cable would solve...
  20. tikinski

    Samsung tv NU7100 flickering black line on the middle of the screen

    I recently bought a Samsung UN65NU7100FXZX Smart TV and it started doing this flickering black line on the middle of the screen about a month ago. Anyone know what that flickering line is or if it can be fixed at home? It does this with any input, even with nothing playing. Thanks for your help.
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