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  1. Punisa

    The ongoing agony of mounting a Samsung TV to the wall (need any help I can get)

    Never have I thought that mounting a TV on the wall would became such an agony, but it did. I have a pretty standard HAMA wall bracket on which several of my previous TVs have been mounted (the latest one being a Philips). A week ago I got a Samsung 55 inch Q65T (long model name: QE55Q65TAUXXH)...
  2. goodjob

    ARC error with Samsung TV and Yamaha AV

    I have the following setup: Samsung UE50TU8510 TV - 1 year old Yamaha RX-V583 Receiver - 2 years old I have started seeing an issue with the following error being displayed on the TV Receiver (HDMI) Your audio device is connected to a port that does not support ARC. Please connect your...
  3. pantulis

    Sonos Beam + 2009-era Samsung TV

    I have a Mac Mini connected to my old Samsung TV (Samsung UE40B7020). The audio setup are a pair of Edifier Luna E25. Intended audio usage is basically listening music from the Mac Mini and also watching movies. I am no audiophile, but I'm happy with the Edifier Luna setup, they sound...
  4. B

    Samsung TV Refer a Friend - Currys PC World

    We’re pleased to let you know that your registration has been approved, so you can now start sharing your referral link below with friends and family. Referral Code Link: Samsung TV Refer a Friend I bought a Q90T from Currys PC World we get £100 each if you follow the link thanks
  5. A

    No Sync menu on Samsung TV (ue78ku6505)

    I've just gotten a new TV (ue78ku6505) and I prefer to have all the cables run through my stereo. When doing this on my old tv and clicking the source button on the remote all the inputs connected to the stereo showed up in the menu on screen. Old TV was also a samsung. It suprises me that this...
  6. P

    Samsung TV mit Bluetooth Kopfhörer

    Hallo, Habe folgendes Problem Habe an meinen neuen Samsung GU65TU8079 einen Bluetooth Kopfhörer One Odio Fusion A 70 gekoppelt Es kommt zwar der Ton aus dem Kopfhörer ich kann allerdings die Lautstärke nicht am Kopfhörer regulieren Gibt es da an dem TV eine Einstellung für oder woran kann das...
  7. M


    Folks: Since joining the forum recently I have learned a lot about home theatre, but it seems there is always more to learn. Presently I am running a Google TV Chromecast and a Nvidia Shield Android TV box that are connected to the HDMI inputs of a Yamaha RX v-585 receiver. The receiver is...
  8. E

    Samsung tv remote universal

    hi guys, i was wondering could someone help me please. I recently bought a Samsung 43inch model number UE43TU7100KXXU smart tv and i connected my tv remote to control my sky box it worked perfectly and 2/3 days ago my tv remote stopped controlling my sky box. I tried the basics went onto...
  9. P

    A simple trick to play AVI XviD/DivX videos on Samsung TV without re-encoding

    Hello, I've recently bought Samsung QLED Q95T (2020 EU model, currently on firmware 1460) and I'm quite happy with it! One of the first things I tried on my new TV was checking the playback of different video files. I was aware it does not support DTS audio (nor TrueHD), so this was expected...
  10. B

    Samsung TV not powering on Samsung sound bar

    My Samsung TV will not power ON my Samsung sound bar but will power it OFF when I turn the TV off. I have a Samsung TV (PN 64e8000) connected to a Samsung sound bar (HW – J450). The sound bar is connected by an HDMI cable from the sound bars HDMI-Out connection to the TVs HDMI-2 ARC connection...
  11. muljao

    Emotiva preamp samsung tv issue

    Hi all, I just bought an emotiva pt-100 preamp. When I plug my samsung tv into it with optical cable there is no sound, no anything. I have the tv set on pcm. I've tried external speaker setting, nothing. I plug the world's cheapest dac into the tv and it works away fine. So I plug a cd...
  12. M

    Samsung Tv and Samsung Soundbar Problem

    Hi, I have a Samsung QE55Q80RAT tv and a Samsung HW-MS550 Soundbar these are connected using an optical cable and the source set to DIN, every now and then for no apparent reason it switches to BT Source with a drop in volume from this output resulting in having to change the source back to...
  13. D

    Question When do (last gen, 2020 models) Samsung TV's go on sale?

    So with the release of newer models (2021), I'm wondering when do they start to discount the 2020 TV models?
  14. J

    Samsung TV cashback

    Anyone buying a Samsung qled can use my code and we both get £100 👍 valid til March Samsung TV Refer a Friend
  15. J

    Help on Yamaha receiver and Samsung TV

    This is my first post on this forum, and that explains why I have mistakenly violated any rules. Please let me know if I did. I have a Yamaha RX-V685 receiver hooked up to a 65-inch Samsung television and five speakers (no sub-woofer yet), although I can't guarantee everything is hooked up...
  16. R

    Samsung HW-J450 unable to get sound using D.In via HDMI on Samsung TV UN60JS7000

    I am unable to get sound from my soundbar using HDMI (ARC) and the D.In option selected on the soundbar on my TV. I can see the sound bars moving in my TV settings sound speaker list on the HDMI (Receiver) but no sound from the soundbar. I have checked to see if AnyConnect+ was turned on but...
  17. R

    Older Samsung TV picture calibration

    Looking to calibrate my older Samsung UE48J5100 as best as possible. Anybody have any recommendations or links that I can use to best calibrate it?
  18. mrcin

    Samsung TV not swithing on. LED blinking

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with mine SAMSUNG UE75NU8002. TV in not able to boot correctly, this looks like the power supply issue, but I am not sure. Maybe someone know how to decode blinking LED signalizator? After connection TV to power supply, screen comes to be lightened but after few...
  19. N

    Issue with Samsung TV and Vizio Soundbar. Any ideas?

    I know I'm not the first to have this issue, but figure it's worth seeing if anyone has this exact problem, or has these models. TV - Samsung RU7100 50 inch 4k Soundbar - Vizio M21D-H8R 2.1 Inputs: Fios Cable box, Apple TV 4 Issue: The sound from my sound bar is very slightly out of sync and...
  20. D

    Samsung TV £100 Cashback

    Hi, if anyone who has or is due to purchase a Samsung QLED 55” or above TV from Currys/PC World since 27th November you can use my code to take part in the Samsung refer a friend scheme which could see us both claim £100 cash back.
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